Final — 12 innings R H E
Atlanta Braves (23-30) 6 12 1
Cincinnati Reds (25-29) 5 8 1
W: Johnson (3-1) L: Wood (0-4)
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The Good
–Joey Votto had two hits, including a double, a walk, and 2 RBI. Adam Duvall had a hit and a career-high three walks. Jose Peraza hit a home run.

–Austin Brice, Michael Lorenzen, Raisel Iglesias, Drew Storen, and Wandy Peralta tossed six and two thirds shutout innings after Scott Feldman vomited all over the mound (and before Blake Wood entered the game to do whatever it is that Blake Wood does.)

The Bad
–Feldman started and couldn’t make it out of the fifth inning. He collected the first out of the inning on a quick groundout, but never retired another hitter. First came an error by third baseman Eugenio Suarez, which was followed by a walk and a single. Bases loaded, and you know what comes next: Matt Adams hit a grand slam that gave the Braves a 4-1 lead. After surrendering a double to the next hitter, Feldman was sent to the showers and replaced by Austin Brice. Brice hit a batter and gave up a single that scored Atlanta’s fifth run, but got out of the inning (and went on to pitch a perfect sixth, as well).

Feldman’s final line: 4.1 innings, 5 runs allowed (4 earned) on 7 hits and 3 walks.

–The Reds fought back to tie the game at 5-5 in the sixth inning, and that’s where the game stood in the bottom of the ninth, when the Reds decided they wanted to create some opportunities just to squander them. In both the ninth and tenth, the Reds got the winning run to third base with just one out, but were unable to score. In the eleventh, the winning run was on second with one out, and on third with two outs. Still, the Reds couldn’t score.

–Blake Wood came in to pitch the twelfth inning, and he surrendered what turned out to be the game-winning home run to Matt Adams, Adams’ second dinger of the game.

–Billy Hamilton and Scott Schebler (see the video below) each suffered injuries. From the ESPN recap:

CF Billy Hamilton tried unsuccessfully to make two diving catches early in the game, and left in the top of the sixth with a strained left shoulder. RF Scott Schebler also strained his left shoulder when he landed hard while making a diving catch in the sixth, and he left the game.

“My shoulder went numb,” Schebler said. “But I came in here and I had full range of motion and strength. It won’t be a long-term thing.”

No word on Hamilton.

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–Reds look to win the series tomorrow afternoon against the Bravos. Amir Garrett will make his first start after a stint on the disabled list.

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  1. Feldman is just not good but 3-17 with RISP did us in.Lots of blame to go around offensively.

  2. A number of chances to put it away but Blake let it get away. Go for the series win tomorrow with Garrett.

  3. It has reached the unfortunate point that I feel in order to win a game the bullpen cannot give up a run. Not one.

  4. In order for us to push across a winning run, I feel its best we not attempt to bunt. Except for Arroyo, everyone else should swing away.

  5. It’s pretty taxing on the bullpen when the starter only goes 4.1 anyways, but then extra innings just exacerbates everything. You could tell early that the Reds needed to win this game before they burned through all the better options in the bullpen, and sure enough, as soon as we got down to Blake Wood it was over. Maybe Price could’ve tried to stretch Lorenzen and Iglesias another inning each, but at the end of the day the Reds had every opportunity to win

  6. Its who this team is and who we will remain until our starters go deeper in games.It won’t happen with this current group and we aren’t interested in giving younger pitchers 10-15 starts a piece for the rest of the year to see what they can do.Its taxing on the pen as DHUD said and its taxing on the offense and the defense.They see and live with the same things we do.We are not always going to hit and our pen is getting used up almost every other day so we will slowly fade away.I never expected us to challenge the Cubs or the Cards but I did expect us to sort some more and along the way after 25 -30 starts find out about a couple of young pitchers.We did that with Disco and Finny with good results.I guess the front office has a better plan.

  7. Unless they go get a starter out of AA or lower, not sure who the Reds could be pushing up to take the rotation load. Sal Ramano and Rookie Davis are both hurt. Cody Reed has walked 20 in 30 innings since heading back to Louisville. Adleman, Bonilla and Wojciechowski are now in the rotation and Stephenson just got sent down.

    Sad to say, I think the Reds are kinda just stuck until a couple guys get healthy or one of the others gets their mojo and can throw strikes until they get close to the trade deadline.

    • Reed has also uncorked 5 WP. It’s almost as if he’s going Rick Ankiel. I know they sent him down because he had some mechanical issues after working to stop tipping pitches but what the heck is going on?

  8. Feldman had been on thin ice all day. He’d been giving up hits, walks and HBP in the first four innings. He had been helped by two double plays and facing the pitcher with bases loaded and two outs. Then the bases loaded in the fourth. Feldman was struggling. Matt Adams’ grand slam was the least surprising grand slam ever. Another start wasted on a mediocre-at-best pitcher with no future in the organization.

    • See that’s what I don’t get. If this is a rebuilding year why is Feldman, Wojo, Bonilla, Arroyo in the rotation?! I would much rather see Reed, Stephenson, Castillo and Mahle than these bums.

      • It perhaps made sense to have guys like Feldman and Arroyo in the rotation at the beginning of the season when the team was faced with a lot of injuries and concerns about inning limits for younger starters.

        That’s really not the case now. We’re in June and it’s time to push more of the young starters into the rotation and let them get experience and hopefully learn and develop. Otherwise, for the all the positive developments we’ve seen from position players this season, it will be more than offset by the missed opportunities to develop starting pitching.

  9. The state of the Reds starting pitching is effecting every other part of the Reds roster. When the starters can’t go 6IP consistently it taxes the pen. Because the pen is taxed the Reds need to carry an 8 man pen. Due to 8-man bullpen the Reds are shorthanded on the bench. That’s why Lorenzen and Arroyo had to bat late in the ball game. Lorenzen batting for himself is somewhat understandable. Having no one to send up to bat for Storen is a problem.

    Hopefully health is around the corner. Garrett comes back today, Romano back in Louisville on Tuesday, and Bailey and Finnegan should start rehab soon. Though not a starter, Cingrani is rehabbing now, and at least offers a better option than Wood.

    I said it a couple of weeks ago, but Wood’s days are numbered as a Red. Iglesias, Lorenzen, Storen, Cingrani, Peralta, and Brice should all have a spot locked in. Adleman can be moved to be the long man when we get some starters back healthy. Pitching in the second half could look much different than it has in the first half if the calvary arrives.

    • Wood could be DFA’d today. Cingrani pitched last night and is probably ready to add to the 25-man roster as soon as he is ready to pitch again, but he is probably not availble today.

      • Why is everyone so quick to want Wood DFA? The guy isn’t that bad. I don’t get it.

  10. Ah, the Old Cossack had other engagements that prevented seeing the game yesterday. I’m just now getting caught up. The starting pitching is what it is right now. I’m certainly not understanding what the Reds’ plan is regarding the starting pitching, if they actually have a plan, but I’m getting fed up with this company line they have been spewing.

    The takeaway from yesterday’s game for the Old cossack was the injuries(?) to Hamilton and Schebler. Schebler may be OK and simply needed to come out of the game as a precaution. Hamilton’s injury sounds like it might be a more serious issue.

    Well this type of situation happens and I think we all knew something would happen at some point (injury, poor performance, etc.) to create the opportunity a lot of fans have been waiting for with .317/.396/.404 waiting at Louisville for a shot. I hope Winker arrived in Cincinnati this morning (if not sooner). With the new CBA creating a 10-day DL, Hamilton and Schebler need a quick eval to determine how long they might be unavailable and a roster move made accordingly.

    If the Reds want to make a temporary roster move regarding the pitching staff while awaiting a more detailed medical eval for Hamilton and Schebler, Reed (6.0 IP, 110 pitches, 65 strike, 8 SO, 3 BB, 5 H) started last night for Louisville and Keury Mella (5.0 IP, 87 pitches, 55 strikes, 1 SO, 3 BB, 6 H, 1 HR) started last night for Pensacola. Both pitchers are on the 40-man roster. Sal Romano was activated from the minor league DL yesterday so I assume he is available immediately for at least a spot start. Luis Castillo last pitched on June 1st and he’s having a pretty darn good season for Pensacola. All those starters are already on the 40-man roster and could be called up for a later start if the Reds wanted to make a roster move to remove a starter and add Winker on the 25-man roster with a pending move to DL Hamilton or Schebler as needed and add a starting pitcher at that time.

  11. Wood is not going to be DFA’d they have Stevens and Buchanan they can send down. (Although I’m not sure about Buchanan’s options. I would say that they want to get a little closer to trade deadline and hopefully flip Wood for some kind of minor leaguer.

  12. Someone once said: “This is a Simple Game”! “You Throw the Ball, you Hit the Ball and you Catch the Ball”! And in yesterday’s game you are occasionally asked to bunt the ball. Scooter’s inability to lay down a simple bunt was critical at the point in the game where it was obvious that only one (1) run was needed to win. Kudos to Bronson for doing what the other 24 roster players can’t seem to do.

  13. Reading the bunt discussion triggered a thought. i believe the book Moneyball had a very positive influence on baseball. However,there were 4 themes derived from that book….all 4 were in part misunderstood……..that at times, negatively impact the game:

    1. Bunting is bad. In general this is true, but seemingly every player who has learned to play the game since 2002 doesn’t know how to bunt. Eating hot fudge sundaes is generally bad as well, but sometimes a hot fudge sundae is just what you need. Same with a bunt.

    2/3. Stealing bases is bad and defense doesn’t matter: Two commonly misunderstood lesson from that book. In reality, stealing bases is great; guy that get caught 50% of the time are the problem. In reality, Great defense isn’t necessary to win…….if you have a great offense.

    Most of America’s best athletes don’t play baseball anymore. We love watching Billy Hamilton……but think of how much of an outlier he is at this point. Has the stealing bases is bad, defense is irrelevant narrative discouraged many great athletes from playing baseball? Probably.

    Anytime you reduce your universe of possible participants you’re lowering the long term quality of the game.

    4. OBP is all that matters; It matters tremendously….but even that lesson was misunderstood. At the time, OBP was an important component to winning, but wasn’t economically valued as much as other things (BA/RBI/HR) that weren’t as essential to winning. Now, OBP is borderline sacrosanct… much so that a guy like Billy Hamilton is often maligned for his low OBP, despite the other things he does that contribute to victory.

    • Given all of this…I wish Hamilton would lay down a lot more hot fudge sundaes than he does.

      • Ha. Very good

      • Agree, can’t believe that Billy Hamilton, with his God-given speed, wasn’t taught to drag bunt.

        • He’s been taught over and over how to bunt. It’s really hard when defenses are pretty much standing on top of you. Everyone knows he may lay one down so they play him very tightly and they don’t worry much about him hitting it hard past them. That’s less likely then the bunt so they play the bunt and the soft-to-medium hit ground ball.

    • I think the defensive part of this has done a turnaround. Teams are putting a lot of value into defense and with all the statcast data out there, I think that’s only going to increase. I don’t think they are quite valuing equally with the offense, but it isn’t an afterthought anymore.

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