49 catchers have been worth more than 0.0 WAR over the duration of the 2017 season, according to FanGraphs. To be clear, that number includes every single catcher who has approached the plate at a minimum one time. The Astros’ Juan Centeno is included, ranked 39th with 0.3 WAR in just eight plate appearances.

WAR, or Wins Above Replacement, attempts to quantify a player’s contributions on the field into one simple evaluation. Offense, defense, base running — it’s all factored in the counting stat, which means more playing time equals more opportunity to accrue more WAR.

The Nationals’ starting catcher Matt Wieters, one of six catchers league-wide who currently qualify for the batting title, also makes the cut. At 43rd. With 0.2 WAR. Tangentially but not quite too tangentially for this article, the Nationals are also a near lock to make the playoffs.

You see, Devin Mesoraco, the catcher for our Reds who are a near lock not to make the playoffs, also falls on the list at 17th with 1.0 WAR. He doesn’t qualify for the batting title so small sample size arguments can be made, but still, nearly a full win ahead of Wieters.

The Reds should trade Devin Mesoraco, either this month before the trade deadline or this offseason before 2018, but he shouldn’t be on the 2018 Opening Day roster. My point in the preceding paragraphs is that if the Reds should trade Devin Mesoraco regardless, now—a time with potential buyers like the Nationals, Red Sox (Sandy Leon, 37th, 0.3 WAR), and Diamondbacks (Jesus Sucre, 33rd, 0.4 WAR) at the ready—is far and away the best time to do so.

But first an argument for why Devin Mesoraco should be traded before 2018 Opening Day:

  1. He’s owed $13 million next year and the Reds won’t contend before he hits free agency.
  2. If he does anything in the next month or three to show he’s gotten past his injury, then he’s infinitely more valuable to another club than he is to a still rebuilding Reds team.

By 2018 Opening Day, Devin Mesoraco will be a catcher just shy of 30 with one good season to his name. The Reds took a calculated low risk, high reward gamble on Mesoraco after his 2014 breakout, and I think it’s fair to say now that it didn’t pay off.

A couple days ago. Matt Habel took a deep dive into Mesoraco’s stats, trying to find the catcher lost since 2014. His findings —

“While his production has continued to increase, his plate discipline and K% show he might be heading towards some regression”

— leave little to get excited about, and his conclusion —

“There is still much to be seen regarding the future of Devin with this club, but given the other issues Reds fans have to worry about right now, there is no reason not to be optimistic”

— reeks of false hope in the face of the hierarchy of needs.

The best compliment Reds’ fans can give Mesoraco at the moment is some version of “he’s not the problem.” He’s also not the solution. Maybe I’m writing him off too soon, but Mesoraco at best is a serviceable catcher, which in a league lacking star backstops is nothing to scoff at.

What I’m getting at is this: The Reds could keep Mesoraco and everything would be fine. The rebuild would continue its slow shuffle off this mortal coil, and the club would toil in the mid-bottom of the NL Central until some young pitcher decided to finally put it together. A catcher will not make or break a rebuild.

But, and here’s the kicker: If the Reds choose to deviate from their norm and perhaps follow Jason Linden’s advice to increase payroll and do some early birthday shopping, shedding Mesoraco’s $13 million contract gives them a lot more breathing room without much production loss. Would a full season of Tucker Barnhart (13th, 1.1 WAR) in exchange for a Yu Darvish contract, or perhaps the chance to land Michael Pineda, Tyson Ross, or dare I say Johnny Cueto really be that bad?

In fact, in my humble opinion, if the Reds trade Devin Mesoraco, raise payroll, and go get a stud starting pitcher (let’s say Darvish for simplicity’s sake), then they have the chance to compete next year. The rotation would be better if not formidable, the lineup would still rake without Mesoraco in there, and depending on who the Reds got back for Mes, the farm might even improve a bit more.

There’s the counterargument that the Reds can get Darvish without shedding Mesoraco’s contract, and if contention next year looks iffy by the trade deadline, move him then. I agree, that’s a valid course of action. But, if Mesoraco can show something in the next month that he has the potential to return to 2014 form, a year and a half of a serviceable catcher brings greater return than three months.

It’s also entirely likely that Mesoraco could hit 30 home runs between now and October, cementing his status as the Reds catcher and making this post look foolish. But I doubt that will happen. Instead, Mesoraco will finish with a line maybe slightly better than what he has, pop between 15-20 homers, and do just enough behind the plate. Serviceable, like I said. Expendable too.

Assuming my version of events becomes reality, there would be takers for Mesoraco during the offseason, but there would also be Jonathan Lucroy, Matt Wieters, and Wellington Castillo on the open market. Diluted opportunities never helps return.

If the Reds seize the moment now and put on their best salesman’s cap, Mesoraco would likely be the best catcher available at the deadline. Would the Nationals flip Victor Robles, their top prospect, for Mes? Probably not, but I could see their seventh-ranked prospect Austin Voth head our way.

Devin Mesoraco will no longer be a Red after 2018 because resigning him long term would be foolhardy (assuming the previously mentioned 30 home run burst does not occur). Flipping him now or this offseason is the best way to keep the rebuild on track or perhaps even jump start it.

Which leads to the question: “If not Mesoraco, what do the Reds do long term?”

If you believe in Tyler Stephenson, then there’s your answer. But in this alternate reality where the Reds take risks and the rebuild has a “win-now” timeline instead of a “maybe next year, every year” one, Stephenson is too far away and too raw to fill the gap.

The Reds should trade Devin Mesoraco, and then hedge their bet by taking another plunge: Trade for the Cardinals’ Carson Kelly or a catching prospect like him (Chance Sisco? Zack Collins?).

The best catching prospect in perhaps all of baseball, Kelly is raking at AAA and expects to see the Major Leagues, well, never. The Cardinals can’t move Yadier Molina because of his contract and because of his entrenchment with the fanbase. They could move Kelly to the outfield or a corner spot, but that’s akin to taking a hunk of gold and using it as a paperweight. It works sure, but everyone else hates you for it.

The Cardinals need a lot of things to be a good team again, but they will never tear down. The Reds should take advantage of that singular mindset with one of two options.

  1. Hope the Cardinals see the writing on the wall for their entire starting rotation and entice them with a couple of the Reds’ pitching prospects. Robert Stephenson and Tyler Mahle for instance. Cody Reed and Luis Castillo maybe. Whoever the Reds don’t trust and the Cardinals might. The Redbirds’ 2018 rotation suddenly has one youthful new face along with current prospects Alex Reyes and Luke Weaver, their rotation fleshed out by Mike Leake, or Lance Lynn, or Michael Wacha — whoever’s name looks the best after Carlos Martinez really — and one bullpen arm or sixth starter ready to go in time of injury.
  2. Trade Eugenio Suarez for Kelly straight. Open the hole for Nick Senzel, get a promising young catcher behind the plate, and ta-da, the Reds once again have a young core (Senzel, Kelly, Peraza, whichever pitchers are still around) poised to breakout.

I recognize this hypothetical is well past the simple “trade Devin Mesoraco” premise, but it’s not too far-fetched even if it is horribly unlikely.

Assuming the Carson Kelly situation doesn’t happen but Mes does go, Tucker Barnhart becomes the starting backstop for 2018 and the Reds have exactly one year to figure out a catching alternative. By 2019, the rebuild is long past due, that word just a recycled narrative justifying mid-tier ambivalence.

If the rebuild is to come to fruition, trading Devin Mesoraco is by no means the final step. But it’s a step that should be taken for its precedent — that the Reds are finally willing to kick this into high gear instead of waiting it out. Free up money for a big signing, go after the franchise-changing prospect, just do something to prove that 2019 will be the year.

Devin Mesoraco isn’t the problem, but he needs to be traded all the same.

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  1. VaRedsFan

    I’m all for your scenario of dumping Mez’s salary in order to bring in a frontline starter. The only problem is, like you said, our catching prospects on the farm aren’t close to ready. I think Barnhart defensively, is light years better than Mez. Pitch framing and what not. Mez seems to botch a number of catches per game.
    Mez can hit fastballs. I’m not sure why pitchers still throw them to him. If you could cash in now, I think it would be a good move.

    How about a 3 team deal (since you introduced hypotheticals). We get Cards catcher Kelly, Mez goes to the Nats, and the Nats ship something the Cards need. It’s all so easy on paper.

    • Jack

      I would be surprised if the Cards every trade with the Reds. I would take a front line starter but Pineda and RoSS are not that. And what makes anybody think that any team would want Stephenson? He has done nothing. Not sure why everybody calls the guy out all the time but at trade deadline he becomes am all star.

      • doofus

        I can see your point with Ebby Calvin LaLoosh, but teams also draft pitchers #1 that are rehabilitating from TJ surgery.

  2. Jack

    Seems to me the Reds are turning into a east coast A’s. Sucks being a small market team. We are willing to trade off Suarez because we have a guy in AA ball that’s going to be the savior. Whose next? It’s getting to the point of what’s the,sense of liking a player because they are shipping him off by time he is 30 anyways. Gone are the old days I know. But is Votto the last of the old ways? I’m not disagreeing with you in anyway. What you write is true. How can you have a team hall of fame any more when the guys can only stay 5 or 6 years? It’s quite disturbing in away isn’t it?

  3. Old-school

    I don’t think there is a market for mesoraco.
    I also think the reds are very happy with the tandem of mesoraco.and barnhart.

    The way the Reds have lost- historically bad bullpen 2016…..worst SP in 2017….plus the injuries will make the FO gun-shy about taking any risk that could create another “worst”.

    They are more than happy to give Stephenson 2 more years to develop and keep the tandem they have.

    • Hanawi

      If the Reds were very happy with that tandem, they wouldn’t be keeping Turner on the roster.

      • Old-school

        Turner was an insurance policy with mesoraco s injuries and comeback… He isn’t a major league catcher….he would be part of the “worst” wRC+ from the catchers position in 2018 in reds history….elevating Alex Trevino and dann billardello to respectable hitting catchers by comparison.

    • Old-school

      Forget all of that….Cubs just dfa’d Miguel montero.

      • Jim Walker

        Well after Montero’s outburst last night about his pitchers not holding runners on, this isn’t that big of a surprise. I guess the question is was the outburst the last straw in a situation everyone, including Montero, knew was brewing or did it bring on the DFA all of its own accord?

      • lwblogger2

        I think it was a final straw sort of situation. Montero has been critical of a lot of things and publicly. I think the Cubs just finally had enough.

  4. VaRedsFan

    One big question?? Would the Nats also have to get Hannigan, so Dusty could use Mez as the backup? 😉

    • Jack

      Lol hey Hannigan is still playing. He might be keeping an eye on him.

  5. Tampa Red

    Geez, Reds fans always want to trade someone who’s good for someone who “might” someday be good too. I get it, to a certain degree. I love Cozarf as a player and person but he’s gonna be a FA and not likely to be resigned so ok, let’s see what we can get. And I’m fine with trading Hamilton in the right deal. A few others as well, although they likely don’t have much trade value and will be gone next year anyway.

    But gosh bless it, the past few months I’ve seen Reds fans argue that we should trade Iglesias, Schebler, Duvall and now Mesaraco and Suarez. Unless someone wants to offer young, controllable CURRENT big leaguers in a lopsided deal then I think that it’s absurd to trade ballplayers like them, young, highly talented and productive and with multiple years of team control. Come on!!

    • Wesley Jenkins

      Mes is only signed through 2018, resigning him past that would be foolhardy considering he’s a perpetually hurt catcher on the wrong side of 30. The Reds won’t compete in 2018, so the premise here is move him before 2018 with value rebuilt so that the Reds can get someone who will add value in 2019.

      • KetteringRedsFan

        Point taken but I’ll offer a twist.

        The Reds should institute the “Arsenal Rule”. While Arsenal FC was rebuilding and even now, Arsene Wenger had a firm policy of not signing -anyone- over age 30 to any contract longer than one year. Period. Serial extensions were always available for core and superstars, but -never- more than a time. That has broken down recently as Arsenal have finished paying off their stadium but mostly because of the insane flood of television money pouring into European football.

        It might be a good policy for the Reds to institute given that they will always be competing in a league with limited resources relative to other clubs and in a similar climate of moneyflood (TM). Depending on what’s available in the market and the state/flux of free agency in any given year, serial one-year extensions might be a win/win for the Reds (positioning, return on trade, availability of talent) and player (rehabbing perception after injury, timing FA to maximize value).

      • lwblogger2

        Wes, you just described exactly why the Reds probably can’t move him. It isn’t just the rest of this year’s salary, it’s the $13-million for next year. The Nats, nor anyone else, isn’t likely to want to take on the remainder of the contract considering the injury risk, even if Mes continues to look decent. This is especially true of the Nats who already shelled out some $$ for Wieters (who isn’t as bad as his WAR). If the Reds were motivated and wanted even a marginal return in trade, they would likely need to kick in some $$ to reduce the risk on Mesoraco’s contract. If the Reds need to kick in half of the $$, would you still want to move Mes for a marginal prospect?

      • Wesley Jenkins

        Personally, I wouldn’t no. The kicker here is that even halfway decent catchers are few and far between, so a team in contention *might* bite on Mes’s potential to help them to a playoff berth. You’re right about the Nats situation, but the Rays? the Red Sox especially? It’s not wholly outside the realm of possibility and even getting a middling prospect (ala scott schebler or adam duvall) could pay dividends for a guy who should walk after 2018 regardless

      • lwblogger2

        Sox would make the most sense. Not sure how close they are to the luxury tax threshold or if they’ve exceeded it. It will be interesting to see what moves they can make to shore things up around the deadline.

  6. Scott Carter

    Like you said catcher is not going to make or break the rebuild. Getting Kelly would be great but I would be content with Tucker as the starter, if we could get the rotation straighten out and make decision on playing either Hamilton or Peraza. That makes too many holes in the offense.

  7. mdhabel

    I definitely think he should be traded but I am not sold that now is that time. Ideally if he continues to perform well through this season and first half of 2018 he is more valuable at next years trade deadline and it would shorten the transition period to Stephenson. I like Barnhart but he seems to be more suited for the backup/split-time role than the everyday starter.

  8. MrRed

    Provocative, Wesley. Nice job. But I was having trouble following this passage:

    “It’s also entirely likely that Mesoraco could hit 30 home runs between now and October, cementing his status as the Reds catcher and making this post look foolish. But I doubt that will happen.”

    Did you mean to say, it’s “possible” that Mez could hit 30 home runs? Because if it’s entirely likely he will, then it doesn’t make sense to bet against him. And I would hope the Reds wouldn’t in that case.

    • doofus

      I think he was being sarcastic about the 30 dingers.

      • MrRed

        My comment was somewhat tongue in cheek…

  9. Jennifer Campbell

    I agree that the Reds should pursue a deal for Mesaraco for the reasons you listed here and the fact that it opens up playing time for Stuart Turner as the backup to Tucker Barnhart . They could certainly acquire another catching prospect that’s currently stuck behind an established veteran to keep down in Louisville as an emergency option . I think we could trade Suarez to the Red Sox for a catcher like Blake Swihart and then find a third base option that can bridge the gap until Senzel is ready .

    • IndyRedMan

      Suarez is on pace to draw 81 walks and playing great D….just no to trading him or Duvall. They are on the trading block 24/7 on this blog…lol. If we deal Cozart then its highly questionable that Peraza will hit enough to play SS regularly? I think Suarez might have to move back to SS for Senzel to give them an elite offense!

      • The Duke

        Suarez is listed at 5’11” and 213 lbs. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was closer to 220 now. I don’t see him moving back to SS.

        Anyone is tradable for the right price. The article talks about trading him mostly to shed that $13 million salary and get a little flexibility in FA.

      • renbutler

        Suarez has put up nearly two months of .219/.332/.368/.699 and a 25% strikeout rate.

        That’s an awfully long time for a slump. Hopefully he can shake it, because we need a lot more from 3B.

      • IndyRedMan

        He’s streaky. I hope that oppo HR last night will get him going. You can tell when he’s off because he rarely drives the ball the other way. When he’s on…he’s shooting it to right all the time!

      • doofus

        Eugenio is also on pace for 150 whiffs. I like Mr. Suarez, but I think he’s more valuable to the Reds as a trade piece for starting pitching because of Senzel’s development.

        I like the Carson Kelly for Eugenio swap, that’s the type of juice this front office needs to inject into this franchise.

      • lwblogger2

        Not sure I’d do that deal if I were the Cards but I wouldn’t be hanging up the phone. I’d certainly try to get you to sweeten the deal. Kelly is blocked but he’s an excellent catching prospect who’s about ready and there aren’t many of those at all.

  10. Chuck Schick

    He’s missed the better part of 2.25 seasons. He’s owed 13 million and then he’s a UFA. No team in their right mind would offer anything of value for him. He’s played in 76 of the past 400 games. If he stays healthy for the next year he might actually have a market value.

    He’s a nice house, in a good school district that happens to be on fire.

    • Jim Walker

      Add that 3 of the four major ball and socket joints in his body have been rebuilt, one of them “preemptively”; and the elephant in the corner of the room is how much wear and tear is left on the 4th ball joint, his right shoulder, To go with your metaphor, the cause of the fire is a gas leak in the basement.

    • liptonian

      The school district is on fire?!

    • doofus

      Over the years I’ve seen teams do many things that could question their front offices’ sanity.

      Hey, the traded Bruce for nothing and cleared $’s off the ledger. Why not Meso?

    • nicolecushing

      Yep. I agree with all of these points.

  11. james garrett

    Has a history of injuries,not setting the world on fire at the plate or on defense and is owed a bunch of money next year.Doubt if anybody would offer anything worth taking but doesn’t hurt to shop him.

  12. CP

    Every player should be eligible to be traded if the price is right. I can’t see a guy coming back from major injury being particularly attractive to other ball clubs though.

    I also dispute the notion that trading Mesoraco won’t cause much of a hit to production. Tucker Barnhart has produced even less than Mesoraco has over the course of his career, and is very unlikely to be able to play a full season and produce the way he has this season. I find it very unlikely Tucker Barnhart will have 1.5+ WAR by the end of the season, and if you trade Mesoraco, you’re likely going to replace him with one of the 0 WAR players that were mentioned earlier in the article. This isn’t fantasy baseball where you can just punt the catcher position. Plus, there are them intangibles that make veteran catchers so valuable.

    I also don’t really see the benefit of pinching pennies at the catcher position to upgrade elsewhere if you want to compete. I’m fine with trading Mesoraco for value, but the reasons stated in this article are not that persuasive. The Reds are young and cheap and should be able to add payroll as needed.

    The catcher stats league wide does reinforce my belief that high draft picks are wasted on catchers.

  13. renbutler

    Sucre actually plays for the Rays, not the D-Backs.

    But the D-Backs are indeed struggling at catcher, as their catcher WAR as a team is 0.0, ahead of only the Nats and Blue Jays.

  14. eric3287

    I’m all aboard the trade Cozart train. It’s unlikely Cozart will be able to help the Reds much in 2019-2020 when they might realistically have a shot at competing, and the roster is so chock full of infielders (Suarez, Peraza, Scooter, Blandino, Senzel, Shed Long, Herrera) and nowhere to play them. You need to open one spot ASAP and stock some assets in the process.

    There isn’t a similar situation at catcher. I think they should treat Mesoraco like they did Straily. Listen, but don’t dump for the sake of dumping a contract unless you can get someone to give up a top 3 prospect for him.

    They owe Mesoraco $13 million in 2018 and then nothing after that. Any big name the Reds might sign is going to cost them in the out years (2022, 2023, etc), not in 2018. That $13 million saved next year isn’t going to help much with any free agent signings. 43 year old Bartolo Colon got $12.5 million last offseason. Darvish or Pineda are going to cost upwards of $25 million a year. And Cueto is set to make $21 million next year unless he opts out. He’s not opting out, in my mind, for anything less than $30 million per year.

  15. Chuck Schick

    Even if the Reds somehow gets Mesoraco off the books and they go after a Darvish like UFA the chances of that actually coming to fruition are rather low. The Cubs have 30 million from Arrietta and Lackey coming off the books and the Reds aren’t going to win a bidding war.

    • Jim Walker

      Then again Arrieta might be just what the doctor ordered for the Reds needs……

      • IndyRedMan

        96-97 mph to 92….not a good sign for Arrieta? I kind of like Alex Cobb from Tampa. He pitched pretty well against us and had 8 shutout innings (2 hits) vs Pirates last night. He’s kind of under the radar but a 3.06 era if you throw out 1 horrendous game. He’ll be 30 so not a young prospect but maybe he’ll be getting more then tightwad Tampa can afford? Reds have no shot at the big names.

      • Jack

        Not at the price Arrieta is going to be asking for. I think the Reds have plenty of pitching talent in the minors. They need to boot ad leman off the roster and trade Feldman. Get all the starting pitchers some starts in the next 3 months and that I believe is what they are and will do.

  16. WVRedlegs

    Yes, re-boot the re-build.
    Place For Sale signs on Mesoraco, Duval, Hamilton, Peraza, Cozart, Feldman, Storen, and Wood.
    Upgrade at SS for 2018. Upgrade at CF/leadoff. Upgrade LF. Upgrade the Starting Rotation. Upgrade the C tandem.
    By Aug 1 for the pitching:
    Castillo stays up.
    Keep one of Cody Reed and Robert Stephenson, trade the other.
    Keep one of Garrett and Romano, the other at AAA.
    Move Rookie Davis to the bullpen.
    Ariel Hernandez promoted to ML bullpen.
    Jimmy Herget promoted to ML bullpen.

    • jtburns11

      Mez- for sale.
      Duvall- listen in case someone wants to overpay.
      Hamilton- not sure what we could but I’d listen to offers.
      Peraza- still only 23. Patience young grasshopper.
      Cozart- of course, for sale.
      Feldman- of course, for sale.
      Storen- for sale.
      Wood- we might get some pine tar or a bag of balls. I’d accept.

      I agree with everything after that except I’d keep all the young guys still and wait. Stephenson pitched 7.2 tonight with no walks. Maybe Mahle will rub off on him!

    • lwblogger2

      Geez WV, you’re bumming me out. I was hoping 2019 but changes like that would suggest 2020 or even 2021.

  17. doofus

    From Jason Martinez, MLB Trade Rumors, “Knocking Down the Door”…

    “Tyler Mahle, SP, Cincinnati Reds (Triple-A Louisville)

    Mahle is the first player to earn “Knocking Down The Door” honors for a second time in 2017, although he was dominating at the Double-A level when I pegged him as a potential call-up in early May. This time around, he’s coming off of an impressive Triple-A debut in which he pitched four-hit ball over six innings with no earned runs allowed and nine strikeouts.

    A struggling Reds’ rotation was hoping for a shot in the arm with Homer Bailey and Brandon Finnegan both back from the disabled list. But Bailey’s 2017 debut was disastrous (1 2/3 IP, 8 ER) and Finnegan is headed back to the DL with a shoulder injury. The Reds have already used an NL-leading 12 starting pitchers and are certain to dip into their farm for reinforcements again at some point. Will the 22-year-old Mahle be the 13th?”

    • lwblogger2

      His start lines up for Saturday, which would be Finnegan’s next start.

  18. KetteringRedsFan

    (1) Use the rest of 2017 to evaluate Mesoraco, Stevenson and Okey’s relative performance. This will (a) give a better estimate of Mesoraco’s WAR and free-agent $ value and (b) a better estimate of when the youth becomes available (2 to 2 1/2 years best guesstimate)

    (2) Depending on (1), come to a decision in the offseason as whether and when to trade…and, more importantly, assess what’s rationally available in the market. One of the problems I have with hot stove/fantasy trading is that expectations are often unreasonably high. Is there a current or AAA talent available that will fill the 2 year gap?

    (3) Consider a 1 year extension at the current salary (which implies, what, 1.5 WAR?). This may not be as crazy as it seems –
    (a) it cuts down the gap time
    (b) it gives Mes another year to shake off the value impairment from his recent injury history
    (c) Depending on the free agent market and what’s available and needed, it may strategically improve his value in negotiation, plus an additional year of predictable salary control might improve his trade value.

    I realize we are talking 13-15M here – definitely -not- chump change – but it will fit the current payroll structure and the team will still have cash left over even after arbitration chews up part of what is released if/when Cozart is traded. Given that everyone seems to feel that we will have additional TV money, one could even extend Cozart a year and still have some maneuvering space. (Not a recommendation, pro or con, just an observation…….please don’t shoot….please……….)

    Should Mes be traded? 70/30 likely … but catchers with his balance of offense and defense do not grow on trees.

    • greenmtred

      Absolutely! Rebuilds are such good fun.

    • lwblogger2

      Yeah, that’s the thing you definitely want to avoid. The dreaded “perpetual rebuilding cycle”… There has to be a plan and an end date. The Reds apparently had both #RebuildBinder

  19. jessecuster44

    Why would the Cardinals trade with a division rival? When was the last time the Cards and Reds did business. Am I missing something here?

    • doofus

      Why would they not? I don’t believe that there is any rule preventing them from dealing with each other, do you?

      To m y knowledge they last traded a few punches and kicks that went awry a few years ago.

  20. jtburns11

    I just don’t see the Cardinals ever making a major deal where they send top prospects to the Reds. The NL Central began in 94. Since then, we sent them a player in a 3 team trade, and in 97 they sent us Dmitri Young for Jeff Brantley. Other than that, no major transactions between the us and them.

    I think dealing Mez has some logic to it, but not to the Cards. And I would never consider dealing Saurez to them. I don’t like the idea of dealing him anyways. Senzel played 2B during his early years at Tennessee. I think moving him there makes the most sense, and Saurez stays at 3B.

    The young guys with team control need to stay and everyone just needs to be patient. It’s supposed to be a couple years of sorting but people are already writing off some guys who are only ages 23 to 25 on here. We just need to focus on dealing guys who are nearing free agency, maybe add a sweetener here or there to get a better return.

    • doofus

      I don’t think anyone proposed Mesoraco to the Cards.

      • jtburns11

        The above article proposed trading for a Cardinals prospect. You must have skipped over that part.

  21. lost11found

    Sorry Wes, I think your best set up is the Trade Mes for Darvish (or others you mentioned)and then the Suarez for Kelly, but it seems just a shell game. It maybe shores up SP (Darvish’s TJ isn’t that far back) and opens a hole at 3B. Senzel looks good so far although AA is giving him a tough time but that league and park can make good hitters look bad for a while. So its as big of a maybe as the young starters.

    I just don’t see how the team is much better after such moves. Its just shuffling things around.

  22. Redgoggles

    Extend him! (Buy low.) Love Mes.

    • lwblogger2

      Perhaps not completely insane of an idea. This is especially true if he is at least solid the rest of the season.

  23. DavidTurner49

    Thanks for provoking thought Wesley. But Mes’s injury history will make it difficult to get much in a trade unless he has a long healthy stretch. Also, seems like the later we get in the rebuild the more we need to trade for ML or ML ready talent, not prospects.

    • Wesley Jenkins

      Voth is MLB ready (the guy I picked out), had his cup of tea in the majors last year and has promising stuff, but I totally agree with your point

  24. Abdul

    The Reds should absolutely trade Mesoraco. It would also be nice to get rid of Bailey. He was a .500 pitcher at best that got lucky with two no hitters. I’m guessing we couldn’t trade Bailey for a good bat boy.

  25. Timothy

    Fully agree we need a youthful ace, and we have expendable pieces don’t break up what could be a stud outfield by next year, and package Cozart, Mes, and Suarez I have had enough of Mes, he had burned us with health, what I would love to see go is Baileys Contract and Mes. But that’s a diehard hopeful fan wishing in one hand and well….

    Great post!