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Reds vs. Padres — August 7, 2017

After losing two out of the three to the St. Louis Cardinals, the Cincinnati Reds (45-66) welcome the San Diego Padres (49-61) to Great American Ball Park for the first of a four-game series. First pitch is at 7:10 EDT.

The Padres come into town having lost four of the last six games, including a walk-off loss in Pittsburgh on Sunday. The fourth place team in the NL West is last in nearly every offensive category in the NL, but that did not stop them from scoring 19 runs in the three-game sweep of the Reds at Petco Park in June. The Padres also have a team ERA of 4.66 ERA, 11th in the NL, and have given up a total of 144 home runs, but it still isn’t as bad as the Reds’ team ERA of 5.17, last in the NL.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Tim Adleman 104.2 5.42 5.70 20.8% 9.5%
Jhoulys Chacin 126.1 3.99 4.24 19.7% 8.5%

Just as fast as Tim Adleman was ushered out of the starting rotation, he is back in the rotation, as he fills in for Robert Stephenson, who was put on the 10-day DL Sunday for an elbow contusion. (Stephenson seems likely to only miss one start, however). In Adleman’s last start on July 29 against Miami, he did not make it through five innings, giving up six runs on six hits and four walks.

Adleman’s biggest issue has been the home run ball. He’s given up 24 home runs in 104.2 innings. In his two seasons in the majors, he’s been a fly ball pitcher, with a 45.5 FB% in both 2016 and 2017. However, in 35 more innings pitched this season, he’s already given up 11 more home runs. He’s also walked 23 more batters (43) than in 2016, which has only added to his problems.

Jhoulys Chacin has been the best pitcher in the Padres rotation in 2017, and he has drastically improved from the beginning of the season to now. In April and May, Chacin had a 5.82 ERA and 5.70 ERA, respectively. His ERA was 3.00 in June and a sparkling 2.51 ERA in July. The difference? He stopped giving up home runs, allowing just two in July compared to 13 combined in the three months prior. Chacin has had a little luck on his side too. His BABIP in the month of May was .347, and in the month of July, it was .143.

Chacin has already faced the Reds once this season. In San Diego, he pitched seven innings of five-hit, two-run baseball, in which he struck out four and earned the win.


Padres                                                               Reds

1. Manuel Margot (CF)
2. Carlos Asuaje (2B)
3. Jose Pirela (LF)
4. Yangervis Solarte (3B)
5. Wil Myers (1B)
6. Hunter Renfroe (RF)
7. Austin Hedges (C)
8. Dusty Coleman (SS)
9. Jhoulys Chacin (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Jesse Winker (RF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Tim Adleman (P)

padres screenshot

-No Padres hitter has faced Adleman.


Even with Homer Bailey’s short outing yesterday, the Reds should have everyone available for the start of this series. After playing a twelve-inning game on Sunday, the Padres bullpen may be a bit limited.

Stat of the Day

Joey Votto could be the all-time home run leader at Great American Ball Park as early as tonight. His home run Sunday was also the 250th in his career, and his 29th in 2017. The only other season Votto has hit more than 30 home runs? His MVP season in 2010.

News and Notes

-Congratulations to the Mesoraco family on the birth of Luke!

-Jim Day interviewed David Letterman at GABP yesterday. My favorite quip from the retired late night host was the “Did we win?” after the Eugenio Suarez home run.

-Jose Siri gets rewarded for his hitting in the month of July.

-Tonight’s game is the free game of the day on MLB.TV (for out-of-market fans).

Final Thoughts

Just when you thought the Reds might start playing better, as evidenced by winning two of three in Pittsburgh and taking the first game of the St. Louis series, the team loses two straight in games where the offense goes quiet (exception: Joey Votto) and the pitching melts down again.

Such is the life of a rebuilding team. Fans have seen flashes of hope from young guys like Luis Castillo and Jesse Winker, but with that hope comes the bad, like Homer Bailey’s struggles to return to what he once was and guys who really shouldn’t be on a major league roster (*ahem* Lisalverto Bonilla). It’s a slow process, and we can only hope the patience pays off in the end.

Go Reds!

138 thoughts on “Reds vs. Padres — August 7, 2017

  1. Ok….they have to keep Cozart if they can. They have no replacements. He’s a better hitter then Suarez when he’s in there.

    Here’s a thought. Why not bat Suarez 2nd since he’s getting on base so often. Cozart can clean up the Rbis in the 5 hole!

    • Winker/Suarez/Votto/Duvall/Cozart Lefty Righty LRL. Senzel comes in 6th and swaps with Suarez when he proves he’s a better hitter

    • I wouldn’t move him out of the 2nd spot for anything. Don’t monkey with his mojo.

  2. So, according to the site, I’m suppose to “Tell us what you’re thinking”…

    I’m thinking the Reds need to re-sign Cozart.

    • It is so opposed to what I wanted/expected to happen, but yeah, it might make sense. Indy suggested 2 years, $20 million. I could see overpaying a little to keep the contract short. And if other teams want to risk longer contracts with him, let ’em.

  3. I am continually amazed at how worked people get over who is or isn’t on the roster or where they hit. Fans have zero ability to impact any of those. I find watching the games relaxing and while sure I wished we were winning more I also understand I have zero say in who plays so I watch and drive over from indy once a month to see a live game and enjoy every minute.

  4. ya know, Thom drives me nuts, so I try to follow the video but with the radio audio. I’m getting a discussion about breakfast cereal.

    • Yeah, about half of all announcers drive me nuts, and the Reds certainly have their share …

      If Dick Vitale is crossing the street I shouldn’t be driving (that’s a joke folks).

  5. Checking back in and good job by the good guys.Looks like our formula of when we hit em out we win is still a good one.Also noticed the 4 walks and 3 of them scored via the homers.Walks are good.

  6. “Wil Myers’ situation is nothing like Votto’s.”

    No, it isn’t, Thom.

    -The Padres openly admitted they were running a AAAA starting pitching staff to start the season. Full on tank mode, going for no 1 pick, trade off anyone they can.

    -San Diego isn’t the team supposed to be “sorting in ’17, to contend in ’18”. (Remember when that seemed believable back in the off-season?)

    -Padres payroll – 90M
    -Reds payroll- 113M

    Yet the Padres have the better record than the Reds entering tonight’s game.

    Thom saying Votto and the Reds can look down on Myers and the Padres is a sad commentary on the state of the franchise.

    • Don’t be a negative Nelly now:) Truthfully…its embarrassing. How many times a year do they play LA, Arizona, and Colorado? Maybe the big park helps? SD is 29-27 at home. Lack of hitting is easier to overlook when they can’t take you deep either.

      • LOL.

        When all the pieces fit, I think the Reds future is really bright.

        But, I think this season has gotten to Thom tonight. Empty ballpark. Two bad teams.

        He is saying more crazy crap than usual, even pressing Brantley on his sleep habits and daily routine. It became uncomfortable to listen to, switched over to radio through my phone.

  7. That’s one of the weirdest deliveries I’ve ever seen? Thought I’ve seen him b4 but I don’t remember the behind-the-back pitch?

    • I think PK has played 2B before? Why not platoon him w/Scooter? Or Blandino. He’s 2-3 with a HR tonite and .380ish obp! Scooter is a little guy and I don’t think 500 atbats is for him

  8. I had not been following closely. My initial reaction was not surprise on the Granny, but wonderment on how Alcantara got on base.

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