As reported by C. Trent Rosecrans, outfielder Scott Schebler has been activated from the disabled list. He’ll take the roster spot of pitcher Scott Feldman, who was placed on the 10-day DL.

Schebler will return to an outfield that is quite a bit more crowded than it was when he left. Jesse Winker has played well in Schebler’s absence, and it’s pretty clear at this point that Winker is ready to stay in the big leagues. Phillip Ervin has also hit the ground running since returning to the Reds last week.

But Schebler still has plenty of upside, since he’s just 26 and possesses big-time power. As I noted the other day, when Schebler went out on a rehab assignment, Schebler was hitting .259/.338/.537 at the end of June, with 20 home runs. A miserable July — .136/.200/.284 — has dropped his overall numbers, but Schebler still has 23 home runs and he’s been a roughly league-average hitter over parts of three seasons in the majors.

Reds manager Bryan Price will have to get creative with playing time, because both Schebler and Winker need to get plenty of at-bats. Ervin is likely the odd-man out (but can he replace Billy Hamilton as the Reds center fielder?).


The news that Feldman will return to the disabled list, just one start after being activated, will surprise no one after he couldn’t throw anything but off-speed stuff last night (while surrendering five home runs to the Cubs). His knee — the same knee that sent him to the DL before — was still bothering him.

After the game, Feldman was clearly bummed:

“No question about it, I did not look like a major-league pitcher today,” Feldman said. “I’ve got to see how it goes the next few days. But I’m not really feeling too confident about it at the moment.”

This could be a disappointing finish to what had been a mostly successful season for Feldman. After signing with the Reds to compete for the fifth spot in the rotation (or as depth in the bullpen), Feldman was the only consistent member of a disastrous rotation for the first half of the season. It’s possible we’ve seen the last of Feldman in a Cincinnati uniform.

11 Responses

  1. larry

    Winker us in the line up tonight, along with Billy H and Adam D. I guess that leaves Scott S. and Philip E. to pinch hit.

    • diehard fan

      Good smart managers play the hot players. Others are fools and we have one.

  2. Scooter Rolen

    Wasn’t that Feldman’s second start since coming off the DL. It seems like he played in the Milwaukee series.

    Also Winker is starting RF in tonight’s lineup. Outfield is now as uncertain as the middle infield has been in recent years. Both are probably good problems to have – a surplus of depth and not enough spots on the field for good players.

  3. Klugo

    Hate to say it, but Price’s credibility takes another hit here. I remember when he said something to the effect of- when someone comes off the DL, we’ve done our due diligence and that player’s health is not an issue and should not be relevant to his performance. The day after, Finnegan’s same shoulder goes down in his first appearance of the DL, shutting him down for the season. Now Feldman pitches with OBVIOUS discomfort (to say the least) in his first game off the DL. What gives?

    • VaRedsFan

      Exactly.. I questioned this in the recap also. It could very well be an instance of the player hiding his injury from the club. (No proof, just conjecture). His contract had incentives for every start made after a certain number

    • diehard fan

      I agree 120% Its time someone starts writing relevant stories and chastising this management group. They think were dumb, blind, deaf and stupid. Only thing we can do is stop going. We’ve entered the Lindner abyss and not liking it at all.

  4. diehard fan

    Someone please fess up with how Feldman was allowed to pitch. Total idiotic.

  5. james garrett

    Nothing is a secret and if it is the eye test tells all you need to know on pitchers.Loss of velocity different mechanics pawing around on the mound and even my favorite the deer in the head lights look.All of these mean something and you could see it with Feldman and Madden noticed Lester’s cutter was at 82/83 and said so in his post game yesterday.

  6. Steve Schoenbaechler

    Not too worried about Feldman. When a guy who we picked up in the off season who was picked up to support our bullpen turns out to be your best starter, you know your pitching staff is struggling.

    I can’t help seeing Schebler as trade bait. We have plenty of power. We need people to get on base for all of that power. I’m tired of seeing Hamilton leading off. Drop him in the batting order. Put Winker and Cozart somehow in the 1-2 position, “As of what we have now”, for next year.