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Reds vs Cubs – August 22, 2017

The Cincinnati Reds (53-72) are back home tonight at 7:10 PM against the first place Chicago Cubs (66-57). The Reds got a much needed day off yesterday after opening the month with games in 20 straight days. The Reds had a pretty solid road trip, going 5-5 against the Brewers, Cubs, and Braves.

The Cubs are coming off a series sweep of the Blue Jays at Wrigley, and currently lead the NL Central by 2.5 games over the Brewers (Cardinals are 3.5 back). The Cubs are 8-5 against the Reds this season.

Starting Pitchers

Homer Bailey 53.1 6.92 5.06 8.44 5.70 0.0
John Lackey 131.0 7.90 2.95 4.67 5.49 0.1

If tonight’s pitching matchup look familiar, it is because Bailey and Lackey squared off six days ago. The Cubs won that game 7-6. Lackey had one of his best start of the season, allowing just 1 run and 4 hits in 6.0 innings.

Bailey got screwed in the first inning on terrible ball 4 call to Kris Bryant. The next batter, Anthony Rizzo hit a grand slam. Bailey actually settled down and pitched pretty well, allowing just 2 more runs into the 6th inning. Bailey struck out a season high 10 batters, which was very encouraging. Bailey did however walk 5, which is something that has killed him so far in 2017.

Starting Lineups

Cubs Reds
1. Jon Jay (CF)
2. Kyle Schwarber (LF)
3. Kris Bryant (3B)
4. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
5. Ian Happ (2B)
6. Alex Avila (C)
7. Jason Heyward (RF)
8. Javier Baez (SS)
9. John Lackey (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Scott Schebler (RF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Homer Bailey (P)

News and Notes


For the Reds to go .500 on a pretty difficult road trip, that was encouraging. The Reds offense continue to produce, and now ranks 6th in the MLB in OPS (.772). Homer Bailey showed some signs of life last week with 10 strikeouts, and bouncing back after a disastrous first inning. Let’s hope tonight is the night that he puts together a vintage Bailey start. Go Reds!

131 thoughts on “Reds vs Cubs – August 22, 2017

  1. Fire Price Monday.

    You can now add Michael Lorenzen to the promising prospects this rebuild was dependent upon who are now going backwards under Price.
    Reed, Garrett, and Stephenson and now Lorenzen.
    Perhaps Price is just good at reinforcing established pitchers. Has he ever developed pitching?
    How can Lorenzen change his mechanics at the MLB level and regress while the manager who was hired as a pitching coach watch him regress? Lorenzen was a high draft pick. He has shown tremendous potential as a pitcher with an elite repertoire of pitches at times….yet, he is going backwards.

    Fire Price Monday.

  2. Peralta now? Can’t get out 2 lefties? Had their catcher down 0-2….Cmon????

  3. Typical for this season. Had everyone down 0-2 and gets nobody out. As bad as Price is…has nobody he can count on except Iggy. Ridiculous

  4. Peralta breaks the golden rule to Baez by throwing him a fastball. Broke his bat, but didnt matter

  5. Lol fans love it. Are they at Wrigley tonight? Reds fans stayed home because they are tired of Price and his clown show.

  6. Homer feeling irritation in his shoulder.
    Iglesias is proven. Castillo is promising. That’s it.
    Price has failed to developed young pitching with great potential. That was his duty. Even some young pitchers with some MLB success, are now regressing.

    Fire Price.

    • I don’t understand the mechanics change to Lorenzen.unless it was injury related

    • Take that clown Jenkins with him. The one coach they should keep is long but he will be the only one they let go. Bryant and Rizzo against Wood. Like taking candy from a baby

    • Don’t worry – I’m sure he’s got some nice bobble head giveaways lined up ….

    • Bob is a bad businessman. The object is to put a quality team on the field to put fannys in the seats. That’s how you make money. If it wasn’t for cubs fans the place would almost be empty. You have to do something to get people to the park. The starting 8 are doing their part everynight. Price and the pitching staff are not. You can’t fire the pitching staff Bob. So guess who has to go? You need new blood. A new way of thinking. If you’re not going to play Ervin or even winker then send them down. They aren’t doing anything good sitting. Hell Price takes Duvall out and puts Kivlehan in!!! Is he the future? No Price. God he is an idiot.

      • Learned it from Dusty.Young guys set and watch and learn how to be a big leaguer and get coffee and donuts.

  7. This has become laughable. A winnable game until the appearance of Wood. Can he finish the season with the Reds?

  8. Embarassing and still another inning to go but Price still will be back next year.

  9. This game is climbing into Top 2 or 3 of “Redsiest Game of 2017”.

    Blow 2 different 3-run leads, now trailing by 7.

    Blake Wood is making me forgot how bad Peralta was hit by the Cubs.

    Price isn’t throwing the pitches, but to Old School’s point, this game is sticking out as worrisome that the Price/Jenkins combo may not be able to develop the staff to playoff caliber.

    Dick Williams can privately tell the media Price is a placeholder in 2018 until he finds his guy, but it likely won’t help fan optimism or ticket sales.

  10. Well you can get rid of all of the pitchers or get rid of the guys who are in charge of their development.Price feels no responsibility for any of this mess and DW said he isn’t at fault.I guess its nobody’s fault.

    • The minute Dick Williams hires his own guy, he shares in the blame if the team isn’t on the upswing. If Price stays, he gets to play the “I didn’t hire him” card for another season.

      I wonder if Big Bob is truly as disgusted as we are on nights like this, or just happy to be banking profits at this year’s end from the TV/Media contracts.

  11. I don’t know what it would be like to be him but if I was for a night I would ask myself this question.In a year of sorting and trying to find about our young pitchers or young position players why would I not see any of them playing?I mean getting beat up and humiliated at home by the World Champs isn’t so bad if my young guys are playing.Why aren’t they playing Dick?

  12. Cingrani with two yes two scoreless innings tonight in Pittsburgh.Never knew he could pitch more then one.Guess Roberts didn’t know that.

  13. In his last 4 appearances, Storen gave up at least 1 hit and 1 BB.

    Tonight, 2 HBP.

    Wearing down?

    His true ability level showing over the long haul of season?

    I don’t think he meant to hit Bryzzo. He is just faltering.

  14. When was the last time we had 3 of our pitchers get a hit in the same game?Homer,Shack and Lornenzen all got hits tonight.Heck let Storen hit for himself and try for 4.

  15. Nice Jesse !! Now go grab some more pine for the next week – courtesy of the clown prince Price

    • Sadly, you’re probably right. Price is Dusty version 2.0 – veterans play, rookies ride the bench.

    • “We benched Ervin after his 3 hits last week in Winker. Get a few more, then we will talk about getting you a start.”

  16. Say it once, say it again. Aren’t the owners of this team business people?? Don’t they rely on accountability, productivity and success.

    Price tenure has resulted in 4th, 5th, 5th, and likely another 5th place finish in the central. Zero improvement. Eventually, there needs to be accountability.

  17. What baffles me is how management and ownership of this team can look at nights like this and think, yeah, Price should still be manager. I know, not everything is Price’s fault, but a day after an off day, Blake Wood gets put in the game is proof to me that Price doesn’t care about the future. He cares about now. Now doesn’t matter on a losing team, tomorrow does. Our future IS bright. Young pitchers get their lumps, but I’d rather have hope and a new vision with a new manager than continue to cling on days gone by.

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