With the #2 pick in the draft, the Reds selected pitcher Hunter Greene from Notre Dame high school in Sherman Oaks, California.

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  1. Shchi Cossack

    High risk selection grabbing a HS pitcher, but very high upside for the kid.

  2. Kevin Michell

    Awesome to be able to get Greene. Quite an interesting development with Lewis going 1-1, but I like this a bit better than taking McKay.

    • Gonzo Reds

      Greene also was very well spoken and seems to have a strong family background. If the pitching doesn’t work out he’ll probably end up at 3B with his size and arm. If it does, we’ve at least got another good hitting pitcher like Lorenzen. Not a Mat Latos train wreck. He really should have gone #1 so not complaining about him falling to us! Noticed McKay didn’t look happy to be drafted as a 1B by the Rays, think he wanted to pitch.

      • The Duke

        No, that’s just McKay. His personality makes Joey Votto look exciting and dynamic.

      • Anonymous

        People love saying “well spoken” when they’re referring to an African American that doesn’t sound like they expect them to. You likely didn’t do this on purpose, but I’ve seen this phrase used for the third time now on three different sites speaking about Hunter Greene.


        Greene was much more polished and mature than all of the caucasian players so far selected in the draft. He make McKay look like an 8th grader. Had Greene been caucasian some folks would say the only players who get credited for sounding mature are caucasian and this disrespects everyone else. Let’s give Greene credit. He sounds mature no mater what color he is and that’s a credit to him and his parents.

      • Nosferatu Man

        I typically tend to agree with this, and I’m sure there is some of that with Greene. For the most part, though, I think people are surprised at how well spoken he is at his age. I’ve not known many 18 or 19 year olds that are as polished and reflective as he comes across.

      • ian

        Or when talking about a 17 year old kid like don’t they expect them to.

  3. citizen54

    I’m just glad they didn’t take McKay. Greene looks like he could be pretty good if his secondary stuff develops.

    • RedAlert

      Gonna regret not taking MCKay – he is polished and the real deal – not saying Hunter can’t be. McKay is a bulldog on the mound and knows how to pitch. I witnessed it firsthand in super regional this weekend in Louisville against Kentucky. You can’t teach intestinal fortitude, and he’s got a lot of it !

      • Dana Reddick (@DanaReddick)

        All of those traits, albeit except for polished, about Green as well. It’s easy to say we (myself and the mouse in my pocket) should’ve taken McKay. He’ll be in the majors, in all likelihood, 2-3 season sooner than Green. But, Mickey and I (my mouse) see a much higher ceiling with Green.
        Only time will tell.

  4. TR

    A good omen since Sherman Oaks was the home of Sparky Anderson.

    • Sammy Davis Junior

      Problem with that analogy was that Sparky Anderson was a terrible baseball player.

    • Andrew

      Sorry, but no. You’re confusing Sherman Oaks with Thousand Oaks. Thousand Oaks is not even in Los Angeles County, but 45 miles west of Sherman Oaks.

    • tim

      it was thousand oaks, not sherman. about fifty miles apart.

  5. Old-school

    Clearly…he is one of the best high school arms and athletes to come out in awhile. The marketing machine will also put a spotlight on the Reds as a franchise that will be a novel concept.

    With the Reds 2 supplemental picks… interested to hear Doug Gray’s analysis of the Reds farm system after tonight…gotta think we are loaded.

    • The Duke

      Our top 20 is very strong, then a bit of a fall off after that. I think we’ll be a top 5 farm system heading into next year though.

  6. cfd3000

    I like this pick. Any questions about signability?

    • Jennifer Campbell

      I don’t think it will be a problem, because I’m sure the Reds brass made sure he would sign before he was picked . He’s also very excited to be drafted by the Reds and said he looks forward to getting his career started and fulfill the dream he’s had since he was 7. His work ethic and character are off the charts !

      • cfd3000

        Excellent. I figured they had done their homework. It does seem that high picks out of high school are going unsigned less often in recent years, but this is still reassuring. Thanks Jennifer.

    • The Duke

      Only 2 picks in the first 10 rounds didn’t sign last year. Teams make sure before they pull the trigger. The 2 that didn’t sign likely had something to do with something that came up in the physical after they were drafted.

  7. Indy Red Man

    I read a baseball weekly over the weekend and they were talking about how Mark Trumbo was drafted as a pitcher but obviously fell back on his hitting. Its my understanding this kid would be a top 5 pick as a hitter as well but it looks like he’ll get too big to play shortstop.

  8. Still a Red

    “…has been part of MLB’s developmental program for a decade, first going to the Urban Youth Academy in Compton, Calif., at the age of 7…”really…geeezzz. The MLB is planting seedlings that early now? How unromantic. Young arm throwing 102 MPH…hope his mechanix are good. Not trying to be a downer.

    • brunsfam

      That’s funny – you’re spending too much time on this site!

  9. Michael E

    Hey, Greene was considered a generational talent. We all would prefer a killer hitter, along the lines of recent SS or Bryant or Correa or such, but this is the killer pitcher of that type.

    I am just glad the Reds took the (far and away) consensus best prospect in this draft. Maybe Lewis turns out great for the Twins, but how any team can pass on the pure upside of a Greene is bewildering.

    I know most pundits (and baseball folk) think a two way player should focus on one thing, but I hope they allow this kid to play some in the field for a year or two. I can see why if they don’t, but would be nice to see if this is a really good pitcher that turns out to be a stud hitter…never know.

  10. Michael E

    The supplement pick of the SS from Florida, well, I know nothing about him, but most “lists” had him down in the 50s or 60s, maybe because he is short? I hope it’s a diamond in the rough the scouts loved but sure seems like an overdraft based on consensus. In 5 years, maybe he is a top 5 player from this draft, but right now a bit underwhelming.

    • RedAlert

      Compliments of Reds scouting department … go figure. Didn’t they just pay 6 million to sign a shortstop from Cuba recently ? Why draft another this high ?????

      • DHud

        A baseball organization consists of hundred(s) of players at more than a half dozen playing levels

        I think they’ll find room for two 18 year old shortstops

      • Michael Smith

        Kid has arm to slide to third.

      • Shchi Cossack

        The Reds have a SS playing SS, 2B, 3B & CF. No position player can adapt as easily to play any other position (sans C & P) than a SS. If a position player can hit, a team will find a position for him to play. You need not look any further than Suarez and Duvall for classic examples of hitters finding a position to play.

    • The Duke

      MLB Pipeline had him 38. And really 25-75 is all pretty close.

      • Michael E

        Yeah, I found more flattering summaries of him after I posted. He isn’t exactly short at 5’11” just not 6’2″ like those drafted around him, but the reports are he can do everything well and has solid MLB power upside. Seems like a reasonable pick as I read more.

  11. Steve Schoenbaechler

    I can’t help thinking this is similar to Brian Taylor years ago.

    • GeorgeFoster

      Maybe he’s Taylor or Gruler, or maybe he’s Dwight Gooden. More likely, something in between. I like to maintain realistic expectations as well, but let’s not be unduly pessimistic.

      • Steve Schoenbaechler

        I will say, I saw some video on him, and he does seem to have a very easy delivery, not much motion at all, aka a motion that seems to be able to be non-injury prone. I did like that about him.

      • lwblogger2

        Always a risk when you draft HS pitchers. The mechanics look sound to me and you just have to hope he stays healthy.

    • Patrick Jeter

      A majority of pitchers bust. But that’s part of the game. Is there any particular thing that reminds you of Brien Taylor?

    • Michael E

      He seems to like baseball and very wise for his age. It’s not easy to sound like a 30 year old smoothy at 17.

      Lewis also seems well spoken and loves baseball.

      Many that bust do so because they lack desire or love of baseball. I think the top two picks are good picks. I like Wright more now that I read up on him, but we got a fast bust with that UVA college pitcher, so taking Greene and buying the medium risk (HS) lottery ticket makes sense. While many get labeled future ace, Greene seems like he fits that label much better than any other pitcher in the draft and SP1+ potential.

      • lwblogger2

        I think many that bust do so not because they late desire or will, but because making it to MLB is really, really hard.

  12. WVRedlegs

    Great, great pick for the Reds. Greene was at a Twins workout last Friday at Target Field and was reported to be throwing 101 mph. He also hit 4 HR’s and no other player there hit one out.
    The Twins gifted Greene to the Reds. Greene could see the Major Leagues by the time he is 22 or 23 years old, and that isn’t even rushing him. People will say not to rush him because of all the pitching the Reds have, but Greene is that good. He’ll speed right up the depth charts.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Way too soon to be annointing him a slot in the starting rotation on the 25-man roster. The kid has a easy fastball but he also has a LOT of work to do on his secondary pitches. I like the pick and I expect he will pan out just fine, but he is a long way away from the Bigs. He may not even pitch in Billings this season. I think the wisest move would be to buy him a ticket to AZ and let the development staff work with him this summer in AZ, then see what they have at the end of the season.

      • Michael E

        No doubt. I just hope that if they sign him and he looks good right away, they don’t piss around and play the ole one level a year promotion crap. If he can mow em down in rookie or wherever, move him up to low A and if he he mows em down there, start next year in low A and move him up to high A by June if he is mowing and end the year in AA (assuming good results).

        If he is good enough at 19 or 20 to be in MLB, then HAVE him in MLB. If he isn’t then don’t, but don’t follow some silly script that has a 5 or 6 or 7 year plan if it isn’t required.

        The old Mike Trout argument where I am all but certain the Reds would have him rising steadily, playing in high A or AA when the Angels had him as CF all-star already.

  13. WVRedlegs

    Now that #32 and #38 picks leave a lot to be desired. Both very questionable at this time. Both of those picks could have been better.

    • The Duke

      I get not having a good initial reaction to picks, but the Reds scouts have seen these guys place 1000x more than we have.

      • WVRedlegs

        With who were still on the board with those 2 picks it leaves me scratching my head.
        Why draft a SS so high after just signing a 19 year old Cuban that will cost the Reds $10M??? A SS that Dick Williams said compared to the high/middle of round 1? Very perplexing.
        Is Fairchild better than OF Brent Rooker and / or OF Drew Waters? No. Rooker should have been the pick at #32 and Waters at #38.
        And at #77 today they can swoop in and pick up another pitcher that was ranked far higher than 77.

      • CP

        The self-assuredness of this post is pretty amazing.

        Organizations value different things and shortstops have a way of not ending up as shortstops. I personally don’t like guys like “outfielder” Brent Rooker, who just happened to predominately first base for his college team. Guys like that always make me think future 1B/DH.

      • Michael E

        I agree with this. Don’t want ANOTHER plodder like Winker that is destined to play 1B or DH if he can hit enough to get there.

        I’d rather have 20 SS in the organization playing SS, 3B, 2B and OF than 20 plodding 1B sluggers wrecking defense in OF, 3B or elsewhere.

        Also, having one or two good SS doesn’t mean you shouldn’t draft another. Baseball is more like hockey in this regard and not at all like NFL or NBA. Injuries and years of minor league ball mean there is a strong possibility none of those SS blocking a draftee now will even be a top 20 team prospect in two years. Better to have three MLB ready SS than none.


    Based on history Greene is a huge risk. About 10% of the pitchers picked in the top 5 make it to the big leagues and there are only 2 or 3 who have turned out to be stars. The odds are long for this pick to be a success. That said, the Reds had to draft him. His potential is enormous despite not pitching since April. If he can learn command, sustain a repeatable delivery, continue to develop his maturing body, and avoid elbow and shoulder injuries he will have a chance. The next 3-4 years will be a challenging period for Greene and the Reds development program. Based on potential he has the highest upside for any player ever drafted by the Reds but he is far from a sure thing.

    • Michael E

      “That said, the Reds had to draft him.”

      Exactly. I would have been okay I guess with any of the other top 5 players, but if Greene truly is a generational talent, you simply forget the risks and do it. It’s not like college pitchers and hitters aren’t risks too, just less so.

      I’d rather have the upside early in the draft than some safe pick that becomes a 4.00 ERA innings eater.

    • Michael E

      Makes sense. He is plenty athletic enough to resume fielding at SS if pitching goes awry early on…and he’ll be practicing fielding as a pitcher anyway.

  15. Patrick Jeter

    At least one prospect guy (Longenhagen, FanGraphs) said the Reds had the best Day 1. That is cool.

    • Shchi Cossack

      It sounds like the Reds may be able to save enough in signing their 1st 3 picks to go after an over-slot value during the later rounds today. That could make the 2016 & 2017 drafts immensely successful and this season may net another top 10 pick in 2018. That could lay a foundation for a lot of seasons of success.