I took in the Louisville Bats game tonight and afterwards I talked to manager Delino DeShields. He had comments on several relevant topics.

Rookie Davis started for the first time since returning from his injury today. He struggled somewhat (3 homers and 5 runs in 5 innings). DeShields didn’t think it was rust, though. He said he’s seen Rookie pitch a lot and “I think, ultimately, he’s going to have to come up with an out pitch to put guys away.” The lack of which, he says, “costs [Davis] a lot of extra pitches.”

I asked him what he’s seen from Tyler Mahle since his AAA call-up. He said, “Mahle, I think, has the best command of all the guys here.” He said he didn’t think Mahle was ready for the big leagues yet, but “I like what I see. He puts his fastball where he wants.” Mahle, it should be noted, has 5 quality starts in 6 total starts for the bats. That’s second on the team to Jackson Stephens who has 6 quality starts for the Bats this year.

I also asked about Cody Reed and Amir Garrett, who have struggled mightily of late. DeShields’ quote on them was pointed: “I just hope these guys don’t let opportunity pass them by. This is an opportune time to be a Cincinnati Reds pitcher, especially in AAA.”

On Dilson Herrera, he said, “from what I’ve been told, he’s probably done for the season.”

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  1. Bill

    Another shoulder injury for Herrera? I don’t have much confidence that he will be the everyday 2B. The stockpile of middle infielders is disappearing quickly. At the beginning of the year no one would have predicted Gennet and Cozart as the starters with talks of extending Cozart

    • jessecuster44

      same injury that he had in Mets organization. Nice job with that Due Diligence, Reds.

      • lwblogger2

        It’s a tough situation. Both the Mets and Reds have done medical workups on him and neither were able to find structural damage. Unfortunately, there is either something in his shoulder that’s making him susceptible to inflammation or there is structural damage that isn’t showing up on scans. I don’t know how much we can fault the Reds here, and I’m not a fan of their medical staff and I’m saying that. Just one of those rare times that short of going in with a scope, there isn’t much of a way to find out what exactly is going on.

      • jessecuster44

        Maybe don’t trade for a player with shoulder problems? Seems like after Nick Massett and Sean Marshall, Reds should have learned their lesson.

      • lwblogger2

        Maybe, but Marshall in particular had zero injury history when the Reds traded for him and then subsequently signed him. His shoulder started giving him problems after the extension. If you’re talking about not trading for a player with a history of shoulder problems in general, I think I could be on board with that. Reds apparently could have gotten Nemo in that deal instead. I thought Hererra was the better player but perhaps not considering the shoulder. I heard “no structural damage” and wasn’t that concerned with it. Of course now that it keeps cropping up it’s pretty clear I was wrong about that.

  2. TR

    I hope Amir Garrett can get it together. He seemed to be in the grove at the beginning of the season and then the Reds sent him down for a time issue and then an injury followed. A good pitching staff needs at least one left hander.

    • marc

      I think the issue with Garrett may be between the ears.
      Get that fixed first.
      Also, he just may need a bit more time.
      I am not willing to give up on him yet.

  3. brunsfam

    Those comments are direct & clear. I like it!

    • doofus

      Agree. None of the usual psycho-babble you get from Price or whoever the GM is.

  4. old-school

    Thanks for the update and news.
    We have learned a lot actually in 2017 for pitching.
    The good news :

    Luis Castillo is ready to be a MLB pitcher now and potentially a good one.Tyler Mahle and Ariel Hernandez are making their case. Robert Stephenson and Sal Romano are healthy and getting their opportunity finally.
    Homer Bailey is making his way back and Disco might have an opportunity to finish the season healthy and be ready for spring training in 2018.
    Michael Lorenzo is transitioning to be a starter in 2018 and looks healthy.

    The bad news:
    Brandon Finnegan has a lost season in 2017. Can he be counted on to be healthy and effective on Opening Day as a starter?
    Amir Garrett is having a brutal season as and suddenly major questions.
    Cody Reed isn’t progressing….which means he is regressing. Rookie Davis may not be a major league pitcher.

    That’s some sorting. Clearly there will be more sorting in the final 2 months.

    Disappointing on the Herrera front but their are only 4 spots in the infield.
    A year from now and for many years to come…… 3 are taken- Suarez, Votto and Senzel.

    Anyone know why Senzel was taken out of the game in the bottom of the 9th after doubling and scoring in the top half of the inning in what was a tie game heading into the 9th? I didn’t know they did that in AA with top prospects. Perhaps he had some minor ache or pain running the bases……or……. is he being viewed as the next second baseman but they are waiting for him to get to AAA to make the switch so Shed Long plays every day ?

    • Shchi Cossack

      Senzel was removed from the lineup in the bottom of the 9th with the Blue Wahoos leading 7-4. The move looked like a simple defensive replacement with a 3-run lead in the bottom of the 9th after Senzel hit in the top of the 9th. I haven’t seen or heard anything to indicate any other scenario.

    • Shchi Cossack

      BTW, after his 3-5 w/ 2-2B performance last night, Senzel is slashing a cool .314/.375/.480/.855. That would place him 6th in the league for OPS if he qualified.

  5. Shchi Cossack

    WJ traded Jay Bruce for nothing more than salary relief. That’s sad. Bruce has made quite a statement this season for the Mets regarding his value and capability on the field. It’s time to move on from Herrera.

    Alex Blandino (age 24):

    .259/.374/.462/.836 in 62 games at AA this season
    .267/.368/.467/.834 in 23 games at AAA this season

    .991 fpct at 2B between AA/AAA this season

    Between AA/AAA, Blandino has played 134 games @ 2B, 57 games @ 3B & 45 games @ SS. He also doesn’t appear to have a significant platoon split at the plate.

    Scooter Gennett is not a good defensive player, but he crushes RHP and can probably get by playing 2B against RHP. Gennett has a huge platoon split against LHP, making him less than replacement level against LHP. Alcantara has no role on the 25-man roster with Gennett starting at 2B. If the Reds want to sit Peraza and let him learn by sitting and accumulating MLB service time, that’s their perogative, but it’s a stupid way to handle a young prospect.

    Shed Long and Alex Blandino made huge statements on the field at A+ and AA, respectively, during the 1st half of the season. Long has stuggled (gross understatement) as a 21 year old playing at AA during the 2nd half of the season. Blandino has continued his outstanding season at AAA during the 2nd half of the season.

    • Daytonian

      Platoon! There is nothing wrong with the word “platoon.” I can remember Casey Stengel with the Yanks and Earl Weaver with the O’s platooning theri LFers. I can love a platoon with Gennett starting against RHers and Blandino or another younger prospect starting against LHers–with Gennett as a great bat off the bench. I can love that for a long, long while.

      • marc

        Completely agree.
        Scooter against RHP is awesome.
        what a pickup.

    • Chuck Schick

      The Mets couldn’t give away Jay Bruce over the winter…..there was absolutely no market for him. It’s amazing that Bruce makes his statement in a contract year.

      • Jack

        The Mets fans were ready to crucify Bruce after his pathetic performance in the month of May . He has rebounded well but every Met fan will tell you to trade him now while his stock is high.

      • Patrick Jeter

        He’s also on pace for his best defensive season since 2013, which makes me feel good for Jay.

      • lwblogger2

        Me too… Absolutely love the guy and how he plays. Hard not to root for. Chuck is right about his market though. Even now, the market isn’t hot for him.

    • Ed Koverman

      I agree scooter should be playing when a right handed pitcher oppose us. I think the down time for our right handed hitters should be split between Duvall peraza cosart and suarez. If peraza is not playing a little time in Louisville to work on his pitch selection is not the worse thing that could happen

    • doofus

      I believe that all the recent trades of the top-talent that was on this team: Cueto, Leake, Bruce, Frazier, Chapman were for salary relief. Presently, the net result is that they have NO talent to show….nothing in return.

      Yeah, Finnegan is injured, unavoidable, but what else do they have? Herrera’s should was a pre-existing condition. Even the secondary pieces in this deal are horrible.

      • Hotto4Votto

        It wasn’t salary relief for the others. Cueto and Leake were going to be FA’s at the end of the year when they were traded. It was about recouping value for them. Frazier wasn’t cost prohibited, but was declining in age and production. Chapman was an overreaction to some bad PR, but it wasn’t salary driven.

        Duvall has been good in the Leake trade, and Mella still has time to contribute although it will likely be as a reliever. Schebler has been good out of the Frazier trade. Peraza is still only 23, and while I’m not a big believer in the bat/plate discipline, his floor seems to be that of a solid utility player. Those two guys for a declining Frazier is not too bad. Injuries have derailed the Cueto return, but it was still a valuable return at the time. Reed has time to turn it around, but he’s starting to be passed (Romano, Castillo, Mahle) in the pecking order and he’s falling back from Stephenson as far as control goes as well.

        The Chapman deal was a misstep for the FO in the timing of it. That will end up hurting the rebuild more than any other decision.

      • lwblogger2

        Agree 100% with everything here. Very good evaluation in my humble opinion. I knocked the Frazier trade but he isn’t hitting super well and Schebler’s production has salvaged that trade for the Reds. Peraza is still young and I agree that his floor seems to be a decent utility guy that won’t kill you defensively pretty much anywhere on the diamond. I don’t think the Reds got much out of the Cueto trade and that was actually the one I was most excited about. Duvall makes the Leake trade a good one, no matter what Mella ends up doing. Really, the Chapman deal is the only one that I hold very little hope for. I just think that Davis is at best probably a swing-man type and I won’t get into Jagielo.

    • Hotto4Votto

      I believe we’ll see Blandino added to the roster this offseason to protect him from Rule V. We have two guys (Herrera and Garrett) who will be out of options. That leads me to think that Herrera will be up for his shot and playing 2B against LH pitchers if/when he’s healthy. Blandino would be a good utility option for the INF. If the Reds keep Kivlehan heading into the next season the bench may be pretty set outside of an OF’er that can back up CF (maybe Ervin?).

      And I don’t think Long has struggled that much. He’s currently sporting a .190 BABIP which is well below his career averages, as well as about 100 points below average. His ISO and BB rate are very good and he’s lowered his K rate so far at AA. In less than 100 PA I’m not ready to say he’s struggled when the peripherals are in still in line with his career numbers.

    • Streamer88

      You’re the man Cossack, but I disagree. I don’t look at any trade in isolation. Here’s how I think: WJ traded Bruce, Leake, Frazier and Cueto for Dilson, Duvall, Peraza, Finnegan and Reed (and others).

      You put assets in, you get them back. It’s not one hand or how much you’re up one night in Vegas but what you come home with that counts. Know what I mean?

  6. David

    I think Finnegan will have role in the bullpen next year. Beyond that, I think it is like Lorenzen in 2017. Prove you are strong and healthy, and then maybe back into the rotation in 2019. He is still VERY young.
    Rookie Davis’ future may be as a reliever, if he gets to the bigs.

    Amir Garrett is hurt, but they are covering it up, I think. I would rather he just rested, but maybe continuing to work, will work through his hip injury.

    Cody Reed’s problems are between his ears. I don’t have an answer, but this has defeated a lot of promising pitchers in the past. He has a great arm, but he can’t get over the mental aspects of pitching.

    I don’t know exactly where Jackson Stephens fits in, but I would like to see him get some more ML starts this year. He doesn’t have tremendous stuff, which is what is Reed’s attraction, but he seems to have a better mental approach to pitching.

    Tyler Mahle and Luis Castillo have top of the rotation stuff. Give them time and they will become good ML starters.

    I know it looks like a forest fire now, but I think come 2018, the Reds’ starting pitching will be much better than this year.

  7. DavidTurner49

    How did Herrera’s shoulder problem factor into the trade? Were the Mets honest about it or did they say he was ok?

    • old-school

      if I remember correctly, the Reds agreed to trade Jay Bruce to the Mets on the morning of the deadline for Brandon Nimmo- Mets outfielder. Then at the last minute, an injury issue arose with one of the secondary players the Reds were looking at and Herrera and Wotell came out of nowhere literally at the 4 pm deadline. Again, on memory, I thought the Reds were saying they were able to upgrade to Herrera. The irony is the Reds don’t need NImmo and he’s been out with a collapse lung anyway

      It sure looks like he was damaged goods though.

      • jessecuster44

        Of course he was damaged goods. Reds never do their diligence, nor do they know anything about injuries. Most incompetent organization in this regard.

      • marc

        I would not say that is true.
        They did there diligence on Wheeler? He is stilled injured (on and off).
        I think Bruce was a salary dump, with a prospect.
        The last statement may still be correct.

      • jessecuster44

        Doing diligence on a pitcher is easier than a position player. Yet to trade an excellent player for a broken MI? Reminds me of the Sean casey salary dump. Absurd.