Tonight the Reds continue to pursue an elusive first win following the All Star break in game 2 of the current series versus the DBacks at GABP.  In the five games played after the break, the Reds have allowed 46 runs while scoring 14. While neither of those numbers are good, the 46 runs allowed verges on historically bad. Thomas Paine wrote that trying times bring forth true patriots while casting aside those less dedicated (The American Crisis, 1776). We find ourselves in the midst of yet another trying period of The Reds Crisis (2015-?). I’m here writing; you’re reading. We are true Reds fans.

Starting Pitching

Tim Adleman starts for the Reds. His numbers through 16 starts indicate at best the righthander would be a back of the rotation or bullpen arm on even a mediocre staff.  Tonight, he will need his best stuff and a little luck to keep the Reds competitive for his 5 or 6 innings against the DBacks.

Zack Greinke will be on the mound for the DBacks. At nearly 34 years old, the righthander appears to be aging well. After a bit of an injury related drop off in 2016, he is taking the ball every 5 days and producing results which rival the best of his outstanding MLB career.

Zack Greinke 3.11 1.16 1.78 10.13
Tim Adleman 4.99 2.14 3.67 8.25


Blake Wood went 2 innings Monday for the Reds and is likely out of the mix tonight.  Lisalverto Bonilla  was sent back to Louisville and is definitely unavailable. Tony Cingrani pitched a single inning and may be limited to single batter spot duty tonight. Still to be publicly announced is whether Asher Wojciechowski remains the bullpen long man or instead takes the rotation spot of the disabled Scott Feldman.

Former Red JJ Hoover pitched 2 innings for the DBacks allowing only 1 hit (not a home run!) and walking no one. Otherwise the DBack pen looks unlimited.



1. David Peralta (LF)
2. A.J. Pollock (CF)
3. Jake Lamb (3B)
4. Paul Goldschmidt (1B)
5. J.D. Martinez (RF)
6. Chris Owings (SS)
7. Brandon Drury (2B)
8. Jeff Mathis (C)
9. Zack Greinke (P)


1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (2B)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Scott Schebler (RF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Tim Adleman (P)

Newly acquired J.D. Martinez is in for the DBacks. I’d rather see someone other than Hamilton leading off (perhaps someone who shares my initials, JW, but is otherwise occupied at Louisville?). Still this a formidable Reds lineup.

News and Notes

Even though you’ve almost certainly already heard about Todd Frazier being traded to the Yankees, this picture is too good to pass up

If you want to get up to speed on the details of the trade involving Frazier to debate whether the Reds might have done better than they did when they traded him:

Keep in mind the Reds will be facing the Yankees in NYC this time next week.

Here is Reds GM Dick Williams’ public position on the Reds trade deadline strategy

Could this be the vote of confidence every manager of a losing team dreads hearing?

At least with this late breaking move,  the Reds are back to a 5 man bench (of sorts)

Final Thoughts

The current 5 game losing streak is the third time the Reds have lost at least 5 consecutive games this year, the two longer streaks being 7 games (May 12-19) and 9 games (June 9-18). There was also a 9 game stretch in April during which a single win punctuated two 4 game losing streaks.

When will things start to get really better? That will happen only after the Reds have managed to get a handle on their starting pitching dilemmas. Unfortunately with Adleman on the mound, that doesn’t start happening tonight. At least I’m not alone with these feelings:

As always, Go Reds!

Statistics and Data from Fangraphs.comBaseball-Reference, and
Twitter: @jn_walkerjr

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  1. I hope DW’s comment is just lip service. Games are definitely being lost in the dugout. Moving Hamilton down and Votto up would be worth about a win by itself.

    • I found it interesting that in the guts of the article DW says

      “The only (additional) area that I’d really like to continue to see progress is, and I’d like to see between now and the end of the year, pick up a little bit is from these young starting pitchers that are trying to make the transition to the big leagues”.

      DW goes on to say that is “as much” on player development as the major league staff. However, this could well be an indication that given Price’s background as a pitching coach that DW is holding him somewhat accountable for the lack of development of the pitching staff.

    • Huh?

  2. Why is Adleman still pitching? I understand why he was in the first half…but this is the second half. We need to start figuring out the pitching staff for next year and Adleman is not part of this club’s future. He needs to be in the bullpen and we need to call up Stephenson, Stephens or someone else in the minors to step up

    Hoping for a win tonight. Trying to be optimistic but with the way this team is playing it’s kinda hard to!

  3. Jim, thanks for coining the phrase, “The Reds Crisis.” It does feel that way at times to those of us who are life-long fans. It feels to me much like rooting for the Bengals in the lost decade of the 1990s. The only reason you do it is the hope for better things moving forward, because there certainly is no fun or enjoyment in the present. That’s why we’re all here — hunkered down with like-minded people hoping for glimmers of progress and of a brighter future.

    Art Modell, the former Browns owner, once commented that the product he was selling was not football, but hope. All loyal sports fans understand that completely.

    This year has been a real eye-opener for me. I thought earlier in the year things were looking up. But the past couple of months have been a real shock at just how bad the starting pitching is, and how little of what is currently on the starting pitching roster is ready to contribute at the big league level.

    • But it takes more than hope by management to sell “hope” to the public. This is why I’ve started advocating for the Reds to spend the $$$ and talent resources in the off season to bring in two solid middle to lower top tier starting pitchers to break management’s own cycle of false hope. If guys like Disco and Bailey get and stay healthy or some of younger guys finally take root, the outsiders brought in could end up as mid season flip candidates; but, the team needs them to assure it avoids the morass of the last two seasons and gets the rebuild moving steadily forward once and for all.

      • I think your plan is happening….except Cozart is coming back too and Hamilton is being extended.

      • I like your cogent comment ‘…to assure it avoids the morass of the last two seasons…’ by spending some money and perhaps talent for at least one solid starting pitcher. I recall in the late 1950’s when the Reds got Bob Purkey from the Pirates who became a mainstay of the 1961 pennant winning team. Something similar needs to be done now to support the pitchers coming back from the DL and the young ones who haven’t made the grade yet.

  4. From my stats:

    Tampa closer Alex Colome last 30 days = 9 saves but 8.74 era / 1.94 whip
    Tampa shortstop Brad Miller…hitting .201 (.667 ops)

    They’re actually the leader in the AL wildcard race. They can’t pay much but they could afford Iglesias and/or Cozart. Its worth checking out?

    • What they got to send in return? At least in the case of Iglesias, the other team’s needs come it a distant second compared to what they have to send back for him.

      • #1 prospect is a shortstop…Willy Adames. He’s still 21 at AAA with 760 ops (.351 obp). Someone has to need what you have then you see if you like what they have?

  5. “We’re not losing games in the dugout” Ok? A iceberg actually sunk the Titantic but Price and DW would be the guys that forgot half the lifeboats.

    • The day Arroyo was signed we all knew the season was over. That falls on Williams. He can’t blame the young guys. Garrett pitched 12 games and 7 were decent. Having Price run Arroyo out there was a complete joke. When Feldman is your ace on opening day how could they not know we were doomed?

    • Please consider it is a rebuild and until enough good players are acquired the team will lose games.

  6. The brass of this organization are insane!!!

  7. Billy and his trademark fake bunt attempt.

  8. Another hit and stolen base for Billy, and comes home on the Cozart single.

  9. We are losing games in the dugout. This team isn’t going anywhere for years with that mentality.

  10. I watched Adleman friday against the Nats. Harper hit 2 bombs. Gio Gonzalez shut us down. Adelman was awful in ST. he is on average modestly below adequate.
    Im not sure what DW is supposed to say. He has to tell corporate sponsors and season ticket holders he’s committed to 2018….even though its hard to see that scenario. Price is saying the young guys aren’t ready and its time they prove it. The organizational plan is now plan B…..

    There may be a marketing plan( not a baseball plan) in place for 2018. Resign Cozart, sign a FA starting pitcher and extend Billy Hamilton.

    I would trade Billy Hamilton, let Cozart’s contract expire and sign a FA starting pitcher with plans for 2019.

    • I totally get what your saying but I would rather be told the truth than some garbage! Tell us fans our pan did not work out and put the blame where it belongs!

  11. Billy 2-2. How about a crooked number this inning?

  12. Zach goes deep!!

  13. Kind of looked like a cement mixer on the way in … nice turn by Cozart. Too bad Billy didn’t get to keep 2nd, but that very clean catch and throw did him in (I don’t mind the attempt).

  14. Just noticed that Greinke is over 60 pitches already. I like to see that … let’s see what their BP has instead. We know who Greinke is …

  15. he swung at it…even though it hit him

  16. So who is this team in our Reds uniforms that has only surrendered 1 run through 4 innings? They seem familiar, but I’ve not seen this kind of performance from a starter for a while.

  17. Nice hustle Scooter

  18. Go Scooter! 4 innings, 4 lead-off hitters on. Let’s see if we can make something of it.

  19. I really dislike the Snake’s uniform color … it just looks like they are sweat colored.

  20. C’mon Tucker!!!

  21. Quickly heading for 80 pitches through 4 … let’s see if Billy can get on.

    • Looks like he tried a little too hard. Still 79 pitches in and 3 runs scored.

  22. Should I wear my Redleg Nation Shirt tomorrow? Sitting on the first base side. Does the boat run on day games?

  23. OK, that looked more like one of our SP’s … BLARGH!!

    • yep I was thinking the same thing. This is more like it! 🙁

      • Very sad … and very true. Our hopes now rest on keeping Greinke’s pitch count up and getting him out of the game while we score a few more times.

  24. There goes the lead…quickly

  25. No A/C in the stadium Mr. Greinke … sorry about that and the fact that you’re actually sweating rather than just wearing a uni that looks like it’s made of sweat.

  26. Wasted opportunities, though we did crank Greinke up to 104 through 5. The booth says they normally pull him around that point (which is usually the 7th for him rather than the 5th).

  27. It seems like this is the 3rd or 4th time atleast that Adleman has blown a 3-1 lead. In Toronto was one. Plus the fact that 3er in 5-6 ip is good Adleman. He is absolutely no where near the 40 man on even a .500 team.

    • Yeah…….but if Adleman gives you 6 and gives up 3, I don’t know if we should expect much more.

      • No….you’re right but a good pitcher can hang on to a 2 run lead once in a while. He’s a stopgap

  28. “Quality Start” so far for Adleman … just how much quality remains to be seen and depends on us scoring some runs.

  29. Tyler Stephenson is done for the year. That is a huge setback for the Reds catching situation…he is the future. Stuart Turner is going nowhere.

  30. And in other news … The Panda returns to San Fran. Of course, he’s getting paid by Boston, but …

  31. Just checking in and Aldeman did his part and I especially like the zero walks and the 7k’s.It appears though with 9 hits and 3 walks we have missed some chances to score more then 3 runs.

  32. Peralta….there is our lefty starter that we need so badly! How many lefties throw 98-99 mph with a nasty change to righties while holding lefties under .200? Its too bad the Reds have zero awareness. If you don’t understand your own personnel then how can you evaluate other teams in trades?

  33. I agree Indy that kind of stuff needs a serious look especially from the left side.

  34. Dropping Schebler off my fant teams

    3 for 26 skid, 0 runs, 0 hrs, 1 rbi, 1 steal

  35. The comments on this game rank up with the dumbest of all time. Wow! These folks need to move on to FC Cincinnati. You have to love Cards, Cubs, Brewers, Pirates fans. They love their team through thick and thin. Reds fans on this site tonight are embarrassing.

    • They lose 10-2 every night so the fact that anyone is here is amazing.

  36. This Vitro guy knows how to hit

  37. Oh man do we need a Scooter Smack about now …

  38. Iggy in the 8th … let’s see if he can cool off Goldy

  39. Doesn’t matter we are struggling to score runs.Offense isn’t doing so well right.

    • Yeah…its ugly. Duvall 5 for 32. Schebler 3-26. Billy and Scooter are about the only 2 guys getting their hits. Cozart/Joey are coming around again

    • 10 scattered hits … not enough (so far)

  40. Made Goldschmidt look silly. That takes some work

  41. Down goes Goldy! If only Iggy could throw 6+ innings every 5 days without his arm falling off. Maybe somebody will still overpay for him in the next 2 weeks.

  42. Thom is talking Iggy trade. Thom loves to talk. Thom loves Thom’s voice more than anything. Don’t be like Thom.

    • I REALLY have a difficult time listening to THOM! some nights. And tonight is one of those nights

      • Launching into trading Votto. eluding to his contract as not being as “team friendly” as Iglesias, without even mentioning the no trade clause, is classic Thom.

        He has missed his calling pushing his own agenda, spinning and omitting key details, on either Fox/CNN/MSNBC.

      • The mute button works for me.

  43. D Backs manager knows we can’t hit lefties.

  44. Free pizza!!! How long has it been?

  45. Price going all out to try and win this game so we really need to back him up and do it.Wake up offense.

  46. When Thom sticks to baseball, he’s okay. When he starts waxing poetic about how great everything, everywhere and everyone is in Cincinnati, I cringe. Thom, there are many wonderful hospitals, zoos, companies, people in many cities.

  47. 1st perfect inning for Loremzen since May 1st??? wow

    • Thats bull? I’m looking at his game logs and June 5, 18th, and July 5th. 1 ip, 0 hits, 0 walks. Not sure about July 5th but the other 2 games had no hbp or Reds errors so how was it not a clean inning? Typical Tom nonsense….making silly $#&* up

  48. Suarez! Now let’s get him home and win this thing

  49. Talk about luck. Cozarts game winner bounces over the wall and is not a game winner. Billy sent back to 3rd

  50. ATOBTTR.
    (Post ASB edition, Volume 1)

    Nice to see a win. The last few days have felt like the Reds were the sparring partner to Mike Tyson in his prime.

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