The Reds finally looked somewhat competent last night against Milwaukee, slugging their way to an 8-6 victory. They good guys will look to keep up the hot bats tonight in game two, slated to start at 7:10 EST.

Starting Pitchers

Chase Anderson 89.1 2.92 4.32 23.3% 7.5%
Luis Castillo 5.0 3.60 5.21 22.7% 22.7%

The Brewers, just like last night, will send a pitcher out to the mound with a much better ERA than xFIP. Unlike last night’s starter Junior Guerra, Chase Anderson has kept his walk rate somewhat in check. The difference in Anderson’s ERA and xFIP can likely be traced to BABIP, which currently sits at .274, well under his career .295 rate. The Reds will once again attempt to take advantage of a pitcher who’s traditional season statistics scream stud, but who’s sabermetric statistics show dud.

Luis Castillo will make his Great American Ballpark debut tonight. The fireball-throwing prospect pitched decently in his first outing last week, perhaps letting nerves get to him a bit as he gave up 5 walks in 5 innings. He was able to keep damage off the scoreboard though, even if the Reds bullpen imploded after he left. Castillo doesn’t walk guys in the minor leagues, and generally has pretty good control on all of his pitches. We’ll see if the home crowd can help calm his nerves a bit tonight.

The lineups

Brewers Reds
2B Eric Sogard (160 wRC+) CF Billy Hamilton (61 wRC+)
1B Eric Thames (134 wRC+) 2B Scooter Gennett (137 wRC+)
LF Ryan Braun (119 wRC+) 1B Joey Votto (157 wRC+)
3B Travis Shaw (127 wRC+) LF Adam Duvall (121 wRC+)
RF Hernan Perez (88 wRC+) 3B Eugenio Suarez (119 wRC+)
CF Keon Broxton (106 wRC+)  RF Scott Schebler (123 wRC+)
C Stephen Vogt (72 wRC+) 2B Jose Peraza (61 wRC+)
SS Orlando Arcia (84 wRC+) C Tucker Barnhart (87 wRC+)
P Chase Anderson (5.21 xFIP) P Luis Castillo (5.21 xFIP)

The Brewers will shuffle things up slightly in game 2, with Hernan Perez taking over for Domingo Santana in Right, and newly claimed, former Oakland Athletic Catcher Stephen Vogt takes over behind the plate. Vogt seems to be falling off a cliff in his age 32 season. He’s slashing .215/.286/.354 with -1.2 FanGraphs BSR, -7.2 Off, and -3.1 Def. In other words, he’s been well below replacement level so far this season. We’ll see if he can bounce back after the move from the AL to the NL.

Tucker Barnhart will take over for Devin Mesoraco behind the plate tonight for the Redlegs. Other than that, everything stays the same.


News and Notes

Final Thoughts

Last night was fun to watch, even if it doesn’t erase the huge losing skid the team is trying to pull out of. Winning games like that – especially against division-leading rivals – goes a long way in building confidence that even if the rebuild isn’t done, it’s certainly got key pieces in place. The offense is legit – now we just need the pitching to catch up. A bright young star takes the mound again tonight – will he buck the trend of young Reds pitching prospect bursting into flames on the major league mound?

Jordan has been a lifelong Reds fan, attending games since before he can remember. When he’s not watching, listening to, or writing about the Reds, he’s designing websites, photographing weddings, and hanging out with his friends and family.

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  1. Hoping for his sake Castillo has a good night. If he doesn’t people will be screaming to send him back to AA or trading him and Stephenson for Kershaw. And God help him if he walks more than 1 batter.

  2. He will walk more then 1 batter because its a different strike zone and hitters don’t chase as much but 97/98 MPH works in the big leagues.Just wish the Reds would let two or three of their young pitchers take the ball every 5 days for the rest of the year so we can see what they have got.Still won’t tell you much as 25 to 30 starts will but it is better then what they have done so far which is basically nothing outside of the few starts they gave Amir Garrett.Tucker does not hit well against left handers so why not Devin tonight?

    • That’s why they need to dump Feldman and Adleman. I honestly think that they will give starts to the young guys from here on out. Castillo deserved it so he is the first up. Mahle is next, Garrett and Reed. I would like to have seen Jackson Stephens get a chance as well. I think Robert Steve. Will be the last because if he is walking a boat load in AAA then he will here.

    • I think we’ve seen what they’ve got. With development maybe they will improve. At the moment they are not major league pitchers. I’m holding out hope that Castillo pitches well tonight.

  3. My mistake I thought Anderson was a lefty.

  4. Hernan Perez has been a Reds killer over the years, if memory serves.

    • There seems to be players that stick in your mind as Reds killers over the years. Like Berkman. But team wise it seems the Brewers had a few of them. Braun, Gennett, Weeks…

  5. The 27th was yesterday. Should the headline be for the 28th?

  6. Looks like Stephenson is the listed starter at AAA tonight. If he answers the bell, we can scratch him off the list for Finnegan’s former spot next start.

    • I think it will be Reed. But don’t quote me. 🙂

    • Seems obvious (reading between the lines) that Stephenson and Reed are in Price’s doghouse. Price had a visceral tone when saying there were definitely players at the minor league level he did *not* want to be called up. Was really strange to hear him be so judgmental/emotional about it.

      • What you see as strange, I see as honest. I wish we knew the whole story.

  7. Interesting to see how Castillo does tonight against a good, but not quite as good as the Nationals, offensive line up.
    At home, rather than on the road. I think he showed some poise last Friday night, and he does have big league stuff.
    Throw strikes, get your pitches over, get ahead of the batters, attack the strike zone, trust your stuff, yada yada yada. There you go, all the pitching cliches that I know.

    Seriously, I think the biggest thing a minor leaguer has to overcome in the Bigs is after getting two strikes on the hitter, is to go after him and finish him. The guys in the Majors will not chase marginal pitches as much as minor league hitters do. It really is about getting over a two strike pitch as an out pitch. Too many guys start to nibble after getting two strikes, and lose the pitcher’s advantage in the count. And then bad things happen. Bad things.

    • I’m with you on the “waste” pitches. Instead of nowhere near, how about try to paint the corner at the knees

  8. Castillo getting the changeup in for strikes (at least starting in the strike tunnel) in the first inning. Makes all the difference. Threw it a lot in 1st inning.

  9. Wow!!! Absolutely nothing is guaranteed but this Castillo kid has #1-#2 starter stuff!!

  10. Looks like significantly better command tonight … then again, we’re just starting the 2nd.

    And a walk as I type it … time for one of our magic DP’s!

  11. what a great catch by schebler!!!

  12. What a catch by Schebler robbing Milwaukee of a 3-run homer. Caught it on the other side of the fence.

  13. Runner isn’t on third base if Billy Hamilton had led Schebler catch the first out instead of running all the way to right field himself to catch it. I’m sure he didn’t realize how far over into right field the ball was when he called Schebler off. Hamilton fell down when he caught it, running so far.

    • He pulled a Kelly Leake

    • Yep … he lost it in the sun for a bit. Good bit of fielding to actually catch it. And then Schebler’s catch … very nice!

  14. Schebler. Wow.

    Looked over two different times to gauge the distance to the fence. Timed his jump.


  15. minimal damage except for the pitch count

    • Yep. We’ll see if he can remedy that the 2nd time through the order.

      Oh, and I see we’ve got a new pitcher courtesy of an injury (likely oblique). Hope we can out hit the Crew again tonight.

  16. Well our starter going out equals a quick 3-4 runs for them but I don’t know about their staff?

  17. Duvallll…deeep!

  18. 428 feet on Duvall’s home run. Total bomb.

    • The more I watch the two of them…the more I think Schebler could play a passable CF and Peraza isn’t going to hit enough for SS.

      • Was thinking the same thing. Peraza is still young (I have a post scheduled on Peraza tomorrow) but possibility he is a bust is still in play. Could be that Schebler saves that trade for the Reds.

    • Crushed.It.

  19. That looked filthy to me …

  20. You just have to laugh at how devastating Castillo’s changeup is when it starts over the plate. Brewers have looked helpless so far. 98-99 mph on fastball again.

  21. Braun strikes again against our Reds

  22. Oops …

  23. From the TV feed … “The kind of pitch you get away with in Pensacola but not in Cincinnati”

  24. Thom … “In my humble opinion” … I’m thinking that’s an oxymoron for him.

  25. Really bad location on 99 mph fastball to Braun. Barnhart wanted it low and outside and it rose up and a little in. Right in Braun’s wheelhouse. Even at 99 mph he hit it out like batting practice. Shows how important command is against big league hitters.

    • Agreed. How many of that type against Joey or Duvall end up flying over the wall? It’s a “Pensacola Pitch” and it won’t cut it here.

  26. Much better control and 3 K’s … but the gopher ball to Braun. Time of the Good Guys to start hitting again.

  27. Castillo has a little cueto in him.
    Brain crushed it…he came back with nasty k.

    • I’m surprised the Marlins gave him up for Straily. Don’t get me wrong Straily has been very good (1.7fWAR, over 9+ K/9) so far this year but it look likes Castillo has outstanding stuff.

      Robert Stephenson is also having himself a good game so far. 6 IP 2 H 7K 0 BB 59 strikes 25 balls.

  28. Dang it….sometimes a walk isn’t that bad. For instance…Shaw just hit a little dribbler in the 1st inning so why not just try to paint one on Braun 3-2 and go after Shaw. Castillo has a rocket but he’s a few inches from 2 HRs and 4 earned. GABP is rough….have to keep the ball down

  29. 38th career HR vs the Reds for Braun
    31 vs the Cubs, 29 vs the Pirates, 20 vs the Cardinals

  30. SCOOTER!!!!

  31. There goes Scooter!!! A wall scraper, but we’ll take it

  32. Sorry Peraza…you are now a utility player. Scooter Gennett is the reds starting 2b until further notice.

    • Oh we can only hope

    • The Brewers haven’t put Villar back in the lineup because Sogard has been raking. The Reds should follow suit when Zach comes back

  33. This is what you hope you see from a long reliever who comes in way too early … let’s keep it up.

  34. Scooter!!! I’ll take 7-6 over 2-1 any day but I wonder if they could move the fences back in gabp somehow? Its ridiculous in summer?

  35. Sooner or later, the scouting report on Scooter is going to be DON’T THROW HIM A BREAKING PITCH LOW AND IN. He continues to kill that pitch over and over.

  36. Joey came out in a donkey suit during a pregame interview with Cozart….Hillarious

  37. Joey has a “donkey dealer” and is already making arrangements for Cozart’s new friend. I did my part … let’s hope he keeps his edge in the final tally.

  38. Hey, didn’t Scooter use to play for the Brewers?

  39. I am here at the game got the tickets from a friend of a friend sitting two seats behind the Brewers dugout

    Is Castillo getting squeezed by the ump?

  40. Milw is just putting in some good atbats tonite! Castillo has great stuff but its going to be tough to go 6 with his pitch count.

    • He’d have to have a REAL quick fifth.

    • Yep. The extended AB’s that ended up with a BB really will wear him down. I’d still rather see him learning here than at AAA. I’m really not sure he has much left to prove below the MLB level. But that’s just a fan talking … not a stats or metrics guy.

  41. Who is the guy at the plate not swinging at the first 3 pitches he saw?

  42. Peraza tried to actually take a walk and the ump robbed him!

  43. 93 pitches through 5. Let’s see if Price is willing to gamble on him for one more inning.

  44. 93 pitches for Castillo after 5 innings. Will be interesting to see if Price lets him pitch the 6th. Castillo hit 100 mph in the 5th.

    • Could he be one of those guys who gets stronger as the game progresses?

  45. Nice 1-2-3 inning for Castillo, but at 93 pitches, I think he’ll be done.

  46. Clearly…Brauns home run didn’t phase Castillo one but. He attacked him and got him out. This kid is special.

  47. Bill from the wrong side … any of you have the stats on how he hits RH? It just seems that he’s pretty bad at it.

  48. If I am managing ….I have a reliever ready and go batter to batter with Castillo….furst hiccup…he’s pulled to a standing ovation.

  49. Now he really needs that DP …

  50. Now he’s getting squeezed a bit … 6 straight balls and I’m not sure about #6.

  51. TOOTBLAN!!

  52. Great throw by Duval and all, but was Perez running backwards?

  53. I never knew minor league balls had higher stitches than major league balls. Thanks Jim Day

  54. 99MPH for the K! And his night is over. I’d say this is a successful 2nd outing and possibly a win.

  55. Money pitch right there for Castillo!

  56. If Wandy gets him, this is a “quality start” in my book for Castillo.

  57. Well it’s just been 2 games for Castillo but he looks legit. So next year it looks like Bailey, Finnegan, disco, Castillo and? There are some guys that are a little nervous in AAA. I would say the 5th goes to either Mahle or Garrett right now. Reed and Stephenson and Romano need to find it.

    • Wouldn’t be so quick to pencil in Finnegan yet. He might be Iglsiased to the bullpen…and I’d be OK with that

  58. Signing off to go watch this on a different screen. Castillo can get the W, cannot take the L. Nice night and I really liked how he looked.

  59. Kind of surprised the Marlins gave Castillo up for Straily. Straily has been very good this year (1.7fWAR 9+ k/9) but Castillo looks like he has TOR stuff.

    In other unrelated news, Robert Stephenson is also having himself a good game so far. 6 IP 2 H 0R 7K 0 BB 59 strikes 25 balls.

  60. Lackey has now given up more HRs than Arroyo this year :-O

  61. cannon of a throw by Suarez…right on the money

  62. Good baseball game.

  63. Golden Sombrero for Thames

  64. Just when Cingrani was looking tough

  65. Didn’t know Cingrani had a slider? I thought he only threw fastballs all the time….if he can’t locate the fastball, then this is what happens…Home Run from the other team, especially the way the Brewers can hit, and especially in Great Amer Ball Park.

  66. Castillo doesn’t get the W … but I’d swear he pitched like he belongs up here in the bigs. Now let’s see if we can put one more on the board to close this out. I hat the thought of extra innings given our track record.

  67. Brewer closer in with the game tied in the 8th???They are crazy…the book says so

  68. Billy balll!!! 2 walks, 2 SB’s 2 runs scored!!!

  69. Let’s go Schebler….big run to get in here

  70. Outstanding baseball game.

  71. Strikeout throw out…game over….they tried the double steal

  72. I don’t know if I ever remember seeing and end to a game like that but we will take it.

  73. Thom raving about Peraza’s tag to end it while Scooter does all the work (and Tucker). He did correct himself.

    Question for the Nation … what’s the over/under on the number of mouth guards Schebler wears out this season?

    Night all!

  74. Walks matter and its why the Reds won tonight.I love it.Please do more of it.

  75. That was awesome….too bad the wins keep escaping Castillo but the kid looks good! This was one on the outfield! Schebler saving 2 runs and Duvall with a HR/assist, and Billy doing his thing!

  76. Castillo’s velocity will play and it covers up lots of mistakes.Isn’t he one of the players we got for Straily?

  77. Awesome ending. Barnhardt was stoked. It was umm odd, with Peraza getting the credit. But hey, that’s our Reds broadcasting…

  78. A nice win for the Reds with four hits and a real good outing for Castillo with nine K’s. Another exciting game tonight with FC Cincy giving the Chicago Fire a run for their money and 32,000 plus at Nippert. The first soccer game I ever paid much attention to. That’s another sport that takes a lot of skill.

  79. You can give a star of the game mention to Schebler for his defense. He’s turning into a player who can win a game in more than one way.

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