Yesterday didn’t go so well for the Reds. Although the offense mounted another comeback, the group missed multiple opportunities late in the game to take the lead. The bullpen held on as long as possible, but Braves first baseman Matt Adams hit a go-ahead home run in the 12th inning that proved to be the difference. Cincinnati also lost two-thirds of its starting outfield to left shoulder injuries and burned through six relievers after a short outing from veteran Scott Feldman.

The Reds (25-29) will look to right the ship today when they wrap up their three-game set with the Braves (23-30). First pitch is scheduled for 1:10 p.m. ET.

Starting Pitchers

Julio Teheran 61.2 4.82 5.34 17.3% 9.6%
Amir Garrett 45.0 6.00 4.81 18.1% 9.8%

Julio Teheran is a tough pitcher to figure out. Touted as the Braves’ top prospect for three straight years and ranked as high as No. 5 in Baseball America’s top 100, he had a lot of hype around him when he debuted in 2011 at age 20. He spent most of that year and 2012 in the minors, but made the full-time jump to the majors in 2013. He looked to be on the verge of becoming one of the top pitchers in the game through his first two seasons but hit a bump in the road in 2015, in large part due to more erratic control.

The right-hander bounced back last season, reducing his walk rate from 8.7 to 5.4 percent, but he’s regressed this year and is in the midst of his worst season in his five-year big league career. He’s seen his walks spike again to a career-worst rate, while his strikeout rate has dipped by almost five percent — his lowest K% since 2012, when he was in Triple-A. Teheran is also giving up home runs at an alarming rate, with 12 allowed on the season and seven in his last three starts (15.1 innings).

Teheran is still only 26 years old, so the Braves are hoping he can put everything together and reach his high potential.

Here are Teheran’s numbers against current Reds hitters over his career (stats courtesy of Baseball Reference):

After a brief stay on the disabled list due to hip inflammation, Amir Garrett is back in the Reds’ starting rotation. His injury may explain his struggles before going on the DL. In his last two starts, he allowed 13 runs, 12 hits, five walks, and seven home runs in nine innings. After his last outing, he let the Reds training staff know something wasn’t right with his hip and he’s had some time to recover.

Prior to those two outings, the southpaw had been rock solid in his rookie season, allowing two runs or fewer in all but one start (the 10-run disaster against the Brewers in April). With a starting rotation in shambles, the Reds are hoping Garrett can rediscover his early-season form.

This will be the first time Garrett has faced the Braves.


Braves Reds
CF Ender Inciarte (93 wRC+) 2B Jose Peraza (68 wRC+)
SS Dansby Swanson (53 wRC+) SS Zack Cozart (161 wRC+)
LF Matt Kemp (157 wRC+) 1B Joey Votto (153 wRC+)
3B Adonis Garcia (78 wRC+) LF Adam Duvall (123 wRC+)
1B Matt Adams (115 wRC+) RF Scooter Gennett (105 wRC+)
Tyler Flowers (158 wRC+) 3B Eugenio Suarez (129 wRC+)
RF Danny Santana (-5 wRC+) CF Arismendy Alcantara (55 wRC+)
2B Johan Camargo (-18 wRC+) Tucker Barnhart (75 wRC+)
P Julio Teheran (5.34 xFIP) P Amir Garrett (4.81 xFIP)

— After they both suffered left shoulder strains in yesterday’s loss, Billy Hamilton and Scott Schebler are out of the lineup.

— The struggling Eugenio Suarez is also moving down to sixth in the lineup after batting in the five hole most of the season.

— Brandon Phillips and Nick Markakis are getting the day off for Atlanta.

— That’s right; TWO Braves starters have a negative wRC+.

News and Notes

Final Thoughts

With these two pitchers on the mound today, neither a pitcher’s duel nor a barnburner are out of the question. Both have thrown the ball at times this season, and both have struggled with control and been knocked around at times, so this matchup should be interesting.

Growing up just north of Cincinnati, Matt has been a Reds fan for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he was often found leading the Reds to 162-0 seasons in MVP Baseball 2005 and imitating his favorite players (Ken Griffey Jr., Adam Dunn, Sean Casey, and Austin Kearns) in the backyard. One of his earliest baseball memories is attending the final night game at Cinergy Field. Matt is also a graduate of The Ohio State University and currently lives in the Dayton area. Follow him on Twitter at @_MattWilkes.

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  1. I’m going to spit nails if the Reds carry Hamilton and/or Schebler day-to-day for the next week.

    • This. And if Lorenzen gets hurt playing the outfield because of this short-handed roster, that would be bad too. It’s one thing to have Lorenzen wanting to contribute as a pinch hitter or even in an emergency role as a two-way player, but with Winker in AAA, this doesn’t have to be such an emergency.

  2. off topic, but I thought some people recommended Tiqiq- thought there used to be ads with a promo code, anybody know one

  3. For a team that seems to focus on pitching count limits, inning limits for certain relievers, and trying to develop starting pitching talent in the bullpen, they appear to be really botching Amir’s developement. He has pitched 9 ML innings and 2 minor league innings the past month, was he even really injured for this stint on the DL- no rehab starts? have they effectively added a year of control with minor league assignment?

    • i think they actually gained the year of control before his injury. he was sent to AAA for no apparent reason, struggled in his return to the bigs, and was then briefly injured and missed a start for it.

    • Simple reason, whether you agree with the decisions or not: he was sent to AAA to limit innings (while saving service time and a year of team control). Upon return, he was injured (if not really injured, no reason to DL him – he was on the ML roster, so nothing gained re: service time or pay). Missed only one start-plus, so no rehab start done (we have seen this before with pitchers who only miss 1-3 starts).

  4. With Hamilton’s shoulder problem, he’s should at least be put on the 10 day dl and bring up Winkler? Scheb sounds like he thinks his injury is minor, that he’ll miss a couple of games…

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see them use him in a pinch running role. Still, I’d rather see Winker called back up–and used a bit more this time.

  5. This isn’t starting well. Cozart with the error … yikes.

  6. Quite the auspicious start to the game, eh?

  7. Well Cozzie makes up for that error in fine fashion!

  8. A wall scraper as Zach apologizes for the error!! Better.

  9. I second that SHCHI.

  10. Can Duvall manage a triple so we have the cycle in the first 4 AB’s?

  11. Let’s see if Suarez can make a “Put me back up in the 5-hole” statement …

  12. He couldn’t wait to swing yesterday and today the bat never left his shoulder while striking out.He needs a day off bad.

  13. Was that a called third strike on Suarez or swinging? I couldn’t tell.

  14. If that was a called third strike, it wasn’t even close according to foxtrax.

    • It looked okay to me, but GameDay did have it a hair outside.

      The ump is definitely calling the low strike today. It’s by the book, which the other umps largely don’t call, so it looks weird.

      BTW, a pitch to Votto, which nearly hit the dirt, was called a strike online, but the umpire was really just asking for three balls. The FOX scoring bug correctly called it a ball. I had to go back and look at it because it looked like a horrible call online.

  15. I am not watching the game but ESPN had it as a called strike.

  16. Need some strikes, Amir.

  17. -wRC doesn’t mean anything against the Reds.

  18. Can we get ANY starting pitching? Anything at all? This is tiresome.

    • Amir is definitely rusty. No strikes (even that one Santana just pounded) and he’s obviously frustrated. So who is the long-ball reliever today … Lisverto?

  19. I expected Garrett to struggle with his control today because he hasn’t pitched much in almost a month.He won’t last long unless he starts throwing strikes.

  20. Wow, this is depressing.

  21. Romano is off the DL in the minors. Wonder if he is next. Or maybe Reed redux.

  22. Can’t buy a break even on a really weak pop-up … I’m thinking it may be nap time for me. I can’t watch a train wreck (again).

  23. I looked it up and he pitched twice for 9 innings since his 6 inning start on May 6th.I don’t know what he did when he was sent down.

  24. Has anyone else had trouble watching the games on channel 661-1 (DirectTv)
    I have only been getting the standard def feed for about a week now, customer service is implying it is a blackout, but that seems odd, fox sports CIN in standard feed isn’t blacked out so why would the HD feed be?

  25. Maybe the Reds should just carry an extra catcher, no other subs and then nothing but long relievers. Just corner the market on long relievers.

  26. Garrett is not much different then anybody else in that he has to throw strikes and keep the ball down.His fastball will not blow people away so he has to have good control and get ahead of the hitter.He is young so I can live with it for 15 or more starts.

  27. No reason to bunt him here … just hack at it.

    • That was my thought. It’s hard to bunt the catcher over, the Reds got lucky it worked, but still gave away an out. … And now the inning is over.

  28. I think the confidence of all of our young pitchers is shot. Reed seems to slowly be getting better at AAA. Just so damn frustrating. The Cards and Pirates seem to strike gold every time they bring up young pitchers. Our our scouts just that bad that we all we can do is find good AAAA pitching? Are we doomed to off-season acquisitions of Feldman and Straily?

  29. “.. Are our scouts …” Ugly typo.

  30. Nine pitch inning for Teheran.He has thrown a first pitch strike to all 10 hitters he has faced.He throws strikes and makes you put it in play.

  31. Away, away, away, away, away, then instead of ever coming inside, it’s right down the middle. Pitching afraid.

  32. Adams saw 11 pitches and hit the last one out.Garrett learning on the job.

  33. And the nap urge will now win out … heading for well over 70 pitches in 3 innings. Later, friends.

  34. Garrett may need to head to Louisville to get himself back together. After the first month, he just hasn’t been effective.

    • Less than effective, I’d say. Perhaps Jackson had a round-trip ticket?

  35. Why don’t we just start the game out with relief pitchers and then bring the,starter in the 5th or 6th? You know do it backwards. Confuse them.

  36. Following this on CBS game tracker. Is Garrett getting squeezed at all or is it as depressing as it seems?

  37. He may need to do just that but hasn’t been the same since he was sent down.He just isn’t throwing strikes.

  38. I’ve been in and out of the game so far. Can someone please explain to me what the heck is going on?? How is it every time I look back the braves have scored?

  39. That seemed to be the case with Lisvierto or whatever the hell his name is, in Toronto. Same with Stephenson. Everything they threw was up in the zone. Everything. I was wondering if they all had bad backs and couldn’t follow through.

  40. Whatever Price was waiting on, he can stop waiting now. Ridiculous.

  41. Inciarte says “Hey, if you thought things were bad before…”

  42. I think he was waiting on rain. Or maybe armageddon.

  43. Embarrassing. Instead of burning up the bullpen they should have one of the worthless,starters come in. Not like you’re losing anything if they get arm trouble.

  44. Arroyo doesn’t throw hard. He couldn’t possibly have a sore arm. Bring him back in. Of course, he’s been maybe our most effective starter.

    • That’s not a great compliment Bronson. You all suck but you’re the best .

      • In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

        No offense to the blind of course.

  45. We wouldn’t want to consider making Lorenzen a SP would we? No! Unthinkable! Need him in the bullpen, young man!

  46. I think maybe 7 runs is to much to make up today for the offense.

  47. Today is the perfect game for Bonilla to come in and burn up 4 or 5 innings. If Price doesn’t bring him in during a blowout then he needs to go to AAA.

  48. Love that at-bat from Duvall …

  49. I don’t see the benefit to having a young pitcher get pounded into oblivion like this unless he has an ego problem and there is no indication that that is an issue with Amir. What’s the lesson learned–keep the ball down, follow through, throw strikes? He’s been hearing those words since little league.

    I think today’s sad message is “you’re not good enough to get these guys out.” That’s not helping anyone.

  50. Maybe it was the hip. Why is it that every time a Reds pitcher get’s pounded, we discover a physical ailment? That’s really the way it seems anymore.

  51. Whoa, Adams can make outs? Who knew?

  52. Suarez looks like he was choking up. Does he always do that, or was that just with two strikes?

  53. That was fun, on a day with very little fun.

  54. We’re just a bloop and a blast and a bloop and a blast from making this a game.

    • Get ‘um on, get ‘um over, get ‘um in. Thank you George.

  55. A fan’s lament: If only Price would have pulled Garrett a batter sooner. Oh, well.

  56. Someone tell Thom Brennaman that Santana only needs a triple to hit for the cycle.

  57. Of all the rotten luck… I swear the Braves are getting all the lucky bounces. Someone on the Reds must’ve stolen Jobu’s rum while they were in Cleveland.

    • Well last inning was luck for us. I chalk it up to this is what happens when you send lousy pitching out there.

  58. Now it’s going to take a bloop and a blast and a bloop and a blast and another bloop and a blast. The worse things get, the more iterations are required.

  59. Reds get 3 and give ’em 2 back on a couple of lucky hits and bad defense… just not their day.

  60. … and Teheran contines to get calls that are clearly outside the foxtrax grid. Talk about getting help setting the hitters up.

  61. I do believe umps err in the favor of veterans with a good track record.

  62. Now would be a good time for the Reds to experiment and try anything and everything they can think of with pitching, hitting, defense, lineup and AAA roster. It is not like they have to be worried about embarrassment.
    If sticking “by the book” produces this kind of performance, why not throw the book out the window?
    As in the movie Tincup Roy says “I can’t do that, it would be embarrassing!” To which Romeo replies, “How do you think you look hitting those chili peppers up Lee Jansen’s XXX? DO it, Roy!”

  63. Geez, this team can hit a little. Alcantara joins the party.

  64. Well I’ll be. Jim Day has actually really improved as a play-by-play “guy.” He has come a loooong way since when I last heard him. I was certainly not a fan before. Good for him. I’m sure he’s living the dream and seems to be taking advantage of the opportunity.

  65. Well, I turned it off at 9-2 — this team just doesn’t quit, and that is so encouraging and heart-warming.

    • I did the same. Encouraging … yes. Heartwarming may just be indigestion, Tom.

      • 😉 Heartwarming from the standpoint that they don’t pack it in when they get down, and they get down (behind) a lot. They have heart.

  66. Braves have their issues as well. Tejeran was their Stephenson…now at 26… Can’t get thru 5 innings with 11 runs behind him

  67. Shorthanded on the bench quickly bites the Reds.

  68. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t feel so confident with Bonilla coming in. If he can hold them to a run per inning then we have a shot.

  69. The good news for the Braves is that Teheran has only throw 97 pitches so he should have plenty left. Or is that the bad news for the Braves?

  70. Zach attack !!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. I don’t blame you, Eugenio, I’ve about seen enough of the Reds’ pitchers today, too !!!

  72. Wow, Gennett has really come back down to earth with a thud.

    • Regressing to the mean, I think it’s called.

    • Paraphrasing Sparky:

      “Let a bench player play long enough, and they’ll show you why they are a bench player.”

    • Teams don’t let the Scooter Gennetts go because he is good. Kind of like the people who wanted to sign him to an extension and give him 2nd base over Peraza. Clueless

  73. Peraza has gotten a little unlucky today

  74. Thinking they are done for the day. 8 runs should be plenty to win. Unfortunately wirh the cast of losers we send out to start every ga me it isnt. With the Cards coming in with a real pitching staff we have a great chance of getting swept.

  75. Hoping your days,are numbered Blake. Your act is getting old.

  76. Blake Wood does what he does. Gives up runs. On the positive side, Buchannan did a great job and wouldn’t have given up any runs without some bad defense behind him and a couple of lucky bounces.

    • Blake Wood was about the best in the Reds’ pen for much of last year. I think that speaks to just how bad the bullpen was a year ago, not how bad Wood is this year. Or maybe some of both.

  77. Putting Blake Wood back on the mound really is the definition of insanity.

    • They will continue to do it – cause that’s what they do.But I agree with you – pure insanity. This pitching is past atrocious.

    • Price wasn’t going to use anyone of value that he wants available for Monday. Hence, that’s why Wood was in.

  78. When eight isn’t enough, you know your pitching sucks.

  79. Actually, Buchanan pitched well.

    • He did. I think Garrett needs to go to Louisville and get himself straightened out, and Buchanan can step into his slot later this week.

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