The Reds (46-66) will try to replicate the offensive clinic put on last night at GABP in the second game of this four game series against the San Diego Padres (49-62). First pitch is at 7:10 EDT.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Sal Romano 27.2 4.88 5.15 20.3% 13.3%
Luis Perdomo 104.1 4.92 4.05 17.4% 8.5%

Sal Romano has had his struggles, but he’s also had some good moments. While he’s coming off a loss to Pittsburgh in which he gave up eight hits and four runs in six innings, he’s also had games like the one against Miami at GABP in which he gave up three hits, one run (a home run), and struck out seven in six innings. The key for Romano, like any young pitcher, is his command. He’s had games where he walks five or six, and then has had games where he’s walked zero, such as the start in Pittsburgh. If there’s something Romano has done right, it’s being able to get strikeouts. He has 26 strikeouts in 27.2 innings.

After spending five seasons in the Cardinals minor league system, Luis Perdomo got his shot at the major leagues last season in San Diego after the Padres selected him in the Rule 5 Draft. He recorded a 5.71 ERA in 146.2 innings. In 2017, Perdomo has fared only slightly better, with a 4.92 ERA in 104.1 innings. The biggest reason for his improvement is because, compared to 2016 when he surrendered 23 home runs, this season he has only allowed 11 long balls. His K% is also up from 15.9% from last season. However, Perdomo’s control is still questionable. He’s already walked 39 batters, and will likely surpass his total of 46 from 2016.

Perdomo faced the Reds in San Diego earlier this season, giving up three runs on seven hits, with two walks and four strikeouts in 6.2 innings.


Padres                                                             Reds

1. Manuel Margot (CF)
2. Carlos Asuaje (2B)
3. Jose Pirela (RF)
4. Yangervis Solarte (3B)
5. Wil Myers (1B)
6. Cory Spangenberg (LF)
7. Austin Hedges (C)
8. Dusty Coleman (SS)
9. Luis Perdomo (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (3B)
6. Jesse Winker (RF)
7. Jose Peraza (2B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Sal Romano (P)


luis perdomo stats

-Joey Votto has three hits in six at-bats against Perdomo. There’s a good chance he extends his 12-game hitting streak tonight.

-Jesse Winker should be hitting higher than sixth.

News and Notes

-It looks like Scott Feldman will be returning to the rotation soon.

-Hunter Greene makes his professional debut tonight, as the DH for the Billings Mustangs.

-When Votto talks hitting, people should listen.

Final Thoughts

Votto is definitely the best Reds hitter I’ve ever watched, and I’ve been told by people who watched the Big Red Machine that he just might be the best Reds hitter of all-time (I’m too young to have seen those players play, so I can’t make that comparison). But it’s at the point now that Votto’s at-bats are must-watch. Even if you don’t watch any other part of the game, you should want to watch Votto.

Last night and this morning, Twitter was bursting with Votto stats. I’m just going to leave you with some of them, because it really is incredible.

And, oh yeah, he also likes to make jokes, especially when talking about his best friend Jay Bruce.

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  1. Not trying to start a Bonds argument, but .485 OBP with 2 strikes?! That is untouchable

    • What can you say about that? Not many adequate words. Too bad he’s played primarily on bad teams and does not have a lot of post-season exposure, or else he’d get much more recognition and respect nationally.

    • It really is unfortunate that PEDs cloud Bonds stats, because they are just silly. Honestly, I think “non-Bonds” should be a filter for stats on all major websites, because his peak years were that silly.

      • Yeah, it’s a shame b/c Bonds was a HOF caliber hitter w/o the PEDs. He really didn’t need them. Yet you can’t objectively judge him due to PEDs.

    • Here’s one for you. Bonds OPS after the All Star break? Try 1.072! That’s from 1986 to 2007. 3rd greatest ever behind Ted Williams and Lou Gehrig. Oh yeah, Votto’s is 1.008 which is 6th best ever.

  2. Despite Votto’s incredible numbers, Hall of Fame balloting still largely comes down to how many hits and homers and MVP awards a batter has in a career, and how many wins, saves, Cy Young Awards or strikeouts a pitcher had. If there is a big change in the criteria considered by the baseball writers in 10 or 15 years, Votto might have a shot — presuming continued health and production. If not, Votto will join Pete Rose as great Reds players not in the Hall, unfortunately.

    • Rose only has himself to blame for not being in Cooperstown. The saber metrics crowd has been really prominent during the last 5 yrs or so and I feel it is only going to increase by the time Votto hangs his cleats up. If he stays healthy he will be fine. The key is staying healthy.

    • Tom, I just don’t see this being a concern by the time we’re considering JV’s candidacy. His power numbers won’t stack up to the all-time greats. But his hitting prowess and mastery of the strike zone are going to front and center and only a handful of players ever will rival him. Give him a few more years of this production and it’s a foregone conclusion come circa 2030.

  3. Votto is on every MLB List show pre season. Top 100 players, Top 10 first basemen etc. People know about him trust me. He doesn’t get the pub of Judge and the big market guys I will agree with.

  4. Batting crowns don’t hurt HOF chances, either. Joey’s stats for his last 162 games are unreal. If he could replicate that during a full season, that would surely look impressive on his HOF resume. When Votto first came up I was really impressed with his approach to hitting (but not as impressed as I would be as his career progressed). I thought he would be in the running for a batting crown multiple times. I never thought he’d have the HR power he’s shown but would be a “doubles machine”. I thought he’d be a 20-25 HR guy, max, but would have seasons where he hit .340 or better. I think Votto tailored his approach to GAB, thus the power increase but perhaps sacrificing a little in the way of avg.

  5. Too bad there are a few guys having video game like seasons this yr!!! I feel this will be his best season by far. His defense is much better than last yr also. His base running is the next thing that needs attention.

  6. Oh boy….Romano looks rough tonite. He stranded the 4th run atleast. Lets see what Mahle can do. I’m not a Price fan but what manager could win with this stuff? They have 3 starters between Disco, Finnegan, and Homer….and all they get is half a season of rehab ball out of Bailey. Bring up 5-6 young guys and 1 guy does ok?

    Nice hit by Winker…I was just saying he was rolling over and needed to hit the ball the other way like he’s done before!

    • I do not like Price either but I doubt Sparky himself could do any better with this staff. I really like this Winker kid. Really reminds me of Votto at the plate which isn’t too bad I guess.

  7. Lets see what Billy does with the bases loaded.

  8. billy dp ball. 3 hits and

  9. WOW what a catch!!!!

  10. I’m playing hoop….had enough already tonite. If this young manager with SD can finish 10 under with that team then he’s a rising star in my book. THEY HAVE NOTHING. The Reds need to consider stealing him if he wins 75 games!

    • Price is here to stay I am afraid!! Ugh!!!

    • The Pads were willing and still are to selling off any and all vets and our committed to what they are doing by going with young players.We are not committed but rather pretending.

  11. Can’t be surprised because its a weak grounder,weak fly ball or a strikeout.Its what he is as a hitter.

    • Cant expect a circus DP on a grounder though. I thought why is the guy bothering to throw to 1st and he got him by a full step?

    • He actually hit it too hard. if it was weakly hit, he would have beat it

  12. Its not just keeping the ball low…its changing speeds & changing eye levels and locations. He’s doing nothing….just throwing.

  13. Tone it down a notch please!!! Cannot just throw hard and expect to succeed.

  14. RLN needs to come together.
    Billy Hamilton is a great….gold glove center fielder. Cf is the third most important defensive position. He is not a leadoff hitter….no one says he is except Brian Price.

    That said…the 2017 reds are the best defensive team in the NL….thanks to Barnhart…Suarez.. cozart…Duvall…and Hamilton. That’s important

  15. Dodged a huge bullet there!!!

  16. Winker doing what he has always done.

    • He needs to swap spots with Scooter

      • I agree because he won’t score out of the 7 hole regardless of how many times he gets on.Nothing against Tucker the pitcher or Billy but they have no power at all.

  17. Pirela…yet another in a long list of Reds killers

  18. Duval with another stellar defensive play…then uncorks a great throw to the cutoff for the double play

  19. Romano has battled all night long but it would have been nice to see how he would have responded if we have scored some runs for him.Obviously he has been in trouble all night long and when you don’t score it is even worse knowing that the game may already be over regardless.

  20. Romano hits for himself? Why?

    • Price will have some lame reason for leaving him but it really makes no sense.The game is out of reach and I guess he wants to really make it out of reach but its ok.

  21. He will end up having to go get him this inning which makes him look even more clueless but its ok.I am sure Romano gets it.

  22. Hamilton – Eater of Doubles

  23. He is a great defender.

  24. Well you kind of figured after last night we would leave our bats at home.I will watch Winker’s next at bat and call it a night.

  25. Romona pitches poorly tonight and the reds hit into three dp’s in six innings, tough game to listen to.

  26. Remember that time Scooter hit 4 HR’s in a game, that was awesome. WRC+ of under 60 with a 26% Strike Out rate since the All Star Game.

  27. So Thom points out that Perdoma has 3 triples and Hellickson and Arrieta have 1 a piece. Guess who they hit 3 out of the 5 against ? Yep our Reds. They all hit 1 against the Reds. Face palm.

  28. Wow, what an AB by Peraza!

    • In that Peraza AB, he saw 9 pitches and worked a walk after getting down 0-2.

      Maybe this kid is turning a corner? I notice he seems to be battling more instead of going up there hacking.

  29. Tucker goes deep…right handed. Those 6-7-8 hitters showed up for the offense tonight

  30. Yet another walk by Peraza…nice game by him

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