The Cincinnati Reds (41-59) will square off against the New York Yankees (52-46) this afternoon at 1:05. The Reds will try to leave the Brox with their first win of the road trip before they head off to Miami for stop number 3 of 4 tomorrow. The Reds have started the second half with just a 2-10 record.

Starting Pitchers

Three of Homer Bailey‘s last four starts have been very good. Bailey was able to keep the ball in the park in his last start on Friday, and ended up just allowing 2 ER in 6.0 innings. The strikeout numbers have yet to pile up despite an increased velocity for Bailey. However, the strikeouts should start to increase as Bailey’s command continues to improve.

Bailey has only faced the Yankees once, and it came at Yankee Stadium back in 2012: 6.1 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 7 K. There was not a single Yankee on the current roster in the lineup that day.

Luis Severino is having a terrific year for the Yankees, and was a member of the AL all-star team. He ranks 5th among all MLB pitchers in fWAR (3.6). His last two starts have been brilliant, allowing just 1 runs over 14.0 innings on the road against the Red Sox and Mariners. He is only 23 years old, and has an incredible future with the Yankees ahead. He features a high 90’s fastball, and is the kind of pitcher the Reds are hoping Luis Castillo can turn into.

Severino has never faced a hitter on the Reds current roster.

Starting Lineups

SP: Homer Bailey SP: Luis Severino
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Scooter Gennett (2B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scott Schebler (RF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Devin Mesoraco (DH)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Jose Peraza (SS)
1. Brett Gardner (LF)
2. Clint Frazier (RF)
3. Gary Sanchez (C)
4. Matt Holliday (DH)
5. Didi Gregorius (SS)
6. Chase Headley (1B)
7. Todd Frazier (3B)
8. Jacoby Ellsbury (CF)
9. Ronald Torreyes (2B)


The Reds really need a win. Homer Bailey has been on pretty nice roll of late, so it would be nice to see him keep it going. The Reds bats also need to wake up. Go Reds!

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. The hits just keep on coming. Not for the team, but to the team. Reds announce 2B Dilson Herrera had shoulder surgery. LHP Max Wottell had shoulder surgery just a couple of days ago. Both from the ill-fated Jay Bruce trade. Reds more or less just gave away Chapman and Bruce.
    Herrera was gifted a MLB starting 2B position by the jettison of BP. Herrera and Peraza’s huge failing, along with the miserable starting pitching failures, have cut this Rebuild off at the knees.
    Yet the front office is content with the status quo.

    • Getting to the tough part of the year with not a lot of positives. Friendly reminder to take a deep breath and remember why we do this. Enjoy the little things.

      • Matthew, you’re correct. I look at this group presently as almost a support group for a bunch of like-minded people (who love the Reds through thick and thin) who benefit from knowing that there are others like us out there. Hanging out online before, during and after disappointing games with people who share our emotions is a way to both commiserate and celebrate with friends, especially for those of us who are distant transplants from Southwest Ohio.

    • I don’t agree on the middle infield situation. They’ve got Scooter for at least two more years at their discretion. Senzel will hit the majors by mid season next year unless he is injured or hits a wall at AAA.
      When Senzel arrives, they will need a spot for Suarez if Senzel takes 3B. Suarez could go back to SS or possibly to 2B. Alex Blandino is having a resurgence at AAA and is a possible 2B. Shed Long is at AA. Peraza is defensively capable of handling SS if they can cover the offense elsewhere. They’ve also got other guys in the minors who could handle SS defensively.

      The pitching is another story. Also they are really short at C.

      • I agree that there are other options in the middle infield, even if Herrera and Peraza bust (although, what missed opportunities, if they do). But let’s not get too far out over our skis about Scooter Gennett. It’s important to remember that the best predictor of a player’s future is his career, not the most recent month or two. The Milwaukee Brewers, an organization that is in first place right now, cut him.

        That said, Gennett could still be a decent piece. It’s just really unlikely that what we’ve seen the past couple months from him is anywhere near what he’ll produce going forward.

        • This is why I said at the team’s discretion. I see Gennett more as a super utility guy on a really good team.

        • Clearly his defense is not what we’re used to seeing at that position, nor is it what a team that builds “up the middle” would want. He would have to improve leaps and bounds defensively and maintain his offensive production before I would see him as a long-term answer. But in a year like this, it is the right move for the Reds to continue to start a hot bat to try to determine if he has reached a new offensive skill level, or if he’s just on an exceptionally hot streak. One aspect of sorting.

      • If Suarez’s newfound defensive prowess can translate to the SS position, I would be ok with this. We’d have to see it in action first, though.

        I still would like one of Herrera/Peraza/Long to work out for the 2B position, as I’m not sold on Scooter’s defense there. He’s capable, but not good enough. His value would be in a Ryan Freel type SuperSub, play anywhere and keep everyone fresh as the season wears on.

        I’m about equally optimistic on the pitching front as I am the middle infield. Still a lot of unknowns, but if you squint you can see a future where everything magically works out just right.

  2. No Aaron Judge … that’s one monster Homer won’t have to face down today (at least to start).

  3. Alex Cobb going for the Rays today. A 2.39 era (0.72 whip) in the last 30 days. He’ll be a free agent. He’ll be 30 in Oct. and wouldn’t be cheap, but it would be nice to have a solid #2-3 guy locked down! He’s already had TJ so maybe that’s under control.

  4. Adam Duvall is hitting .197 with 1 HR in July.
    Schebler is hitting .157 with 2 HRs in July.
    Joey is hitting .229 with 3 HRs in July.

    Been a long month for the Redlegs — dog days of summer came early. Here’s hoping for some more offense in August.

  5. Severino is just filthy.We will have to score if we get chances because there won’t be many.

  6. Lynn has become a pitcher rather then thrower almost overnight.His stuff is not overpowering anymore but he just gets people out.

  7. Guys we are just over matched at the plate right now.Last three games the pitcher is just saying here hit it and we can’t.We have to be trying to hard because we aren’t that bad of an offense.

    • Reds have been that bad this month. As a team, they’re hitting .232 in July, with a team OPS of .698, good for 14th in NL.

      • At least they’re in the top 15!

      • July dog day swoon no doubt …but everyone slumpp. Peraza is the only one who if you looked preseason u would be negative. Schebler is getting close to league average….which was unthinkable on June 1st. wRC+ 103….WAR .9 and obp tanking….he’s closer to giving up his job to Winker than Hamilton or duvall. He can’t afford a 4-31 road trip.

  8. Severino just blowing people away.

  9. Ladies and gentleman, the Reds’ offense has indeed been sputtering since the break but let’s give Severino full credit here. The guy is a really, really good pitcher and when he’s on, he’s disgustingly filthy. He’s been on. As a young pitcher, the Reds just need to hope they can get his pitch count up and that they don’t miss his rare mistake pitches.

  10. He is a bad dude.

  11. Despite the Yankee run, Homer is looking the best he has looked so far since coming back. None of the Yankee hits was scalded. You get the sense that he is slowly recovering the feel for his pitches, and the velocity is up as high as 97.

    • Thanks for the insight. Gameday here so can’t really see anything but raw data.

    • His change up is located in the right spot and breaking when it needs to. Actually enjoying watching him pitch today

    • Brantley commented in the 5th that Homer was being killed by a thousand little cuts. Thought he had very good stuff despite no K’s and was just pitching into some bad luck with nubbers, bloops and perhaps less than stellar defense (which got certifiably poor the next inning).

  12. Yeah Homer hasn’t blinked and they got a couple of infield hits and a blooper to score.As long as he stays healthy we can pencil him in every 5 days.No worries on him for me.

  13. Hopefully the 2 hits are an indicator that Votto may be coming out of it? He hit a few balls hard the last couple days that found gloves.

  14. Votto locked in against Severino. Fun to watch

  15. No worries on Joey either.Hard throwers don’t bother him much because he can and does choke up some and gets the barrel to the ball.

  16. The Yankees pen is really deep and good but right now we may catch a break if Severino gets pulled early.

  17. Suarez just continues to impress. Even when slumping (although improving lately) the guy isn’t a free swinger and takes walks. That’s another upside to keeping him around

    • I’d be happy with a top of the lineup of

      OF Winker
      3B Suarez
      1B Votto

      For as long as Votto keeps producing, which is hopefully a few more seasons.

  18. I agree about Suarez.Down two strikes against a guy who is just knocking the bat out of some of our hitters hands and he works a walk.He is a keeper.

  19. Liking the pace and pitching of this game if nothing else.

  20. Short-arm dive by Peraza. Not a great look

    • I’ve not been particularly impressed with his defensive play at SS. Can’t say anything about his play there today though. As I said earlier, Gameday only today. Also trying to actually get some work done so only moderate attention being paid.

  21. Scooter just missed a HR there.

    Where is this power surge coming from??

    • If he was on another team, I’d be pretty suspicious of a utility infielder who got cut and then suddenly started jacking home runs.

    • Hah…I was watching when Gennett hit his 4 HRs and thought, “Boy I hope he isn’t using a corked bat.” I’m in no way implying he is, it was just my usual suspicious mind at work. He does have what I think is a very good smooth approach at the plate. Brewers may have let him go because he didn’t fit into their plans…maybe he will fit in with ours.

  22. Votto starting to regain form for that second half MVP push

  23. Got to go hopefully we can do something against their pen.Good to see Homer competing and good to see Joey back to being Joey.Get some runs while I am gone please.

  24. Triple play….next is a perfect game. Guess which side the Reds will be on?

  25. They’ll take care of this one and the Reds are tied for 3rd worst & only 2.5 ahead of SF for 2nd pick again! 5.5 games ahead of Philly but there’s plenty of time!

  26. That run may put this one out of reach. I’m generally more of a “more than 4 R lead” guy but with the way Severino is pitching and with Chapman looming, I’m not sure about our Reds’ chances.

  27. Great, did Peraza not have his foot on the bag? He’s really, really bugging me.

    • Sorry, apparently Votto’s throw was bad.

      • Yeah, that was on Votto, although if I were Peraza I would have made sure to get the out at 2nd given the play at 1st looked like it was going to be close. Always take the guaranteed out.

    • Yes, error on Votto but Peraza definitely could’ve helped and made sure he got the out at second.

      Not the greatest throw by Votto but that should’ve been a relatively easy force

  28. Not a bad outing by Bailey, all things considered. The offense continues in a funk but Votto gets two of the two hits to put his average near .300. I’m not convinced that Shebler is the answer in right field. He’s a streaky hitter reminiscent of Jay Bruce. With two months to go, it’s time that Winker shares duties with Shebler in right field. Giving Winker some playing time in the Bigs should be a part of the sorting process.

    • TR, I had the same thought recently about Schebler — his similarities to Bruce. If that’s true, the Reds could do a lot worse in right field. But they also could do better.

    • I’ve been against a rotation in the OF due to how well Duvall and Schebler were hitting and Hamilton’s defense in CF. That said, if their slumps continue, the Reds have a valid baseball reason for getting Winker in the lineup more.

  29. Nice job by Tucker to cash in that run there. They were giving up the run for an out so you gotta make contact there. He fell behind and then hit a good pitch (from Gamecast) to cash in Suarez. Bloop and blast away again.

  30. Severino still throwing 100 in the 7th

  31. Just have to push Homer for another inning…just like Adleman. Lets make sure they put it out reach????

    • Price may start pushing him and all the starters to go longer than six innings.

      • Well you see how well its working? I swear he’s trying to lose!

        • If he’s trying to lose, then why did he have an obviously injured Cozart hit and run for himself yesterday?

        • 80 pitches shouldn’t have been a problem going into the 7th for Homer. That said, I saw a rough 6th and probably wouldn’t have let him go more than 1 batter without recording an out.

          • 80 pitches yes…but ZERO strikeouts and its the 3rd time thru the lineup. They were getting guys on. A leadoff walk isn’t enough. A rbi double isn’t enough to pull him either? Cmon?

          • Read my response again… After the first guy got on without Bailey recording an out, I would have pulled him. I wouldn’t have required a clean inning, an out followed by a hit would have seen him in for at least one more batter, but the leadoff man reaching would have had me going to the pen.

          • And all this from a former well regarded ML pitching coach.

  32. What happened with Bailey in the 7th? Run out of gas?

  33. Just checked back to see another game that we climbed back in and we send our starter back out with now Cingrani warming up.Saw this strategy a couple of games ago and guess what it didn’t work then and didn’t work this time.No reason under the sun to send Homer back out there at all.Price is just going to do what he wants to do and he is the manager but I don’t have to watch this stupid stuff or waste my time commenting.

  34. We just watched Cingrani’s career as a Red and trade value vaporize right before our eyes in a two-week period.

    • His trade value was minimal 2 weeks ago. It is minimal today. If he had strung together 2 awesome weeks his trade value wouldn’t have changed much.

  35. 4-2 game and the Reds just scored 2 to cut the deficit in half. Peralta, Storen, and ML pitched 1 inning each yesterday. You could use 1 or 2 without an issue? Wojo has also been running much better then 1-pitch Tony lately. What does Price do? He turns it into 9-2 in a flash!

  36. Leaving Homer in for 3 batters in the 7th now even more frustrating as the Reds got that nice HR from Duvall. 1st HR from Duvall, Schebler, or Votto since the break.

    • What happened to bringing in Lorenzen in the 3rd inning? The game was def lost bottom 7th. Even at 4-2….they lose because their better guys come in and finish it but only a complete idiot could think that Price gives them their best chance to win on a daily basis.

  37. It has been a long time since the Reds were good.
    “Archaeologists uncover evidence of winning baseball in Cincinnati, OH in the ancient ruins of Riverfront Stadium.”

    • Nah, they had a pretty good run in Baker’s last years here. Once he left, things fell apart in a hurry.

      Not saying anything about correlation/causation, just stating a fact.

  38. Just wondering if like Suarez improved defensively from last year to this year, if Peraza can do the same from this year to next year??

    • He’s young enough that he absolutely can, if he works hard at it and possesses the actual talent to grow into. Not being critical in any way, because anyone who makes it to the bigs has a lot of talent. Some have higher ceilings than others, and we’ll learn in the next year or two what Peraza’s ceiling is. I’m sure he is full of self-doubt, with this being his first year of not excelling professionally.

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