Happy Luis Castillo Day!

It’s a battle of rookie pitchers at GABP this afternoon as the Reds (47-67) and Padres (50-63) meet for the final time in 2017. The Reds will try to take three out of four in this series and finish with a winning homestand. First pitch is at 12:35 EDT.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Luis Castillo 54.1 3.64 3.87 24.8% 10.4%
Dinelson Lamet 63.1 5.12 3.96 29.5% 9.2%

Luis Castillo continues to prove that he should be in the Reds rotation in 2018. Through nine starts, he has a 3.64 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and 55 strikeouts In 54.1 innings. There are games where he struggles with his command, such as his last start against St. Louis in which he walked five, but that happens with young pitchers. Castillo is a ground ball pitcher, as 58.9% of balls in play against him are ground balls. If Castillo can learn to be more consistent with his command, the Reds have a lot to look forward to in the coming years.

When I saw the name of the Padres pitcher, the first words out of my mouth were “What? Who?” I had no idea Dinelson Lamet existed before last night. So, who is this guy? He’s a rookie pitcher who has made twelve starts after getting called up by the Padres at the end of May. The Padres signed him out of the Dominican Republic as an amateur free agent in June 2014. Lamet, like many young pitchers, has had his struggles, but he’s also had a few highlights in his short career. On June 17, he struck out 12 Milwaukee Brewers in six innings. Of course, he also gave up four hits on three runs, including two home runs.

Lamet has 80 strikeouts in 63.1 innings. Some might think this is skewed because of the 12-strikeout game, but on average, he has struck out about one batter per inning.

Despite the 5.12 ERA, Lamet is beginning to turn it around, posting a 1.96 ERA over his last three starts, including what might be his best start yet: 5.2 innings of one hit, shut out baseball against the Pittsburgh Pirates. His two main pitches are his fastball and his slider, but he also has a changeup that he doesn’t use too often. The Padres have been encouraging to use his slider more, and it seems to be paying off for him.


Padres                                                                 Reds

1. Carlos Asuaje (2B)
2. Cory Spangenberg (3B)
3. Jose Pirela (LF)
4. Yangervis Solarte (SS)
5. Wil Myers (1B)
6. Hunter Renfroe (RF)
7. Matt Szczur (CF)
8. Luis Torrens (C)
9. Dinelson Lamet (P)
1. Jesse Winker (RF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Patrick Kivlehan (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Luis Castillo (P)

-ALERT: Jesse Winker is leading off. This is a good thing.

-I’d prefer to see Suarez hitting ahead of Gennett, but I guess you can’t have everything. It’s a decent lineup today, regardless.

News and Notes

-Just when you thought Joey Votto couldn’t get any better than he already is, there’s this:

-And if you missed it, former Red Jay Bruce is back in Ohio. He was traded to the Indians last night for a minor league pitcher named Ryder Ryan. I think the Indians got a steal here. And Bruce returns to wearing the number 32.

Final Thoughts

Yikes. What a telling statistic. The disappointing part of watching the Reds starters is knowing that if the Reds had even half the pitching they’ve had, with the offense they can produce, this team would be much closer to .500 than they are right now.

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  1. 12 1/2 games out of first! What that tells me is this division is terrible. Nice lineup today. I like that Kivelhan is getting some starts. He is a great bench player that fills in nicely. Curious to see how Winker hits today with quality hitters behind him. Scooter needs to get back on track or back on the bench. 11 for his last 56 isn’t cutting it.

  2. Excellent write up. The Padres pitcher looks like he’ll be a tough guy to get to if he’s on.

  3. Now all we need is Winker to leadoff with Billy in the lineup. Exciting nonetheless

  4. Couple of hard hit balls by Reds early on. Hopefully they find holes next go around

  5. Sort of thought everyone working in a management role in MLB had read Moneyball by now. It was published in 2003. Yet today, in commenting about Jesse Winker leading off, Bryan Price said this:

    “He’s (Jesse Winker) not your prototype top of the order guy because he doesn’t run.”

    That thinking is about ten years out of date. Not what I’m looking for in my manager.

    • To be clear, the prototype top of the order batter is someone who gets on base. Not someone who runs. Billy Hamilton’s base stealing skill might be exceptional enough to bat him first. But hitters like Billy Hamilton are no longer the prototype.

      • Doesn’t surprise me at all that Price would say that.He hits Billy lead off because he values speed more then getting on base.How sad.

      • Think you can get him to insert the word ‘historical’ in front of prototype? Gotta be easier than getting young prospects to master the science of the Laffer Curve…

      • And is Billy that great of base stealer?, his CS rate has gone way up from the previous 2 seasons- not sure what is optimum for created runs but I think his current is real close to costing them runs- BTW I know there are advantages to having his speed on base-paths

    • The pirates had Jason leading off and the cubs had Rizzo to say a few. I think Winker can out run them 2 . Is that good for Price. Face palm again for Price.

  6. The Reds can’t go forward with a manager who doesn’t understand the importance of getting on base relative to speed. If the front office tolerates that – or even worse, endorses it – that’s a terrible indication for the future.

    • Agreed. I like to imagine the analytics wing commentary on what they hear said by the coaches and managers in the organization, and I hope they get to share a lot of it with DW and BC on a regular basis.

    • I’m really counting on Dick Williams having a broader perspective. The alternative is too fan-frightening.

    • I hope the front office allows this because they want to give Billy a final shot in year four to improve his on base skills.Thing is though he is right where he has always been flrting with a 300 obp.This is sad and I am a Biily fan.

  7. I like Duvall, but he must lead the world in pop ups. Guy has to have 767 cruising altitude numbers by now in 2017. Sheesh

  8. No peraza today I see

  9. Nice pick by Suarez and making that look smooth. I really don’t see how Senzel can uproot him in the corner when he’s ready. Does he have any experience at 2B? I know he doesn’t do any SS

  10. HRs look like they might be the only hangup w/Castillo! Have to keep the ball down! His future is bright though!! SD is 2 for 13 today and he only allowed a .218 batt avg coming in. Limit the walks & HRs and he’s a top of the rotation guy guaranteed!

    • Walks and homers are a bad combination but the kid just looks like a pitcher.He looks like a keeper so far.Teams have trouble hitting him.

  11. Geez, this happened in a hurry.

    • It did happen fast but he got a big big out in Myers who suddenly found his stroke last night

  12. Soon as I say that….then its batting practice. If you get 2 runs in 6 ip then you feel like its a National holiday or something?

  13. Just tuned in … 5th inning “regular” eh?

  14. So far this rookie pitcher is making us look silly.He really should have us shut out.Three hits in five innings come on offense.

    • Eh, some hard hit balls that found gloves unfortunately – particularly by Winker and Votto in the first. Might be one of those games.

      • Seems like that has happened alot this series. They are hitting it hard but some fall in and some dont.

    • The bright side is 89 pitches and counting to get just 15 outs.

  15. C’mon and make it Tucker Time!!!

  16. K.R.A.P. What was Tucker thinking?

    • Same thing as Price is thinking by sending Castillo back out there in the 7th.

      • Well Castillo did get a K on the first batter … yet the batter is on 1st with nobody out.

      • what is wrong with sending back out there at 92 pitches? what is more important this dumb game or seeing if Castillo can handle pitching in the 7th on a consistent basis?

  17. Hmm. Bringing in Storen to face the guy that has been on base 8 times this series…

  18. Time for Winker to show he’s here to stay. Sundeck, please …

  19. Price saw the Pads manager make a move after he walked Joey so he had to show he was trying to win also.Ever see him extend his starter by one batter,then bring in a lefty then a righty to match up?Only thing he didn’t do was double switch so I guess he is saving that one.

    • I will agree letting leadoff 6th so he can face one batter in 7th was dumb

  20. Rally time. Yates can’t throw strikes.

    • And facing Joey … let’s see what will happen.

      • Yates could’ve walked Votto with his eyes closed, lol. Guess they were worried that he’d leave one over the plate.

  21. Pitching change with a 2-2 count against Votto. Don’t see that often.

  22. changing pitchers with a 2-2 count? really?

  23. Switching mid-batter … how long has it been since we’ve seen that?

  24. Well that worked … in our favor. Now can AD at LEAST give us a SF to tie it up?

    I’d hate to be Hand in that situation …

  25. Duvall is struggling lately. Dang

  26. Another bases loaded situation wasted …

  27. Thank you Scootter and GASP!

    • I for one have been claiming Peraza should be in the line-up over him based on post ASB performance, still feel that way but way to go Scooter talk about CLUTCH

    • And against a LHP

  28. :):):):):):):):):):)

    Scooter back from the dead.

  29. Swinging at ball 4 … very ugly!

    • Meant Ball 3 … but the video feed was behind. Way to slug one Scooter!!

  30. I didn’t even get the words pinch hitter out of my mouth…


  31. I love it! Pour it on boys

  32. BOOM x2

  33. Gennett has been QUITE the pickup. Scooter City!

  34. Back to back jacks!

  35. Pile on Eh-You-Hey-Knee-O!!!!

  36. Exhibit A on why you can’t play Peraza over Scooter!

    • Mr. Hand…I’ve been thinking about when you called it “Your plate”. Well, if I’m here and you’re here…wouldn’t it be our plate?

  37. The students are rebelling against Mister Hand. Free pizza for the class.

  38. It seems like the score 7-3 is happening a lot lately (in-game or final).

    I always notice, because it looks like a football score.

  39. Two walks(Winker and Votto) a hit batter and two bombs = 5 runs.Go Reds.Guys that get on base and guys that hit with power are really good guys to have on your team.

  40. Barnhart looking more everyday as the everyday catcher…

    • I love the guy (he’s from nearby), but I just wish he had some more power.

      Great defense, lots of singles, no power, slow as hell — he’s like Molina minus the neck tats.


  41. It’s really a pleasure to see Cozart manning SS…he’ll be missed

  42. Put Scooter on waivers in one of my 3 fant leagues:( He’s gone. I did that w/Joey Gallo and got him back in all 3 leagues:)

  43. Question- how bad of a RF is Winker?, I get keeping Hamilton in the game but why not double switch for Kivelhan? My impression is he is not a very good fielder, why not give Winker one more AB ?

  44. The San Diego booth has descended into quoting “Animal House” lines … but much easier to listen to than our regulars.

  45. Go Zack Go!!!

  46. I wonder how much Votto wants the streak to continue?

    At least he’s not swinging at bad pitches to do it.

    AND HE DID IT!!!

    • Kudos to the pitcher for going after him behind in the count

      • Yes, this! …… I know it was the minor leagues, but seeing the way the Reds’ farmhand Siri’s hitting streak ended was a bunch of baloney.

    • I was hoping that he wouldn’t regret missing that 2nd pitch (by not getting anything else that was over the plate).

      Didn’t miss on his second chance.

  47. JOE EH !!! Streaking to glory.

  48. Well that’s one way to extend your hitting streak

  49. Padres’ Announcer: “Joey Votto is good at baseball.”

  50. SD booth … “Joey Votto is good at baseball. Nice easy swing.”

  51. Walks and homers are good things for the good guys.Much better to get em then to give em

  52. Votto’s 15-game streak

    AVG: 22-for-46 (.478)
    OBP: 40-for-64 (.625)

  53. Iggy in a big time non save situation.Hope they swing early and lets call it a day.

  54. I remember when Votto struggled a little bit out of the four-game break (ASG), and somebody said he was probably tired. 🙂

    He’s had only one off day since the break, and he’s in the midst of one of his all-time best stretches.

  55. 3 out of 4 feels pretty good right now. I’m off to see the local A-league team play tonight.

  56. To put things into perspective, people are raving about Senzel who has .893 OPS in AA. Votto has an OPS of 1.051 against MLB pitching. BTW, not mitigating Senzel’s accomplishments or anything like that, just marveling at Votto excellence.

  57. Barnhart swung at a first pitch, with the bases loaded, after the Padres player hit a batter and was wild. It looked to be a ball. He grounded out to second base to end the inning. If you know the pitcher is wild, make him work the count and throw strikes! Don’t swing at the first pitch unless its right down the middle or a mistake! Which, is what Scooter did…the Padres pitcher made a mistake on the first pitch, and even though it was a left hander, by the way, Scooter hit the mistake pitch into the bleachers for a Home Run!

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