The Cincinnati Reds (50-71) will try to leave Wrigley Field with a series split against the Chicago Cubs (63-56). The two teams square off in the series finale today at 2:20 PM. The Reds had a big comeback last night, but still fell short 7-6 on a walk-off, wild-pitch in the bottom of the 9th. The game also sadly saw Joey Votto’s streak of reaching base at least twice end at 20 games.

Starting Pitchers

Scott Feldman 107.2 7.69 2.93 4.43 4.50 1.3
Jon Lester 146.2 9.51 2.76 3.99 3.62 2.8

Scott Feldman will be making his second start since returning from the DL. In his first start, he only lasted 4.0 innings, throwing 84 pitches. Feldman did however strike out 6 batters, and only walked 1. Feldman is certainly a possible trade candidate to watch over the next two weeks. There haven’t been any rumors, but you would have to think with his starter/reliever flexibility he would be attractive to many teams to help them down the stretch.

Feldman pitched for the Cubs back in 2013, and his two starts against the Cubs earlier this season were his only appearances of his career.

6/30 at CHC: 7.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 7 K
5/17 vs CHC: 2.2 IP, 5 H, 7 R, 5 ER, 0 HR, 3 BB, 4 K

Jon Lester has not been the same pitcher of late. Since the start of July, Lester has a 4.67 ERA. He does however has 51 K/12 BB with a .310 BABIP (career .297 BABIP) over that span, so it could mostly just be bad luck.

Lester has a 3.79 ERA with 60 K and 11 BB in 11 starts against the Reds in his career. The Reds have however done well against him this season, as he has a 6.17 ERA and 1.63 WHIP in a pair of starts.

Starting Lineups

Reds Cubs
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Jose Peraza (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scooter Gennett (2B)
7. Phillip Ervin (RF)
8. Stuart Turner (C)
9. Scott Feldman (P)
1. Jon Jay (CF)
2. Kyle Schwarber (LF)
3. Kris Bryant (3B)
4. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
5. Ben Zobrist (RF)
6. Alex Avila (C)
7. Ian Happ (2B)
8. Javier Baez (SS)
9. Jon Lester (P)

Other news and notes


Last night was pretty brutal for our Redlegs. However, you will always take a series split at Wrigley Field, and the Reds can do just that today. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. That might be the best First Pitch I’ve ever seen. Epic. The pitch was “just a bit” outside, but the landing was spot on. That guy couldn’t have thrown it there again if he had 100 tries. Great reactions from the guy and the players standing behind him.
    A much, much better first pitch than the Cincinnati mayor of a few years back.

    • Great reactions from the guy and the players standing behind him.

      It’s that secret club that only we menfolk belong to. Women can never understand.

      But we know. We know, and we cringe every time.

  2. Kudos to Kris Bryant for what he said about Joey Votto. In a lost season if Scott Feldman is a trade candidate that’s fine, but if not, starting him for the rest of the season makes no sense in place of a young pitcher.

    • The choices the Reds have made with starting pitchers this year – Arroyo, Adleman, Feldman and a few others – are the most frustrating aspect of the season to me. Far and away. Huge missed opportunity to build experience with younger pitchers, even if that means taking a few lumps. Can’t replace the experience. Not to mention finding out more about their talent.

  3. Price appears to be playing the “get in Jon Lester’s head” approach with both Billy and Peraza up top.

    • Your giving Price way to much credit Matthew.He actually just forgot how woeful they were when he tried them back to back earlier in the year.Things still haven’t changed after 500 at bats but maybe he wants to give it a go one more time.

  4. Was going to comment on Billy and Peraza at the top of the line up but what’s the use.I will just hope they get on base 4 times each and go back to back in the first.Hey if Price can dream then I can too.I was going to say why not Irvin in center and Winker in right and they hit 1 and 2 today just for the fun of it.

  5. At least Blake Wood will be available today with only throwing one pitch last night. Whew, I was a little worried.

    • He struck a guy out before the wild pitch…so maybe now they won’t use him.

  6. The Over/Under for Billy & Jose to get on base is 3&1/2. I’ll take the over

    • They both look like they’ve hit Lester pretty well.

      • So exciting to see them go down on 5 pitches.Joey must be thinking what did I do to deserve these on base machines hitting in front of me.

  7. we need pitching. Help!!!!!

  8. Just stopped in for a peak but have to go so bring home a win today guys.Already know about Feldman but he does get us one game closer to the end of the season.

  9. Scott Feldman stats are kind of funny
    2017 = 4.43 era, 1.34 whip, allowing .268 batting average
    Career =4.40, 1.35, .269

    THe guy is mediocre but nobody can say he’s not consistently mediocre:)

  10. Good God, what is going on??? !!! 7-0 Reds????????

    • Just an lucky early touchdown. The Bears will probably end up with at least 14.

  11. “Five bloops and a blast.”

    I like Chris Welsh. 🙂

    BTW, Lester has nothing to be angry about. He’s had three called strikes already that were well outside the strike zone. Gameday doesn’t show a single one of his balls that should have been strikes.

  12. Why do they do this? A TD on the board and I’m stuck at work? Joey is Joey but Peraza 13-37 (.351) in August with 4 walks & only 5 Ks

    • And two of those k’s were last night on a couple of good pitches

      • Personally, I think Peraza is trade bait! I can’t see him ever come close to outhitting Senzel, Suarez, or Scooter even if Zack walks.

        • His bat would play better in a bigger park….as he stands right now anyway

  13. How do you like 9 runs in the second inning? More of this, please…

  14. Not sure why you send Gennett there. Even a bad throw was able to nail him. It’s not like the pitcher was up next.

  15. Is it cold enough for a snowman? 8-0!

  16. Montgomery threw 51 pitches on Monday.

  17. Fangraphs says the Reds have a 98% chance to win.

    With this staff, against this team, with the wind blowing out, it feels like it’s a lot lower than that…

  18. 10-2 and we barely hung on so its not over BUT Feldman could go 8-7 with a sub .450 era. That’s not horrible. I wonder if they should try to resign him for 1 year again? He’ll be 35 next year

  19. Hate to think Votto would now have the record for consecutive games reaching base twice if he had a shot in the 10th last night

  20. Feldman hs been far better than Stephenson, Romano, Reed Bailey and Lorenzen he deserves to be brought back. Plus I’m a tanking season why does it matter who starts

    • Well if they’re in tanking mode (or “rebuild” whatever that means) then let Feldman go and try out the young guys. Personally, I think this offense w/Senzel is going to be a monster. They could compete for a wildcard in theory with just mediocre pitching

      • Games like this are why I defend Lorenzen so much. His ball has sink to it and he doesn’t give up many HRs. Walks/hits are another matter but wind blowing wouldn’t hurt him nearly as much

        • The reds young pitching except Castillo is terrible. I would continue to tank and get better players like sentzel and hunter.

    • To your first point, show some actual statistics that demonstrate that Feldman is “far better” than these other guys.

      To your second point, if you think Feldman is “far better” than why pitch him at all if you think the Reds are tanking?

  21. Fun fact of the day:

    Scott Feldman has actually been used as a pinch hitter.

    On 8/14/2013, playing for the Orioles at the D-Backs, he pinch hit for a relief pitcher in the 14th inning.

    He struck out.

  22. Omg….scoring faster then I can type. Forget Feldman

  23. Well, go back and check my post at 3:10 p.m. ET…

  24. Dude. Get him out of the game, out of the clubhouse, out of the organization. Feldman had had a few good days but the guy is damaged goods and taking away from young talent that can serve up 5 hrs in an inning.

    • Broseph, what young talent are you referring to? There is none.

      • Says the scout? GM? Derek B? Not sure what your credentials are, so excuse me if I don’t necessarily take your word for who has talent…

  25. Only the Reds can do this…

    • Nope this one is not on the Reds.This is on Feldman and on Price period.You can’t as a pitcher allow it to happen and as a manager with eyes you just don’t set there and lets it happen.Need to fire him tomorrow period.

  26. Just checked back after a trip to the store and see we did have a 9 run inning which is good.Feldman giving up 5 homers and 4 in the 4th is not so good.Yeah we need to keep him for sure.

  27. You knew this was gonna be a track meet

  28. Please put Feldman back on the DL. Please. Pretty please.

    • A dribbler almost all the way back to the mound, and the catcher had to get it and was fortunate the Cubs’ pitcher was the runner and they got him at first. Feldman couldn’t even bend down to field the ball. And as Brantley just said, with his knee this bad, he can’t get much on his pitches. THIS is better than the Reds’ other pitching options?

  29. We lost. Lorenzen has been garbage since June. He gets guys down 0-2 & 1-2 and can’t close the deal?

    • Yeah, Lorenzen has definitely not been good

      • He looks to me like he is pitching scared and has been for awhile. Just seems like he’s lost his confidence completely. Nothing like early in the season. It’s actually shocking. He’s gone the same direction as Cody Reed and Amir.

    • look longer term. he’ll be a solid starter next year.

      • Not like this? I thought he was hurt but he’s still hitting 98 mph? His location is horrible and they just foul off his breaking stuff….can’t put them away?

        • He’s not hurt but his mechanics are busted. If he doesn’t fix it, then he becomes the pitcher we saw when he first came up to the big leagues. Which is another way of saying, he won’t be that good.

  30. DFA Feldman. Can’t they just do that? What other team would want him at this point?

  31. 9-0 and get beat.>>EASILY GET BEAT. Un#&$&$*@believable

  32. Lorenzen obviously trying to rip the team WIN leader from Feldman!

  33. Sums up our year doesn’t it?Really really sad isn’t it.

  34. I can’t wait til this season is over…or just get me to football and I’ll quit caringa bout baseball. I’ll watch a little if Senzel or Mahle gets a shot but that’s it

  35. I am with you Indy.Can’t deal with this little league stuff.

  36. Lets see Bob Steve. Why not. He looked ok when he went out

  37. More greatness from Lorenzen. I would DFA him. The man has a big bag of nothing.

    • You would DFA everyone and that can’t be done. Its illegal. They won’t even fire Price

    • Who you gonna replace him with? According to you, everyone is terrible. So why would it matter to you who is playing?

      • I would replace Lorenzen with anyone. I don’t care who it is. I just want him gone. I think he is just garbage.

        • Not really an answer. Everyone you have commented on you have said they are “garbage.” It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to have an informed opinion.

  38. Tune in bottom of 5th. Reds up 9-6. Still bottom of 5th. score tied 9-9. This is headed for another NFL preseason game. Is Lorenzen really a candidate for the starting staff?

  39. What a pathetic pitching staff we have! Up 9-0 and we ca’t hold the lead!! This is ridiculous. And its about time Billy Hamilton is removed from the leadoff role. Most of the time he has no patience at the plate.

  40. Cubs got Mike Montgomery for nothing last year. He’s better then all of relievers except Peralta and Iggy. He’s their mopup guy with a 3.64 era. Our mopup guys get mopped up. Theo can do his job and our front office sucks

  41. Team has given up and I don’t blame them.I wouldn’t want to have any part of this either.

  42. I wonder if they could have a long talk w/Joey in the off season? Say “Hey look we set new records every year w/HRs allowed. The Cubs can hit 6 in half a game. Why not accept a trade and we’ll eat $5 mil of it if we have to”? Votto and prospect, etc to the Jays for Marcus Stroman and we eat $5 mil of it. They would make quite a bit with the local hero coming home. We need pitching…we have none and we can’t afford to buy any?

  43. What would Schwarber be hitting if he didn’t play the Reds?

  44. I’ve never seen that before. Player walking five steps back to the dugout on an assumed called third strike that wasn’t. That was such an obvious strike.

    Good grief.

  45. Just tuned to see Ervin just sacked Grimm in the end zone for a safety to take the lead. Lot of time remaining for Cubs to get in FG range, I afraid Adleman might tee it for them

  46. So far, anyone who took the under with Billy and Jose is looking good. The number was 3 1/2.

    • Well said but you know they are fast which on a day like today doesn’t matter seeing as how so many guys are just jogging around the bases.

  47. Not sure why Adelman in now? Mistake by Price bring him in. He should have left Storen in to pitch this inning, even if Storen would hit for himself in top of the 7th. Adelman is not reliable, and hasn’t pitched well at all!

    • I say giving up only one run in an inning is a victory.

    • I do not think Storen is allowed to pitch more than 1 inning- but what is the deal with Stephenson if you are not going to start him?

      • I think they’re saving him to start on Saturday…atleast that’s what they said last night

      • Storen has pitched 1.1 or more innings four times this year, including once earlier this month.

        It’s not very common though.

  48. Just for the haters….Lorenzen had a 2.93 on July 9th while allowing a .218 batting average. That’s pretty good baseball for over 3 months. Since then….not so much

    • I would have to say he probably is the 3rd best pitcher on the staff right now – unless one thinks Peralta’s 4 months have shown he is better

  49. Peraza walks and scores…what a concept. If we somehow hang on then maybe 6 walks to 2 overcomes their 6-2 Hr advantage. Insane game?

  50. Walks are a good thing when we do it.

  51. Robots calling balls and strikes NOW!

  52. What do you know we just had a Winker sighting and he followed a Irvin walk with one of his own.Don’t these guys know it clogs up the base when they walk.

  53. Trade Hamilton…yesterday!

  54. What an awful call on Billy.
    Peraza saves the day with an RBI single

  55. See peraza if you extend your arms and use your legs you hit the ball harder.

  56. Look for Ervin to be,sent down after today. We can’t have somebody come up and hit 400 with 2 bombs! Our leadoff Centerfielder needs to hit under 200 for the month. Like I said the other day Ervin and Winker need to be playing everyday for the rest of the year.

  57. Great team win.Pitching got it done the last 4 innings and they kept the pressure on offensively and split the series.Team showed me a lot after they could have easily mailed it in after blowing a nine run lead.

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Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.


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