The Cincinnati Reds (40-57) look to avoid a three-game sweep against the Miami Marlins (44-51) in the final game of this home stand at Great American Ball Park. First pitch is at 1:10 EDT.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Sal Romano 12.0 7.50 6.14 18.3% 16.7%
Tom Koehler 50.0 7.92 5.43 18.2% 11.7%

Romano is coming off a horrific start against Arizona, in which he gave up six runs on six hits, with five walks in four innings. He’s made three starts, and while the previous two starts weren’t bad, Romano has failed to go more than five innings in any of them. A big reason for this is the ten walks he’s given up in just 12.0 innings. At AAA-Louisville this season, his BB% is 8.0, and in 2016 at AA-Pensacola, it was just 5.2. However, that command has yet to translate at the major league level.

Koehler is one of the longest-tenured pitchers on the Marlins staff, having been a mainstay in their rotation since 2013, but he has yet to replicate his success of previous years in 2017. In May, after giving up eight runs in three innings to the Astros, he was sent down to the minors on what many thought was a demotion, but the Marlins rescinded the option and he went on the DL with shoulder bursitis. Koehler made two rehab starts and then the Marlins optioned him. He was promoted again on July 1, has made three starts and has not pitched much better since being back.

It looks like the same problems that have plagued Romano also plague Koehler. He has walked 27 batters in just 50 innings. Koehler has also given up 12 home runs, making his home run rate much higher than in previous years. He’s giving up just over two home runs per nine innings.


Marlins                                                                              Reds

1. Dee Gordon (2B)
2. Giancarlo Stanton (RF)
3. Christian Yelich (CF)
4. Justin Bour (1B)
5. Derek Dietrich (3B)
6. A.J. Ellis (C)
7. Ichiro Suzuki (LF)
8. Miguel Rojas (SS)
9. Tom Koehler (P)
1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Scott Schebler (RF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Sal Romano (P)

Eugenio Suarez seems to be the only Red that is really hitting since the All-Star Break, going 11-for-37 with two home runs and three runs scored. His hitting streak currently stands at six, a season high. And he has been playing some excellent defense at third base too.

Despite Joey Votto going 0-for-9 in this series and striking out to end the game last night, I’m still not worried about him. It’s just not fun to watch when he’s struggling.

News and Notes

Joey Votto is not concerned about his slump either.

Injuries are the worst. This also makes the shortstop question for next year an even bigger one. It’s looking more and more like we’ll get Jose Peraza’s free-swinging approach for an entire season, which is why part of me wants the Reds to make that qualifying offer to Zack Cozart if he’s not traded.

A Reds prospect in Dayton is doing something big. Jose Siri currently has the 4th longest hitting streak in Midwest League history.

Finally, if you don’t count Scooter Gennett’s errors at second base, the Reds are playing some great defense. It’s something positive I’ve taken from this dreadful post All-Star break slide.


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  1. Here we go again….

    Looking forward to seeing Romano.

    Rest of the team too, I guess, maybe. Sort of.

  2. Just glad that it’s Romano starting today. Until and if Disco or Finnegan come off the DL this season, I want to see Bailey, Romano, Stephenson, Castillo and NOT Adelman nor Bonilla. I would like to see Lorenzen or Stephens or even Wojo have a shot at the 5th starter spot, but I’m afraid we are going to see Adelman irrespective of the sorting process or competition process.

    • I think Price has pretty much said that Adleman will continue to start for the time being. Wojo has been impressive out of the bullpen but I would almost hesitate to move him from that role.

  3. Those are the situations we want to see the youngsters address at the major league level! Great inning by Romano.

  4. Billy seems to be hitting them harder … with more authority. That shot that Stanton caught was about 5 feet or so from being a 2B or 3B. I know that’s a woulda-shoulda-coulda perspective, but I’m seeing some improvement.

  5. Votto must have left his wallet at the donkey farm … I know he’ll break out of it, but the K’s are mounting.

  6. Cozart’s value is increasing … but I doubt we see a trade in the next week plus … but good for Zach in the off season.

  7. To me it makes zero sense not to trade Cozart right now.

    • Trade him to who and for what? It’s great to say that the Reds should trade Cozart. That’s really a given, but someone has to be willing to provide the other end of the trade. Otherwise, the Reds are just giving him away. I’m sure the Mets have more minor league ‘prospects’, who are injured and will never play again, who they are willing to trade.

      • im sure there is more interest out there than “just giving him away”……you may not get the greatest return but up until this year he’s been an oft injured, slightly above average player. Great D, terrible bat. His last full season, 2014, his OPS was .568, he’s playing way above his pay grade right now and he’s gone after the season anyway. Anything even slightly interesting comes along and they really should consider it. IMO anyway.

      • Right now I am hearing the Red Sox are desperate to deal for a 3B… I think Cozart can play a plus 3B and provide more than enough offense as well. They lost out on the Frazier sweepstakes, Cozart may be better!

  8. That’s two innings now that Romano addressed a problem definitively.

    • Still, he’s averaging more than 20 pitches per inning. Until that comes down, he’s never going to make it past the 5th.

      • True, but he’s 23 and the hope is he will develop the consistency to bring that count down.

        • Of course, it’s common for young pitchers. Bailey, Harang, Cueto, Volquez all had the same problem, just from recent history.

          • Early on I never thought Cueto would be anything but a thrower. Boy was I wrong.

          • I remember there was an article where Cueto said he had an “epiphany” watching Mike Leake pitch, that from that he learned he didn’t have to try to throw it through a brick wall with every pitch, and instead it was better to locate and mix up pitch selection. Wish I could find that article again.

  9. Shebs is looking a lot like Choo! Get on base anyway, anyhow!

  10. Very surprised if the Reds win this one

    • Plus why do you send the second runner?

      • Exactly…slow catcher…against Stanton..with cozart up and Hamilton easy additional run from second…ether advancing on throw or stealing.

    • I don’t think anybody knows what the rule is. Ellis was in the path of the runner. Another one of those rules that is so vague. I’ve seem the Reds catcher do the same and get the same call. So no big deal. Why send tucker is beyond me. It’s not like he is fast and stanton can’t throw. But hey your 17 under 500 so no big deal.

  11. If Pete Rose had been running rather than Barnhart, A.J Ellis’ career would be over right now. I did not expect the call to be reversed, but that play was exactly the type of play the rule was insituted to prevent. Ellis had both feet straddling the line – before he received the throw – and hunkered down for the collision as he received the throw.

    • It’s almost like they won’t change the call unless you bulldoze the catcher.

  12. Baby steps for the young pitchers.This is where the big boys play and it can be humbling to even the best sometimes.Throwing strikes and keeping the ball down sounds easy enough but most of the time especially for young guys it can be a challenge.

  13. If there is a better color guy than Chris Welsh in the business, they can keep him. Welsh is terrific!

  14. Since when do you play guys who can’t run.

  15. I was about to say its good not to see their regular catcher and left fielder today but I guess its too late now.

  16. Crooked number inning coming for the good guys.Just feels right.

  17. There’s one courtesy of Scooter.

  18. Billy is playing well. Hope that he keeps this up.

  19. Votto is now 4 for 32 since the All-Star break. Marty & Thom must be getting excited.

  20. Go Scooter!

    RHP + Scooter Gennett = Good things happen for the Reds.
    LHP + Scooter Gennett = Good things happen for the pitcher.

    Hello Price…Get a clue…

  21. Scooter bails out Votto (tap to pitcher, who blew the DP)and Duval (infield pop). Then Votto is out by 20 feet at 3rd. Did someone mention that Votto needs a day off

  22. No question…Votto needs to take a few games off.

  23. Turned into a pretty nice outing for Big Sal.

    Well done, young man.

  24. Happy for Romano. Nice pitching by the big guy.

  25. Suarez!!! Maybe he found Joey’s wallet and didn’t give it back

  26. I’ve been on a cruise for a week, has Scheb digressed to warning track power, what’s happened?

  27. Alcantara has a .207 OBP???

    I know the Reds have had some horrendous benches in some seasons past, but even I can’t remember someone with an OBP approaching the Mendoza Line.

  28. While I was gone we got back to back crooked number innings.Guess I need to just go away more often.Whatever works is what I always say.Big Sal did his thing as well.

  29. Great outing by Big Sal today. Just 1 BB and some VERY big SO early in the game to get out of trouble. I think it was Cowboy who made the point that pitchers need the ability to get a key SO when it’s needed most.

  30. Before I go thumbs up to Billy and his rising OBP.Now up to .306 with the magic number of .320 now looking not so far away.Good 6 innings by a young pitcher and Billy moving on up.Need more of both please.

  31. Just listened to Jim Day describe a conversation with Price about sitting Votto. The way Jim described the conversation, it sure sounded like Price was afraid to tell Votto he was going to sit.

    • Come on! Day said Votto never wants to come out….not that Price is afraid to sit him.

      • Price is surely afraid to sit Votto!!! It is obvious there needs to be a break in this slump he is in and since Votto says he wants to play Price does nothing and keeps him in the lineup. Votto is my favorite player and I hate this slump but I feel he needs a mental day to break it up.

  32. Be nice to see Lorenzen finish this game after his short, 7-pitch outing yesterday.

  33. The recent starts by Castillo, Romano, & Stephenson have been inconsistent but encouraging . Hopefully, something the Reds rotation can build on.

  34. 2 more runs allowed by Lorenzen. Nothing is easy.

  35. Things I thought I would never see: In the 10 games since the All-Star break Hamilton is hitting .400 and Votto is hitting .083.

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