2017 Spring Training

Sunday roster moves and Bailey’s return

Asher, we hardly knew thee. Welcome back Stuart Turner. Lisalverto Bonilla replaces Jake Buchanan in the revolving door of freshening up the bullpen with AAA-Louisville arms.


Who takes Wojciechowski’s start on Friday?

It won’t be Homer Bailey, who will pitch for AAA-Louisville on Monday. With Thursday being an off day for the Reds, Bronson Arroyo could pitch on Friday, with Bailey taking Arroyo’s slot on Saturday in Washington.

The Reds didn’t need to DFA Wojciechowski right now and wouldn’t have if they needed him in the rotation again. It’s a pretty good sign they expect Bailey back next weekend. The Monday rehab start keeps Bailey on schedule, so does a Saturday start on 6/24 in Washington.

Stuart Turner’s future?

Barring injury to one of the other catchers, it’s hard to see Stuart Turner getting playing time with the emergence of a healthy and productive Devin Mesoraco. Mesoraco has already been starting 2 out of 3 games. Turner’s presence on the bench does allow Bryan Price to use Tucker Barnhart or Mesoraco as a pinch hitter.

19 thoughts on “Sunday roster moves and Bailey’s return

  1. Not sure I agree with Asher.w move,maybe good bullpen option cause he doesn’t get ripped early,its usually 2nd time around,probably wouldn’t allow as many runs as lorezen.bonilla sure ain’t the answer

  2. Luis Castillo for Friday. He’s on the 40. This guy is 24 years old, doing well in AA and a top-10 prospect, yet the Reds keep starting nondescript pitchers every 5th day? If there is baseball logic to what they are doing, it’s lost on me.

  3. What do they see in this Bonilla guy? Seriously. He has been awful as a Red, and equally awful down in Louisville. Incidentally, Happy Birthday, Lisalverto! Maybe that’s the reason.

  4. Wojo is exactly who his stats and age say he is … I think that became abundantly clear yesterday during that debacle. Bonilla is a warm body holding a place for a couple of minutes. And he’s barely warm at that …

    I like the Turner move. I suspect there will be some negotiation with the Twinkies in the future so we can keep him and do what we need to do with him. We’ve got plenty of catching depth coming up. Mez is hitting again, Tucker is Tucker, and the future looks pretty bright to this fan.

      • I think there is some horse trading to be done. Just my opinion, but I don’t think they’d bother to re-activate him just to proceed down the return him to the Twins path. If he stays with us, we can send him to AAA which is where we need him at the moment.

        • Fair ’nuff. My limited eye tests just don’t verify what I’ve read about him. And maybe I’m too myopic. Thanks.

          • At worst, we sell him back to the Twinkies. Sometimes I think it’s funny that $25K or $50K is a lot of money for us but really doesn’t mean much to a MLB franchise.

  5. anybody else think this might be it for bronson if the day goes south for him?

  6. I’m attending Friday and Saturday games. Hope to see Homer….Bronson not so much?

  7. Reed Friday…homer Saturday and give Bob Steve a spot start.

    They just showed BC and WJ sitting together with DW in front. Is WJ still running this team?

    • Gee, you think? Because I certainly do believe he’s still pulling some strings.

    • Bob Steve has shown nothing his entire career. Why the love? He has been a total bust.

  8. Bronson will not pitch on Friday, He has been placed the 10 DL, along with Zack.
    Who will pitch Friday.

  9. Stuart Turner is a depth guy, and that’s why the Reds are trying to hold onto him. While they do have prospects coming there is no one in the upper-minors AT ALL who you’d want to see fill in if a catcher gets hurt. Carrying him on the roster this year is a short-term sacrifice to help with emergency depth for the next few years.

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