Homer Bailey pitched in his second rehab start for the Reds low-A affiliate the Dayton Dragons. Reds owner Bob Castellini had a front row seat with Dr. Tim Kremchek. Kremchek performed Bailey’s flexor mass surgery (2014) and Tommy John procedure (2015). Bailey is rehabbing from February 2017 surgery removing bone spurs in his elbow. Dr. David Altchek in New York performed the bone spur surgery.

Homer Bailey warming up before the game.

Bailey threw 74 pitches in 6 innings. Other press accounts said Bailey threw 76 pitches, but everyone in the press box, including the guy sitting next to me who was running the StatCast program counting the pitches had it at 74. Bailey didn’t allow a hit until the sixth inning and didn’t walk anyone. He hit a batter in the first inning. Bailey struck out six batters.

One of the people in the press box who had been sitting with Dr. Kremchek said that the doctor told him the goal was for Bailey to pitch 6 innings, throwing about 80 pitches.

Bailey was throwing his fastball 93-95 mph. Once it hit 96, but that was 95.5 mph on StatCast, rounding up. Bailey threw all of his pitches. It seemed like he was working on certain pitches in specific innings. He threw his curve ball (77-83 mph) mostly in the 4th inning. He threw the slider and splitter in the first three innings. In the sixth inning, Bailey threw all fastballs except for his final pitch.

Dayton Dragons pitchers watching Bailey warm up before the game.

The most important thing, of course, is that he appeared completely healthy.

Bailey previously pitched on June 9 for AA-Pensacola. Speculation in the press box was that Bailey would have one more rehab start, probably at AAA-Louisville on Monday. With Bailey throwing 74 pitches tonight, he would move that up to 90-95 for the next rehab start before rejoining the Reds. That’s consistent with Bryan Price saying Bailey could return to the Reds rotation the following weekend, June 24-25 in Washington against the Nationals.

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  1. kmartin

    Excellent velocity and throwing strikes! Great news. Thanks for the update.

    • tourniquette15

      Awesome. I literally could not be happier! Let’s see how he does against AAA, but he looks hungry.

  2. I-71_Exile

    Happy news. Thanks for the report!

  3. Daytonian

    But, is there an open spot in the rotation for him?

  4. Lee Carter

    Terrific news and I hope he rocks it when Bailey comes back. A bit of luck and we will get back another veteran pitcher to pair with the youngsters. The view for next season is getting brighter!

  5. msanmoore

    Great news … unless you are on the opposing A-league team. It had to feel unfair to those kids, but that’s baseball.

    • Eric

      I don’t know about that – if I were the A-ball manager thinking I had a really good batting prospect, I’d LOVE the opportunity to throw him in the batter’s box against major-league pitching three or four times. I’m sure some of those cats were swinging at balls they wouldn’t normally have swung at, trying to make a name for themselves. I’m sure the Dayton manager liked getting feedback from Homer on how his catcher called those 74 pitches, too. Lots of things to consider…but that’s baseball, too! 🙂

  6. VaRedsFan

    I know he has been throwing on the side and simulated games building up to these 3 rehab starts, but I find it kind of amazing that he is going from 60 to 75 to 95 pitches in just 3 starts….where it usually takes 6 weeks of spring training to get there.

  7. VaRedsFan

    I hope he can start in DC on the 23rd or 24th, as I will be attending those games.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Won’t be the 23rd, but could be the 24th if he stays on schedule. The day they decide to have him pitch in Louisville should be a pretty good indicator of when he’ll pitch for the Reds. They’ll want to keep him on schedule, or at least within a day of regular turn. Doesn’t line up well right now to replace Arroyo or Wojciechowski, which would be the obvious choices.

      • marc

        I would think Arroyo is the choice.
        NO upside to him.
        Text on the list would be Garret, and send him down, to get his confidence back up.

      • lwblogger2

        Garrett threw the ball fairly well yesterday. He also worked out of a few jams, which had to be good for his confidence. Not sure I’d send him down right now.

  8. cfd3000

    Great news. Thank you for the thorough update.

  9. TomN

    Great news. Homer’s been through the ringer.

  10. WVRedlegs

    This is wonderful news to add to the outing he had in Pensacola. In just over a week we might see Homer Bailey on the mound in a Reds uniform.
    Though the Reds suffered through back-to-back sweeps, the week hasn’t been all bad when it comes to pitching. The Reds select Hunter Greene in the draft, Amir Garrett looks like he is rebounding, and now the news with Bailey.
    On the offensive side for the week it was just plain bad. A lousy week. Bad offense at the ML level and a very lousy draft for bats and position players.

    • Dewey Roberts

      Despite needing major league starters and drafting for that need, I always think it is best to draft position players and hitters with the majority of the picks.

      I also lived in Dunbar, WV as a kid.

  11. larry

    Great news. Thanks for the update Steve. Bailey’s really been snake bitten by various injuries the last couple of years. Being the competitor he is, the last two years must have been hell for him. Now if we can get Finney back in a few more weeks, and maybe Disco in August, things are really looking up for 2018. Tough time finding three spots for the pitchers though.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Replacing Arroyo and Wojciechowski are easy choices. By the time DeSclafani gets back, hopefully the Reds will have traded Feldman or Adleman. If not, moving Feldman to the bullpen for DeSclafani is easy, at least to me.

      The bigger problem is they really should be finding starts for Reed, Stephenson and Lorenzen right now, before all those guys start coming back. Will be really, really hard to find out about all of them with only a couple starts here and there. Should have tried to get those guys in 15 starts this year. Now, that seems hard to do, unless more injuries.

      • IndyRedMan

        Well replacing Arroyo is not an easy choice for them? He’s like the guy on the couch that she just won’t kick out no matter what everyone else says!

        Finnegan was throwing harder before he got hurt and his changeup really picked up steam in the 2nd half last year. He’s my new pick for “ace” (or co-ace?) of the staff. My expectations would be 3.50ish for Finnegan but he’s got to keep the walks down. He’s also had a bad habit of flying open high-n-away on the fastballs to righties and its too easy to get a cheap oppo-hr in gabp! Those things are fixable. Bailey 4.25 ish and Reed 4.50ish….eat some innings and put Arroyo the Lollipop kid in the rearview once and for all! No more random washed up scrub signings….please!!! Give me never-were’s getting blasted for 450 footers….atleast its new!

      • reaganspad

        arroyo is on the couch…. with a guitar, so he is cool

        Just have him sing the anthem for the rest of the season

        Do not give him a baseball

  12. lwblogger2

    Nice update Steve. Thanks… Hey, who took the pic of Homer and the other pitchers? That is a pretty nice shot.

    • Steve Mancuso

      I took those pictures. He was warming up right next to the first row of seats and I walked down there before the game started and was standing five feet from him for about 15 minutes. I have another 100 pictures. Haven’t even looked at them all yet. Wanted to get that post up pretty quickly last night.

      • lwblogger2

        It’s a good shot Steve. I’ve seen pro shots that weren’t that good.

  13. james garrett

    Steve you hit the nail on the head with finding starts for those 3 guys.Its just hard to imagine they haven’t taken advantage of that window.Reed gets one start and the rest none.Two of them are starting at AAA surely they don’t go back to the pen.A start here or there just doesn’t help at all in their development.Maybe they have a plan buts its sure hard to see it.

  14. kmartin

    Homer looks very fit in the photos. Narrow waist, strong trunk. It looks like he spent his time on the DL working out and not sitting around.