More pitcher injury news? Huzzah!

Today, the Redlegs placed Amir Garrett on the 10-day disabled list with a condition that they are describing as right hip inflammation. In a move that was announced simultaneously, Cincinnati claimed RHP Jake Buchanan off waivers from the Cubs. To make room on the 40-man roster for Buchanan, the Reds designated Pete O’Brien — himself a recent waiver claim (from the Royals) — for assignment.

What else can be said about all these pitcher injuries? It’s crazy. And it’s also the best argument for keeping Bronson Arroyo around, I guess.

Manager Bryan Price says that he’s hopeful Garrett will be back soon:

“He’ll miss a start and optimistically, the doctor thinks he can make the following start after,” Price said.

In the meantime, it appears that either Buchanan or Asher Wojciechowski will make Garrett’s next start.

For what it’s worth, I’d like to see O’Brien remain in the organization. He has breathtaking power.

Blame Chad for creating this mess.

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  1. Or Stephenson, dang it….

    it is time

  2. Won’t happen because Price must have something against both.Not sure what or why but they have been passed over this year.

    • Why does everyone assume Price is behind Reed and Stephenson not being in the big league rotation. Dick Williams certainly has jurisdiction over the roster so he is the reason Reed is in AAA. I am also inclined to believe that Williams is in charge of who is in the bullpen and who is in the rotation.

      • Amen.

        There seems to be this view that Bryan Price, who has 4 months left on his contract, somehow has complete control over the future of the organization and that Dick Williams has no influence over who plays when and where. All of the smart companies let middle management make the key decisions.

        Bryan Price does what he is told. The manager direct deposit is much better than the pitching coach direct deposit

        • It would be pretty surprising to me if Bryan Price — former pitcher and pitching coach, now in his fourth season as major league manager — recommends pitchers a, b, c, d, e for the starting rotation, and Dick Williams — former investment banker and now first year general manager — says “I don’t care what you think, here’s the rotation we’re going with, because I have a master plan for getting the most out of our pitching staff.” My assumption is that these are collaborative decisions, and Price’s opinion (particularly when it comes to pitchers) is given considerable weight. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Williams is deferring to Price most of the time when it comes to pitching decisions.

          • I also would doubt that Bryan Price saying “I’m not a big fan of Stephenson and Reed in the rotation” is enough to sway the Reds front office on these decisions. Long-term development is the goal.

          • I’m sure there is a dialogue and Price has input. Perhaps he and Williams are completely simpatico. However, a former investment banker isn’t going to allow a temporary employee the rights to unilaterally allocate capital.

  3. Why not Stephenson? I mean really? The guy sits in the bullpen and pitches maybe once a week. What role does Buchanan play for the Reds future? It’s starting to get ridiculous. We won’t know if Bob Steve will be a great starter if we never let him pitch

    • I think RS tried things his way & failed. Now Reds are carrying him on the ML roster & teaching him “their way” to become an sp. It’ may work, but just sending him out there didn’t.

      • I actually think this is the case. Well, I don’t mean about doing it his way and has failed, though that is possible, I suppose. ….

        But however things got to this point, Price might want him to face major league hitters, but be choosy about what times to use him. But it gets harder to be too selective when the starting pitching consistently craps out by the 5th inning. At some point, he is needed when everybody else has already pitched or needs a certain day off, even if that is not the occasion when Price wanted to use him.

    • Ya, I don’t get it either. Amir Garrett has been just as bad as Stephenson was last year in their 8 starts, if not worse .233 BABIP, yet Garrett’s spot in the rotation isn’t even being questioned. Fine he may have been injured but that’s even more of a reason to have given Stephenson a shot at stating. Why are they picking up all these guys off waivers when they have Stephenson rotting on the bench? If they think Stephenson isn’t ready to start and still has things he needs to work on then fine send him down to AAA. I don’t see how having one of your best arms performing mop up duty is helpful to the Reds in the long run.

      • Is there any compelling data that suggests that Bob Steve is actually one of the best arms in the Reds organization?

        • Given the results of other starters, it could also be asked where is the compelling evidence RS isn’t one of the better arms in the organization.

          This is supposedly a season for sorting out. Why is it they are almost pointedly avoiding giving Stephenson a look as a starter. He wasn’t as bad last year as Reed was nor was he as bad as Davis turned out to be.

          • As we head into June, I am wondering about this more and more. Especially because the injuries to the pitching staff have not relented. It’s getting time to fish or cut bait with Stephenson as a starter. If they don’t put him in the rotation this year, we can assume that the organization has given up on him and that they view him as a bullpen piece at best. Because I don’t see any way he is going to develop in his current role. Tutelage from MLB coaches notwithstanding, he’s got to get actual game experience if he hopes to improve.

          • I think the Reds have been very clear on RS: he needs to mature. I don’t know if he’s lazy, obstinate, unfocused, or uses paper clips instead of staples on his TPS reports but the Reds are not satisfied with him. Instead of handing him a starter’s job—which is desperately in their best interests (and his)—the Reds have decided to use some tough love and hope that the message takes.

            I don’t think the question now is whether RS moves into the starting rotation, but whether he remains a Red at all.

        • Not data, necessarily, but radar gun readings and observation of the action on his breaking pitches. Control has been his issue, not the quality of his arm and, as others have said, sending him back to AAA may not help him learn to deal with MLB hitters. But I’m surprised that he isn’t pitching more, particularly with the bullpen getting 4 innings of work nearly every game.

  4. Stephenson’s development doesn’t matter…..they have to see if Arroyo can unleash the beast up to 83mph!! It makes zero sense. Bonilla and Rookie weren’t good at Lville so how did they earn a rotation spot? They had no problem rushing Lorenzen to the majors at 23 so why is Hernandez (1 er last 11.2ip) still wasting 100 mph heaters at AA at 25? How can you have a rebuild if you’re not developing your young talent properly?

  5. I was sure my comment yesterday evening would get some people to talking but the reality is that Reed and Stephensen haven’t been given a chance to start this year.Once the injured guys return then the chance they will goes down the tubes other then maybe a spot start or two.Has to be more there then what Price and others are saying.if not then we are really in trouble.

  6. I-71 I do respect your opinion and I love the comment about the tough love.I like that sort of thing and if he has maturity issues they why not send him down and let him ride the bus everywhere?I personally don’t view pitching out of the pen once a week a bad thing and if he is being shopped then he surely isn’t getting a chance to show what he has got.

  7. Surprise, surprise, surprise.
    This injury is the result of little action over the last 3 weeks. Sending him to Louisville for “innings limits” is coming back to haunt the team. Got him out of his rhythm and now look.
    This one is on the front office.

  8. For me, this quote from Brian Price in the @M_Sheldon article about Garrett’s situation captures the essence of the Reds inability to get over the hump, or truly even started for that matter, in putting together a decent rotation…..

    “I think it was exacerbated during the start,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “It wasn’t a big deal, initially, because we didn’t know about it. He said it had been about 7-10 days earlier that he first experienced it. I don’t know if that was in his short two-inning outing in Louisville or somewhere in the aftermath. I don’t think it was anything that was a cause for concern.”

  9. Jake Buchanan with an 88 mph fastball and an 89 mph sinker. An ERA of almost 5 and over 4 BB’s per 9.
    The dude will fit right in with this rotation. It is gong from bad to worse regarding the rotation.
    Time for Reds GM Dick Williams to drop the Mother Of All Bombs on this rotation, blow it up and start over from scratch. As soon as the draft is over, it will be time to open the trading booth and get an early start on the trading season.

    • If they aren’t going to do something significantly proactive and decisive about the starting pitching, they might as well blow up the entire rebuild and start over.
      Of the ten position players who are “regulars” (includes both catchers plus Gennett), six are potentially free agents by the end of the 2020 season. The four who won’t have a potential free agency window will be then 37 year old Joey Votto, 32 year old Adam Duvall, 30 year old Scott Schebler, and 26 year old Jose Peraza.

  10. Leadership: One who knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.

    Why haven’t the Reds adorned Joey Votto’s uni with he captain’s “C”???

    Follow the leader!

  11. Looking forward to 2018….Disco is really the only proven starter they have! They could always convert Lorenzen back and he’d instantly have potential to be a 2nd-3rd starter like Disco. They could probably resign Feldman for another year/two if he continues to be a decent 4th-5th starter type. That leaves 9 guys for 2-3 spots in no particular order….Finnegan, Homer, Garrett, Romano, Castillo, Mahle, Stephenson, Wojo, and Bonilla. Throw Reed in if you want but I’m personally giving up on him. He has no change of speed and really only has 2 pitches that he can’t control. If he makes it…they’d have to break him down and start over again and it won’t be in 2018. Either way….start testing these 9-10 guys with the Reds and do something that builds towards next year. Is 2019 the year now?

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