The Reds have recalled RHP Jackson Stephens to make today’s start. They’ve sent Ariel Hernandez back to AAA-Louisville to make room for Stephens. The Reds haven’t committed to any starts beyond today for the 23-year-old Stephens.

(I keep typing “Stephenson” every time I mean to type “Stephens” for some reason.)

Stephenson has an ERA of 4.97 in 15 games (14 starts) for the Bats. In 76 IP, he’s struck out 60 and walked 33 (3.9 BB/9). He’s given up 86 hits. Against AAA hitters.

In 9 innings of work for the Reds, Ariel Hernandez gave up 2 earned runs, walked 3 and struck out 12.

ICYMI, Cody Reed pitched six innings for Louisville last night with 7 strikeouts and 1 walk. Last three starts: 19 Ks, 6 BBs (3.9 BB/9) in 14 IP.

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  1. james garrett

    Not sure why he was brought up but I never knew why some of the others were brought up either.The front office has a plan which has been somewhat of a mystery but the Cubs are playing the B team since they have so many injuries and that can only help.Go Stephens.

  2. mariners77

    Looking forward to seeing Stephens’ debut this afternoon at Wrigley, er… I mean GABP (there’s a lot of blue downtown this morning!)

    Granted his season numbers are mediocre at best, but much of that is attributable to a couple of lousy outings to start the season (including six runs in just 2/3 in his second start – ouch.)

    He’s shown some nice improvement lately, though, so here’s hoping he can keep that trend going with the big club!

  3. larry

    Good luck Stephens. I hope you can keep the walks down and the cubs at bay. I miss Ariel, but he will be back by Monday. A quality reliever so far. Lets sweep the cubs, but in advance, thanks to the cub fans for boosting the attendance at great American. Go reds!.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Unless there is an injury replacement, Hernandez will not be back by Monday. With that said, it looked like there may have been an incident in the dugout or maybe during warmups or maybe during batting practice where Turner may have strained or pulled something. He may need another trip to the 10-day DL soon. He’s looking kinda injury prone.

    • Steve Mancuso

      I agree he’ll be back soon. Players have to wait at least 10 days in the minors before they can be recalled, unless there is an injury to someone on the major league roster.

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Looks like the AAA+ rotation is finding their streak, finally. Hopefully at least three of them will pair with Feldman and Castillo to build-up a better 2nd half. Go Reds!

    • Jim Walker

      I think there are potentially only two wide open spots in the MLB rotation right now because as long as Bailey is healthy, he is going to pitch every 5th day. However if the group at AAA has a strong month of July, Feldman could be traded. Also we should probably be alert to the possibility of Castillo hitting a speed bump like Garrett did after a strong opening spurt. My guess is if they pitch decently all the AAA guys will get some MLB time before the end of the season.

      • Shchi Cossack

        The Old Cossack is feeling encouraged at this point heading into the 2nd half of the season. While the NLCD is a mess, I’m not concerned about competing for a NLCD title. If that happens…great, but the prospect of getting a handle on the starting rotation prior to the 2018 season looks more positive today than it has for several weeks. Nowq I can just sit back in the Old Recliner and enjoy the process while Votto rakes his way to a possible MVP. If the team continues to struggle and garners another top 5 selection in the 2018 rule 4 draft, that’s not really a bad thing either.

        I’m anxious to see how the Cozart, Hamilton and Peraza/Gennett situations play out, although I don’t have a lot of confidence that the Hamilton situation will really be resolved rather than just pushed back. The Peraza/Gennett situation could be directly tied to the Cozart situation.

  5. Shchi Cossack

    Reed, Stephenson and Romano are all treanding in a positive direction. The improvement is against AAA hitting, but it’s improvement with control and consistency seeming to be a focus for all three. This is one of the few real positive developments for the rebuilt fiture we have seen this season. Let the situation at AAA evolve and hopefully continue this progression, at least for a few more games through the all star break. By that time, Bailley should be back on track and Castillo will hopefully have laid a solid claim to the starting rotation on the 25-man roster. That leaves 3 spots in the starting rotation on the 25-man roster open of competition. Feldman will probably vacate his position shortly after the all star break via a trade. Adelman will probably move into a bullpen role that he will be handling as a long-relief, swingman in the future. I’m completely comfortable with Adelman as a 5th start in the rotation, but we know what Adelmen can do as a starter from his work over the past 2 seasons. During the 2nd half, the Reds need to identify who, if any, of the young prospects are ready to compete at the major league level and who, if any, can excel at the major league level.

    I think the Reds will finally identify at least 2 starters who are major-league ready and will compete at that level. That will open up the competition for 2018 and make things very interesting.


    Mahle should be on the 40-man roster and in the mix after a half season at AAA. Garrett will have a half season at AAA in his pocket also. The bullpen should have plenty of candidates to pitch effectively at the major league level and fill out the 25-man roster. The Reds will not have to carry Turner on the 25-man roster and will stash him at AAA where he will try to improve his offense and be available if needed as a backup catcher on the 25-man roster.

    The minor league prospects should begin seperation as contenders and pretenders for future starting and utility roles on the 25-man roster. The Reds need hitters who can hit (see Kivlehan) for utility roles rather than toolsy players who can’t hit (see Alcantara). A transition plan for the pitching (starting and relieveing) and position starters must be in place if the Reds are going to avoid enmasse transition experienced in the starting rotation and being backed into an alley with no escape when a player needs to be replaced as a starter so they can avoid the budget-crippling contracts to pending FA players (Bailey, Phillips, etc.).

    • Steve Hanshaw

      Not too difficult honestly to get Mahle on the 40 man. Route of least resistance would be to transfer Finnigan to the 60 day, which seems likely. If the Reds believe he’ll be back earlier than that, (1) they are probably smoking something picked up during their trip to Colorado; and (2) they can designate Jackson Stephens assuming he struggles in the bigs which seems likely given his year in AAA. I can’t believe that would cause too much consternation – guys like Stephens hit waivers all of the time…..

  6. renbutler

    Cozart is not in the lineup today. He didn’t look 100%. He barely looked 90%.

    • David

      Kinda tells me he is not as good a trade piece as some might think. Zach’s a great guy, but he is not likely to be traded while at less than 100%

    • larry

      I like Cozart and would like to resign him, but not at the 33million for three years being kicked around. With his current Quad issues and hid terrible knees from that injury two years ago, 8 million a year with a 1 million buyout the fourth year should be about right. I know he has to give a % to his agent and the tax agencies, but he should net around 11 million from this deal alone. That should be enough to set up his family for life. Then when he retires, he can go into broadcasting or coaching, or raise Alpacas (or donkeys) on his land. Any more money them that is really risky, considering his injury history.

      • CP

        So basically Zack should ignore the market and be a nice guy and let the Reds fleece him?

      • RedInIND

        Per Zach Buchanan in today’s Enquirer: The Reds might be looking at an extension for a hometown discount. If he’s not traded at the deadline nor extended past this year, the Reds won’t give him a QO around $19 million for 2018.

      • larry

        Yes. But seriously, his health issues are going to make teams think twice about a large offer

      • Chuck Schick

        If Cozart is talking to the Reds at this point then his agent is concerned that the market may be rather ” limited.”

        The Reds sign him for something like 3/30….Cozart plays up the
        ” I love Cincinnati and was willing to take less” BS narrative and the Reds show the fans they have “the desire and ability to re-sign guys and are committed ” BS narrative.

        ….when in all actuality Cozart is concerned there is no market for him and the Reds are concerned that they don’t have any better options……both sides are settling for one another

      • David

        I’m sure that there are several teams that would want Cozart at the “right price”. But the Reds shouldn’t take a mid-level A-ball prospect for him. It the Reds don’t get what they think is value, they can always sign him, and trade him after he signs a contract. Or keep him.
        The Reds have a lot of pieces in the middle infield in the minors, but few appear that they are stepping up.
        And why they signed that guy from Cuba for 6 mil is still mind numbing.