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Reds at Rays- June 19, 2017

A new day brings the Reds a fresh chance to snap the current losing streak which stands at 9 following Sunday’s 8-7 loss to the Dodgers at GABP. Here is what manager Bryan Price had to say about the Reds current situation:

Tonight the Reds open a three game interleague road series in Tampa versus the Rays who have won 6 of their last 10 games.  At 37-35 for the season. the Rays are in 3rd place in the AL East, 3.5 games in arrears of  division leading Yankees, and second in the AL wildcard chase.

Starting Pitchers

Scott Feldman makes the start for the Reds.  In his last 4 starts the Reds righthander has completed just 21.1 innings compiling a FIP of 4.68 compared to a FIP of  4.12 in games prior to his last 4. Over the same period, his BABIP has been  .353 compared to a previous .284.

Righthander Jake Odorizzi starts for the Rays. Orodizzi’s seasonal FIP is 5.15. Like Feldman, Odorizzi has also had a tougher time recently. In his last 4 starts, he has pitched only 19.0 inning with a FIP of 6.39.

Scott Feldman 4.19 1.04 3.13 7.18
Jake Odorizzi 4.52 1.89 3.05 7.98


Following the activation of catcher Stuart Turner on Sunday, the Reds are working an arm shorter in their bullpen. Blake Wood worked 2 innings Sunday and probably is not available tonight. Wandy Peralta needed 28 pitches to complete his disastrous inning, the 6th, on Sunday; his availability may also be limited tonight. Austin Brice pitched a career long 3.1 innings on Saturday. Lisalverto Bonilla was recalled from AAA Sunday. He is most likely first man out of the pen tonight if Feldman works a typical 4-5 inning stint.

UPDATE:  Righthander Ariel Hernandez has been recalled from the minors and joins the Reds bullpen. The transaction details are listed below.

The Rays pen looks to be reasonably well rested.



SP: Scott Feldman


SP: Jake Odorizzi

1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Scooter Gennett (2B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Jesse Winker (DH)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Jose Peraza (SS)
1. Mallex Smith (CF)
2. Corey Dickerson (LF)
3. Evan Longoria (3B)
4. Logan Morrison (1B)
5. Steven Souza Jr. (RF)
6. Tim Beckham (SS)
7. Trevor Plouffe (DH)
8. Daniel Robertson (2B)
9. Derek Norris (C)

The Reds offense showed some life late in Sunday’s game. Hopefully they will continue to tend upwardly tonight against a Rays pitcher who appears to be very hittable. Jesse Winker arrives (see below) just in time to fill the DH roll. Of course he has to bat 7th since the Reds wouldn’t want to risk  clogging the bases ahead of their heavy hitters by having a high OBP guy batting in front of them.

Roster Moves

Final Thoughts

Father time appears to have finally called game over for old friend Bronson Arroyo. Given Arroyo’s post game comments Sunday, it is hard to believe his trip to the DL is anything other than the first step in a what will become a stage managed dignified exit from the ranks of active players. Arroyo’s presence this year  has become a symbol of the oft times seemingly aimless  nature of the Reds sorting process. This should not detract from what Arroyo has done for the franchise over the last decade nor his professionalism as he did it. He deserves no less than a dignified exit.

Zack Cozart’s return to the DL is unfortunate for both the team and Cozart. Unless Cozart’s stay on the DL is brief and he returns with a run of productivity similar to the numbers  he put up during the first two months of the season, his trade value at the July 31 deadline will be greatly diminished. Cozart himself will also ultimately pay the same price in the off season as he seeks a large contract as a free agent.

Then there’s the big news that could impact the Reds future, both short and long term:

If all goes well with Bailey’s start tonight, he is projected to return to the Reds rotation this weekend.

Here’s hoping the sorting is focused and goes well tonight allowing the Reds end this losing streak.


Stats, data, and biographical information from Fangraphs.com,  MLB.com, and Baseball-Reference.com


106 thoughts on “Reds at Rays- June 19, 2017

  1. Brewers picked up Thames & Travis Shaw and they basically have the same ops combined as Votto/Suarez. They’d had a few starters improve and their GM found Junior Guerra somewhere and he’s good when he’s available. Their GM has outdone Dick Williams by finding Thames & Guerra alone! He also picked up a potential ace in Chase Anderson from Arizona a few years ago. I’ll root for them as long as Braun is hurt. Dick Williams need to get to work…check Asia, South America, wherever? They didn’t have to leave North America to find someone better then Arroyo though?

  2. Again…with the lead…we have our best bullpen guy in there, and they give up a longball

  3. We need to keep Scooter around for a few years! I don’t think they can carry Peraza and Hamilton in the lineup though?

    • A little early to make Scooter part of the long term plan. 3 months ago the Brewers would’ve traded him for a box of batting practice balls and there were no takers.

      • Atleast keep him for next year. He’s only 27. Villar had a strong year last year…guess they felt like they didn’t need Scooter but thats their mistake. They made up for it with Travis Shaw who Boston gave up on. It happens.

  4. Since there is a pitching change….

    I just noticed on the ticker that Orioles SS J.J. Hardy is out 4-6 weeks with a broken wrist.

    Zack Cozart’s agent has already bookmarked temporary housing in the Baltimore area….just in case.

    • That might actually work. They’re 1 game out of the WC and Cozart is actually a better player than Hardy. Hardy is also a UFA after this year so the O’s might be inclined to see this as more than a rental..

  5. They’ll prob send Winker back down next week but they could find 4 starts a week for him if they wanted to. 2 for Billy since he needs rest anyway with his slight frame and diving all over the place. 1 each per week for Duvall/Schebler and maybe Winker >Votto every few weeks and play Adam at 1b. They need to know what Winker can/cannot do in the big leagues! If it means we win 73 instead of 74 who cares?

  6. Billy and Peraza hitting back to back anywhere in the lineup is just not good.

  7. Orioles have given up 5 or more runs in 16 straight games. The Reds suddenly have competition

  8. I agree Chuck that Cozart is better then Hardy so it might work.Don’t know what they are willing to give up but hey what’s a phone call.

  9. I think I’ve came around on trading Cozart. He won’t get that much in a trade but I didn’t think Leake (Duvall) or Simon (Suarez) would bring much either. Even if the Reds could get Zach for 3 yrs/35 mil or something…good chance he’s hurt for half of it.

  10. Gausman’s ERA is approaching 7 and Tillman’s is over 8 for Baltimore so you could say these guys are underperforming in a big way.

    • Boy…I’d take a flyer on Gausman in a heartbeat. Guy was hitting 99 mph last year when I had in fantasy. He has a 3.61 era in 179 ip with them last year. Thats really good for AL in Camden. Thats like facing a DH lineup in gabp.

  11. Injuries and age have caught up with Cozart but he sure has surprised me with his hitting.His approach has changed drastically.He used to start swinging in the parking lot now he works the count and takes his walks.

  12. I agree on Gausman but he has been really bad this year.In 75 innings he has given up 107 hits with only 54K’s.Something isn’t right about all of that.His velocity plays at all levels and he is only 26.Think we could get him straight up for Cozart?

    • No….but its a start. We should try! Feldman, Cozart, and a minor league reliever. Done!!

  13. Nice win….great game by Feldman and the offense put up 7! They have talent if the pitching ever steps up!

    • The offense and relief pitching have done their part all year, but the starting pitching wasn’t anywhere near good enough to pick up the slack when the hitting and relievers were down a bit in the previous nine games. The Reds are right where they should be, unfortunately.

  14. Goodnight all. Hopefully they’ll let Winker play outfield tomorrow? He can’t DH much with us.

  15. Good win. Good pitching was the difference tonight. Good pitching keeps a team a chance to win every game. Even losses are close.

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