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Reds vs. Cubs – July 1, 2017

After the mid-June swoon in which the Reds went 1-13, they have rebounded a bit in the past week, winning four of their last six. In today’s second game of a three-game set against the Cubs at Great American Ball Park, the Reds face a pitcher who they have a history of teeing off against. The Cubs, on the other hand, face a Reds starter they have never seen.

Starting Pitchers

Eddie Butler 43.2 2.50 4.24 19.0% 11.8%
Jackson Stephens (Class AAA) 76 3.71 5.27 14.1% 11.4%

Like Mike Montgomery yesterday, Cubs starter Butler has a decent ERA that obscures some not-so-nice peripheral stats. The former Colorado Rockie has taken his lumps against the Reds: in three starts, he went 0-1 with an 8.44 ERA over 16 innings. Reds batters are a combined 10-for-29 (.414) with a 1.259 OPS against Butler, with Joey Votto, Zack Cozart and Adam Duvall a combined 8-for-16 (.500).

Stephens gets the call today apparently because he was the Louisville starter whose turn it would have been today. He takes Brandon Finnegan’s spot in the Reds rotation. As our Steve Mancuso pointed out earlier today, he hasn’t exactly been lighting it up at Class AAA.


To make room for Stephens, Ariel Hernandez was optioned to Louisville – significant because that represents a promotion for him from Class AA Pensacola from whence he came to the Reds. It would be nice to see him used in late-game situations with the Bats. All bullpenners should be available today, particularly if Stephens gets in trouble early.

Starting Lineups

Cubs Reds
LF Jon Jay CF Billy Hamilton
3B Kris Bryant 2B Scooter Gennett
1B Anthony Rizzo 1B Joey Votto
C Willson Contreras LF Adam Duvall
RF Ian Happ 3B Eugenio Suarez
SS Addison Russell RF Scott Schebler
2B Javier Baez SS Jose Peraza
CF Albert Almora Jr. C Tucker Barnhart
P Eddie Butler P Jackson Stephens

Kris Bryant is back in the lineup today for Chicago. Jason Hayward and Ben Zobrist are both still on the disabled list and out.

Zack Cozart gets the day off after his start last night. It will be very interesting to see how much time off he requires while apparently still recovering from his quadriceps injury.

News and Notes

Today is Canada Day, and if you have never seen this classic interview – and even if you have – you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to watch for a few laughs:

Oh, and by the way …

42 thoughts on “Reds vs. Cubs – July 1, 2017

  1. I might have to curb some of my Marty vitriol. Maybe he’s finally starting to get it. I’m glad to see that.

  2. Marty is an entertainer who’s core audience is comprised of 75 year old men who love Oester and Freel and are lukewarm to the Canadian who walks too much.

  3. Wicked move … somebody screwed up the scouting report. Even Marty said that.

  4. Well I just woke up from a nap (well-deserved, I might say) and I see that homerun. I blame that one on the catcher.

    Jay Bruce could have hit that one into the Ohio River.

    Did I miss anything? And where all the commenters today?

  5. Did anybody actually think this kid was going to make it through the line up a second time?He must have been the best choice for today’s start so we have to go with it.

  6. Billy gets picked of then Scooter walks in the first and an 8 pitch inning for their pitcher in the second.Didn’t miss anything by getting here late.I’m gone for today.Go Reds.

  7. Billy, Peraza, and Tucker…..have to have HR pop in your lineup at gabp. Any talk of trading Mesoraco is about as valid as trading Homer since he only plays every 3rd day?

  8. No one is untouchable for the right price….but unless a team really really wants Adam Duvall….this guy is the left fielder.

    • Thank you. I feel like the only one noticing that Suarez is going through more than just a brief slump. Since May 6 (entering today) he is .211/.321/.349/.671. That’s essentially two months and nearly two thirds of his season so far.

  9. Have to pinch-hit here!! Feldman went deep yesterday and the pen is rested. Cmon?????

  10. Stephens already at 80 pitches….very fortunate there for Price. I’d pull him quick in the 5th but give up 3 and produce 2….any pitcher would take that!

    • 80 pitches at this point in the season doesn’t seem overwhelming to me. I’m glad Price left him in. The Reds still need to see which pitchers may be in the mix for next year.

  11. I guess I tuned back in at the exact right time … and had to go through the pain of Suarez swinging at balls and Peraza doing his best LL imitation.

  12. Just got back and saw we can’t hide Billy and Peraza in the line up.One maybe but not both.Bases loaded and pop up and two men on and pop up.Amazing that we score runs at the clip we do.

      • He’s been kinda good, if you don’t count the horrible base running gaffes.

        • Well if you don’t count those, I’d call .346/.393/.538/.931 more than kinda good!

          Yes, I wish we could have more weeks like that, and not as rare exceptions. But it’s been a great week.

          • Well, unfortunately I’m remember the weak swings, strikeouts and bad base running as well. So I stick with “kinda good”. It’s fine to disagree. And it’s one week. I like Billy a lot but he leaves me befuddled at times.

  13. Suarez got ripped off on the 2-1 call….otherwise he doesn’t have 2 strikes and chase that pitch but no excuses for Peraza. They need to call up Dixon to platoon w/Scooter and Alcantara can backup Cozart. Peraza needs to work on his game at AAA. Schebler will get his production cut in half if Peraza is behind him all the time?

    • Hernandez is struggling with the zone today … then again, doesn’t he usually?


  14. I never thought for one second that he should have batted and not even a half a second he should go back out and face the top of their order.I was wrong in a big way because he came through in both situations.

  15. Hitting speed seems to be about 93-94 now so I think Storen is able to work far below that and keep them off stride that way….similar to Dan Straily.

  16. Stephens’ line: 5IP, 3ER, 1BB, 8K, and helped himself at the plate with 2 RBI.

    Not bad. Not bad at all, especially for someone I’m sure more than a few of us said “Who?” before the game started.

    • 3rd look at stretching him out and letting his start again?

      He was throwing gas today. Several 96 mph fastballs.

      • Price has already decided he’s not a starter because of the lack of multiple effective pitches. But he sure is getting the job done — probably the best he has looked since his rookie year.

  17. Cowboy made a good comment on how Lorenzen pitched backwards to Rizzo. 2 curves, then a fastball to pop him up

  18. Nice game. Win for the rookie, good relief pitching, just enough hitting. Two in a row.

  19. Jackson pitched well. The team (barely) sored enough runs. .Seems like the 5th and 6th batters are in slumps. Add the lack of anything from the 1st and 8th hitters, and the normally no hitting help from the nine hole. That puts a lot of pressure on the two, three and four hitters. But, any day we beat the cubs is a good day.

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