The Reds begin the final leg of their three-city, 10-game road trip tonight in Atlanta against the Braves. It’s the Reds’ first look at the Braves’ new SunTrust Park, which is unique among new stadium projects. Not only do the Braves own the stadium, they own the land around the stadium, and are serving as real estate brokers for the commercial and residential development occurring nearby.

Imagine if the Reds owned the Banks and all of the developments in that area. That’s basically what you have in Atlanta, as the Braves have become a real estate development company as well as a baseball franchise. If it works in Atlanta, it will become the new norm for new stadium projects in all sports.

The two teams are at approximately the same point in their rebuild processes. If the teams were in the same division, the Braves would be ahead of the Reds by 3 ½ games. One thing the teams have in common is a difference-maker at first base. The Braves’ Freddie Freeman was having an incredible offensive season prior to suffering a fractured wrist in May. He returned in early July, and started by moving to third base to allow Matt Adams to stay in the lineup at first base. But that has changed, with Freeman back at first, and Brandon Phillips now starting at third base – making way for top second-base prospect Ozzie Albies. Adams is seeing time in left field, including tonight.

Starting Pitchers

Sal Romano 38.2 6.05 4.97 18.1% 11.1%
R.A. Dickey 141.0 3.89 4.93 15.9% 9.1%

To date, Romano has shown that he cannot consistently get through an opposing batting order a second or third time without notable damage being inflicted. He has two pitches he can control decently – a fastball and a slider. But his third pitch, a changeup, is a work in progress – kind of like breaking ground on a new construction project. It is in its infancy, and needs a lot of work before it is useful. It is interesting that he is being allowed to work on the pitch that most agree will be necessary to be effective in the big leagues at the big league level. Most developmental work like this takes place in the minors.

Dickey is one of the veteran pitchers the Braves signed before moving into new SunTrust Park. The front office apparently wanted to field a somewhat competitive team in this important season in a new stadium, and they started the year with older veterans Dickey and Bartolo Colon in the rotation.


The bullpen has been very busy in the past week, but the outings have been short in terms of the number of outs recorded. Everyone should be available for an inning or less tonight. The role of Asher Wojciechowski is not completely clear at the moment. Robert Stephenson is starting Saturday in what was Wojo’s spot. Perhaps we’ll start to see Wojo used in relief roles, which he has performed markedly better in than in appearances as a starter.

Starting Lineups

Reds Braves
CF Billy Hamilton CF Ender Inciarte
SS Zack Cozart 3B Brandon Phillips
1B Joey Votto 1B Freddie Freeman
LF Adam Duvall RF Nick Markakis
2B Scooter Gennett C Tyler Flowers
3B Eugenio Suarez LF Matt Adams
RF Jesse Winker 2B Ozzie Albies
C Tucker Barnhart SS Dansby Swanson
P Sal Romano P R.A. Dickey

News and Notes

Today’s transactions …

Another milestone …

Tom Mitsoff is a lifelong Reds fan who grew up in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek, Ohio. He lived a teenage life atypical of most his age by prioritizing following the Reds. At one point in the 1970s and early 1980s, Tom kept complete scorecards on more than 1,000 consecutive Reds games. Now that adult life has forced him to move on from his beloved Southwest Ohio, he follows the Reds daily through MLB.TV and other online media sources, including Redleg Nation.

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  1. Hate to say it, but Price’s credibility takes another hit. I remember when he said something to the effect of- when someone comes off the DL, we’ve done our due diligence and that player’s health is not an issue and should not be relevant to his performance. The day after, Finnegan’s same shoulder goes down in his first appearance of the DL, shutting him down for the season. Now Feldman pitches with OBVIOUS discomfort (to say the least) in his first game off the DL. What gives?

  2. Felt like Ervin earned a start tonight. With as crowded as the OF is right now, wonder if he’ll ever get a consistent chance.

  3. I would think DW and Castellini have made a decision by now on whether Price comes back next year. Williams is on record as saying there is an agreement in place to let price know by a certain date. Williams and Castellini are both on record as saying the young pitchers have not developed as they hoped abd that’s a disappointment. The Reds have an off day Monday….and the next Monday. If they are not bringing him back…I would think either of those off days would be a likely transition time. I personally think this is Price’s last road trip as the Reds manager.

    • I hope that you are right. I’ve seen enough.

    • Who would they hire? Riggleman? Deshields? Who is out there? The Reds arent going to pay anybody good money . Therefore any well known established manager will be out of the price range. Somebody awhile back said they should go after Bochy. Lol I nearly threw up I was laughing so hard. They can’t afford somebody like that.

      • I would think it would be an interim manager now and then start the search aggressively for an external guy to name after the World Series.

      • Will Barry Larkin be offered the job? Would he take it?

        • My gosh, I hope not. That would create a situation ripe for disaster.

      • Why should the reds hire an old retread stuck in old, inefficient ways of thinking? They should look for the next Joe Madden, Giraldi, or Francona type. Guys who are cerebral and yet have the ability to lead, too. Price might have a little cerebral-ness to him, but he doesn’t employ it and cowers behind old ways of thinking to excuse bad outcomes. He has next to no leadership ability. Worst of all, he’s shown this year to not have any skill at developing young pitching, either. Setting up Rob Stephenson to fail and wasting three months of his potential development time in 2017 unveiled pettiness unworthy of a leader. He didn’t necessarily set out to destroy Reed’s year but ultimately the result was no different – a wasted year of development for a guy who could have made the Cueto trade more tolerable. His bullpen management began the year inspired but quickly devolved into old patterns. Mr. Price, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out….good luck to your future after wasting a year or two of our beloved Reds’….

    • With so few games left there is zero eason to make any magt moves until the end of the season at this point.

    • I’d take that bet. This team is playing hard. Price isn’t going to get canned outside another f-word tirade.

      • Price will return next year regardless of what happens from here on out.He will get rewarded for saying all the right things even though his actions never resemble anything of that nature.

    • DW has also said he likes the upbeat attitude of the clubhouse and dugout. I’d love to see Price go but the Reds are in the Bengals mold: slow to make obvious changes and mediocrity is accepted. Neither one ever goes all in.

  4. We have a chance in this series to see some of Atlanta’s new suburban stadium. Out where the money is.

  5. Matt Adams, we just can’t get him out

  6. Romano is pitching great but can’t get a bunt down…cost us a run? Every year its the same thing….we attempt the bunt too often and can’t get it down anyway?

  7. Not just Sal, but Reds pitchers in general need to learn not to pitch down and in to Lefties. Adams goes deep, and Freeman scorched a double and hit one too the warning track. Freeman loves low pitches and we still pitch him there. Elevate the fastball and start soft stuff at the knees and let it break downward

  8. RA Dickey came into the game on fire. He continues to be….just can’t square anything up against him

  9. And big Sal makes it through the dreaded 5th. What an accomplishment for Reds starters.

  10. Duval!!! squared him up nicely with Votto aboard. 2-1

  11. SUAREZ!!! OPPO!!! the dreaded 6th for Dickey??

  12. And that, Atlanta booth, is why nobody came knocking hard for Dickey at the deadline. Even if he hasn’t given up a lot of dingers, once they start hitting him, they keep hitting him. Just happens our boys can smack ’em over the fences.

  13. Duvall is a keeper

  14. Derek….Winker impressed you yet? Only hitting .290 w/.388 obp. Ops of .851 which is higher then Duvall at .844. He’s going to be player….sort of doubt they really need to platoon him but might as well go with whats working

  15. Lets stick with Billy though….he goes 3-14 every series with 2 of the hits clocking in at 40 mph

  16. Braves booth likes the look and work of “Big Sal”

  17. The dreaded 6th is over for Sal. Do they press their luck for the 7th? I say yes until 1 batter reaches base.

    • I’m in with that. He’s pitching pretty well and we have some cushion.

  18. YIKES!!! I heard that when it hit his shin. Hard way to take a base.

  19. Cozart takes a pitch of the shin…painful

  20. I have game day. How bad is Cozsrt?

  21. Nice turn on the DP. Got to give them that much.

  22. Man these Atlanta uniforms are ugly.

  23. 3 for 9 the first time through the order and then 2 for 15 (plus that walk we just saw) for the Braves against Romano. Give him this batter and then pull him if he can’t get the out.

  24. Can we keep Tucker forever, please? I just like his style and attitude.

  25. Last pitch for the K was 96…Well done Sal!!

  26. Is this a Reds game? 7 innings from our SP and only 1 run? Tell me I’m not dreaming …

  27. If Romano figures it out then they can put together a decent rotation next year! 3 spots between Disco, Finnegan, Lorenzen, maybe Peralta?, Mahle, and Homer. Knowing the Reds….they’ll pencil in Homer even if 6-7 guys are better. They won’t pay a Wojo long man/spot starter type $21 mil or whatever

    • What’s Peralta’s history as a SP?

      • He was terrible…lol. A 5.09 era at AA in 2015 (20 starts). I’d say he wasn’t pitching then like he is now!!

    • I think Finnegan gets the “you’re in the bullpen to keep you healthy” treatment.
      And I’m OK with that.

      • I’d have to look at his 1st-3rd inning stats? He seems like the kind of guy that is wild in the beginning and has to work out the kinks after the first time in the lineup. Most people agree with you though….like him better as a reliever.

  28. Does bring back some memories of long ago when we were relevant.No reason why we can’t have those dreams in a year or two.We are due some luck with our pitchers and wouldn’t it be great If we had none next year and Disco and Finny bounce back.Dreams work for me.

  29. I like Kivlehan but it’s going to be difficult to get him playing time with the log jam of outfielders.

  30. Oh Lord. Blake Wood? Where is Storen? He only pitched 1 inning yesterday

  31. Guess I am surprised that Shackelford was brought in to face the top of the lineup

    • Yeah…he’s a AAAA guy for sure. He’s pretty good in AAA but not ready for prime time. He throws hard enough but too much of the plate

  32. Need Peralta here vs. Adams

  33. Why is Blake Wood warming?

  34. Adams hit that 450 feet…FOUL

  35. Why is Shackelford in the game to face Adams?

  36. 2 guys on and down by 2. Perfect time for wood to give up his go ahead homer.

  37. Here comes Blake…Peralta must be hurt, because Adams can’t hit leftys

  38. Blake Wood? Cmon?

  39. I don’t care who is available or who isn’t but If your first man is Shackelford and the next man up is Wood then I have a bunch of questions.Where is Wojo or Lorenzen or Storen or Aldeman.Good grief talk about not managing to win.

  40. Wood…had it all the way.
    He better not pitch the 9th

  41. Lorenzen went 1.1 yesterday and 1 ip on Tues. Peralta 3 days in a row. Storen 1 ip yesterday but nothing on Tues and Wed. I don’t get it? Why Shackleford over Storen to begin with?

  42. If all he had was what he brought in then why not extend Romano.How silly is this when in a meaningless game in August we have so many pitchers that aren’t available?

  43. BP still showing some glove

  44. Watching Scooter come up empty on these last couple of grounders reminds why you don’t want to see him manning 2b every day.

    • He could feel BP staring at him

    • It might be Senzel next year? I don’t know about his range? Peraza has range but blows some routine plays. Scooter does have a gun on relay throws. Nailed a guy at 3rd to help us win a game last week

  45. OK, so if Geno doesn’t slip, Winker hits a double with Freeman holding Geno. Billy’s bloop is only the first out and we (in theory) have 1-3 more runs. I know, it’s all a game of woulda-shoulda-coulda …

    C’mon Iggy and nail this down!

  46. This is strange. Usually I’m feeling when you post on a Friday night. But tonight you all had a great big party and I wasn’t here.

  47. Iggy 3.2 in 4 days & 3 saves. He’s awesome!!

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Tom Mitsoff is a lifelong Reds fan who grew up in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek, Ohio. He lived a teenage life atypical of most his age by prioritizing following the Reds. At one point in the 1970s and early 1980s, Tom kept complete scorecards on more than 1,000 consecutive Reds games. Now that adult life has forced him to move on from his beloved Southwest Ohio, he follows the Reds daily through MLB.TV and other online media sources, including Redleg Nation.


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