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Reds vs. Phillies – May 26, 2017

Tonight opens a stretch of Reds games against teams whose records are worse than theirs. The Phillies, in fact, are tied with the Marlins for the worst record in the majors at 16-29. Their team ERA of 4.80 is worse than the Reds’ 4.70, and the bullpen has been a real problem for Manager Pete Mackanin (the former Reds interim manager). The Phils have blown nine of 15 save opportunities (or, 60 percent) this season. Reds fans who remember 2016 can empathize.

The starting pitching isn’t knocking down any doors either. Playing the Rockies at home in a four-game series earlier this week, the Phils were outscored over the first three games 23-5 before salvaging the final, 2-1, in extra innings.

Tonight’s game opens a nine-game stretch with three at Philly, three at Toronto and three at home against Atlanta – seemingly an opportunity to climb back to or even above the .500 mark. A possible obstacle is a starting pitching rotation that – for the second straight season – has six members on the disabled list: Bailey, DeSclafani, Garrett, Finnegan, Sal Romano and Nick Travieso. As a result, the list of Reds starting pitchers over the past three seasons is beginning to look a little like that list of Cleveland Browns starting quarterbacks in the past 20 years or so:

Starting Pitchers

Tim Adleman 32 6.19 4.73 21.4% 8.6%
Aaron Nola 23 3.52 3.73 20.8% 8.3%

You just never know what you’re going to get with Adleman. He has a track record of allowing three runs or less in the vast majority of his big-league starts. Manager Bryan Price would take that in a heartbeat tonight. Nola is the ace-in-waiting of the Phillies staff. He’s working his way back from a lower back strain that had him on the disabled list in April, and a UCL sprain that ended his 2016 season in July.


With the rainout-induced day off Thursday, it should be all hands on deck. Newcomer Jake Buchanan, who has a 3.75 ERA in 50 major league innings, will likely fill the long relief role if needed. Or, it could be Asher Wojciechowski. One of the two will likely start Tuesday in Amir Garrett’s spot. Price has not yet announced who it will be, likely wanting to wait a day or two to see what unfolds in long relief.

Starting Lineups

Reds Phillies
CF Billy Hamilton CF Odubel Herrera
SS Zack Cozart 2B Andres Blanco
1B Joey Votto LF Aaron Altherr
LF Adam Duvall 1B Tommy Joseph
3B Eugenio Suarez RF Michael Saunders
RF Scott Schebler 3B Maikel Franco
2B Jose Peraza C Cameron Rupp
C Devin Mesoraco SS Freddy Galvis
P Tim Adleman P Aaron Nola

News and Notes

More about the newest Red:

Joe Nuxhall’s and Tom Seaver’s number has been issued again.

46 thoughts on “Reds vs. Phillies – May 26, 2017

  1. Tom,

    As a life-long Browns fan, I resent that reference.
    (Kidding. That list is eerily and sadly quite similar).

    Phillies stink, but Aaron Nola can be sneaky good.
    Like 7 IP, 7 K’s without being dominant good.

    Will be a good test for the Redlegs away from GABP.

  2. There have been times over the last few years where the Reds are the cusp of playing above .500 baseball for a stretch with a favorable schedule against weak teams upcoming…. only to play sub par baseball.

    Here’s hoping for putting some winning series together.

  3. Right on cue from Matt Wilke’s article. Lead off walk on 9 pitches for Billy

  4. No one in the NL has more home runs than Scott schebler….think about that.

      • Nope. Schebler has quietly won me over, not that I was ever down on him. I just didn’t expect this from him.

    • and to think all those people who insisted that we DFA him for Winker. I Doubt Winker ever hits that many homeruns even for a season.

  5. Its a real shame to waste the offense this team can put up! Replace Arroyo with Lorenzen would be an easy improvement but they’d rather make it as difficult as possible.

    • I don’t know if I’d go that far but they’re tied for 7th in runs scored in baseball. The weird thing is they’re still 6th in the NL. Somehow all the top scoring offenses are in the NL so far?

      • 5th in wOBA and 9th in wRC+. solidly in the top 10 overall which is all you can ask. a top 10 offense and top 10 pitching staff is always going to be a WS contender. now if only that pitching would come around..

      • That’s because the NL doesn’t have the DH. Counter-intuitive, but what else could it be?

  6. Phillies catcher is wearing a QB-like wristband with a scouting report (I assume), First time I’ve seen this.

  7. I don’t know what Adleman’s secret today but he is burning through their lineup on low pitch coun fast outs.

    • The Phillies aren’t very good at this game….thats Adleman’s secret:)

      • Well true… they have an offense built intentionally for 2018 high draft choices.

  8. Duvall….nice play & routine for him! He always seems to get a good jump on the ball.

  9. They really should sweep these guys but its hard to put a winning streak together with Arroyo, Bonilla, and whoever.

  10. Just got in and tuned in and WOW.Adelman had it going to night.Great job.

    • also…. so many thought he was the second coming of Cueto after his first performance. Now I’m guessing the knee jerk reaction is going to be to release him.

  11. Joey Votto….. Won’t be going into the Hall due to his candy bum defensive skills.

  12. Don’t ever want to give there power guy a chance like that but it did work out.Great win and Peraza’s two out two run single was huge.Adleman was super tonight.Yeah I know its the Phils but an 8 inning 1 hitter is really really good.

  13. Fun game to watch. Happy Adelman gave us what he did tonight. He ate innings and held off the Phils (many thanks to a couple nifty DP’s).

  14. Nice series-opening win. It would have been nice to give Adleman a chance for the complete game shutout, but I get that Price wanted to get Wojciechowski some work prior to what is shaping up as a start in Toronto next week. The Phils look like a team that has lost two out of every three games they’ve played.

    I keep thinking when we see games like this that we’re seeing what this team would be like with even average starting pitching. I think that the rebuild perhaps is ahead of schedule in some ways, and that the remainder of the season is for “sorting” who will be starting pitchers in 2018, as well as the back of the bullpen.

    And it makes me sad that we know we have to endure Arroyo tomorrow. Of all of the decisions that have been made, keeping Arroyo in the rotation makes the absolute least sense to me. I can see that it’s good to keep him around as a mentor of sorts, and maybe long relief is where he fits. They just picked up a kid who has a 3.75 ERA in 50 major league innings pitched for the Cubs and Astros. Why not give him a shot?

    But not to end on a sour note — this team is far ahead of where most of us expected, even with some of the worst starting pitching you can find.

    • Flash poll….

      Who would RLN like to see start tomorrow…?

      Bronson Arroyo or Robert Stephenson​

      I think it’s 75 v 25 RS

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