So…..things didn’t so well last night. The Cincinnati Reds (49-70) will try it again against the first place Chicago Cubs (62-55), tonight at 8:05. The Reds fell 15-5 in a wild game last night that featured the debut of Scooter Gennett, pitcher. The goods news for the Reds is that they have Luis Castillo on the mound tonight.

Starting Pitchers

Luis Castillo 60.1 8.80 3.38 3.73 4.51 0.7
Kyle Hendricks 88.2 7.51 2.83 3.70 4.21 1.2

Luis Castillo will get his first shot of his career against the Cubs tonight. I think maybe the most impressive thing about Castillo is that he has yet to have a terrible start (*knock on wood*). He has made it through the 5th inning in every start this year, and has not allowed more than 4 earned runs in any start.

Kyle Hendricks has a career 3.81 ERA in 9 starts against the Reds. He is coming off a brilliant 2016 season where he finished third in the NL Cy Young vote. He had a 2.13 ERA/3.20 FIP last year. Hendrick missed significant time this season because of a sore pitching hand. However, since returning from the DL on July 24th, he has a 2.57 ERA/3.37 FIP. Joey Votto has 2 home runs in just 13 at-bats against Hendricks, and also has 7 walks.

Starting Lineups

You can find the lineups here.

Other news and notes


The Reds have lost three straight games. I think it is time for a win. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. It is quite unfortunate that Luis Castillo’s start coincides with the FC Cincinnati game. Probably going to be more focused on that tonight

  2. Scooter Gennett: Baseball legend!

  3. It is sad to see how far Mesoraco has fallen and for reasons not under his control. However, Tucker has to be seen as the starting catcher from this point on. Mesoraco, even when totally healthy, is not as good at catching as Tucker is now. Mesoraco would probably have to return fully to his 2014 offensive numbers to outweigh his defensive problems, and that may not happen again. I hope he does return to those numbers, because it would help the Reds, but I do really like having Tucker Barnhart as our starting catcher. Really similar to how Hanigan used to be for the Reds, at least how I remember Hanigan. Heck, maybe Mesoraco can become Ramon Hernandez 🙂

  4. Call me crazy but I like Turner! If you put a video of his atbat vs a video of Scott Rolen…you could see how their swings are similar. Is he going to hit like Rolen? No…but I’d keep him and just pay off Mesoraco when he falls apart next year too.

    Billy on pace for 637 atbats. He’s on pace for 32.6 extra basehits which is beyond pathetic. He had 39 extra basehits in 2014 with 563 atbats. I guess they’ll carry him one more year but Willie Mays/Spiderman play in CF can’t come close to carrying his auto-outs at the plate.

    • He is what he is.He has two more K’s in two at bats tonight.Not good at all

  5. Call me crazy but why is Winker hitting 7th?He could get on base every time and never score.Tucker,Castillo and Billy hit after him and well you know.

    • Just another GLARING example of why Price needs to exit stage left at end of season . So sick of him and his clown act. It’s old – and no , I don’t care how much of a difference a manager makes in wins and loses – HE AINT IT !

    • James why does Winker deserve to bat higher? He has shown nothing.

      • Dude…you know absolutely nothing about baseball. 2 hits tonite and a .361 obp. Cmon?

        • Says the expert? And if we had Clint Hurdle for a manager we’d be in first place, right??

          Easy with the comeback. This is supposed to be for fun, right?

          • You haven’t been around to see this guy. He says Votto sucks….trying to get a rise out of people. Its get old if always nonsense

  6. Gonna watch Castillo throw one more inning and call it a night.Guy just looks like a big league pitcher doesn’t he.I just hope they continue to give him the ball every 5th day the rest of the year.He could end up with 17 or 18 starts.

  7. Done for tonight gang.How about getting us some runs and lets see if Castillo can make em stand up.Go Reds.

  8. Buddy Ryan….”I trade him for a 6-pack and it doesn’t have to be cold” (Billy). Is anybody hurt? “Nobody that matters” (Mesoraco)

  9. Great catch at 3b by Suarez.

    • Both their hits were floaters. I think the 3 hardest balls were lineouts. Castillo looks great tonite!

  10. Looking like a rally … Need multiple runs here.

    • Wow, two men on and all we can do is have 3 straight K’s. Another missed opportunity that will come back and bite us.

  11. Price with his bunting bs again? Suarez did pay attention and get to 3rd on a wild pitch atleast. Lets see if Kivlehan can get him in?

  12. Price orders a bunt and all it does is put the hitter in a hole….half the time we don’t get the bunt down anyway?

  13. When is Price going to get it in his head…that Winker needs to lead off, and Hamilton needs to be moved to 7th or 8th, would be better in the lineup!

    • Hamilton hitting 206 in August and 191 since July 24th.

      • I’m tired of his act. I wonder if they could platoon Schebler with someone in CF next year? Trade Billy or make him a def replacement/pinch runner

  14. I think the “tryout” is over for Castillo. Pencil him in for the Reds starting rotation next year….obviously.

  15. Typical for Lorenzen so far. 1st hit was a dribbler in a lucky spot but then he hangs an 0-2 pitch for a basehit. Barnhart was setup outside but he hangs it on the inside? He’s got the stuff but his command is horrible lately?

  16. Duvall came a long way for that ball and threw a bullet. Might’ve saved the game

    • Fangraphs needs to go back and take a look again at his defense metrics. In a decline?

      • same thing I was thinking, I know assist is not everything, but isn’t he leading all OFers in that category

      • Def metrics can be bs? I’m sure it has some validity but the Reds are dead last in pitching so doesn’t it stand to reason that Duvall is fielding more rockets then other LFers? He’s pretty good and he gets a good jump on the ball usually!

  17. All things considered despite not working out, with runners on the corners and 1 out in the 7th and Castillo only at 80, pitches is it more important to try to win the game with a better hitter or to see if Castillo could go 7 or 8 innings? I was disappointed they took him out

    • They’re trying to get a win and get Castillo a win. They extended him to 108 pitches or whatever in Arizona. No need to push him tonite

  18. They tried to give you an out (bunt) but we didn’t take it (walk)

    • I thought Maddon was a new age thinker, or so says the narrative …

      • Maddon is for the most part. He’s willing to try different things. Playing players all over the field (Bryant, Zobrist, the Middletown kid). That includes trying old ways sometimes too. He’ll go with his gut.

        Bryan Price otoh has morphed into a Dusty clown….uninspired, rigid with tradition, and terrible at allowing new talent a chance to blossom.

  19. I agree, Vic, but I see the other side too. He pitched a gem, but no need to stretch him. Play for the run and pat the kid on the back for a great start.

  20. For a sec there, when I saw a second baseman coming into the game, I thought it might be to pitch …

  21. Clutch pitching by Iggy there

  22. Winker obp up to .370! I like this kid….just needs to get a little stronger and he could be Will Clark Junior

  23. So what do the Reds do? Barnhart bunts a pop up. This is just getting ridiculous

    • Luckily Peraza bailed him out with that ground rule double

    • LOL….You have 3 outs and you give away when you know Billy is coming up. Mentally deficient….completely idiotic

  24. Billy delivers a big insurance run…rbi single

    • He got the hit but Billy has been horrible vs lefties all year. The bunt makes zero sense. We’ll take the runs though

  25. Billy with an insurance run!

  26. Reds 3 outs away from only the 4th road shutout this season.

    The other 3….two at St. Louis back in the first week of the season.

    And, Castillo start at Arizona on July 8th.

    (Real, real glad that bunt “attempt” did not prevent the insurance run from getting in).

  27. You mean the great Joe Maddon doesn’t use his best reliever to start the 9th?

  28. Everybody wanted Justin Wilson but I think Peralta has better stuff. He did save a bunch of games for Detroit

  29. ATOBTTR:)

  30. WOW…talk about a couple of high stress innings for Iggy…..He earned his paycheck tonight

  31. 37 pitches by Iglesias.

    Good, nailbiting win.

    • Iglesias is ALL ABOUT the nailbiting (before the success).

      Nice to get a win vs the Cubs.

  32. By far the most suspenseful and exciting game the Reds have played this year and in a while before that. A ton of strategy was at play in this one, and I wish that Price would have left Castillo in the game but oh well.

    A hard earned win for the Redlegs!

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Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.


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