Someone please tell the Reds that the second half has started, alright? The Cincinnati Reds (39-52) will try to avoid a four-game sweep at home today at 12:35 against the Washington Nationals (55-36). The Reds have been outscored 29-11 through the first three games.

Programming Notes: Today’s game is not on FOX Sports Ohio, but is available on the MLB Network. 

Starting Pitchers

Scott Feldman has been everything the Reds asked out of him. Could he be dealt at the trade deadline? You would think that there are a lot of teams that wouldn’t mind having Feldman at the back end of their rotation, and enjoy the flexibility of having his experience in the bullpen. Feldman pitched very well in Washington a few weeks ago: 7.0 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 5 K.

The Reds for whatever reason have had success against Stephen Strasburg. He has a 5.00 career ERA in 7 starts against the Reds, and a few weeks ago gave up 5 ER on 8 hits over 5.0 innings. He is having a good season though for the Nats. Scooter Gennett has 3 (!) career home runs in just 8 at-bats against Strasburg.

Starting Lineups

Nationals Reds
1. Brian Goodwin (CF)
2. Stephen Drew (SS)
3. Bryce Harper (RF)
4. Ryan Zimmerman (1B)
5. Daniel Murphy (2B)
6. Anthony Rendon (3B)
7. Matt Wieters (C)
8. Ryan Raburn (LF)
9. Stephen Strasburg (P)
1. Jose Peraza (2B)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Scooter Gennett (RF)
6. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
7. Scott Schebler (CF)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Scott Feldman (P)

Bryan Price has the player with the lowest on-base percentage in the lineup by far, who also has the lowest BB% in the MLB, batting leadoff. Bold move.

News and Notes


Just please don’t be swept in a four-game series at home to Dusty Baker. Please, Reds.

Nick is a lifelong Reds fan who was born and raised in Cincinnati. He acquired his love of baseball from his late grandfather. Nick moved to the Cleveland area in 2014 with his wife, and his currently fighting to convert his beautiful baby daughter Emma to Reds fandom. Nick has been writing for Redleg Nation since 2013. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicholaspkirby.

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  1. Oh, Bryan Price. It’s a good thing you’re pretty.

    Winker almost gets on base 5 times yesterday… we won’t see him start again for 2 weeks is my guess.

  2. Dusty also bats one of the best hitters in the league so far (Rendon) #6 because speed at the top and a middle infielder #2!

    Dusty has the be the luckiest manager in history. Bonds, Kent, Wood, Prior, Sosa, Votto, Cueto, Harper, Strasburg, Scherzer, et all. I’m sure I forgot one or seven people.

    • There’s a reason Dusty has been so “lucky”. Orgs trust him not to spoil the mix by letting his own ego get in the way of the talent they’ve assembled. A lot of guys who may be better line up card writers and in game button pushers don’t have that skill.

      • A lot of guys have more playoff wins as well

        • True but most managers would be happy to have just made the playoffs as often as Dusty.

          I suspect it takes a different skill set to succeed over the long haul of a season versus in a short series. If someone could pair Dusty’s HR skills with superior game management skills, they would be the ideal. Perhaps Maddon is that sort of manager.

        • Yes, and even more guys have fewer playoff wins.

      • Oh, sure. I more meant he has been lucky in regards to the talent he’s managed, which you agree with.

        There’s no dispute people generally like playing for him.

    • I’m with Patrick…mostly about the luck factor. That being said, there seems to some sort of intangible to being a “player’s manager”. Price’s constant sourpuss attitude probably has some negative effect on everybody. (No proof, just my opinion)

  3. No “get away day” lineup for Dusty either

    • That lineup was yesterday.

    • Maybe he is already thinking home field advantage versus the Dodgers in the playoffs although right now the Central Champ whoever that might be looks like it could be a better first round draw than the wildcard winner.

  4. I have been one of the biggest Peraza bashers but I do understand and agree he should play and play a lot.What I struggle with is that he continues to do the same thing over and over and over again.He has taken the word hacker and free swinger to a level that has never been seen before.Surely we aren’t going to let him go to the plate 600 times and then say well you need to work on drawing more walks and you may want to be a little more patient.The flip side of that is Winker who sets today after getting on base 4 times yesterday.This type of stuff though just one of many many problems this team has is just mind boggling to me.

  5. You have to come to the realization that this Front Office is not competing for next year. It’s 2019. They are running Peraza and Hamilton out there basically everyday to see if they have it. Next year it will be winker and others. I don’t think they ever had in mind 2018. Which is fine as long as they stick to the path.

  6. 2 things I’ve confirmed in this series. The Reds suck vs lefties! No Scooter and Billy/Tucker can’t hit lefties. Of course Peraza can’t hit anyone. They need more RH enforcers next year….platoon w/Scooter and Barnhart, etc.

    Secondly…..the Nats DESTROY RH pitching which really makes Castillo stand out even more but my point is that the Reds need a decent lefty starter or 2 to beat a LH loaded team like this in the playoffs. The only one I see on the Reds roster, with 3 plus pitches, is Wandy Peralta! It would take some forward thinking so it will never happen.

  7. I thought for sure that Winker would get another start today. I thought that given Duvall’s struggles the second half of last year which I think was a partial product of his diabetes… two day games in a row gave Price a chance to manage his workload. have this disease myself… am involved in sports and somedays feel like crap. perfect day for a breather

    • Duvall looked out of it in the first inning yesterday on that error and then his throw into second base went straight to Votto. Maybe just a lack of focus on the first couple of batters

    • If I recall correctly, Duvall acknowledged last year that heat and humidity paired really took a toll on him. Not sure what is going on 50 miles south in Cincvy but here in the Dayton area conditions are pretty brutal right now on both accounts if you can’t stay out of the sun.

  8. Did you know that Peraza has batted leadoff eight times — and has led off the first inning with a hit on seven of those eight occasions?

    His line in the 1st spot in the batting order is .324/.361/.412/.773. Yes, I know the sample size is small (36 PA). It’s just an interesting tidbit.

    • I bet that’s why Price continues to bat him up there when Billy is takin the day off. Confirmation bias.

      • We’re not playing for anything. Why not leave him up there until he proves he can’t excel in that slot? It might not take long, but it’s worth a shot.

        • Unfortunately it’s only the first inning once a game. What does he do the rest of the game?

    • Another hit today…he’s rolling! 😉

  9. What a frickin’ waste of time this series has been.

  10. You’re kidding. I missed four batters to open the game, and it’s 4-0? That sound you heard was any trade value for Feldman disintegrating …

  11. and Stephenson continues to toil away in Louisville. has done everything they asked. will be interesting to see if the blister that caused him to cut short his last appearance will affect him. oh… i forgot… it won’t matter.

    • I believe RSteve is the listed starter for the Bats tonight. With a strong performance he would be staged perfectly to take the next turn of Feldman’s spot (presuming there was a physical issue with Feldman in that 1st inning mess as indicated might be probable)

      • i wish no ill of anyone but would very much like to see stephenson get an extended chance. i do not for one minute think we need to see mr. feldman or mr. adelman anymore. don’t know the path but I want to see the future.

  12. Well, this got out of hand quickly. Had a 10:30 meeting that was out at 10:50… 5-0.

  13. I saw the banner come across my phone. I really thought they were giving me something from yesterday because the game should have literally just started.

    That sucking sound you hear is the trade value going out of our rotation.

    • Was thinking the same thing … And the other irony: One of the beat writers was saying the Reds couldn’t afford to trade Feldman because of the stability he gives to the rotation. Everybody is allowed to have a bad day, but this is embarrassing.

  14. I hope they don’t throw at Votto? Its obvious we’re trying to injure their guys by having them round the bases excessively or with multiple dugout high 5s. Very sneaky!

  15. Joey now 0-8 in this series, 2-19 vs the Nats this year.
    Hope he didn’t leave his wallet in Miami

    • He’s walked 4 times, which is one of the reasons why even a Votto slump is better than a lot of player’s baseline…but yeah… worrisome.

      Although, he’s faced a tough lefty in Gio, then Scherzer, Roark, and Strasburg.

      He’s had success off all these guys in the past, but they are still good pitchers. I wouldn’t worry about it too much until Joey goes 0-fer-Arizona.

    • Vottos played every game this year…then goes to the all star game. Put Duvall at first today and Winker in left.

      • Good point about resting Votto, although his playing time was an interesting topic on the radio broadcast yesterday. I believe it was the Cowboy saying that Joey does not want to sit and is likely attempting to play all 162 this year. I’m also guessing that he’s able to overrule Price in that regard!

  16. Mesoraco going out on a rehab assignment, duration TBD.

  17. This probably is not the series the team should have had fans submit names for the Donkey…..

  18. donkey could wear a cap… they could call him asshat. just saying

  19. Suarez .211 since May 9th. Schebler .240 last 30 days. Duvall whiffing on pitches in the dirt so often…not sure if he’s playing baseball or teeing off at Augusta?

    Nats vs Reds. Could the Reds find a AAA team that the Reds would beat this badly….besides Louisville?

    • At least Schebler has hit for some power over that period. Duvall also has solid numbers.

      Suarez has been a black hole for some time. People are giddy over his walks.

  20. Hey, Suarez did something good.

  21. I was away for a few minutes and noticed Feldman is out. He wasn’t pinch-hit for and he finished the first. Is he hurt?

    • I think so? Brantley said his velocity was down 5-6 mph or more. Arroyo style heater….not good? Prob DL?

      • Brantley also said he was surprised that Price let Feldman finish the first inning, given how bad he looked. Injury? Haven’t heard that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

        • Feldman last started July 5….then all star break…then slated 4 th to start second half…that suggests s lingering problem they knew about

  22. Nice Suarez swing with power to right center.
    Lay off the high pitch and go to right center and his swing will be back.

  23. I’m at the game. First row. Reds on deck circle. Aisle. Already talked to a couple players.

  24. We have guys starting in Feldman and Aldeman that would not start for anybody else unless it was a number 5 or a spot start.Homer is still in spring training mode and Castillo and Romano are rookies.The Nats can hit and have 3 really really good veteran starters that make lots of cash and will make more.It was set up to be a massacre and it is.No worries.Homer will get better and the starts the rookies get will prove to be very valuable to them and the team.Now lets move Aldeman to long relief,he will get plenty of work,and bring up Reed or Stephensen to fill his spot.

    • Reed and Garrett have been getting hammered. Jackson Stephens & Romano got hammered last time out. Bob Steve has a blister but was doing ok. Actually Bonilla has been pitching well. I like him a little bit but he’s 27. I like his offspeed stuff and the fastball has movement. Grasping at straws but nothing to be gained with Adleman or Feldman

    • We have plenty of guys for long relief. Send Adleman packing.

    • I don’t disagree…but now Feldman might be hurt, they will probably have to keep Tim A. in the rotation. Maybe one of the AAA guys..REED or RS or Jackson S. could replace Feldman if need be.

  25. Since Iggy hasn’t pitched after the break yet, and will probably be used today no matter what, how about using him early today, while it’s still 5-1. Maybe we can catch up a little while there’s still a chance.

  26. Time is wasting away.We know about Feldman and Aldeman so lets give two guys the same number of starts we have given them for the rest of the year.

    • Adleman and,Feldman are going to pitch until the trade deadline is over. See if they can get something if anything for them. After that I see them getting DFA’d. I think after the deadline you will see changes.

  27. Put in Winker, pull Duvall. That is the most ridiculously stupid play I’ve seen in outfield in a long time. Inexcusable. Time to practice what you preach Price

    • I missed that, what happened? Got back in time to hear the end of the inning, and Brantley say something about a play that should never have been a triple in the first place?

      • Literally just stood there with the ball in his hand looking towards the infield for a good 3-5 seconds without throwing the ball.

        He got it clean off the wall, turned, then just stood there and watched until the runner was halfway to third.

        • So what does Price do? Nothing. Let’s him hit into a double play to end the bottom of the inning.

          My beef is that you’re about to get swept at home and welcoming more winning teams into your house to put it to you again. Don’t let that little league crap fly.

  28. I Like the thought of bringing Iggy in early and was thinking we could send Lorenzen and Peralta down to start a couple of games then put them in the rotation for the rest of the year.Yeah I know but what a great out of the box and goofy think to do but wouldn’t it be great to discuss that for awhile on here

  29. Well at least we are trying our best to make it a fast game by going down on 6 pitches.

  30. Wojo is giving us a chance to come back but we don’t seem to be interested.Problems in the dugout or just good pitching by them?Not watching the game but if Duval’s mind isn’t in the game well we have others don’t we?

  31. Robbie Ray tomorrow….in the running for NL Cy Young. Good times:) I found the game on yahoo. Rendon looks like Manny Ramirez up there….totally confident and in charge. I didn’t realize he was a 1st rounder. Senzel won’t have that power and Suarez will never mature to be that nasty but that’s what we need!

  32. Rendon is having his best year by far in the big leagues.Guy can play.Ray is a lefty so we will have to battle to score.

  33. Gotta give Wojo some credit here for a very good job. They may as well give him a start, as he can’t do any worse than Adleman, Bailey and Feldman have just done.

    Meanwhile, Cozart’s OPS in July is .626; Schebler’s is .606, and Duvall’s is .677. Peraza is at .575 (a hot streak for him), and Suarez was at .585. (All from, and I think not including this game. It’s a 1-man offense, and he’s cold this weekend.

    • They already know Wojo is not the answer as a starter, but he has shown the ability on more than one occasion to get through the other team’s batting order once or twice pretty effectively. He might be in the equation as a long and middle reliever this year and next.

      • They already know that Adelman and Feldman aren’t, either, but they keep trotting them out there. Wojo has better stuff and better command that Adelman. Stephenson has earned another chance, but I don’t know who else on the 40-man has. Maybe Iribarren? Just 3 walks in 10 innings, which is superior for this organization.

  34. Which are you most surprised at.Winker getting a walk or Blanton pitching a scoreless inning?Hint Winker will walk some and Blanton’s era is a little under 7.

  35. Joey’s had enough and took 3 strikes.Not to be outdone Duvall grounds out on the first pitch.Don’t blame either one of them because it is embarrassing.Lets get em tomorrow.

  36. Give all the starters you can the day off tomorrow. Take the loss and work towards that higher draft pick and let everyone get clear heads and extra rest after ASG. Particularly Votto, Cozart, Duvall and Schebler

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