The Cincinnati Reds (21-24) and the Cleveland Indians (24-20) move their quest for the coveted Ohio Cup to the northernmost part of the state after splitting a two-game series at Great American Ball Park. The game will start at an odd time, 6:10 ET, which is when the Indians start all their home weekday games.

Lisalverto Bonilla will take the mound for the Reds as he tries to rebound from his bad start against the Rockies when he gave up six runs on eight hits in the 12-6 loss last Friday.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Lisalverto Bonilla 18.1 6.38 4.91 17.5% 10.0%
Trevor Bauer 44.2 6.65 3.42 27.5% 8.3%

It’s a small sample size, but Bonilla has had just one good start, in which he pitched a complete game in San Francisco. Part of his problem is that he’s walked eight batters in 18.1 innings. In the Giants game, he walked only two. If he can maintain his control and limit his walks, he has a chance to go deep into the game.

Bauer has really struggled this season and one reason is his propensity for giving up the home run. He has given up 10 home runs already this season. In 2016, he gave up a total of 20. Against the Reds in his career, Bauer is 1-2 with a 5.52 ERA in 14.1 innings. He’s given up 13 hits, including four home runs, against the Reds. 


 Reds                                                                   Indians

1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Scooter Gennett (DH)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Jose Peraza (2B)
1. Jason Kipnis (2B)
2. Francisco Lindor (SS)
3. Michael Brantley (LF)
4. Carlos Santana (1B)
5. Edwin Encarnacion (DH)
6. Jose Ramirez (3B)
7. Lonnie Chisenhall (RF)
8. Bradley Zimmer (CF)
9. Roberto Perez (C)

Eugenio Suarez and Joey Votto are the only Reds to have more than one at-bat against Bauer. Suarez is hitless against him, and Votto is .333 with a home run off him. Jose Peraza will try to extend his 10-game hitting streak, and if he does, it would be the longest by a Reds batter this season.

Joey Votto Is Good

News and Notes

Final Thoughts

The Reds scored seven runs against Carlos Carrasco, the Indians best starting pitcher in 2017, and one of the best bullpens in the AL on Tuesday night and still came away with the loss. It speaks volumes about the pitching rotation, doesn’t it? Regardless, the Reds still have a chance to win the season series against the defending AL champions and bring the (very large) Ohio Cup trophy back to the Queen City.

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  1. If it’s a draw does the Ohio Cup stay with the Indians?

    • A draw plants the Ohio Cup in C-Bus…

    • maybe they go by aggregate score?

    • introduced in 1989 for an annual pre-season exhibition game between the two teams, and later reintroduced in 2008. The cup is awarded to the team that wins the most games against the other in a particular season. In the event of a tie, the team holding the trophy from the previous season retains it.

      • Loser plays the clippers for the title of 2nd best team in Ohio. Not sure if they have a cup for that, maybe a plaque, possibly just ribbons

  2. Dangit! I don’t get to watch Lisalverto Bonilla bunt or strikeout tonight!! Gah! I hate the AL!

    • correction: attempt to bunt.
      And I’m with you ( I think)….DH’s for everybody!

  3. Jeff Kellogg is usually a pitcher’s ump….but he missed 2 legit strikes (called balls) against Brantley and 1 against Votto.

  4. Gotta love 6:10 starts!!!

    • I get up at 4:35 when the chickens are still sleeping, so count me as a fan!

  5. Could be interesting. Today we get a chance to see Peraza hit 9th and Hamilton hit 1st.

    • yeah, seeing this lineup makes me really want the DH.

      Winker – DH

  6. Strike zone seems to change with every at bat.

    • HORRIBLY inconsistent strike zone, confirmed by Gameday and Fangraphs.

      It’s not favoring either team overall, but it has to be frustrating for the players.

      • the one area that MLB could automate and instead they rely on faulty human guesswork. Get rid of the challenge factor and let technology work for you. Faster game, less complaints, accuracy. Nobody loses except out of work umpires.

  7. Duval answers with a 2 run shot of his own!

    • Duval power is special…that was crushed. In gabp…he can hit 40 home runs.

  8. Rain incoming…Joey up with the bases juiced

  9. Can’t get the key hit & can’t get the key out either. Bonilla is just way too hittable! He’s a younger Adleman and needs to go!

    • I didn’t think he looked awful. He’s the 3rd best starter in the current rotation. So there are two guys that need to go before him. To me, his soft stuff he left up. Put it in the dirt, and let them fish. He handled everyone except Santana. 5 innings 3 runs is good for this staff….lol

  10. Francona is obviously playing to a rain delay at this point and I am guessing he gets it.

  11. Another pitcher we can’t hit with an ERA of almost 7 in Bauer.

  12. Winker 2-3 and 2 walks so far tonight

    • Winker is 23. Career OBP of .397 and he is steadily increasing his slugging back to his career averages now that his wrist is healthy.
      Duvall is 28. Hamilton is 26. Schebler is 26.Good outfield. Winker is 23 with a major league hitting approach already. He will be an elite hitter at 25.
      Reds need to draft a college ready pitcher. Outfield and corner infield is covered and there isn’t a Derek Jeter for SS.

  13. game back on 10:00

  14. they were going to get boone logan before they rain…instead its andrew miller…sigh

  15. Well I had a couple long days. I’ve had time to read the articles and the comments but haven’t felt like contributing anything, or that I had anything to contribute.

    It’s been nice knowing that when I have had a little time to relax i’ve had a good place to go to a good article and good discussion.

    I’ll leave the ninth-inning to you all. Please bring home a winner. Good night

  16. Hey Seat —

    Just loggin in. Thanks for keeping the seat warm. Go Reds.

  17. I’m beginning to think Gennett should not be overlooked as a starting second base candidate. The Reds still have three years of control.

  18. Marty tried to bite his tongue, but still let loose some snark regarding the Reds and in recent years, their inability to execute a sacrifice bunt play.

    • It appears to be kind of true. Neither Peraza or Hamilton seem to know how to lay down a sac bunt, nor do I think they should be asked to.

  19. Peraza’s bunt was one of the more painful things to watch

  20. Epic fail time and time and time again – worst fundamental team in baseball by far !!!

  21. Yes !!!!

  22. Botched that inning huh?

  23. Following this on Gameday. How the heck did Billy score from first on a single to LF?

    • He was running on the pitch. Never broke stride. Brantely dove and missed it, the ball fell a few feet in front of him. Took him maybe 3 secs to pick it up but Billy was already halfway home. It was absolutely insane.

    • Brantley made a diving attempt coming in on a sinking liner and it hit off him/his glove and stayed in front of him. He got up looked behind him trying to locate the ball. Hamilton was running on the pitch and was a step from 2nd by the time the ball got to Brantley. By the time Brantley located the ball and picked it up, Hamilton was in full stride rounding third and scored without a throw home.

  24. What did I miss?!?

  25. Ladies and gentlemen … you put some decent starting pitching on this team, and it is a contender. Cozart is going to bring quite a trade return.

    • Please no! Extend him. Look at fangraphs team rankings, Reds are currently #1 when team batting ranked by WAR. They would fall to 8th or so if you replace Cozart with Herrera or Gennett. This team has a lineup that can compete now, and Cozart is the only one not signed for the next ~3 years or so. Extend him, be trade-deadline buyers this year with an eye towards pitchers with 2-3 years of team control remaining, and let the next “competitive window” begin.

      • The front office won’t do that, because it is counter to the plan. There is still a long way to go this year, but the early evidence appears to show that a team that can contend is in place, with the drastic exception of the starting pitching. Devin Mesoraco is looking quite good, and if that continues, he becomes a possible trade chip since he has only this year and next year of team control remaining. He and some of the players currently at AAA such as Herrera (and Winker??) could also be leveraged for starting pitching. That would bridge the next two to three years, setting up for the time when the players currently at Class AA and A who are performing so well are ready to make their big-league debuts.

  26. @Earmbrister: LF dove for the line drive and it bounced off his body a couple of feet away. And Billy was running on the pitch. Still impressive.

  27. Got it ! Never a dull moment !

  28. Should I feel guilty that I checked in at 10:50 and 10 min later the Reds had stole the game?

    Great comeback!

    • Ha, I just did the same thing. I turned the channel immediately after the “last out.”

      Glad I checked while I still had the rest of the game in the DVR buffer. I’m watching the review right now.

      • “Last outs” are a funny thing … esp when Billy is involved.

        Enjoy the replay Ren.

  29. BIlly wins entertainment value award again… there are plenty of major leaguers who could have gotten a hit in the 9th, drove in both runs, and give Reds the league. He is the only player that could have pulled off those base running feats though.. nobody else in MLB beats out that potential double play, and nobody else scores from first on that single.

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