Final R H E
St. Louis Cardinals (26-32) 2 6 1
Cincinnati Reds (29-30) 5 12 0
W: Feldman (5-4) L: Leake (5-5) S: Iglesias (12)
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The Good
–It was a scoreless tie when the Reds came to bat in the bottom of the fifth against St. Louis starter (and old friend) Mike Leake. Joey Votto singled with one out to get things going, and Adam Duvall followed up with a double to center that gave the Reds a 1-0 lead. After Scott Schebler was hit by a pitch, REDS LEGEND (TM) Scooter Gennett singled to right-center, scoring Duvall and moving Schebler to third. Schebler proceeded to score on a throwing error by NECKTAT LEGEND (TM) Yadier Molina. Reds led 3-0.

That was the score one inning later when Zack Cozart picked up an infield single. Votto followed with his 16th home run of the season, a two-run shot that gave the Reds a 5-0 lead.

–Scott Feldman was very good today, throwing seven shutout innings on four hits and no walks. I like this version of Feldman. He’s now 5-4 with a 4.09 ERA.

–Joey Votto was Joey Votto today. Votto was 4-4 with two runs scored and two runs batted in. On the season, Votto is now hitting .300/.423/.595. He’s a good baseball player.

–Adam Duvall was 3-4 with a double, with all three hits coming off the guy he was traded for, Leake. REDS LEGEND (TM) Scooter Gennett was 2-4 with an RBI.

–Raisel Iglesias pitched a perfect ninth, striking out two hitters and throwing just seven pitches. He’s now 12-for-12 in save opportunities this season. Iglesias is just insanely good.

The Bad
–Keep moving, nothing to see here.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The Reds swept the Cardinals in a four-game series for the first time since 2003. This is fun, eh?

–The ol’ Redlegs scored 28 runs during this series. That’s the most Cincinnati has scored versus St. Louis in a four-game series since 1970 (July 24-July 27). Prolific.

–Cincinnati is now one game below .500, and they have a chance to gain ground on first place Milwaukee if the Brewers lose tonight.

–This was actually not a vintage Joey Votto 4-4 performance; he saw only 8 pitches in those four at-bats.

–Amir Garrett will start for the good guys tomorrow, as the Reds open a series against the Dodgers in Los Angeles.

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84 Responses

  1. G L

    It’s amazing what happens when the Red’s starters pitch well.

  2. renbutler

    The 2-6 slots are carrying the team. The rest of the lineup isn’t doing much of anything.

    If I were to get picky about a four-game sweep, that’s what I’d point to.

    • RedLegHerrm

      Not sure I’d totally agree with this. Peraza had a nice clip going for a while before going into another mini-slump. Barnhart’s been solid in the #8 spot (on base 3 times today). Hamilton’s been up and down, but is a game changer when he’s on. Middle of the lineup has certainly been the most consistent, but these other spots haven’t exactly been dead weight.

      • Big56dog

        Strange thing about Hamilton, before that bunt in the 7th Monday they were looking head on in another 6 of 7 losing stretch to open the series, he seemed to rattle Martinez who was pitching like Feldman

    • andyrichin

      So 5 of 8 batters (not including the pitcher) are carrying the team. I’d say that’s pretty good. 63% of our lineup is hot!

      • renbutler

        Yeah, overall the hitting news is good.

        I’d just rather have everybody hitting a little better than normal instead of a few players really hot and a few really cold.

  3. hawkeyeredsfan

    Outside winning titles, what’s better than sweeping the Cards?

    • msanmoore

      Not much … maybe sweeping the Stupid Cubs, but even that probably comes in behind sweeping the Dirty Birds.

  4. WVRedlegs

    Cody Reed pitched 8.0 shutout innings for Louisville today. To get him rounded back into form before or about the time Bailey and Finnegan return would be a huge boost to the rotation. Big step in the right direction for Reed.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Wow. That has to be a huge confidence boost for Reed.

      • WVRedlegs

        I read somewhere that the coaches have been working on a couple of mechanical changes with Reed in Louisville. Looks like it is working. I hope he was pitching down in the strike zone today. It looked like about just over 2/3 of his pitches were for strikes. That was good to see.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Also looks like Jesse Winker got 3 ab…while Hernan Irribarren got 5!!

      Sure am glad Winker is developing in AAA.

      • Patrick Jeter

        So he would have gotten 4 instead of 5. Point is that a high-OBP prospect shouldn’t bat 5th because he gets less AB than non-prospects whose development doesn’t affect the Reds in any way.

    • IndyRedMan

      Turns out that pitching a young guy once in a week in a 10-1 game isn’t the best way to develop someone.

    • Old-school

      They need a young lefty to step up..grab a rotation spot and not let go….then if a young righty did the same….would be looking much better for next year…I’ll go with Reed and Romano..then add Homer and Finnegan and the cavalry arrives.

      Huge 2 months coming up…I wrote off Feldman…but if he strings a few more starts together…me might create a market by late July.

      What a fun series to inject some life back into this season.

      • Big56dog

        I think they should bring him up put him in the bullpen where he sees game action once a week, and then just spot start him in randomly with no defined role

  5. G L

    According to, Zack Cozart hit a single to reach safely in his 30th straight game

    • cfd3000

      Cozart has been terrific all year and this on base streak is impressive, though to be fair it should have ended today. The play was an errant throw by the 2nd baseman that beat Cozart easily but pulled Carpenter off the bag. Almost certainly should have been scored an error. But the streak lives on and Cozart and the Reds finish the sweep!

  6. msanmoore

    Just watched the “key innings” on replay. Great to see us hit and score and then so much fun to see Iggy sit them down. 7 total pitches including 2 K’s. The one to Neck where he had him flailing at the ball was spectacular!

    I love me a Bird Sweep. Almost back to .500 just in time to head West.

  7. larry

    This is fun! I would settle for a 3-3 record in the six west coast games, but would prefer 4-2 or even 5-1. Go reds!

  8. Old-school

    How do the Reds not sell scooter #4 jerseys in the gift shop? People will absolutely buy them.
    Ironic BP put the spotlight on that jersey #4….Gennett said I’ll run with it….and then some

  9. CI3J

    The team is suddenly fun to watch again. Amazing what getting halfway decent starting pitching can do when your offense is one of the tops in MLB.

  10. Big56dog

    can someone explain if some guys are really just a better fit for relievers. I thought Iglesias had some starts in 2015 over over 6 or 7 innings, was their # 1 starter last season and got hurt for a month and has never been considered again. I do not blame a pitcher for wanting to be a closer because you can make a lot money throwing 60 innings a year. But if you are going to use injury as a criteria why are they still counting on Finnegan or Disco much less Bailey to start?

    • jazzmanbbfan

      You can make a lot more money throwing 200 innings a year though. I don’t know if Iglesias has said he wants to be a reliever; we know Lorenzen has stated he wants to start. However, given his shoulder issues (twice), I think the Reds now see Iglesias as a reliever and luckily, he’s turning out to be a really good one. I don’t think any of the three starters you mentioned are having shoulder issues (or is that Disco’s problem?) but shoulders are trickier to come back from than elbows when you start cutting on them.

    • da bear

      Iglesias was a closer in Cuba, while he was and is easily the best starter – pitcher, period – for the reds, mgmt feels the recurring injuries he’s experienced resulted from starter workloads….thus the bullpen placement. That and until Iglesias and Lorenzen shored up the pen last year the pen was historically, epically atrocious. Price being loyal to Hoover…..(like Wood this year)

  11. Big56dog

    what are the pitching match-ups for LA

  12. Shchi Cossack

    A sweep of the Dirty Birds…check. Neck Tat making the final out of the series while flailing at 3 swinging strikes from Iggy…priceless!

    • vegastypo

      You had to love his ‘throw’ to center field on the Scooter stolen base, too.

    • Patrick Jeter

      He’s running a sub-.700 OPS, which makes me laugh since the Cards just signed him long-term. That deal is going to be terrible.

  13. Shchi Cossack

    Even the rough inning by Austin Brice was positive. I liked to see the kid make an appearance late in the game with something on the line. He gave up a double and a 2-run HR, but the kid threw strikes and went after the hitters. This is the season to find out who can and who can’t.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Agree. Every pitcher will have a rough outing here and there but the guy throws strikes and that is in his favor going forward.

    • Tservo

      I was at the game with my dad today and I’d have to say that Brice’s appearance had me worried. True, he got people out, but everything that was hit was absolutely scalded. The double hit about two feet below the yellow line and we could hear it off the padding. The next batter flew out to the warning track in almost the same spot. Then the homer went out about the same section as well. That tells me that they were sitting on the fastball and Brice just didn’t have enough gas to blow it by the hitters.

      I agree that real game experience is a great thing, especially when it is a close(ish) contest, but hopefully he can learn to temper his aggressiveness – which was great to see – with a little better luck in missing bats. I hope it works out for him, it looks like he’s got great potential!

    • cfd3000

      Brice was also getting squeezed hard on the strike zone. At least three balls would have been robo ump strikes. At that point the 3-2 pitch to Carpenter kind of had to be grooved. Not entirely Brice’s fault…

      • Tservo

        Thanks for the insight. From where we were sitting (along the 3rd base line) we could really only see the vertical dimension of the strike zone. A positive though was that it seemed in general like all the Reds pitchers – especially Feldman – were hitting the bottom of the zone.

        All in all, I don’t begrudge him the homer. Everybody gives them up occasionally. Hopefully the hard contact was because of as you say a tight strike zone resulting in several grooved pitches.

      • lwblogger2

        Love the handle “TSERVO” … Fantastic!

    • Vicferrari

      as of right now his face is in the Top 12 Players on basereference by WAR- imagine that might change

  14. Geoff

    Folks I think it’s safe to say this team is in contention! Close to 60 games in and we are only 2.5 games out! This is fun!

  15. james garrett

    Feldman was really good,Iggy was nasty good and Votto was well Votto.Reds win and sweep the Cards.Never dreamed after getting beat up by the Braves.Two big come back wins especially last night.

  16. Bill Hedges

    Love it. Hope they’re ready for a little west coast swing. I’m thinking 4-2 and they’re in business.

  17. earl99

    The Reds schedule is going to toughen up quite a bit. Got 29 games till the break and 22 are against winning teams. It doesn’t ease up much after the break either as they will open with 4 against the Nats.

    It is probably too much to ask after over two years of injuries, but it would be nice if Homer Bailey comes back as filthy mcnasty with something to prove to lead the rotation. Reds are going to need something like that to happen if they got a shot to contend.

    • Tservo

      I’m changing my screen name to Filthy McNasty…that’s great!

  18. james garrett

    We will be better with Homer and Finny in the rotation.I also expect Reed or Stephensen to join them after the break.I expected us before the start of the season and all the injuries to play around 500 for the year but our offense,defense and pen have been really good so who knows.The Cubs are just better then us and have our number but we are just as good as the other teams in our division or at least have been so far record wise even with our starters being really bad.As with all teams we will go as far as our starters take us and with a couple coming back we shall see.

  19. JB WV

    The Reds have three guys that are almost locks for the AS game: Cozart, Votto, and Iglesias. That’s refreshing.

    • WVRedlegs

      Yes indeed. I think Schebler might make it too like Duvall did last year. If he does make it, you know they’ll ask him to be in the HR contest. Which I hope he’ll decline the invite.
      In 2014 when Todd Frazier was in the HR contest he hit 19 HR’s before the break and 10 after the break.
      In 2015 when he won the HR contest, he hit 25 prior to the break and 10 after.
      In 2016 when Adam Duvall was in it, he hit 23 prior to the break and 10 after.
      Granted there are always a few more games in the first half and fewer in the second half. But the moral of the story should be, Reds players shouldn’t accept any invites to the HR hitting contest.

      • JB WV

        If I’m not mistaken, Duvall mentioned earlier this year that he thought the contest messed his swing up a bit. I hope Schebler takes this into account. I’d also like to see them do away with it. It’s getting like the dunk contest used to be in the NBA; after a while, you’ve seen it all.

  20. Chuck Schick

    The Reds are 22-10 against bad teams and
    7-20 against good teams.

    The next few weeks may present some challenges

    • Greg Pearson

      Sounds like the epitome of a .500 team to me, which is probably what they are.

      • TR

        The possibility of a .500 season for the Reds is a lot more than I expected two months ago.

      • Chuck Schick

        Agreed. I think they’re a 75-80 win team. The next few weeks may be tough and then they can beat up on a parade of crap

    • TR

      Good teams beat bad teams. Challenges are always a part of baseball which has a long season.

    • Vicferrari

      argument could be made that Cards and Pirates are not considered good because Reds have went 14-3 against them, and Cubs and Brewers would be bad if the Reds had not went 2-11 against them

    • G L

      You can’t beat good teams without starting pitching. Get the supposed starters healthy, bring up Reed or maybe continued goodness from Aldeman. Then maybe we can challenge the good teams.

  21. TR

    This sweep of St. Louis is an indicator the Cardinals are due for a rebuild as the Reds are wrapping up their rebuild.

    • Chuck Schick

      That will be interesting. The Cardinals are extremely profitable and have generally spent well below their ceiling. I wonder if they’ll try to buy their way to a quick fix or go full blown suck for a couple of years.

      • I-71_Exile

        Put me in the “buy” column. I think Cardinal Pride will preclude them from tanking or going all-in on a rebuild. I’m sure they believe they are a bullpen piece away. Can their smoke and mirrors show finally be disapating?

      • Chuck Schick

        I generally agree with you, but I’m leaning towards a couple of years of Fred Bird the Dead Bird.

        The Brewers and Reds at least have the potential to be good and the Cubs seem to be rather well positioned for sustained success….so the next 2-3 years may be tough for the Cards even if they spend. I think DeWitt looks for a solid ROI and it would take a Hammer like spending bonanza to fix their problems.

        I can see them moving some guys at the deadline and going into full tank mode. The BFIB will still put on their Tommie Herr jerseys, gas up the melon truck and head up from the Ozarks. If they suck bad enough, Dewitt will just hire some of the acts from Branson to perform between innings and he’ll get his 3.5 million.

        Loretta Lynn leading the 7th inning stretch with Red Schoendienst….Willie McGee bobble heads with 9 foot necks……the unveiling of the Ken Rietz statue. They’ll fill that place up.

      • I-71_Exile

        You know your Cardinal fans. 🙂

        I wish I had a melon truck and a straw hat. I could pull off a good Jed Clampett.

      • lwblogger2

        It’s early for me Chuck. That is funny stuff. I needed that.

      • renbutler

        Their offense is anemic, and then they tied up millions to extend one of the weakest hitting catchers in the league.

        I doubt they think they are just missing just a piece in the bullpen.

    • Vicferrari

      cards are just slumping, they absolutely blew Monday’s game, terrible base-running limited to 2 runs in the middle innings, then a bizarre collapse in the 7th by Martinez- aided by Fowler dropping a ball that hit him the glove. Been interesting to see how Tuesday’s game played out had they took Suarez’s out, down 2-0 with 2 out runner on 1st, walk scooter instead throw a meat ball on 3-2, could have been anybody’s game. Then for whatever reason pinch hit for a cruising Lynn Wed after 5 innings… one thing I learned Mattheny is an idiot

  22. GreatRedLegsFan

    Either Hamilton or Peraza goes to the bench, but a 306/338/565 batting line cannot be out of the line-up.

    • Vicferrari

      what this got to do with Hamilton?, no matter what you need his defense, he has not made any highlight plays in the past few weeks to remind us- he should bat 9th. Scooter can just rotate positions and give everyone an off day a week

      • Patrick Jeter

        Agreed. Hamilton is valuable. Period. Just shouldn’t get more AB than anyone else.

  23. CI3J

    Then of course, there’s this:

    RHP Anthony DeSclafani is behind schedule in recovering from a strained elbow that has sidelined him since spring training. Manager Bryan Price said Thursday that he’s probably not going to be ready until August.

    …. I said this back in Spring Training, he’s going to need surgery. He’s been rehabbing for months now and not getting better. I could be wrong, but my feeling is they are delaying the inevitable and he’s going to end up missing most of 2018 recovering from the delayed procedure. The sooner he and the trainers just admit he needs to go under the knife, the sooner his career can keep moving forward.

  24. fxd

    Just found this web site. Love it, almost as much as I love sweeping the Cards.
    I trust someone out there knows if/when we get our 1 & 2 starters (Homer & DeS) back in the rotation.

  25. fxd

    Sorry, just saw the update on DeSclafani (not back until august) right above my post. It would help if I read before posting!

    • jazzmanbbfan

      Homer and Finnegan may be back by July 1st though.

    • larry

      Welcome to the cite, FXD. It’s been around about 10 or so years. There have been many great posts over that time period (not mine). If you ever get time, reviewing some of the old posts would be worth it. Many great writers and contributors on this cite.

  26. IndyRedMan

    Thats a bummer about Disco….hope he’s not going to be another Homer? Throwing a baseball that hard & that often is not natural. Its amazing how guys like Tom Seaver or Nolan Ryan could do it for so long! Hopefully Finnegan/Homer will get back soon and produce!

    It was good to see Reed have a good run at Lville! 14 ip, 7h, 0er, 4bb, 14 ks. He seems like a 2 pitch pitcher at this point and I think that really limits him w/the Reds but it looks like he’s responding to coaching and getting the ball down. He throws hard and his slider breaks a ton so theres hope! Then there is the Bob Steve mystery? Imo they need to do the same thing with him that they did with Homer and have him stop throwing the rolling curve so much in favor of a splitter! Homer came up and got blasted with the hanging curve but his splitter worked really well vs lefties atleast! Hopefully someone will step forward and mercifully end Arroyo once and for all!

    • larry

      If he’s a pretty good center fielder, how about Hamilton, Duvall and Sal Romano for him?

      • IndyRedMan

        Slow your roll man….he’s got a .754 ops this year! Talented, cheap, and young is what you want though! He has a lifetime .366 obp….the Winker boys on here would trade the entire team for him. Come see the Cincinnati Yelich’s this weekend play the Cubs!

      • lwblogger2

        Part of the reason they want to move him is they have plenty of OF talent in the system. Sal Romano may be a piece but neither Duvall nor Hamilton probably would be of interest to them. They will probably want Senzel in a package with Romano or perhaps even adding Castillo to the mix. Not saying that’s what the Reds will want to give up but I think that’s close to what the ask might be from from Marlins.