So, I was ready to toss up a nod to Castillo along with Milton and call it a night. After all, the Reds were down 10-2 headed into the 9th. Well, they still lost, but it was 10-7 instead.

And then they made it interesting.

We’ll still keep it short tonight. Lorenzen cost the Reds this game, it turns out. Castillo was still good, and it was nice to see that the Reds will score some runs in the second half. Billy Hamilton, in particular had a good night. And, of course, Scooter had the big hit with his 16th homer. What a year he’s having.

More baseball happens tomorrow. Onward and upward. The Reds are probably going to win the rest of their games this year.

Sorry for the short recap, but at least we got an interesting ending tonight.

Jason has been a fan of the Reds since he was born. He really had no choice in the matter. He has been writing at Redleg Nation for a few years, and also writes and edits at The Hardball Times. His debut novel, When the Sparrow Sings, is available now and concerns baseball, among other things. You can find more information at jasonlinden.com.

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  1. Castillo’s stuff is electric and he has faced some really good offensive teams and has always competed.All you can ask for from your starter.The offense scored against the Nats worse relievers.File it and lets win tomorrow.

    • He’ll learn. Chris Welch was spot on with Castillo. He was only working the outside the plate. Gotta go inside. Throw towards the batters hands. Climb the ladder sometimes. He’ll be good.

  2. Another bad outing by lorenzen,I don’t understand reds love affair with this guy,he has terrible numbers yet he comes in time after time and gets rocked,where as the young ones has way to short a leach,until price is gone and reds change losing mentality this is what we got

    • In 20 appearances, Lorenzen has been rather good in 15 of them. You are literally making things up

      • Not making it up,era is 4.08 that is not good for any member of a bull pen

        • Actually 4.0 is about League Average. However, when you give up 6 runs in 1/3 of an inning your ERA tends to sky rocket.

          Your original assertion is that he is routinely rocked and has terrible numbers. Both of those statements are untrue…so you are therefore making things up

    • Lorenzen had a 2.93 ERA before tonight’s game. Hardly “terrible numbers.”

      • Maybe you’re referring to Blake Wood? He’s the one that’s been pretty terrible.

        • Must be confusing him with Blake Wood, they look so much alike, lol. As is true will all relievers, a bad outing or two can affect ERA. Lorenzen is not getting rocked every time out. I’m sure many/most teams would happily take him off the Reds’ hands.

          • I just meant because both pitched back-to-back and both struggled. Obviously they are nothing alike

          • REDSFAN48, I actually was (obviously not very well) joking about how Wayne, the original poster was down on Lorenzen and you correctly noted that Wood has been, shall we say, not very good. Lorenzen had a bad night, Wood has lots of those. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      • Lorenzen been great overall. He should be starting in Adelman’s spot.

    • Mariano Rivera had a 5.51 ERA early in his career. For some foolish reason the Yankees stuck by him and brought him back the next year. As pointed out by Chuck Schick below the ERA for a relief pitcher can be incredibly misleading.

    • Lorenzen fell in love with his curve ball, which he kept hanging tonight.

      • Castillo has to teach his change-up to Lorenzen and Cingrani. A curveball is a tatter that’s going through security. Greg Maddox, Johan Santana, Tom Browning, Aroldis Chapman, Luis Castillo, Rob Dibbles, Randy Myers, Norm Charlton, Sal Ramona, Ariel Hernandez, Hunter Greene, Vida Blue. Tell me one who relied on their curveball in key sitches? None of the above. Nuff said.

  3. All is not lost tonight. We learned a new word derived from ‘blare.’

  4. I actually liked the recap. Poor Luis. Kid deserved better.

  5. All pitchers have a bad one every now and then and tonight was Lorenzen’s turn.If we hold them right there we may score but you can bet we wouldn’t have seen the same pitchers out of the pen.We didn’t back Castillo with any offense against Mad Max and that is why we lost.

  6. The last time Lorenzen had such a crappy appearance, and the last time he allowed a home run, was last month in Washington.

    Probably not a coincidence. The Nationals are just an elite team. They and the Dodgers appear to be heading for a titanic matchup in the postseason.

    It’s fine for now being the masters of garbage time runs, as the Reds are, but a sign of progress next season would be to greatly reduce the 10-0 home deficit tonight, the 8-0 home deficit to the Dodgers earlier this season, etc., etc.

    Hats off to those who stayed at GABP and saw Scooter Bonds do his thing. Were I attending, I would have certainly left for The Banks following Rendon’s home run.

  7. I just got home and watched some of it. I hope Castillo learned from that Rendon HR? To tell you the truth I put that on Barnhart too though….why throw a hittable fastball to a guy that obviously has a good read on your pitcher? Pitch around and get out the next guy like a veteran. He’s got the stuff and hopefully they’ll get him to work in more sliders. Saw Tyler Mahle in person tonite and he looked good! He throws hard and his slider breaks late on righties. His delivery is clean too….maybe Homer at his peak without as many years of growing pains and injuries. I think he’s a better prospect then anyone not named Castillo.

    • Baseball America’s updated mid season prospect list agrees. Both Mahle and Castillo are in that #80 range and both appear major league ready. Greene is #30 but obviously is years away.
      That gives the Reds 3 top #100 pitching prospects in all of MLB.

      • 3 out of 100 sounds encouraging and probably is, but since there are 30 teams, it’s slightly below average (unless my always questionable math skills have eroded further than I thought.)

      • Only 3?
        Where is the great Jesse Winker ranked?

        • 3 pitchers… That said, Winker is not on the list. The Reds have 4 on the list in total:

          #9 Senzel
          #30 Green
          #78 Mahle
          #82 Castillo

    • Did Barnhart call for the fast ball or did Castillo shake him off?

    • Price blames his young pitchers for pitch selection when they’re not the ones calling it . Barnhart call’s it or Price does it from the bench watch Barnhart keeps looking to the bench before every pitch.

      • The bench doesn’t call any pitches. The catchers look over to the bench to see if the manager wants the pitcher to make a pick-off throw to first base. The catchers don’t look over when no one is on base.

        • Exactly… It is VERY rare for MLB coaches and managers to actually call pitches from the bench.

    • I had a similar observation in the game thread. Rendon homered off his fastball last series. He also hit a foul HR earlier in the game. Throw him off speed or walk him (unintentional) and face Weiters.

      The same situation came up a few innings later, and he did walk Rendon, and did retire Weiters.

  8. I notice on the Rayburn home run, that Lorenzen had him 0-2. Should have thrown him a slider down and away, try to get him to chase, or something not in the strike zone. Get them out with balls…don’t have to throw a strike on 0-2 or even 1-2. Same with Same with Wood…had Rendon 1-2. Don’t have to throw a strike on 1-2. See if they will chase something. And…there is an article about Adelman having trouble getting hitters out with two strikes. These guys got to start using their head when they get two strikes, and pitching smarter.

  9. Also…of all people to put in with the bases loaded…why would Price bring in Blake Wood to pitch to Rendon. Wood has been a disappointment this year, and has pitched poorly all year. Price could have brought in Storen, or A Hernandez, who has been good this year, or even Cingrani. Why in the world would he bring in Wood??

    • For that kind of decisions, and several others, is why Price shall not continue as Manager next season. The guy maybe an acceptable pitching coach, but that’s it.

    • Based on what I have learned on this site, it was because of one of two reasons:
      1) the front office told Price what to do, or
      2) that was Wood’s role so he had to come in then, and other guys later

    • They were down 5-0 in the 7th to one of the best teams in baseball at the time. Sounds like the sort of low leverage situation that Is perfect for Blake Wood.

  10. I’m impressed with Castillo. The kid jumped from AA to the majors and has outperformed all of the other kids we’ve seen that the Reds have put out there… Every one. Scherzer is probably the best right hander in the majors right now so our offensive offense during his time on the mound can be excused. Cozart’s at bat – ten or eleven pitches resulting in a walk was terrific. Schebler…who I like…. Has some holes in that aggressive swing of his and needs to be more selective. Want my hunch… Lorenzen lifted too many weights during the ASBreak and was too jacked up to throw effectively. Is there another more “muscle bound” pitcher in the majors?

    • Yup, Schebler needs to lay off the high FB, he can’t hit it and the pitchers know it.

    • Yes, Scherzer is great, but he doesn’t have a ZERO ERA. Twice in the first 3 innings we had 1st/2nd with no outs…with Votto, Duvall, and Scooter up. I think those 3 combined for 5 strikeouts and a pop out.
      Agree about Schebler’s swing holes. The high fastball is his Achilles heel

      • The high fastball (and changeups with good arm-speed and slot), is the reason I’m not a professional baseball player.

  11. The Nats have a lineup of professional hitters and outside of Goodwin and Turner when he is in there they are veterans.They hit for average,power and take walks as is evident by there OBP.The middle of their lineup is among the best in all of baseball yet Castillo held them down,There only weakness is the 8th and 9th inning guys,They will fight it out with the Dodgers for the NL crown.No shame in losing to them.We scored a bunch of runs late against guys that would not have been even in the game if not for the score.Wood is terrible but the game was over because we didn’t back Castillo early with any offense.We will get em today.

    • If Washington gets some bullpen help a Dodgers/Nats playoff series could be really interesting.

  12. Lorenzen’s Mom likes him.

  13. Starters need more pitches than relievers. Lorenzen throws many pitches. His elbow was hurting when he was a starter. Could it be that one of his pitches causes the elbow problem? Therefore he’s limited to relieving?

    Or has this been discussed before and I’ve never read it? If so, ignore me.

    • He likes to use all of his pitches which seems to get him in trouble when he isn’t commanding them. He kept rolling that curveball up there last night when they were all hanging

      • Right, and it’s frustrating because a reliever with 3-4 good pitches only has to throw a pitch 2-3 times to know that the pitch doesn’t seem to be working for him. A starter needs to work through it by still throwing it some. A reliever doesn’t have to. If I was Barnhart I would have gone to the mound and told Lorenzen he wasn’t throwing that curve again after the 3rd time he threw it.

    • Early in the season Price said Lorenzen will get his chance to start again, just not this year. Based on that comment, it seems like they don’t think the elbow problem is going to follow him forward. Time will tell.

  14. it seemed to me that Lorenzen was hanging his breaking balls. That suggests he’s a little rusty more than anything else. It’s also to be expected as he hadn’t pitched in about a week with the All Star game break.

  15. … When is Jesse Winker going to play?

  16. Lorenzen does have off nights, yes, almost every pitcher does, but even the Nat’s announcers mentioned concerning their relievers that were getting bombed that most of these guys hadn’t pitched in 6 days. Lorenzen was rusty, esp. with curve ball. Then our groundball “specialist” comes in and promptly gives up a home run to clear the bases. I haven’t actually counted but it seems like Wood routinely gives up a home run to first better he faces, adding to ERA’s of the previous pitcher and then routinely finishes the inning.

  17. And BTW Winker gets to bat once as he was last position player left on bench.

    • Furious at this. Literally the most irresponsible roster management possible. Wasting service time, contradicting the “Sorting” narrative, frustrating the #1 prospect in the organization.

      If you won’t play Winker, trade him for a SP prospect that you can turn into a situational reliever.

      I am completely disgusted with the management of this franchise.

  18. “I think we all collectively want to see a strong finish to the second half and create a renewed excitement about where we are. I think that’s just what it is at this point in time. I say it all the time, there’s talent here. I don’t think we’re far away from being one of the better teams if not the best team in the division. I really don’t. But you don’t want to keep losing and keep talking about how good you are. We’ve got to win more games.” — Price, on his 39-51 club.

    I get dizzy when he talks in circles.

    I got a laugh from the “…create a renewed excitement about where we are” comment. Excitement for who?

    The only excitement I see is on the faces of the opposing hitters when his pitchers groove one.

    I wonder if the FO also thinks this team is not “far away?” It would explain the reluctance to improve this team via trade. Just a thought.

    • What’s he suppose to say:

      ” It’s our 15th losing season out of the past 20 and 4th in a row…..but all is well as we suck less than we did last year”?

  19. I see where Zac Cozart’s new donkey is down on the farm in training. Now this is excitement for us Red’s fans. There’s even a donkey naming contest offered to the fans. I offer: “Jocko.” No I will not elaborate why I came up with that name.

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