The Cincinnati Reds (49-69) will kick off a four game series at Wrigley Field against the first place Chicago Cubs (61-55). The Reds are coming off two straight losses in Milwaukee. The Cubs had looked like they had finally kicked it into gear when they started the second half 13-3, but they are just 4-7 since. The Reds will fortunately miss the Cubs hottest starter, Jake Arrietta in the series.

Starting Pitchers

Asher Wojciechowski 44.2 9.27 1.81 4.23 4.50 0.4
Jose Quintana 134.1 9.58 3.15 4.42 4.06 2.3

Tonight’s pitching matchup will feature two starters who have never faced their opponent. Asher Wojciechowski has very good strikeout and walk numbers so far with the Reds. What has hurt him so far, is his 1.81 HR/9. That said, the league average ERA/FIP is 4.49/4.48, so the Reds have to be thrilled with what they have got from Woj so far. The only Cub he has faced in the MLB is Ben Zobrist, who is 1 for 2 (single, strikeout).

Jose Quintana has had mixed results so far since being traded to the Cubs. He pitched 7 shutout innings in his first start with the Cubs, but has a 7.36 ERA in two stats in August.

Starting Lineups

Reds Cubs
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scooter Gennett (2B)
7. Devin Mesoraco (C)
8. Patrick Kivlehan (RF)
9. Asher Wojciechowski (P)
1. Jon Jay (CF)
2. Kris Bryant (3B)
3. Anthony Rizzo (1B)
4. Ben Zobrist (2B)
5. Kyle Schwarber (LF)
6. Alex Avila (C)
7. Jason Heyward (RF)
8. Addison Russell (SS)
9. Javier Baez (SS)
10. Jose Quintana (P)

Other news and notes

Scott Schebler will start his rehab tomorrow with the Bats.


The Reds are 3-6 against the Cubs so far in 2017. All that I see is four straight wins the next four days to get the Reds to 7-6, AMIRITE? Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Scooter 606 ops in August
    Peraza 841 ops in August

  2. Well, RLN brothers and sisters, I know I am relieved that our heroes are away from the Brewers, who have hit 33 home runs this season vs. the Reds. Good riddance, Ryan Braun, and your 40 HRs (feels like 800) off Los Rojos.

    Next stop, Chicago. And, erm, ….. Anthony Rizzo, who has already hit 22 HRs in his career vs. America’s finest baseball team, including 5 in 9 games this season. (Sadly, I thought it was more than 5).

    Go Redlegs.

    • I thought I saw Thames has 10 already against the Reds this season, what is the all-time record against the REds?

      • There was a graphic shown by FS Ohio over the weekend of the Top 3 ever vs. the Reds.

        Braun – 40
        McCutchen – 29
        Rizzo – 22

        Holy cow on Thames. At that rate, he might be on this list by 2019.

      • what about in 1 season

  3. To be honest, the Reds will be lucky to split the four games with the Cubs. Have to win the first one to win more than one.
    Go Asher! Hope he can give them more than 5 innings. That seems to be the limit before he runs out of gas.

    • Yeah…getting swept seems more likely then winning 2. The Cubs are 37-13 in their last 50 vs the Reds. Depressing. Atleast we get to see a real test for Wojo. A 4.25 era is ok but can you look ok in Wrigley? Thats the test the Reds have failed for many years now.

  4. Stanton has hit 22 HR’s in his last 34 games. WOW

  5. 2-0 already. I’m gone. Cubs get 39 runs in this series. They get a highly coveted free agent pitcher while we get a guy that was out of baseball. Seems fair

  6. Wojo didn’t look too hot in the first inning… Quintana looks like he could walk quite a few guys tonight if the ump doesn’t bail him out with calls like he did the in first inning.

  7. Good gosh… Meso is hurt again. That guy can’t buy a break.

  8. That Quintana “fielding” was among the laziest, most nonchalant I can remember in a Reds game this season.

    If that had been a Reds pitcher, good ol’ Marty might have had his Hall of Fame credentials called in question with the subsequent verbal eruption.

  9. Why send Barnhart with Cozart coming up? Good gosh, it wasn’t really that close.

  10. Billy delivers the rbi single, but Tucker gunned down at the plate

  11. I had to come back for that. What was Billy Hatcher thinking? A catcher running vs a catcher throwing from extremely short LF? Its just like Duvall being a former 3B. Schwarber could’ve be a catcher if he didn’t have a good arm? Ridiculous. Esp w/Cozart and Votto coming up

    • Indy,

      You may as well stay.

      During this low period in the Reds franchise history, the game thread is like group therapy.

      I have friends, really smart people (well, way smarter than me) who think I am crazy to watch a minute of the 2017 Reds.

      Everyone here understands, though. (LOL).

  12. Duval with a rare bad throw that would have nabbed Bryant, then conversely, Schwarber threw a strike to get Barnhardt

  13. One good thing I like about tonite. Quintana looks really rough. Of course, he’s usually sharper then tonite but his stuff is fairly ordinary. Epstein had him rated as the 8th best pitcher in baseball and he’s not even close.

  14. Tie game… we’ll take it.

  15. Duvall with the slide fail… giving up an easy out. Dang it.

  16. I’m guessing Jon Jay is .330 lifetime vs the Reds. Wojo 2nd time thru and its beatdown time. He’s almost like Adleman…..too many strikes as opposed to all the younger guys walking everyone

  17. Bases loaded… nowhere to put them, Wojo.

    • 1st/3rd nobody out with Bryant/Rizzo and Wojo held them! He’s not that bad….especially considering the Cubs have like 6 LH hitters tonite.

  18. Gennett was in the perfect spot. Dodged one on that go round.

    • That’s advance scouting, statistical analysis and modern defensive positioning.

      Well, or luck.

      Whatever the case….

      1st and 3rd, no outs.


      No runs scored.

      Well done, Wojo.

  19. At least wojo battles unlike the previous chumps Lorenzen, romano, Garrett reed and Stephenson. I just want to see someone compete.

    • That last lineout for the Cubs was hit alot harder then most of the recent hits off Lorenzen. He competes and he doesn’t give up many HRs. Its just walks and not putting people away when he’s 0-2 and 1-2. He’s got a great arm and he can hit and run as well. A good hitting pitcher can really help win 2-3 extra games a year.

  20. I think Wojo/Bailey could manage the 4th/5th spots for next year and not be terrible like Arroyo. Bailey has some moments and he’s just coming back. Castillo can be the 2 or 3. Its not likely he will be an ace next year but he’s promising. Its the other 2 spots that need to be defined. If they push Wojo back into relief then thats ok too. Somebody has to step up?

  21. I want to see someone compete as well.I would rather see them start 15 to 20 times or even more before any decisions are made.I remember when Garrett was anointed after his 12 strikeout game against the Cards and now its Castillo that’s been hailed as the next great one.Small sample sizes,good or bad,only gives us something to talk about.The jury is still out on Finnegan after 35 starts in the big leagues with the point being that it takes time to develop starting pitching.

    • Garrett isn’t throwing an easy 98-99. They’ve pushed Castillo past 100 pitches…think it was the heat in Arizona and he was still throwing 98-99. You can work with that. They have to set up for that heater and it gives his offspeed a better chance. He’s special!

      • I agree that Garrett’s stuff is no where near Castillo’s.My point is all of us are quick to anoint young guys or throw them under the bus based on just a few starts and it just doesn’t work that way.Castillo will have his stinkers along the way but he and the other young guys just need to go out there and pitch.Garrett’s 12 starts which seem like ages ago are still more then anybody else have been given to date which in this year of sorting is really sad.I agree Indy that Castillo can be special because 98-99 plays any where.

    • I think Garretts is due is mental. He let getting sent down bother him. Reds risk backfired. The other 4 on my list of pitchers to get rid of don’t need 15-20 starts. Some players you can just tell if they have what it takes or not. Lorenzen has had more than his fair chance.

      • Thats not true. Lorenzen has less then 200 ip in the minors. He’s pretty inexperienced compared to most. He was great last year and decent this year up until a month ago.

      • Several teams will line up to take any of those guys you mentioned.Odds are if given a chance that one at least will become a really good major league starter.Maybe not an ace because there is truly only a handful of them but a solid starter.

    • This.


      Finnegan is definitely not a truly-known commodity and he has many more miles than the other guys.

      The bad start-send him to Louisville/bullpen-get me Garrett/Reed/Stephensonwhoever…wash/rinse/repeat cycle has to stop if a couple guys are to ever truly develop into quality MLB starters.

      Not to pick on Cody Reed, but he is prime example of a guy who needs a change of scenery. He can’t break into the 2017 Reds starting rotation? Move on from him, and a few others.

      • Stephenson had a good start and then came back from the DL with 2 nice innings yesterday. He’s had good breaking stuff. I don’t know? Its a crap shoot?

  22. This umpire has a crazy strike zone.. the called 3rd strike on PK was not close… Duvall had 2 pitches called strikes that FoxTrax. Hope he calls it both ways.

  23. Thats the Reds for you. If our pitcher escapes one inning then they just crack his skull the next inning. Nobody ever gets into a rhythm. We’re the Cleveland Browns of pitching

  24. Wojo completely implodes… we all knew that was coming when he threw Jay the cookie. It’s been a meltdown ever since.

  25. 2-2 with 2 outs and a man on 1st. Can’t get to the frig and back before its 6-2. Same $*$# diff night

  26. 2016 Votto defense has cost the Reds 4 runs this inning. Scooter was literally waiting for that grounder, as Votto swept in a took a backhanded swipe at it. 4 runs have now scored with 2 outs

  27. Cubs will beat Dusty in the playoffs. Harper is hurt. Strasburg is hurt. They’ll come back but how rusty will they be? In the end its Maddon vs Dusty. I guess we have to root for LA

  28. Who had Rizzo in the 4th in the home run pool?

  29. 6 more with the Cubs coming up. We’ll win 1

  30. 7 runs in 3 2/3 innings. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your 2017 Reds starting staff…

  31. 6 HRs for Rizzo in 10 games this season vs. the Reds.


    (Those freaks in the Cubs bullpen dancing with a chicken mask, owl mask, etc. are kind of funny.)

  32. It has to feel tough for our hitters because no matter what they do its not enough. 11 runs scored is barely enough.

  33. I wonder if there is a difference greatly in coaching a thrower into a pitcher vs. helping a pitcher find a way to pitch better. I say this because off the top of my head I can think of pitchers joining this org. and turning it around or doing okay, but we have a lot of throwers between AA-MLB who need to learn to pitch, learn command and location, and maybe Price’s gift as a coach is really working well with pitchers, but not so much with throwers. This is simply a question I’d like answered as when it comes to pitching I never did it in baseball and understand little of the education aspect of it.

    • Chris Welsh explains it well. Guys like Dan Straily can really pitch but don’t have the velocity on radar guns to impress scouts and get signed to begin with. The Reds have def been guilty of falling in love w/velocity. Its like speed in the NFL….its easy to fall in love with it because its so important

      • but if all you have is velocity then you have nothing. Thats where they’re at.

    • I’ve heard Price say that he isn’t involved in the day in day out of pitching. He puts it on the coaching staff…with maybe some philosophy input from him

  34. Probably the frustration of watching yet another pathetic performance by a Reds pitcher, but only this Cubs team and its antics could make me root for the Cardinals.

  35. I got home. Checked the score (2-2). Checked my email. Turned the game on (2-7).

    • I liked John Lamb the lefty we had. He could really mix up his pitches but his back was always bad and he got on drugs. His fastball wasn’t much at 90-91 but he was so skinny. If he had his head on straight and gained 15 pounds of muscle then he could’ve been decent. We just have guys that lack something…every single one of them except maybe Castillo

  36. 4 man outfield vs Votto

  37. Maybe they’ll give Mahle a shot this year? He seems like a smart kid and has good control and a decent fastball

  38. See you tomorrow crew. If we don’t get one w/Castillo then I’m boycotting the rest of the Cubs games. Its like a 5 year old unsupervised around a hot stove…its inevitable

  39. Listening to Cubs broadcast. For this week, Maddon told the players not to come to the ballpark early….no pre game preps, just show up and play. If you show up early, you’d be fined

  40. Blake Wood facing the top of the Cubs lineup, which is on fire tonight.

    Fingers crossed, y’all.

  41. Votto due up 3rd in 7th.

    The “reach base safely twice” streak is in jeopardy.

    Feels like the only thing left to be settled in this one.

  42. Down 1-2 in the count, no problem.

    The streak extended.

  43. After six innings, the only positive is two BB’s given up. Watching this Reds team takes it out of you whether you’re a long-time fan or not.

  44. Schwarber sucks so hard that NY has to give him a break

  45. Storen gives up a 2 rbi double to a guy that’s never hit a double before and has only 4 career hits… Geez

  46. Kivlehan whiffed on that fly ball big time. Meanwhile, Storen gives up another 5 runs so far… Ugly ugly night.

  47. Kivlehan is bad in the field

  48. 1. Castillo 2. Mahle 3. Free Agent 4. Bailey 5. Disco/Stephenson/Romano/Garrett- someone emerge.

    Finnegan to bullpen. This is the best course to winning in the votto window.

    Desperately need disco or bailey to return to some form. Lots of ifs but thats a long list of names and potential.

  49. Tonight is one of those nights where the talent gap between the elite of the National League and the Reds really shows. All the way around.

    Have clearly seen it with games vs. Dodgers, Nationals and Cubs. Multiple times with each this season.

    That a case could be made to re-sign Cozart, 31 and injury prone, (and it can) just reinforces the work still need to be done. And, how thin the Reds talent pool, MLB and minor leagues, really is.

  50. Trade Billy. As he gets older his value will decrease with the decreasing speed. Value not likely to get higher than it is now. See what Ervin can do in CF.

    • Makes too much sense to trade a guy that has no power and gets on base at a 297 clip.Shame on you and shame on me for even bringing up such a thing.

  51. Seriously, why is Peraza not playing? Just when he was heating up and getting into a groove…. He gets benched? Why? Is he injured?

    Can someone explain why in this season of sorting one of the Reds’ supposed future starters is now riding the bench?

  52. Is it every night, or does it just seem like it, that our pitching gives up 10 runs or more? Monumentally – historically – infuriatingly inept.

    • Other than Castillo, whose stuff is so electric you continue starting him, no pitcher has improved at the MLB level this season.

      Why that is, and who is responsible is the biggest enigma, IMO, of the 2017 Reds season.

      Is Price merely “coaching the coaches” (a la John Cooper, OSU) (shudder)
      Mack Jenkins incompetent?
      Look at the Louisville Bats?

      Starting pitching is sooooo expensive, especially for tiny market Reds.

      Andrew Cashner is averaging less than 5Ks per 9, soft-tossing to 2.0 WAR on a 1 yr/$10 million deal for Texas. He’s getting paid this off-season

      The Reds have too much invested in their SP prospects, and can’t afford to replace them via FA, not to figure out why no one has developed this season.

  53. Gennett pitching.

    Holy cow.

    Is this part of the “sorting”? Part of the rebuild?

    This season is descending into farce. Still 6+ weeks to go.

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