The Cincinnati Reds (50-70) are coming off an exciting 2-1 win over the Chicago Cubs (62-56) last night behind a terrific start from Luis Castillo. The two teams will play game 3 of 4 this evening at 8:05 PM. The Cubs lead in the NL Central is now down to 1.5 games over both the Brewers and Cardinals.

Starting Pitchers

Homer Bailey 47.2 5.85 4.72 8.31 5.84 -0.1
John Lackey 125.0 7.85 2.88 4.82 5.63 -0.1

Homer Bailey is coming off an OK start in Milwaukee: 5.0 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 5 BB, 5 K. It was nice to see Bailey not get beat around, but he has got to find a way to cut down on the walks. Probably the most concerning this about Bailey is so far is the low strikeout numbers. You would expect Bailey to have command issues, and give up some long balls coming back from a serious injury, but you would expect him to miss more bats. The positive is that his fastball velocity is still at 93.9, which is right about his career average.

Bailey has a career 4.37 ERA in 16 starts against the Cubs. He however has a 3.00 career ERA in 8 starts at Wrigley Field. Bailey hasn’t faced the Cubs since 2014, and has never faced the majority of the current Cubbies.

John Lackey is having a fairly disappointing year for the Cubs. He is giving away home runs like it is in style, to the tune of 2.09 per 9 innings. The Reds certainly hope the wind is blowing out of Wrigley tonight. Lackey has a 3.90 career ERA in 15 starts against the Reds. He however has a 6.35 ERA in 2 starts against the Reds this season.

Starting Lineups

You can find the lineups here.

Votto seeks to tie MLB record tonight

Joey Votto has now reached base at least 2x in 20 consecutive games. That is feat that has only been accomplished three previous times in MLB history (records go back to 1900): Ted Williams (22 – 1948), Barry Bonds (20 – 2004), and Pete Rose (20 – 1979).

Votto is hitting a ridiculous  .435/.611/.742 over the last 20 games. Votto now leads all of baseball in OBP (.448) and OPS (1.048). Votto has also now cracked the top 5 in the NL in fWAR (4.9), and is not far behind the leader (Goldschmidt, 5.5).

Other news and notes 


The Reds have a 1-game winning streak going. It would be cool for that to reach 2 with a great performance from Homer Bailey tonight. Oh, and it would be pretty cool if that Joey Votto guy tied an MLB record tonight. Go Votto! Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Schumaker? Which mall does Brennan Boesch work at? We’ll know the Reds are starting to turn the corner when they quit employing guys that like that (or Arroyo) that go from the Reds to their couch. They literally can only play for the Reds or nobody will pay them $3 to play the game.

  2. I will say I think last night was the best W of the year! Castillo and Winker look like they can be a big part of the future! I can’t wait to see this offense with Senzel in there as well!

  3. I see Peraza is in at second tonight so its our 5 hitters vs the Cubs line up.Seems fair to me with him Tucker,Homer and Billy.

  4. Wow, Pena was the cleanup hitter. Was that the year he actually hit zero home runs?

  5. Trumpet night in 1962?
    I was at Will Myers bike horn day at “The Trop”. My headache is still not completely gone.

  6. Billy double, Zack walk, Votto single, Suarez sac fly….and they only get 1.
    Glass half full…at least they got 1

  7. This is the first instance of Votto being statistically compared to the Splendid Splinter by so many sources. Before Votto retires, I believe there will be more such comparisons.

    How cool would it be for Votto to sign a series 1 year contracts (i.e. Big Papi and BoSox) with the Reds after the Reds pick up the club option at the expiration of his current contract?

  8. Typical Reds….bases loaded and nobody out. Come within about 5 feet of 4-0 and end up getting 1. Homer time…somehow I doubt they only get 1?

  9. Bailey robbed of strike 2 there.
    Rizzo follows with a slam….mercy

  10. Homer squeezed when he throws a strike and then a granny. adios crew. We got our 1 win vs the Cubs

  11. Thats BS…no wonder scoring is us so much. They won’t give pitchers the corner and that 3-1 to Bryant wasn’t even on the corner?

  12. Rizzo 7-19 vs Homer

  13. 3-0 count and Barnhart swings. My God we are the dumbest team out there.

  14. Tucker swinging on 3-0…pop up.

  15. perazas plate discipline has been sooooo much better in the second half

  16. 4-1 cubs to be expected with Bailey pitching. That man just aggravates my bad heart.

  17. This team is laughable. Bases loaded and they get nothing. They shouldn’t even swing the bat until there is 2 strikes. Lackey is living on 3-0,3-1 counts.

  18. If the wind was blowing out at all tonight, Joey would have already tied Ted Williams. Fly ball to the warning track and Heyward catches it at the wall.

  19. Reds have let Lackey off the hook all night… a little patience seems like it would go a long way towards beating him.

  20. Honestly guys to you think this line-up was going to score any runs tonight?We may get one more but it was over after the first.Without Schebler and now Mesaraco and with Peraza in and Duvall out tonight we were in trouble from the get go.I am surprised Joey sees anything at all to hit.Nobody at fault here its just the way it is.

  21. Lackey steals second. That pretty much puts the cherry on top of the season. The Cubs are promoting this series as ” Come out to the park because the circus is in town”.

    • This is pitiful, sad and embarrassing. Please hand Price his walking papers. It’s not all on him , but he has got to go !!!

      • Why blame the manager when all of baseballknows the Reds have the worst pitching in either league.

  22. I think there is an expectation that after some unknown number of starts which are serving as Bailey’s “spring training” that he will eventually return to his pre-injury form. The reality is that may not happen, and Bailey may become the Reds’ version of Matt Cain:

    The Giants have continued to use Cain as a starter, despite his obvious drastic fall in effectiveness. Would the Reds continue to use Bailey as a starter like Cain if his post-surgery. The Giants did the same with Barry Zito and Tim Lincecum.

    Will the Reds be willing to use Bailey as a long reliever if he shows that what we’re seeing now as a starter is the rule rather than the exception? One of many interesting questions facing the front office moving forward.

    • * Would the Reds continue to use Bailey as a starter like Cain if his post-surgery effectiveness never re-develops?

    • Cain’s velocity never came back and he sets at 88-90 on a good day.The thing with Homer has been his walks or better yet his lack of command.He did punch out 10 hitters but I didn’t watch so I am going to guess his velocity was good tonight.

  23. The reality is that since the first inning, Bailey has been pretty good…

  24. OK.. Tie game. Looks like the Cubs have a bullpen problem tonight. GO REDS!

    • We should 8-9 runs right now but see if they can overcome it. Love me some Adam Duvall. He’s a gamer!!

    • Great to see them get off the mat. Duval with the pinch hit 2 run shot.

  25. Peralta is nasty…love to see him in the rotation!! We need a lefty!! He’s only allowing a .209 batting average.

  26. It needs to go extras for Votto to have another chance.

  27. I’m about to watch Wandy pretty much blow any chance for Votto to tie Ted Williams… 3 on and no one out. Geez

  28. Peralta is imploding

    • Thats a bad call on Zobrist

      • It sort of was but you have to pull the bat back on a bunt and he didn’t (or really couldn’t?). I think it was the right call technically.

  29. My bad… 2 on and 1 out.

  30. Are they bringing in Blake Wood? What on earth.

    • You know it

    • Good managers may make a difference of several games over the course of a season; bad managers can affect many many more games in adverse fashion. The curve is asymmetrical, and Price is off the charts bad. His inability to discern the obvious when it comes to PITCHERS who absolutely SUCK in high leverage situations – namely Hoover, and now Woods – is troubling at best, sapping any desire to continue to follow this team until he is more gainfully employed greeting shoppers at Walmart – and that’s being highly disrespectful to the hard working greeters who bring a smile to my face when I go shopping for ice cream to forget what an idiot we have running the helm of the good ship Cincinnati.

  31. Blake Wood coming in to put out this massive fire.
    Start a new streak tomorrow Joey

  32. You just can’t have bases loaded nobody out with 4-5-6 coming up and get 1 run. 2nd/3rd nobody out next inning and get nothing. Thats the game right there

  33. Hmmm. Interesting. Who is pitching to Bryant now?

  34. I hope to God they don’t bring Wood back? 32 years old and a 1.49 whip. Any game we win…its the starter Peralta, Lorenzen, Iggy, etc. Wood comes in and in a loss guaranteed

  35. Blake Wood does what Blake Wood does… Geez

  36. Another walkoff wild pitch….welp

  37. Had it typed out and had zero feeling I could be wrong. Wood SUCKS. He was decent for about his first 2 months as a Red so that means he’s on the team for 4 years. Same with fat boy Jumbo and Cingrani.

  38. How many times have we hit 3-4 HRs and lost this year? Atleast 8-10 times or more? Ridiculous

  39. It would be interesting to see what this team would do with even a league average pitching staff.

  40. Another horrible Reds loss……so typical. With few exceptions the pitching on this team is beyond pathetic. And yes, Bryan Price needs to go.

  41. I would argue that Price is doing a better job with the Reds than Maddon is doing with the loaded Cubs or Boche is doing with the Giants.

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Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.


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