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A question for the off day …

Should the Reds aggressively shop Scooter Gennett at the trade deadline?

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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    • NO! He’s a perfect fit, not old, not expensive and a Cinci kid. We really have no other 2b in the minors that can hit their way out of a paper bag (Herrera isn’t showing us much) and he’s played all over the field. Brewers blew it and we’re the recipients. Keep him and move other pieces

  1. Yes, would have to see him go as he’s a fan favorite but I think they should at least see if they can get a decent return for him.

  2. Depends on what you can get for him. I wouldn’t actively looking to trade him. I think he has a very manageable 2 year contract and team control until 2020.

  3. No, he’s from Cincinnati
    He is already a favorite among fans
    He could be a solid starting 2b
    He’s versitle and can play the outfield
    He is a solid bench spot
    He’s under contract and not a rental so he can contribute to the next contending Reds team (hopefully next year)
    We should keep him especially if the Reds determine that the Dilson/Peraza experiment does not pan out.

    • Being from Cincinnati and a fan favorite…largely based on 1 game…shouldnt be be part of any trade evaluation…..though it did get Ron Oester into the Reds HOF

  4. The terminology ‘aggressively shop’ bothers me. I’m not looking to unload Scooter. When I think aggressively shop, I envision trying to move Phillips or Bruce at all costs. Scooter’s salary is not weighing down anything the Reds want or need to do. Scooter is not blocking any prospects from gaining playing time at the major league level. Scooter is an asset to the team in every sense of the word.

    With that said, there is also nothing wrong with letting teams know that Scooter is available if anyone is interested in making an offerand I would listen to any serious offer any teams makes for Scooter.

    If Scooter remains with the Reds through his entire arbitration, I’m perfectly happy to have him on the roster. If a team makes the Reds an offerout of dire need, I’m perfectly happy to have a team overpay for his services. I just don’t want to move him just to move him.

    Anyone with no team control after this season, I want to aggressively shop. Other than that, it’s make me an offer and I’ll consider it.

  5. It depends on whether the organization really believes it can contend for a playoff spot in 2016 and on what the return would be.
    There are very few people on the team who they shouldn’t trade if the right offer is made.
    On the other hand whether or not they shop Scooter may be a canary in the coal mine test of whether the organization sees itself as a legitimate playoff contender in 2018.

    This said, given Scooter’s age and player control situation, he would also be a guy they might want to sign to a 3-4 year deal to be their version of Ben Zobrist on 2020 and 2021 teams they see as definite contenders.

    • I really don’t think there is anyone in the organization, with the possible exception of WJ, that thinks the Reds can contend for a playoff spot in 2016…

    • did I really say 2016!?? Of course I meant can contend in 2018

      • Of course you did…if you say so.

        • That’s what happens when a person is too multi tasking. I was watching a flight on Flight Aware that passes almost directly over my house to see the altitude and trying to type a response here in the 90 seconds it was going to take for the plane to be overhead!!! ;-(

  6. Nope. Cozart is the best option in my opinion. He’ll most likely draw more for the Reds in a trade.

  7. 12 weeks ago, Scooter’s Net Present Value was 0. At this point, it’s higher than 0…but likely not high enough to receive anything worth more to the Reds than he is worth to the Reds.

    • This is where I’m at. A fluke 4-hr games doesn’t really increase someone’s value much, especially given that he hasn’t been that great in his career.

  8. I’m on record as not impressed by Peraza. Of the three potential 2nd basemen right now – Peraza, Gennett, Herrera – I’d put Peraza last. Right now he’s not a good offensive player, and not an exceptional defensive player. I’d rather see Gennett at 2nd – he actually can hit, get on base and hit for power all better than Peraza. So, No, they shouldn’t be actively shopping Gennett. Even if he doesn’t end up starting he’s a fine, cost controlled, multi position bench player. Leave the gun, take the cannoli. Gennett is the cannoli.

    • Its about how good he can be. Most players slump the 2ed year. Scooter has had plenty of time to prove himself as an everyday player. He has not. Yes he is a good back up but that is his ceiling. The trade market will not give anything for a backup. Unless he gets to expensive just keep him. We can’t find a partner for a Cozart or not going to find one willing to give us anything for him.

  9. Short answer – no.

    Given his performance and affordability, he may well be the regular second baseman (either alone or platooned with Perraza) as a bridge until talent lower down in the system (Shed Long?) ripens. Perazza has some potential – but the ceiling might not be much higher – he has to consistently outproduce what Gennett is already capable of providing. Dilson Herrera is, at the moment, likely to be a bust. Lomg has the potential but is probably 18-27 months out – which just happens to fit well against Gennnett’s contract duration..

  10. Why? So they can get a younger version of Gennett and then trade that guy if he eventually proves he’s as good as Gennett?

  11. Yes.
    Scooter is exactly the kind of player a big market team wants to nail down their chances of winning at the trading deadline…. versatile player with a power bat from the left side…if the reds get a Luis Castillo or Brandon Finnegan…sure.

  12. I wanna say no bcuz I’m not feeling good about Peraza’s or Herrera’s offensive capabilities. Think Scooter’s a little better in that regard. I would say to put Peraza on the bench, give Scooter 2nd to hold down Until Senzel arrives. When he does, he’ll be at third, Saurez at SS or 2B (assuming Cozart is traded) and let Peraza/Herrera battle it out for whatever position isn’t taken by Saurez. If, Cozart isn’t traded, then he obviously stays at SS and let Saurez & Senzel shake out at second or third. Now, given the thought process and logic that has driven this rebuild and that a majority of fans have bought into, I’d be willing to bet that Scooter isn’t part of the team’s long term plans even as a bench piece. So, no doubt the prevailing logic will be to trade him while he’s at peak value (assuming he continues to hit adequately). Even then, I don’t see us getting any quality for a bench player. I guess that would be dependant upon how other teams see Scooter though, as a starter or a bench player. If starter, teams might be willing to give up a little something (maybe). Either way, my plan at the start of this response isn’t foolproof, not claiming it is, ain’t gonna defend it. I just don’t believe in Peraza or Herrera and I ain’t got to have any faith in them. I could be wrong about the both of them. They are still young (which will be some of y’alls argument for keeping them). If they work out or not ain’t gonna be no sweat off my back. If one or both work out then good for the team.

    • I like your reasoning the most. It’s more of a gamble to let him go and rely on Peraza & Herrera right now. In fact, I’d have Gennet starting at 2nd now and bench Peraza considering his anemic bat.

  13. This “trade everyone at any time” junk has become boorish. Oh, God forbid that the FO has made some good moves, like getting Scooter who hit 14 dingers last year. Why not keep guys that actually produce, rather than take more chances with the unknown? He’s only 27, just entering his prime with a rebuilding team. Great fit. Why not trade for more guys like him?

  14. I would not put Gennett on the trading block. The guy can hit and even if he is not the regular second baseman, he is the perfect all-around utility player which a contending team needs. Gennett, as a Brewer, was often a pain in the Red’s neck and he’s on our side now with a reasonable contract to 2020.

  15. Unless they can get a return like the strailey one I would say no given he could possibly be a better option than anything we have until shed long is ready.

  16. Nope

  17. My inclination is to say no.

    First, at long last we actually have a utility player that is an above average utility player. At least a big improvement over players like Skip Schumaker and Jack Hannahan. I actually feel pretty good about seeing Gennett in the lineup as opposed to how I dreaded Schumaker and Hannahan.

    Second, we already have a plethora of young pitching talent we need to test in the rotation. It is hard to believe we could get a young pitcher for Gennett that dominates the ones we have. Likewise we have good some talented young hitters like Winker and Senzel that we need to bring up through the system. I just don’t see us getting the return to justify hindering the development of players we already have.

  18. Yes,

    Largely because of the depth of good prospects we have at the second base position at AA & AAA.

    1. Dilson Herrera
    2. Alex Blandino
    3. Shed Long

    We have two third baseman for the 2019 season if not sooner. Will one of them move to second base? Eugenio Suarez or Nick Senzel?

    I’m good if we trade Cozart (since an extension appears unlikely) and Scooter, certainly won’t be to the same team but two different deals. See what Peraza can do defensively at short and see what Herrera can do (even with a bum shoulder).

  19. If anything of value is offered in return, absolutely, if not, he’s a good bench player to have.

  20. Oh, for the LOVE of Johnny Lee Bench, it’s time to see long-term returns on some of these investments in the form of WINS, not more money and bags of magic beans shaped like AA pitchers! NO, he shouldn’t be traded!

    …unless there was an actual ace starting pitcher in the deal. 😉

    • I like Scooter’s game. And I like him on this team as a fan. But he is in a position where have supposed young talent. But if the Reds to shop Scooter, I would hope we are offered ready talent.

  21. No, Having seen him up close in the Dodgers series, count me as one who thinks Peraza is a timid dud. I challenge anybody to identify one major league hitter with a worse swing than Jose Peraza, who uses virtually no lower body in his swing. No wonder he can’t generate any bat speed. And no wonder two teams surrendered on him by age 21, as he appears developmentally hopeless.

    Peraza was advertised as very fast, but he doesn’t use his “speed.” He is mortified of being picked off, doesn’t steal anymore, and doesn’t run the bases aggressively. He is a timid and unassertive player, the Anti-Pete Rose.

    The Reds need to send him back to AA for a total swing makeover. I doubt it will work, but that appears to be the reasonable course. Shed Long is probably already the better player.

    Genetic is certainly better than Peraza, and his contract is good, so PLAY him. I am all for giving playing time to young guys who figure to get better. Peraza doesn’t figure to get better.

  22. The Reds are pointless they trade away quality to get young future stars ,then when these young stars show potential n the reds have to pay them ,they trade for next group of prospects n the circle never stops!
    If you cant play with the big boys sell the team to a ownership group thats trying to win , not just make money@

  23. No they shouldn’t ! With all the problems they’ve had , getting good production off the bench over the past two years, Scooter and even Patrick Kivlehan, have produced more runs off the bench that they’ve had in a long time .

    Then there is the amount of team control and the fact that he was born in Cincinnati, which would be another hit to their marketing among fans who are still angry about trading Frazier and Cueto . A lot of fans will be upset when they trade Zach Cozart , so I don’t think it would be a smart PR move, especially since he’s the first to hit 4 home runs in franchise history and he was also born in Cincy during the year of the last World Championship in 1990.

    • Keeping a guy because he was born in Cincinnati would be absolutely crazy.

      Scooter’s impact on attendance, ratings and fan interest can likely be rounded down to 0. The variances in Reds attendance directly correlate to winning and/or expectations of winning. A team comprised entirely of Non-Cincinnatians who win 100 games would draw 800k more fans per season than a team filled with former GCL All Stars that win 70.

      Cincinnati is parochial and insular but it isn’t North Korea.

  24. No, but this situation seems to be a lot like the Dan Straily situation. Both are young, good players that are just old enough to not be prospects and are usually seen as short-term starters and long -term relief/bench. I don’t remember Straily’s exact age, but Scooter is only a year older than Billy and Schebler and younger than Duvall and Iggy. He is certainly not too old to be in our plans.

    Where Straily and Scooter connect is the fact that they should only be dealt if blown away by the offer. From the rumblings about today’s starter Castillo, it appears the Marlins gave us a tremendous offer. Also, Straily was in position of greater immediate depth before injuries and Scooter is not yet in such a position. If this question is asked next year, with Long and Herrera either closer or more ready, then it gets far more interesting. But, you also have to consider that Reds are closer to end of rebuild now than when Straily was dealt, no matter when you think that end date is – we are closer than in the past. Maybe Reds seek to hold onto a guy that provides depth if they believe winning is just around the corner.

    But also, most importantly, my username. ☺

    • I think where they (Straily/Scooter) differ importantly is position: Decent starting pitching is inherently more valuable than decent bench bats.

      • True, another good reason to not trade Scooter. Especially this season.

  25. Bearing in mind that the Reds have a very deep minor league system finally, the Reds don’t need more prospects for Gennett. He’s relatively young, inexpensive & adds a lot of versatility to the Reds now & next year. A trading partner for Scooter would have to offer the Reds a player/prospect that would move the bar up at a skilled position (cf, ss, c or sp) plus another interesting prospect. I hope he stays,unless another team is willing to pay a premium (& that does happen at trading deadline sometimes).

  26. No. I think everyone’s mindset on him is off target. Gennett is only 27 years old and still improving. He can be a legit part of this rebuild. He is younger than Duvall for crying out loud. I know at this point he is a bit of a liability in the field, but Scooter is exactly the kind of player who is going to help the team contend. He brings a lot offensively when in the lineup, that much cannot be denied. And he is fairly cheap. Who is going to be utility guy next year, when we are contending, if not Scooter? Alcantara? No thanks. Herrea may or may not ever materialize, who knows? A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. Scoot on!

  27. No. Keep the scooter in the garage (on the bench). we’ve been looking for a good reserve player a long, long time. Cozart almost certainly goes. I think one of the corner outfielders might go if the return is large enough. Wood probably goes, as will Storen. Maybe someone will take a flyer on bob/steve, salvatating over his stuff and thinking they could fix him.

  28. No- His ideal role is as a multi-purpose bench player, and I’d expect teams targeting him would see him as such. That makes me think there just isn’t going to be a return worth more than what the Reds already have in one of the first solid bench guys in awhile. I guess they might do well if they are willing to play the “prospect lottery” from some team.

    He’s been good to the Reds as constructed, and I think if the Reds were a really good team, they’d still appreciate him as a bench guy. Keep him, but don’t get tempted to start him.

  29. NO! Do not trade Gennett. Would not receive enough value compared to how valuable he is to the Reds. Young, controllable and inexpensive. To change the subject though, we keep reading about the 2017 draft signees but nothing on Greene! What’s up with that? That’s beginning to worry me.

  30. For what a ham sandwich

    • Bags of magic beans seems to be the going rate for Reds trades of late. 🙁

      • Scott Schebler, Adam Duvall and Eugenio Suarez might take issue with that thought.

  31. No. Any offers the Reds receive should be considered, yes. Most, if not all offers will be the middle of the road type. None that over pay and most will be underwhelming.
    Scooter Gennett is a much better option at 2B than Dilson Herrera will ever be. It’s nice having young grit on the Reds. The old grit was tiresome and brittle.
    Maybe that old adage applies here, A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush.

  32. With 2.5 years of team control left, at age 27, and with the performance so far this year, he has to be in the equation as the post-Peraza-move-to-shortstop second baseman — at least as a bridge to Shed Long. There are many questions about Dilson Herrera. Gennett is not someone you trade for just any prospect, as if his contract was expiring. UnlessDick Williams can get an above-average prospect, I say hold on to him.

  33. No, simply because I don’t think they’ll get anything for him in return. He’s worth more to the Reds in 2018-2019 than any D-level prospect they could get for him.

    Especially since I think Dilson Herrera won’t ever be a real thing.

    • Dilson injured again. Went on the DL yesterday. Collision with another infielder.

  34. No. Suarez instead. He can play SS, Scooter cannot; and, therefore would be more attractive to teams in contention. Senzel may have 3B in September or early next year.

    Gennett and or Kivlehan or Ibarren can play/share 3B until Senzel’s arrival. With no starting pitching this team is dead in the water anyway.

    • You’d trade Suarez why? Because he’s there? He’s an excellent, young player who likely is one of the core players on the next good Reds’ team (glass half full). You’d get prospects for him and prospects are prospects. Senzel is still a prospect, for that matter.

      • With respect, I’d trade you because you are there, but you’re not there or here.

        Suarez has more value than Gennett. Suarez can be included in a multi-player deal, he doesn’t have to be dealt by himself.

        I firmly believe that the Red’s will need to deal for a front end starting pitcher. All the prospects piling up in the system are not going to play for the Red’s.

  35. No. Suarez instead. He can play SS, Scooter cannot; and, therefore would be more attractive to teams in contention. Senzel may have 3B in September or early next year.

    Gennett and or Kivlehan or Ibarren can play/share 3B until Senzel’s arrival. With no starting pitching this team is dead in the water anyway.

    Plus more LH bat balance is needed.

    • Suarez? No way….he’s a big part of the future with the way his defense has improved! I’d move Senzel to 2b to be our Jeff Kent! By 2019, they’ll have cut the cords on Billy and possibly Peraza too? We can afford to carry a defensive minded shortstop by then with Senzel/Winker in the lineup.

  36. Anyone is available at the right price, but I’m not calling teams seeing what I can get for him.

  37. The middle INF trade market looks to be sparse. No team is in need of a SS, but a few might look for upgrades. Only TOR is in need of a 2B at this time and they are in last place in the AL East. A few teams might need a multi-positional player like Gennett. The NYY, BOS, CLE, HOU, CHC do not. But LAD, WAS, COL, and ARZ could.
    If LAD come calling, we would like RHP Walker Buehler in return.

  38. I think the kid is something the reds have been missing for awhile a left handed hitting infielder

  39. Like always, if a deal shows up, sure, you would almost have to trade Scooter. The only question is, “How much do we get in the trade?” Or, “How much is the offer till we pull the trigger?”

  40. There is NO Red’s player on the active roster or on the farm that is untouchable….except Senzel. I’ve said this before and here I am again.

    Suarez is a nice player. I agree his defense at 3B has improved, but please take a look at his stick results by month this season. Please look at the K’s.

    • Suarez has been slumping but he’s still drawing walks. I’d bat him 2nd in front of Joey and see if that helps? I agree that nobody should be untouchable but everyone needs pitching! Its hard to make a trade when you open up more holes then you fill. Senzel may not be ready next year so we need Suarez.

      • I don’t think a “hole will be opened by trading Suarez.”

        You’re correct everyone needs pitching. So why should the Reds not look to deal for some?

        • I think you’re swayed by his recent struggles. Nobody wanted to trade him at the end of April! This is just his 2nd year as a fulltime starter and his numbers have improved! His defense is stellar and he’s walking consistently! I see a guy that can hit .280 with 20-25 hrs and probably 360ish obp. Thats pretty good! He’s going to have to start hitting the ball the other way again!

  41. The price tag and market for scooter is going up…he is a versatile player who can flat hit. …he would be an outstanding addition for a playoff contender who needed depth and a power lefty bat.

    The reds had Rich Aurilia and Ryan Freel and the newly acquired Brandon Phillips over a decade ago. They made the right decision there. Unless a team offers their #3 organizational prospect who is #83 overall in baseball….dominant AA lefty pitcher…or A+ super SS…..I’m keeping scooter.

  42. I think that Scooter is quickly proving that Suarez is expendable.

  43. The Red’s front office should strike now and 1.) surprise the fans, for once; and, 2.) MLB by swinging a deal for a decent front end starting pitcher.

    Please bring on the boring “no they should wait, they’re going no where and they would just be wasting precious prospects” line of thought. Well in war and business success often follows that think outside of the box and surprise the opposition.

    I firmly believe the Red’s can put together some team controlled vets and prospects for a top end starting pitcher. Something this team needs.

    I’m not sold on tanking. It’s a lame way for a GM/front office to take to rebuild. Rebuilding takes a balanced approach: building depth in prospects and adroit trades. It’s time for Mr. Williams to take off the training wheels and make some deals to help this club.

    Guaranteed that a front end starting pitcher now will quicken this rebuild, winning and most of all wipe the “deer-in-the-headlight” looks on the faces of the players I see every game when they are getting their posteriors kicked.

  44. The pros of a trade:

    1. It COULD prove to be the ultimate buy low sell high situation. Claim a dude off waivers, he has a strong season that’s a fluke, sell him off, and then enjoy the view when he comes down to earth the following season.

    The cons of a trade:

    1. I think it’s unclear what the Reds would be offered in return, in part because it’s difficult to slap a clear label on Gennett at this time. Is he an extraordinary bench player? A true everyday player? What’s the market like for a player like him? Which team(s) desperately need someone like him?

    2. He’s a Cincy native. This shouldn’t be a consideration, but it will be because the front office has an insular streak to it.

  45. “Insular” seems to be an accurate description of this front office. It started before WJ, but certainly earned the moniker under him…and continues to do so.

  46. Shop him and see what comes up. Paraza has a higher celing and this is probably a good streak for scooter. He is a great bench piece but you got to listen to offers. It’s not like we are going to win till we get some pitching

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