2017 Reds / All-Star Game

Picking the 2017 National League All-Stars

Over at FanGraphs, Dave Cameron has made his selections for the National League All-Star team:

The All-Star game is just a few weeks away, and on Sunday, we’ll find out the results of the fan’s voting for the starters, as well as most of the reserves. In advance of the announcement, I’m going to give you my selections for how I would fill out both squads if MLB granted me totalitarian authority and let me fill all 32 spots. I’m sticking with the rules agreed to in the CBA, so I’m taking 20 position players and 12 pitchers, with each team sending at least one representative.

You should read the entire piece, but here’s the short version: Cameron thinks Joey Votto should be the starting DH in the All-Star Game. He also thinks Zack Cozart should make the team as a reserve shortstop.

Of course, Cozart may win the fan voting, but even if he doesn’t, Cameron thinks Cozart will make it due to the dearth of qualified middle infield candidates in the NL. He also says that Raisel Iglesias and Adam Duvall are close, but likely on the outside looking in.

Take it for what it’s worth…

7 thoughts on “Picking the 2017 National League All-Stars

  1. Votto deserves the nod but probably gets crowded out by some also well qualified candidates. Goldschmidt and Zimmerman have been legitimately excellent too, and Rizzo gets all the Cubs votes. But I like this idea of Votto as a DH. Is that even a thing with the game in Miami? Or do they now use a DH regardless of location? But Cozart deserves the start for many reasons, not least of which is that a media shy, introspective future hall of famer donned a donkey suit to promote Zack’s candidacy, and I’m sure Votto would gladly stay home if it meant Cozart making the all star team. There are still many things to love about the Reds and for me this year it starts with Zack and Joey and a donkey. Sadly, I predict Zack and his donkey will be the only Reds representatives in Miami this year.

      • And in about a week or so Zack and his donkey will move onto another city where they don’t allow donkeys…

  2. Interesting that Adam Duvall makes his next group as worthy of consideration…that’s back to back years Duvall is playing at an all star-ish level in LF. The corner outfielders have been remarkable and certainly are a bright spot.

    With all the injuries and as we’ve seen with Homer…you have to have plan B for those long huge contracts. Were Votto to miss time the next 3-5 years, I think Duvall could easily slide to first base. He needs to be a longer term piece to the puzzle. His power in GABP makes him a credible 30 -40 HR guy and he is very underrated athletically and defensively.

    Iglesias was also in the second grouping.
    Votto is a joy.

  3. I’m a little conflicted with Cozart’s all star bid. He certainly deserves the acknowledgement and priveledge of being selected, but he has an injured quad that won’t heal properly this season without considerable rest. Activating Cozart from the DL prior to the all star game and having him play in the all star game seems contrary to the best approach and policy. I know Cozart wants to be activated and play immediately and he certainly wants to play in the all star game, but is that really a decision he should be making?

    • I think so, and for two reasons. 1. Activating him now shows he’s not really hurt that bad (at least gives the impression). 2. Letting him play in the All Star game gives him that much more exposure, and let’s face it, 2 innings shouldn’t kill the guy, and if it does, all that means is that a game or two after the All Star game, he was going to go down anyway.

      • It just seems morally wrong to play or let an injured player play with the financial benefit for Cozart’s playing tipped strongly to favor the Reds rather than Cozart.

        If the Reds don’t activate Cozart, Cozart’s trade value for the Reds certainly goes down. If Cozart severely aggravates the hammy and sits for the 2nd half of the season, he would lose millions off his FA contract, although I think the hammy has already cost Cozart on his FA contract and his trade value.

        I’m reasonably certain that Cozart would at least have input into the decision to play or not to play and I’d also wager that his wife would have input through Zack.

        I just hope it works out well for all parties. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind a quickly negotiated extension for Cozart based on his reduced value as a FA with the hammy issue looming over him. Then the Reds could sit Cozart for 4-6 weeks for treatment and recovery before even contemplating activation from the DL and additional playing time this season.

        A starting IF of Suarez, Cozart, Scooter and Votto next season has a certain flair and appeal. Combine that IF with Duvall, Schebler and Winker across the OF and Mesoraco behind the dish and the Reds could be an offensive juggernaut with no holes in the offensive lineup. Kinda reminds the Old Cossack of a lineup from 40-some years ago.

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