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18 thoughts on “Thom Brennaman interviewed a bird. This is a thing that actually happened.

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  2. Ya know, I typically watch the game through mlb.com but use the radio feed overlay because Thom drives me nuts, so I saw some of this and tried not to imagine the ‘conversation.’ And yet, I played this video.

  3. Sorry, but I actually thought this was almost as funny as Adam from Milwaukee. 🙂 The best part was when the Bird (Jim Day) says “I don’t go to the radio booth because I don’t like cranky old men!” I don’t care who you are, that there is funny!

  4. Discussion with “Rally Bird” was amusing for a while … especially the shot at his Dad. But a little bit does go a long way.

    Now, if we had come back and won …

    • Forgotten in all of this is how tough it must have been for the bird. I was worried about him and considered calling ASPCA.

  5. It was the worst ballgame broadcast I have ever watched. Thom was talking to the bird over 2 innings before I came to my senses and turned off the TV. Thom was not funny but he thought he was. Jim Day made a couple of humorous comments. I am not sure what Reds fans have done to be punished with Thom. Talking to a bird while getting paid to broadcast a baseball game is not only stupid and juvenile it is an insult to folks who are expecting to see a professional media person broadcast a ball game. The bird said nothing which would have been a good strategy for Thom.

    • On the other hand, it kept Thom from talking about other things, and the value of that is hard to dismiss.

  6. I thought it was a fun way to distract from the game (a never-ending reminder of the horrible state of the starting pitching and how little of a chance it gives the Reds to win currently). It was spontaneous, unplanned and unrehearsed, which made it even more fun.

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