The Cincinnati Reds now have a one-game winning streak.

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Scott Feldman pitched six innings and faced one batter in the 7th. He struck out six and walked one. Solid starting pitching makes a difference. Michael Lorenzen came in to relieve Feldman with a runner on first and surrendered a 2-run homer to Daniel Robertson. That’s all Lorenzen gave up in 2 innings of work, striking out two. Raisel Iglesias pitched a 1-2-3 9th.

Scott Schebler broke the scoreless tie with a 400+ foot blast (Scheblast) to right field. It was Schebler’s 19th of the season. He also had a double and two walks. Schebler was the second of three players the Reds received from the LA Dodgers in the three-way Todd Frazier trade. Jose Peraza was the headliner. IF Brandon Dixon was the third player.

Scooter Gennett smacked a two-run homer in the 6th inning. Billy Hamilton, who had walked, was on first. The nimble Gennett pick up right at the end of spring break has been a success for the front office. He’s hit for average (.293) and power. Gennett is 27 and under team control for two more seasons. He signed with Milwaukee for $2.5 million this season, avoiding arbitration. By the way, Gennett’s given name is Ryan Joseph Gennett.

The Reds broke the 3-3 tie in the top of the 8th. Gennett doubled on a 100-mph fastball from Jose Alvarado to leadoff the 8th inning. He scored when Joey Votto turned around a 99-mph fastball from Alvarado for a single up the middle.

Jesse Winker debuted as a DH tonight. He went 1-5, with two fly outs to left field, a pop-up and ground out. His lone hit, a sharp single into right field, drove in two runs after the Rays intentionally walked Schebler to load the bases in the 8th inning. Winker’s hit moved the Reds ahead 6-3. Jesse Winker may be with the Reds for the duration of Zack Cozart’s time on the disabled list. Bryan Price says that Peraza is the shortstop and Gennett is the second baseman while Cozart is out. More on Cozart below.

Joey Votto tallied the Reds 7th run when he scored from second base on a wild pitch.

Homer Bailey threw 91 pitches for AAA-Louisville tonight over 5.2 innings. The Bats’ radio broadcast said Bailey looked “pretty darn sharp” – better than he did last year. Bailey struck out 6 and walked 2 (both in his last inning). He gave up 7 hits, several of the infield variety. Given that the Reds starting rotation is now missing two pitchers, the odds of Bailey starting in a Cincinnati uniform this Saturday in Washington, D.C. are pretty high.

Zack Cozart expects to return on June 28 when he’s eligible to come off the 10-day DL (sore quad muscle). “I anticipate being ready to play after,” Cozart said. “I’ve been playing with it the whole time for a little while. But it was getting to the point where I was thinking about it too much. It didn’t feel great. We’re going to use these 10 days and be back.” (C. Trent Rosecrans) If that’s the case, he’ll be able to re-establish his trade value quickly.

Speaking of which, Cozart’s trade market improved today. The Baltimore Orioles SS J.J. Hardy is headed to the DL with a broken bone in his right wrist that will keep him out at least four weeks but maybe into August. Hardy was having a lousy year anyhow. It won’t be a surprise to see Baltimore look outside for a replacement. The Orioles promoted Paul Janish (!) to take Hardy’s roster slot.

Steve grew up in Cincinnati as a die-hard fan of Sparky’s Big Red Machine. After 25 years living outside of Ohio, mostly in Ann Arbor, he returned to the Queen City in 2004. He has resumed a first-person love affair with the Cincinnati Reds and is a season ticket holder at Great American Ball Park. The only place to find Steve’s thoughts of more than 140 characters is Redleg Nation. Follow his tweets @spmancuso.

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  1. 1GWS!!

    Nice to see Winker up and playing. Hope he gets his feet under him on this stint.

  2. What is this “win” thing you keep referring to? Good to see a Janish siting!

  3. Good things can happen when you put the ball in play with the bases loaded.Big hit by Winker.Singles are cool with RISP.

  4. Best part of the Tampa Bay broadcast was listening to someone gushing about Joey Votto. Can’t understand why the Reds can’t find a broadcaster who sees what everyone else sees.

  5. Can we call Baltimore the first day Cozy is off the DL? Loved him as a Red but his value and our leverage in a trade is dropping daily.

    • Until now, the Reds had no leverage and if there was a market then he already would’ve been traded. The Baltimore situation could be good for a few reasons:
      1. The O’s are 1 out of WC
      2. Cozart is better than the guy who’s injured and both are UFA after this year. The O’s need a SS beyond this year.
      3. Both Showalter and Duquette are lame ducks next year so they would be more inclined to overpay to win this year.

      • Sounds good except that Cozart is on the DL. The Reds can’t catch a break.

        • Just 8 days. Janish will prove his worth by then. I was hoping to see Cozart suit up in red in the ASG, but orange works too.

  6. Is anyone beside me thinking Scooter might be better than all the myriad of people the Reds have been thinking of playing at 2nd? (Perazza, Herrera, Dixon, Perez, etc, etc.).

    • Perhaps…but Scooter is 2.5 months removed from the waiver wire. The Brewers couldn’t even get Keith Van Horne’s expiring contract for him 12 weeks ago

      • True, but Scooter was never BAD with the Brewers. He’s a career .280 hitter who averages around a 1.0 WAR. He’s 27. Most guys allegedly hit stride around 26. Maybe he’s a late bloomer pr the change in scenery helped.

        I’m glad he’s getting a change with Cozart out. Maybe he’ll show us he’s for real.

        Fun Scooter Stat: Scooter Gennett currently has 1.0 WAR for the season. 0.6 of that WAR came from 1 game 🙂

      • Ha, great reference

    • Gennett just turned 27 years old and is under team control (arb eligible) for 2 more years. If he continues to play the remainder of the season anything near like he has so far, I think they should look at signing him to a 3 or 4 year deal. At the least they would have locked down their Ben Zobrist super utility guy for the (hoped for) next good Reds team.

    • Said thought crossed my mind too! He’ll be at 2nd until Cozart comes back. Speaking of, as much as I like him, preparing to move on without seems like the right direction to go. Not sure Peraza is the answer though?

    • He’s a better 2B overall than Peraza right now but the Reds are right in playing Peraza the majority of the time at 2B. Gennett is probably at his ceiling and we know who he is as a player. Peraza is probably not to his ceiling yet and the Reds also need to know what they have in him.

      • Bingo! Right now, Scooter is better. Peraza still has some growth potential, while Scooter has very little growth potential.

    • My thought is that when Cozart is gone and Peraza moves to short, you give Gennett a thorough look as the everyday second baseman. He’s still young and has years of team control. Maybe he is just “figuring it out,” kinda like Cozart this year. What more could you have asked from him before the season started?

      • No one else in the organization is showing they are major league ready to play 2B, so a keystone combo of Peraza and Gennett seems like the logical option without Cozart. Maybe Gennett’s play is a complete outlier and he reverts back to his norm offensively. Maybe just playing on the same field as Votto has enabled Gennett to see the light and he has miraculously become a superior offensive force. There’s nothing wrong with availing him with the opportunity to prove himself one way or the other.

  7. I never understood the love of Paul Janish on this site. The man could never play at all.

  8. As said Scooter was never bad but I would expect that younger middle infielders are in abundance in Milwaukee.If I remember correctly they traded Segura and he was pretty good.

  9. If the Reds deal Cozart then I don’t see how they can carry Billy and Peraza next year? Suarez has been Gold Glove level at 3B but I wonder if they could move him back to SS for Senzel? Scooter can play some 3B too until Senzel makes it. Bottom line….the Reds just don’t have (and won’t have) the pitching to carry 3 guys (Billy, Peraza, and Barnhart) in the lineup with no power. Not in GABP because the other guys are going to hit the ball over the fence. Now maybe Mesoraco can play 110 games next year but nobody can count on that. Alcantara has some tools…maybe he might look good at SS with an extended look? That’s something else they should explore this year but won’t. Peraza is young and has talent but doesn’t deserve much loyalty. He was a much tougher out last year.

    • Maybe it’s to early to give up on Paraza. He had an excellent (partial) year last year, and a bad first half this year. I hope he makes some adjustments to get his average up. It does appear that he will never walk much. With Cozart all but gone, we need someone who can play shortstop As much as I like Suarez, I didn’t like him at short. I know he’s an excellent third baseman, and probably a pretty good second baseman, if given a season there.

  10. Votto’s final hit was a thing of beauty—-down 0-2, had the pitcher right where he wanted him. Barely swings to intentionally spoil a pitch, then half-swings a liner to CF for an easy knock. Tony Gwynn would be proud.

    Really makes you wonder why the two strike approach from other players is non-existent. Bud Black was on the radio in Chicago and was asked about the same thing. He said it’s the one area where he breaks with the analytics people because he believes outs do not have equal value. There are many side benefits to putting the ball in play. I agree.

  11. I think Joey’s approach is rubbing off on other Reds. Certainly they aren’t or can’t do it as concentrated as Joey, but did you see Schebler choking up and crouching at the plate his last at bat, where he drew a walk.

    I agree that the Reds can’t afford three weak hitters in their line up (altho I have more faith in Barnhart). I don’t see how Peraza will ever hit with power (and I don’t mean distance, but with authority) the way he holds his bat and the way he swings…he gets no torque, and little forward momentum. Billy…???

  12. The Orioles do not have much down on the farm but it is certainly better to have more potential suitors regardless of what they can offer

  13. If you’re all-in with Billy because of his defense and baserunning, I would think Peraza’s place on the team SHOULD be tenuous because you can’t have 1/3 of your lineup with sub .300 OBP. If that’s the case, why aren’t the Reds at least exploring the parameters of a 2 year extension with Cozy? He’s a known commodity, and even if his health is spotty, it’s no worse than the situation with Hamilton. IMO, this team will come together sooner than most realize. Cozart can be the SS for the next playoff game.

    Does the idea of Peraza playing every day at SS with no depth behind him scare anyone else?

    • I can see them giving Cozart a qualifuing offer for ~$17MM tp provide stability for next year and give the young guys some more time. That way they also get another draft pick if he leaves. I just dont see them spending $40MM more on Cozart giving his age and the sheer number of young middle infielders they just poured a ton of money into

      • Ouch. Cozart would accept the $17 million in 2 seconds. He will be lucky to get that over 3 years in the open market.

        • It all depends on his health. If Cozart puts in 135-140 games this year and finishes the year in decent health, he’ll get way over $17-million. I agree he’d probably take the QO because he could hit FA the next season. I think assuming what I said above holds true, he’ll end up with 4 years at $14 to $16-million a year.

    • Tough decisions! I can’t see Cozart getting a big offer from someone and a 3 year deal makes sense to me but who knows? One thing we do know is that Billy is what he is! He’s been playing long enough now! Winker will have to hit a lot to replace Billy’s D but that’s where I’m leaning w/Schebler in CF! Peraza is still really young and can improve but if Cozart gets dealt then Scooter can’t bail him out in the lineup any longer! If you keep Zach then Peraza can be a super sub like Scooter. I really just want to see them play Peraza, Winker, and the young pitching as much as possible this year and try to answer some of these questions!

      • Agree with a lot of what you’re saying but not sure how the Reds can make it happen, especially Schebler in CF. He’d probably be about as good as Choo was out there but without the big arm. It wouldn’t be pretty. Of course this is a lost season so maybe they should find out just how bad he is #RebuildBinder

  14. It is time to move on from Cozart. The Reds won’t be seriously competitive until 2020, if then. The Reds have loads of middle infielders in the minors including 2 they have signed this year and one they drafted. 2 of those 6 or 7 will make it. We need to be patient with young players. Peraza should improve. He is only 23.

    At the risk of creating controversy it might be time to talk Votto into accepting a trade. It is tough to see how he will be helpful in 2020 or 2021 when he will be 37 and 38 and taking up $25 million in salary. The reason he is hard to trade is other teams see the same thing. If Votto was 29 he would be easy to trade for a good return. He is worth $25 million for his 29-34 age years. Not so much for his 35-40 age years.

  15. Two thoughts. In the “You read it here first” column I predict Cozart to Boston who will move him to third base to replace Sandoval, then sign him to an extension to bang doubles off the green monster for a few years.

    Also, Votto’s last at bat was awesome. Shear will power. He was unhappy with the (bad) strike two call and appeared to create the single just to be done with the at bat, away from the umpire, and show the ump who’s really the boss in that situation. Fantastic stuff.

    • I could see that but give me Cozart/Feldman/reliever to Baltimore for Kevin Gausman! Feldman has been much better then Gausman this year and it helps them stay in the race. It would give us a 26 yr old w/an elite arm…..3.61 era in 179 ip last year!

      • Unfortunately the O’s won’t bite on Cozart/Feldman for Gausman. They traded Arrieta and Strop for Feldman a few years ago. They won’t repeat that mistake by trading Gausman for him.

  16. Votto is just really good and I hope what he does continues to rub off on everybody else.Choking up and putting the ball in play is sometimes all it takes to get that run home.While I never expect his plate discipline to fully catch on but it would be great to see it from time to time in others.I firmly believe he sometimes just takes strike one and sometimes strike two just because he has confidence he can battle back in the count.I agree with Indy just let the young guys play.If you give them all a legitimate chance they will let you know who can or who can’t

  17. As I said last night,Gausman numbers are terrible and they don’t fit his 2016 performance.We hammered him pretty good this year but his stuff is electric and if they will trade him for a package like Indy offered up then we need to jump on it.Again though his numbers just don’t fit so is there something there with his health?

  18. I’m old so when I hear “war” in baseball terms it makes me think of “War? What is it good for”:) That being said…Billy 2.8 war last year and 0.1 this year! Not good

    I’m also lift weights occasionally and really pursued it in my miltary years so when I see a kid like Billy that is the same exact size he was 3 years ago then I have to question his commitment! Lorenzen wasn’t very good in 2015 and he’s 5x stronger! Iglesias was pretty skinny when he came to the Reds and now he’s throwing 99-100 at times!

  19. Reed with a good game today 6IP 9K 2BB 1ER 4H. 64 strikes 39 balls.

    • Last season in 13 starts at AAA, Reed averaged 2.9 BB/9. This season in 8 starts at AAA, Reed has averaged 5.3 BB/9. In 4 of his last 5 starts, including today, Reed has averaged 2.7 BB/9. If Reed can miss bats and keep his BB/9<3.0, he's ready for another shot on the 25-man roster, but not until then.

    • With the Bats trailing 3-2 in the top of the 9th and Ervin on 2B with no outs, Deshields orders up a bunt, even with 2 strikes on the batter, resulting in a fielder’s choice out at 3B. Of course the next batter laced a sharp single to the OF that would have easily score Ervin, even from 2B.

      I HATE the ‘must bunt because the book says so’ mentality.

      • Really dumb to give up an out in the ninth inning with a runner already in scoring position.

      • Who are some good young managerial candidates for the reds in 2018…who won’t perpetuate this backwards thinking so prevalent at AAA and MLB .

      • Even the book doesn’t say that, unless it’s a pitcher. Bunting a non-pitcher with two strikes is serious managerial malpractice.

  20. Janish and Jumbo sighted in the same night!

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