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Reds vs. Phillies – May 28, 2017

It was disappointing news for many in Redleg Nation this week when Cuban 19-year-old phenom Luis Robert signed with the White Sox for a $26-million signing bonus. Despite the Reds losing out on what might be the last big-money Cuban signee, there is some positive news on the Cubans Cincinnati signed last year.

Shortstop Alfredo Rodriguez and righthanded pitcher Vladimir Gutierrez both started this season with high-class-A Daytona. Gutierrez got off to a very slow start, perhaps attributable to adjusting to all aspects of life in the U.S.A. But results recently have been very positive, including yesterday:

We’ve seen many young pitchers who can’t throw strikes consistently, so numbers like Gutierrez’s give us reason for optimism.

Rodriguez has been billed as a player who is major-league-ready as a defensive shortstop, but might have trouble hitting his way out of a paper bag. So his early hitting numbers at Daytona are also encouraging, again from our Doug Gray:

So while the Reds front office passed on the opportunity to spend at least $50 million on Robert (his contract plus matching MLB penalty for being over their international spending limit), the two notable Cuban signings from 2016 are showing promising signs in the lower minors.

Maybe someday, Gutierrez will start a game for the Reds in Philadelphia. But today is not that day, because …

Starting Pitchers

Scott Feldman 56.1 3.99 4.07 20.3% 9.5%
Zach Eflin 42 5.36 4.88 12.1% 4.4%

Feldman has been the “ace” of the Reds’ starting pitching staff. That term is a bit of a misnomer, but he does give his team a chance to win – and an occasional gem – more often than any other current starter. Eflin is a young pitcher who the Reds have not yet faced. The righthander’s career record is 3-7 with a 5.47 ERA, so you would assume the Reds will get some pitches to hit today.


Everyone should be available, with the possible exception of Austin Brice, who pitched two innings Saturday.

Starting Lineups

Giants Reds
2B Jose Peraza 2B Cesar Hernandez
SS Zack Cozart CF Odubel Herrera
1B Joey Votto LF Aaron Altherr
LF Adam Duvall 1B Tommy Joseph
3B Eugenio Suarez RF Michael Saunders
CF Scott Schebler 3B Maikel Franco
RF Patrick Kivlehan C Andrew Knapp
C Tucker Barnhart SS Freddy Galvis
P Scott Feldman P Zach Eflin

News and Notes

Philadelphia’s Michael Saunders has had considerable success when facing Scott Feldman. Saunders is 4-for-16 with a double, triple, home run, and eight runs batted in. But when he makes outs, they are most often strikeouts (seven).

Billy Hamilton gets a rare day off from the starting lineup. Scott Schebler moves to center, and righthanded-batting Patrick Kivlehan gets the start in right – somewhat interesting that switch-hitter Arizmendy Alcantara was not given the start against a righty.

148 thoughts on “Reds vs. Phillies – May 28, 2017

  1. The Reds are in a very good situation with their outfield. All 3 outfielders are playing well and Jesse Winker is outstanding. The organization is in a position of strength .

  2. With Genette, Kivelehan, and our catchers, this may be the best bench we’ve had in years

    • That’s a good point with catchers…I would view that position as 2…. Not 1. Have 2 good catchers…a righty and lefty and reds should be fine thru 2018.

  3. Even a month ago, Suarez fishes for that ball 1 pitch … kind of like he did on ball 2.

  4. I’m sure this has been said repeatedly here and I know it’s the Phillies but this team could easily be a playoff contender with half decent starting pitching.

    • Agreed … the NL Central kind of looks like a dog fight at the moment. That kind of situation provides opportunity at the minimum.

    • So you’re saying if the Reds had better pitching then they would be a better team? Has there ever been a time when that wasn’t true for any team, ever?

  5. Mike Schmidt nice interview on FSO….he’s very complimentary of Reds….you guys have some hitters!

    • Agreed … it’s actually a very good interview. And he’s talking about the Phillies future as well. They’ve got some solid prospects coming through the pipeline.

  6. Wow, Feldman out after just 84 pitches with a 3 run lead. No wonder the bullpen is always gassed.

    • I thought the same thing. He hasn’t been sharp, but I don’t see how he couldn’t go another inning

      • I didn’t envy the decision Price had to make when the alternative was Wood. But despite the pitch count, Feldman wasn’t fooling anybody.

  7. Feldman’s ERA is back down to “quality start” level … whatever good that does in the end.

    • Remember when we used to laugh at the thought of a quality start being a good start? 6 IP 3 ER’s or less. I’d be tickled with that these days.

      • Yep … and then we could discuss Seaver and Carlton and the like throwing 250-260 innings per year. The game is way different now. Some good, some not so good.

  8. Honestly, would anyone have expected to hear the words “Milwaukee leading the NL Central” or “Reds only 2 games back” at any point this year, let alone as we approach June?

    • The Reds need a strategy to deal with Thames in the Brewer series coming up the end of June.

      • Looking more like the 2nd coming of Khrash Davis and the way he kept hitting us.

  9. One more chance at the Phils pitching and then on to Iggy to wrap this up … and I’m really Jonesing for a cheesesteak after this series.

  10. So perhaps there was some wisdom, insight or just plain “gut feeling” on Price’s part when he started PK today. It appears to be working.

    And we’ll see Bob Steve instead for the 9th.

  11. They just mentioned (and I forgot about it) that JV is headed “home” for the next series.

    I sat in a restaurant outside the stadium over 20 years ago after a game. Griffey Jr. had mashed one a bit below where we were. The thing I remember most was them cleaning the aisles with leaf blowers.

  12. Who is the guy at the plate wearing Peraza’s uniform? He’s not chasing those high outside pitches …

  13. And we get Iggy anyway … Price views this as high leverage? I’d tend to agree.

    • Interesting … does Doug Gray have any thoughts on that?

      Oh, and nice footwork by Iggy on the put out.

  14. Won the game. Won the series. Let’s see what happens in Toronto since everybody comes back down to orbit at some point.

    Later, friends.

  15. The Reds record of 8-12 in the last twenty games hardly seems to be ‘in orbit’, although the Reds have played a lot better with Memorial Day here which has often, over the years, been the end of the race.

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