The Cincinnati Reds (40-56) will try again to find some kind of offense needed to win a game in the second game of this weekend series against the Miami Marlins (43-51) at 7:10 EDT at Great American Ball Park.

Last night, Homer Bailey pitched well to keep the Reds in the game, but the team could only muster one run, despite multiple opportunities. Tonight, a familiar face returns to the rotation in Robert Stephenson.

Also tonight, the Reds will give away these batting practice pullover shirts to the first 20,000 fans in attendance.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Robert Stephenson 24.2 8.03 5.27 22.3% 13.2%
Chris O’Grady 10.1 5.23 5.46 22.2% 8.9%

The numbers above reflect Stephenson’s time at the major league level earlier this season. Since he was sent down at the end of May, Stephenson has slowly improved. He still has been giving up hits–in his last appearance for Louisville, he gave up five runs on eight hits with two home runs, but walked just one and struck out eight.

If you remember, struggling to throw strikes and finding his command has been Stephenson’s issue. He seems to have gotten better in that aspect. In his last 21.2 innings at Louisville, he has walked just one. He’s pitched 40.1 innings total at AAA and has a 3.79 ERA in eight games, with 45 strikeouts, 13 walks and a 0.99 WHIP. He has given up eight home runs, but the command has been much better.

The Marlins are also going with a rookie pitcher, who is making just his third major league start. If you’ve never heard of Chris O’Grady, just think of a left-handed Bronson Arroyo, except O’Grady is a 27-year-old rookie who was cut from a Double-A roster on Opening Day. His fastball tops out at 90 mph, and he has a cutter, curve, and change-up also in his pitch arsenal.

The Marlins called up O’Grady to start the Saturday before the All-Star game after Edinson Volquez went on the DL with a knee injury. He pitched 5.1 innings of five hit, three run baseball, while striking out four and walking two to earn his first MLB win.


You can find the lineups here.

No batter on either team has faced either opposing pitcher. Today’s game could either be a pitching duel or a slug fest.

News and Notes

Final Thoughts

Not much to say, other than it’s been a dreadful week for the Redlegs. The starting pitching has been terrible, and when the Reds did get a decent start, there was no offense. (Wednesday’s game was the exception). And I’m still not worried about Joey Votto.

Speaking of Votto, if you’ll be watching the game on Fox Sports Ohio, apparently he has something special planned for tonight’s broadcast.

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  1. looking forward to seeing stephenson.

  2. Don’t know what Joey V has for the broadcast but I would trade whatever it is for a five for five, two homerun, six RBI night.
    Guess I will gave to settle for the broadcast surprise.

  3. I just hope Joey can start his turnaround tonight?

  4. I took a look at the line ups and I just expected Billy with his .532 OPS against lefties would set and Schebler with his .837 OPS would play.

    • Shhh…. Keep talking like that, and Chuck Schick will be around to tell you that playing Billy and sitting Schebler is exactly the same thing Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa, and Connie Mack would have done. Because, you know, managers are all the same.

      • Managers aren’t the same.

        Some are fiery and intense. Some are calm. Some go by the book. Some take chances. Some use data. Some use their gut.

        The only area of ” sameness” is that almost all of them win/lose in direct correlation with the relative talent they manage. They’re all a little different, yet their results are all about the same.

  5. Not picking on Billy but I am picking on Price.Surely he knows how woeful Billy is against lefties and Scooter too for that matter.

  6. Billy .311/.351 over the last month. Some people haven’t been paying attention since May

  7. Perfect pitch for Mesoraco to throw on, and dropped the ball

  8. On the steal of 3rd, Mez’s hand hit Stanton’s bat

  9. The book on RS is that you can run on him

  10. Not terribly disapointed in Bob Steve’s first inning. Good command of the zone. Steals are partly on him, partly on Mes. Let’s see if the boys in Red can hit tonight. If we can’t it really won’t matter much.

    Oh, and Joey needs to find his wallet tonight …

    • agree on all counts. Mez had no shot at 3rd. RS settled down nicely after that

  11. Billy 1st pitch swinging with the leadoff hit.

  12. Nice stroke by Billy … bad choice by Rojas and sloppy by Bour. Let’s see if Billy can get to 3rd

  13. +41

  14. Not a fan of stealing 3rd with no outs….but he had such a good jump.

  15. Load.Em.Up.Boys.

  16. Bases loaded, no outs. Have we been here before?

    • Yes we have … but we don’t always score anything. At least we’ve gotten 1 in and O’Grady can’t find the zone with a map at the moment.

  17. Thom is “mind boggled” at 3 BB’s in a row

  18. O’Grady was with the Reds Org briefly. After 3 walks, how did he not make our club?

  19. i will gladly take a run on a BB especially these days!

  20. Thom was talking about nobody swinging … I’m not sure that’s a bad thing right now.

  21. Big DP but we still get run #2 which doubles the total from last night.

  22. If any guy should platoon, Scooter would be the best option

  23. 30 pitches … that’s good no matter what else happens … like that upside down K.

  24. DP time …

  25. Great play Joey!!!

  26. Stellar play by Votto

  27. Switching to the WLW feed … good time, too. Marty praising Joey’s flat-out grab.

  28. That is nice to hear since all I have heard from him is keeps us updated on his mini slump by the ab. He has been better this yr I will admit.

    • Called it well … Joey took away a base hit.

      He had C.Trent in the booth at the time explaining why Cozart probably isn’t going anywhere this year and there won’t be any pre-free agency extension. It made sense. Feldman was the #1 target followed by some relievers.

  29. One more out and we get out without too much trouble. Reasonable pitch count for Bob Steve through 2.

  30. Just watch PK catch a fat one and knock it out of the park …

  31. Geez Louise how can a teams bunting never get any better yr after yr???

  32. A balk … got to love it.

  33. Have to admit it, didn’t look like a balk

    • Bour wasn’t covering. Can’t throw to an uncovered base. That’s what the radio booth said.

  34. Maybe they will leave this kid out there long enough to walk in a bunch cause we sure can’t hit him.

    • One can hope … a couple of good strokes, but they didn’t fall. 51 pitches in so if that continues, he won’t stick around long tonight.

  35. I really hope Stephensen get go at least 6 tonight.This kid’s stuff is really good and I hope he can settle in.

  36. Nice work to Stanton in that AB by RS

  37. I see the Marlins strategy now….walk hitters to set up double plays

  38. sadly it is a sound strategy so far.

  39. Suarez: what kind of base running is that with no outs?

    • At least his defensive play on the bunt sort of makes up for his base running blunder.

  40. Suarez w a primo play!!!

  41. We have hit rock bottom offensively.Please somebody throw something or start a fight so we can get beyond this.

    • I agree!!!! Need something to wake this team up and give em some fire!!!

  42. Suarez primo play x2!!!!

  43. Let’s just call that the 1/2 inning of Suarez … OK?

    I swear if we are committed to Senzel we need to sell very high on Suarez to somebody who wants a Gold Glove 3B. That’s where he belongs.

    • Suarez has made giant leaps on defense at 3rd. Until Senzel gets up here and shows me something I will hold off on praising him.

  44. And PK earns his spot for tonight!!

  45. PK deep!!! 1 AB early on your prediction MSA

  46. Thom most of the bench do not play because they stink!!!! I know you want to make up any reason to say Alcantra’s name any chance you can. LOL

  47. I like Kivlehan! He has a little pop and could prob start vs lefties once in a while. Overall though….hard to win when Votto, Duvall, and Schebler are all scuffling

  48. Realmuto…10 total bases now…ouch

  49. Bob Steve….no thanks. They might as well leave him in the rotation for a while but he doesn’t have it. He’s never been dominant in the minors? This guy already took him upper deck so you just feed a fastball right down the middle with the game tied?

    • kind of hard on the guy. i thought he pitched pretty well except for Realmudo. Damning with faint praise to say we have seen a lot worse. had swing and miss stuff. command might or might not come to the level some want but I thought it was a decent start.

  50. Two homers and a double from their catcher tonght.Guy has beat us all by himself.

  51. I really thought Stanton Yelich and Ozuna would have given him the most trouble but it was Bour and Realmuto who did him in.

  52. Heavy rain is making a bee-line for the stadium. It would behoove the Reds not to wait a few innings to get the tie or the lead back.

  53. With sorting front and center, it’s time to keep Stephenson in the starting rotation. Only two walks, and one was intentional, is a positive.

  54. Realmuto is really good! Last year he hit .303 (.343 obp) with 11 hrs and this year its .306 (.367 obp) with 10 hrs already. He’d hit 20 as a Red easy! He’s only 26 and the Marlins are in firesale mode every year.

  55. I just wonder if Price thought Schebler was going to face a righty.Just saying.

  56. We won’t score any more this game so lets get em tomorrow.

    • Sure, no sense in even batting the last 3 innings…great philosophy

      • This guy was negative last night too. Not sure what that’s all about.

        This is not to be confused with being negative about negative things that have actually happened.

  57. Herrera was damaged goods….got nothing from trading Bruce. We got nothing from trading Chapman. Almost none of the young guys can pitch. Garrett looked so good but he’s been terrible since April. Its a rough patch as a Reds fan:(

  58. Just need to continue to sort and when the rosters expand lets do some more sorting.It is a bad time when you are losing and everything gets magnified 100x.We are just not a good team right now but we can’t give up.Have to keep playing hard.

  59. 2nd hit tonight for Billy…1st pitch again.
    The pitch counters can’t be happy about that

  60. Wallet still MIA.
    2 GIDPs for Joey tonight

  61. Looking on Fangraphs, this strike zone tonight is a joke. It’s not only inaccurate, but it exhibits the cardinal sin of massive inconsistency.

    And I’m not even looking at whether it benefits one team or the other. Even if both teams are hurt by it, it still makes a mockery of the competition.

  62. Asher is sharp again. For reasons that can’t be explained, he struggles as a starter

  63. SCOOTER!!

  64. Guys just trying a little reverse mojo here by saying they won’t score.I of course hope they do and pull this game out.Not trying to offend anybody and if I come across negative then I apologize.I just call them like I see them and haven’t claimed to know it all.Just a loyal Reds fan that still hates to lose after almost 55 years of following this team

  65. Mes leaves another guy on 3rd with no outs, then PK lines into a double play. Heartbreaking

    • Being 60 and watching the Reds religiously for 50 of those years, I would hate to know the number of heartbreaking DP’s I have witnessed like the one Kivlehan just lined into. And they generally happen with a man left standing at 3rd because of an AB like the one Mesoraco had. Brutal.

  66. Snakebitten but Mes has to put the ball in play.

  67. That’s embarrassing. Three pitches in the strike zone.

  68. Welp

  69. Votto is 4 for 29 with zero RBI since the All-Stat break.

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