Tonight is game two of the current three game series between the Reds and Pirates in Pittsburgh. For the first time in nearly a month, the Reds are on a two game winning streak looking for three in a row. Dare I point out that if the Reds could manage to sweep the Pirates, they would come home Friday at a respectable 4-6 for a road trip that found them at 0-6 prior to Sunday. Meanwhile the Pirates must be wondering how they can be 1-7 versus the Reds this season. The Reds are just happy that’s the case and hoping to keep the train rolling down hill.

Starting Pitchers

Righthander Robert Stephenson makes his third  start of 2017 for the Reds tonight after being inserted into the rotation on July 22. Stephenson’s first two starts were a tale  of day and night.  In his first 2017 start he seemed for the most part to have left behind the control issues which led to him being exiled from the Reds bullpen to AAA in late May. Unfortunately in his second start his wildness returned with a vengeance, resulting  in a career high 7 walks in just 4.1 innings. With Scott Feldman apparently nearing return from  the DL, Stephenson may need a start at least as good as his first one of 2017 to hold onto his rotation spot.

Trevor Williams, also a righthander, gets the start for Pirates. The 25 year old Pirates rookie will make his 16th start of the season since being elevated to the Pirates rotation in early May.  Williams  has also been prone to erratic bouts of control issues. However these have been largely offset by stronger performances to leave his BB%  at a near average level.  Because he doesn’t strike out a relatively high percentage of hitters, if things run true to past form, expect to see a lot of balls put into play off of Williams.

Robert Stephenson 5.64 2.62 14.8 20.1
Trevor Williams 4.49 0.87 6.8 16.3


The Reds used three relievers for an inning each in Tuesday’s game. None of the A Team saw action.  

Lefty Wade LeBlanc went 3 innings for the Pirates on Tuesday and figures to be unavailable tonight. 

UPDATE: The Pirates have called in bullpen reinforcements….



1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Jesse Winker (RF)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Jose Peraza (SS)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Robert Stephenson (P)


1. Starling Marte (LF)
2. Adam Frazier (2B)
3. Andrew McCutchen (CF)
4. Josh Bell (1B)
5. David Freese (3B)
6. Gregory Polanco (RF)
7. Jordy Mercer (SS)
8. Chris Stewart (C)
9. Trevor Williams (P)

Glad to see Hamilton’s gimpy ankle is good enough for him to play.  However, once again no Mesoraco. Should we be worried about his knee?

News and Notes

As they say on TV, we have breaking news

Here’s the more we now know

And  this not so good sounding news came accross


Tuesday seemed to be a night for dramatic outfield catches.

The Pirates Starling Marte’s kept Jesse Winker’s big night  from being even bigger…

Then this catch by Cleveland’s Austin Jackson made Marte’s highway robbery of Winker just the second best catch of  Tuesday night in MLB

For folks less than 50 or so years of age, here’s faces to put with some names we old timers bring up from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Tuesday was a genuine feel good game for weary Reds fans. Everything worked for the Reds as it was intended to. Homer Bailey threw  pitched a gutsy 6 innings. The bullpen followed suit. Billy Hamilton was his intoxicating best at the top the order. Jesse Winker seemed to announce he was here to stay with a dazzling performance “on both sides of the ball” as he himself put it. The guys down the order we’ve come to almost take for granted did what they’ve been doing with regularity. Even Jose Peraza chipped in with 3 hits.

Today is a new day with the slate wiped clean. The Reds task the rest of this season is to use each new day to figure out which players will  enable them to have games like last night at least 4 times a week, regardless of the opposition, versus the 1 or 2 times a week they’ve been able to do it over the last couple of months. As such, there will probably be many more games not nearly as good as last night before the season ends.

Savor the good times. Try to keep the not as good times in context. That’s our lot right now as Reds fans. As always, Go Reds!

Data  courtesy of Fangraphs, Baseball Reference, and
Twitter: @jn_walkerjr

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  1. Nice post, Jim. Go Redlegs

  2. Like Asher over Adelman in the next start.
    Another great pregame write up. Tweets, GIFs, and videos. Keep them coming.

    That Jackson catch was insane

  3. Winker flashing more leather.

  4. If you want a good chuckle, check out the called third “strike” on Duvall in Gameday. It missed the plate by one third the width of the plate. It’s gotta be in the top ten worst strike calls I’ve ever seen in baseball.

  5. 3 scoreless for RS. Keep it going…stake a claim for that rotation spot as guys get off the DL

  6. worked around a couple of leadoff walks…clean so far thru 5

  7. Third time through the order will be the test for Stephenson. Let’s hope he can get through unscathed.

  8. Votto just HAS to tag up on that.

  9. Tucker …bases loaded walk on ball 5

  10. Thats inexecusable for Joey….just ridiculous! 99% of the league tags and moves up on that. Also that was the real Peraza….hit his bleeder singles until you need a bleeder single. 2 lame atbats w/risp. I guess I’m just being negative tonite but I don’t see how Bob Steve is going to make since he’s throwing 92 mph now? Good to see him throw strikes but what happened to that rocket arm?

  11. let him learn to fight through a man on second?!.

  12. He’s out if Tucker holds on after the collision.

  13. At least M L is not demolished on the next pitch. I am a big ML fan.

  14. On 2 batters, Lorenzen undoes all the goodness that Stephenson accomplished

  15. Lorenzen hasn’t been very good this year! I’m his biggest fan but he’s just been all over the place this year? Bell likes the ball out over the plate so Barnhart sets up inside but ML throws it down and away? Freese has liked the ball middle-away since hes been in the league and ML lays one in there for him?

  16. WINKER!!! unties it. to the back row of the stadium.

  17. O M G….Jesse Winker looks like Will Clark all of a sudden!!!

  18. Winker
    He got da powah!

    That was a shot!

    I had my doubts because he showed so little in AAA, but that was a blast!

    • Yeah…I’m guessing they only get 10 or so balls hit over the stands per year and that missed by only 1-2 rows. I could be wrong but that was a blast!

      • Players like Winker tend to show more power in MLB than AAA. Drew Stubbs, a far inferior hitter, did the same. He had 8 minor league homers total in 3 years then hit 15-20 a year.

  19. Next Spring training: 1) Teach Votto how to run the bases. His failure to go to third ffrom second on a fly bail to deep center was a bush league mistake. Not his first on the biases. 2) Have Homer Bailey teach every pitcher how to bunt. Homer is excellent. 3) Teach Peraza to take a walk.

  20. So I’m watching tonight’s game and Stephenson gets two outs in the 5th, has allowed only 2 hits and no runs, only 81 pitches and Price takes him out. WTFO? Did I miss something and Stephenson asked to come out, is he on a pitch count since coming back from AAA? Price usually waits until the starter has 100-105 pitches and then he goes gets them. If he took him out because there was a guy on 2nd, that was stupid, stupid, stupid. Really, you’re trying to protect a 2 run lead in the 5th? Anybody have an insight into this stupid move?

    • It was the 6th. He’s been leaving the starters in (Adleman, Homer in NY) and getting burned so he went w/Lorenzen. I’m pretty critical of Price but I can’t blame him tonite.

      • myself, i thought if you are really concerned about winning the game should have pinched hit for him in the top of the inning. Made sense to me to see what he had, but to take him out after allowing 1 of 3 batters to reach seems idiotic at t 81 pitches, what are you trying to find out?

    • And did you know that Bryan Pricewas driving the car when JFK was assassinated

  21. Not sure why you bring in Lorenzen at that point…Stephenson just needed one more out…he was fairly effective…he only had about 80 pitches…yeah, Bell’s a lefty but still.

  22. Man does that Chris Welsh know everything about baseball. Not only does he know absolutely everything about baseball, but he shares so much of his knowledge. Oh yeah and my favorite thing about Welsh, he also knows all those way cool baseball slang words like oppage. What an absolute joy he is to listen to on the television. Take a breath Chris.

  23. Let Lorenzen hit for himself here, even if it’s not going to pitch the eighth.

  24. Lorenzen entered tonight 2nd among all MLB relievers in terms of effectiveness in Clutch situations.,d

    I could see the Reds talking themselves into using this stat to justify keeping him in the bullpen next season. “We’re close. He’s so good in the clutch.”

    I hope that is not the case. #FreeLorenzen.

  25. Another sweet outing by Amir Garrett tonight. His ERA is still under 7.00. With no options for next season, I just hope he doesn’t pitch as bad as Cingrani did a few years ago & get demoted to the bullpen. The politics of baseball never cease to amaze me.

    • It looks like Castillo, Disco, and Homer are in if they’re healthy. The next 2 would probably come from Mahle, Lorenzen, and Romano. Who knows with the other spot in the rotation? I’d like to see them pickup a decent starter….the best they can afford. Someone will get hurt or get shelled.

  26. Did Duval really have to slide on that catch? Come On Man!

  27. By the way, Duval is one of my favorites. Great left fielder, very good base runner, improving his average this year. Very good ballplayer.

  28. Boy this ump is equally bad against both teams

  29. Votto no likey facing Rivero. 0-4 4 K’s

  30. Duval selling 2 runs worth of insurance

  31. Adam>Diabetes…..great to see! He’s not having the 2nd half drop off like last year!

  32. Enrique Palazzo was a better ump

  33. Lower the Jolly Roger!

  34. Votto/ Duvall is the centerpiece of a lineup. Time for Gennett, Winker, Cozart, Suarez, & Schebler to find a spot on either side.

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