Time to Go Home

Reds 5, Cubs 9

That was a big ol’ hot stinky mess. 1-6 road trip. Here’s Milton.

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance today.

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  1. To anyone who watched the game… How did Garrett look? Not necessarily his pitches, but his comportment. Did he look like a guy who was mad about being demoted or something like that? Or was he his normal calm self?

    • He didn’t get some calls in the first and lost his head a little. Seemed pretty okay after that.

      • He seemed to get calls in the 4th that he did not get in the first. Maybe it was a case of the ump getting his rhythm as well

        I know that you do not want to groove a pitch, but at some point, you do have to take note of the strike zone that day.

        Joey got rung up on a ball that was a strike

        definitely time for a good Milton sighting

    • He was hanging his off speed stuff today. Ump was squeezing him on down and in stuff. I think he was just a tad rusty from only getting a couple innings in at AAA.

    • In the first he thought he had Contreras struck out twice before Contreras eventually walked to load the bases. This happened with two outs and no runs in. For those that missed it, by then the inning should have already been over. Peraza had lost a popup in the sun which fell untouched for a hit. Then Russell also walked for the first Cubs; run Baez followed Russell and jumped on a high hanger or change up (speed showed at 79) for the salami. 5-0 Cubs; 5 runs on 2 hits, one of which was seriously tainted. The three walks along with the misplayed popup of course were the real back breakers.

    • By the end of the first he was steamed but it was hard to tell how much of it was at himself over missing spot and how much because he didn’t get some very close calls. Pitched really well the rest of his tenure despite getting dinged by Bryant for a solo shot in what I believe was his last inning of work.

    • Honestly, he just caught a bad break with a Cozart losing that ball in the sun in the first, -!: then couldn’t get a strike call to save his life. In 2 of his walks in the first inning, he had 2 strikes and had a couple calls that could have been strike 3, but instead were called balls. If he either got a strike call or 2 to go his way, or Cozart doesn’t lose the ball in the sun, he probably gets out of the inning with, at worst, one or two scoring instead of 5.

  2. Got to feel that Wood’s time in Cincinnati is close to coming to an end. With Cingrani progressing back to health and the emergence of Brice and Peralta there’s not going to be a spot much longer.

    Iglesias, Lorenzen, Storen, Peralta, Cingrani, Brice and Stephenson will do just fine.

    Wood wasn’t very good when we picked him up, wasn’t very good last year, and hasn’t been good this year.

    • Brice was fun to watch yesterday. I try not to watch Wood. He has stuff but nibbles like he is Feldman (who is hard to watch as well).

    • I believe Brice was just optioned back to Louisville to make room for Garrett.

      • I believe Astin was optioned. Thought that’s what I read on the Reds site.

        • Austin Brice and Barrett Astin. It is close to more than I can process to keep them straight and separated in my mind…… 😉

          • Yeh it’s cognitive dissonance. Those two names are impossible for me to sort out, until I get to know the two guys better. So far Austin Brice (AB) is the one who gets people out and Barrett Astin (BA) is the one who doesn’t.

    • I’m fundamentally suspicious of Cingrani. Has he substantially changed in any way? He’s always had innings here and there where he looked presentable, but he’s seemingly also always followed those with apprearances where he had no command.

  3. I’e been a Reds fan since the early 1960’s. Maybe I’m getting less tolerant in my old age,but this pitching effort is really difficult to endure. The inning eaters are not eating innings, the starting pitchers put the team in an early hole that is nearly impossible to dig out of The hitting,for the most part is streaky. Reds pitchers have given up, what, 57 home runs to the Cubs over the last 27 ball games? Where does it all end? To add to the woes, the defense has been less than stellar on this road trip. The Reds stink!!! Pardon my language.

    • This was all very predictable when Disco and Finnegan went down. (I won’t even mention Homer as there’s so much uncertainty with him now). Finnegan will be back in a month and hopefully Disco won’t need surgery and can finish the season strong.

      The Reds starting rotation was consistently bad all through the first decade of the millennium – not as bad as so far this year, but there was no hope for improvement then, until Cueto and Homer. This group will get better this season and continue to improve from there.

      Garrett can pitch. Stephenson has pitched well lately, at some point this season he’ll be in the rotation and Bronson or Adelman are out. There are too many talented young arms to mention coming along, only a few of those need to work out.

      This team has a good offense, a very good bullpen, a good bench, and lead the major leagues (last I heard) on outs recorded on balls put in play, indicating a good defense.

      Remember 1982 ? The entire OF had just moved to NY. No offense, no pitching, no hope, nothing except Mario Soto. Soto had to have one of the best seasons for a pitcher in Reds history to manage to go 14-13. (After a certain point he would refuse to leave a game with a lead and management went along with it.)

      Now THAT was a dark time.

      • I agree Pinson. I can’t get too worked up about these results when you look at what the rotation is made out of, and then you see how often they can’t even go 5.

  4. One thing I don’t get is in the first inning and Billy is up , why isn’t he bunting? Rizzo is behind the bag and lester is on the mound. Bunt down first base line is a sure hit. Lester isn’t going to throw him out. Maybe they should give the wunderlik? Test to these guys. Last night 2 strikes on Hendricks and he puts down a perfect squeeze. The Reds just keep adding to the tootblan.

    • because he is a bad bunter

      a good bunter with even half his speed (Norris Hopper) does walk to first base.

      I think that Billy’s swing is improving this year and if that happens and he does not bunt at all I will be happy. all these fake bunts the past 2 years just put him in an 0-2 count.

      He hit the ball hard twice into the right center gap. that is good Billy

      • The fake bunts are a head scratcher. Never could understand why nobody in the minors taught this guy how to bunt.

        • None of the Reds can bunt…and I don’t get it!! It is a critical tool in your tool kit.

          • It’s a skill for sure. Doesn’t seem all that critical though, unless you are Billy Hamilton, or a pitcher. It’d be nice if Jose Peraza could drop some drag bunts down.

  5. Is it 2016 again? I thought with us playing better this year (so far) and with the Cubs looking like they’re not as strong as last year (again…so far) that we would have a better record vs the Cubs. At this rate we’ll finish with about the same record vs the cubs that we did last year.

    • Well the Cubs and the Brewers surely have kept us humbled. If we could quit playing them, we might have a better show of it.

  6. I read on ESPN Mesoraco could be headed back to the DL. He just can’t seem to stay healthy, if the Reds like his bat a position change should be in the cards.

    • That could be why the Reds management kept the rule 5 guy, they also lacked confidence in Mesoraco staying healthy.

  7. As long as we come up with 5 starters going in to 2018 I am good with whatever record we have this year.I will stop begging for the young guys to get the starts over the warm bodies until after the mid year break.I doubt seriously if they are going to go out and sign some good free agent pitchers in the 20 mill per year range so they better do some serious auditioning the second half of this year.I realize the injuries to Homer,Disco and Finny have set us back but we can’t set back and just wait and hope they get healthy.There not pitching so lets just assume they won’t and if they do then great but we still need to find out about some of the others.

    • The latest injury update on Disco is maybe next year. MLB.com
      Homer maybe available in July.

      • Where did you read that about Disco ? I can’t find a projection that is worse than an August return. Or is that what you mean by “maybe next year” ?

  8. Amir had one bad inning but bounced back.He is a young guy that just needs to pitch every 5th day.He is just like so many young pitchers in that he must throw strikes.He will learn on the fly.The 1-2 pitch to Baez should have been in the dirt because he swings at everything.Garrett will be around a long time if he stays healthy.

  9. Can someone explain to me the continued use of Blake Wood in these type of games? It’s seems every time a starter struggles early and only makes it 4 or 5 innings, I think to myself “this is a perfect opportunity to get Lorenzen/Stephenson/Reed (formerly) a couple innings”

    But nope. Blake Wood.

    • You don’t want Lorenzen to pitch in a blow out. And in any case both he and Stephenson have been pitching a lot. Reed is at AAA, where he needs to be. Wood’s stock has fallen and as of now I only expect to see him in blowouts.

  10. Back when the Cubs were terrible, I used to say that goat is a Cubs fan. Still think so.

  11. Well that was fun with Mesoraco….prob be back for a series or two in August? They pay him for 3-4 good months. They pay Homer 100 mil for 2 no-hitters against the same weak offense. Feldman pitched 2 good games against the Giants….he must be an ace? Where did Romano go? Why is it our pitchers never just miss a few starts and come back? They miss a few months or more every.single.time:(
    Now they’ll prob deal Cozart instead of paying him. One step forward…2-3 back…nothing new to see here!

  12. Nearing the 25% mark of the season and Memorial day.

    1.) The Reds are not making the playoffs- its officially time to focus on 2018 and the bigger picture.
    2.) Zack Cozart is 32 in August and will get a big second contract next year. It won’t be with the Reds. Find a trading partner in the next 45 days and see what Peraza does at SS in the final 80-90 games. Is Peraza the next shortstop or just a super utility player?
    3.) Devon Mesoraco has 33 at bats and 2 extra base hits. Tough to see optimism here.
    4.) Suarez is a solid third baseman. Sign him to an extension.
    5.) The Reds have made little to no progress with young starting pitching. That has to change or this is a lost season. Script Stephenson’s workload over the next 7-10 days and put him in the rotation Memorial day. Give him and Garrett the ball every 5th day. If Reed pitches well the next 4-5 starts, add him as a third piece in late June.
    6.) The bullpen is good.
    7.) Jesse Winker is building his slash line and his time is coming very soon.
    8.) The Disco injury is crushing this rebuild. Finnegan is big too.
    9.) Its harder and harder to see the Reds SP being good enough in 2018 to be a playoff team.( A healthy Homer can help here) Do you trade Duvall and/or Hamilton at the deadline for high A /AA elite position prospects- CF/SS or SP and focus on 2019 as the next window.

    • Interesting thoughts. I agree with many of them. Not sure about the Disco injury crushing the rebuild. I expect him to be healthy next spring, and I don’t know that he needs this season to prove himself as others (Finnegan) do.

      I don’t see us getting elite prospects for Hamilton. He’s exciting and a great defender, but his hit tool will prevent anyone from offering up elite prospects. I don’t see anyone on the current team bringing back elite prospects unless you’re looking to package Suarez and Duvall.

      • Hard to say what the market will be in July. …but relievers and power bats are always needed and Hamilton is a weapon. More of a theoretical question I suppose….say the Rockies are trying to hold off the Dodgers or the Nationals decide this is there year and Harper is leaving in FA after 2018…….should the reds trade Hamilton and say storen to the Nats for their star A shortstop kieboom or to the Rockies for one of their SEVEN!!! Mlb top 100 prospects. I would try.

    • Sign Cozart to an extension please. Yes, he’ll be expensive relative to Peraza but also a LOT better. I’m simply not seeing Peraza’s potential or any positive development. I think it will be a big mistake to let Cozart go and anoint Peraza as the shortstop of the future. Otherwise I agree with most of what you’re suggesting. And it’s a shame about Mesoraco but if the slim hope of a full recovery to health and form is keeping the Reds from making any other plans for catcher it’s time to abandon that hope and make other plans.

      • +1. Cozart is playing at the top of his game and he’s already drawn 20 walks. He’s not going to hit .350 but I believe the patience he’s shown is something he can hang on to. If someone throws $60 mil/4 yrs at him then maybe reconsider but I’m guessing he’d take something like $36 mil for 3 years or something?

        • I don’t think I can get on board with paying Cozart two or three more years for having a career year now. As was listed in the post above… 32 yrs old by season’s end. At SS. And this is not saying I believe we have better options, because he has been outstanding. But I think he’s the definition of a flip player for a team in the Reds’ position.

      • Mlb traderumors says Cozart WILL get 4 years in the open market…he’s played his entire career to get that second contract . I don’t think he will sign for 3/35…. It will be 4/65 and he’s 37 at the end of that. He is gone.

        • That’s what they said about BP too? The thing is BP was/is incapable of changing his play while Zack has. We’ll see? Paying a 35-36 yr old shortstop that much $$ has rarely if ever worked for anyone so there’s that as well.

          • If only he was 29. 32 is to old to give him that big contract. We all love the guy but it’s to late. Especially for a small market team.

  13. Unless they give some young guys the ball every 5th day as OLD SCHOOL says we have gone another year without finding out anything.With the injuries it was/is the perfect time to give several guys 15-20 starts the rest of the year.I don’t know what our payroll is but do we have 15-20 mil for a starting pitcher or two next year?I know little to nothing other then we are spinning our wheels in evaluating our young pitchers and I have to ask why at we waiting.Really tired of hearing about over working our young pitchers and service time etc etc as if we are just going to flip a switch at a designated time and all is well.Worry about over working somebody when it actually happens.If a pitcher reaches an innings limit then shut him down and next man up.

    • Yes….find out what you have!! Arroyo is a waste of time. Wood is 32 or whatever and fading…adios! Hernandez throws 100 and has been throwing strikes at AA so bring him up! Adleman is filler at best….move him back to Lville and replace him w/Romano when he’s ready. Their current rotation should be Lorenzen, Garrett, Feldman, Stephenson, and Bonilla/Romano/Adleman. Its going to be a wasted year if they keep going down the path they’re going!

  14. All that starting pitching that Walt Jocketty hoarded is now breaking down at an alarming rate over the last 2 seasons.
    The Jocketty choice of a Bailey extension over a Cueto extension is a monumental failure for Cincinnati.
    The Jocketty premature extension for Mesoraco has haunted the Reds since its inception.
    Jocketty acquisition DeSclafani is accruing a majority of his Major League service time on the DL.
    Jocketty’s drafting of high school pitchers in the first round of the 2011 and 2012 drafts instead of more polished college arms have netted the Reds a big fat ZERO.
    The only trade in this rebuild that has resulted in getting a cornerstone player for the next window was the Suarez-Simon trade.
    The jury is still out on Duvall from the Leake trade.
    DeSclafani is wasting away on the DL.
    Peraza and Schebler from the Frazier deal are not cornerstones and never will be. They are but bridges to nowhere.
    The Chapman trade was just malfeasance of duty on Jocketty’s part. No significant return at all.
    The Cueto trade return has unraveled for the Reds this year.
    Then with new GM Dick Williams fumbling his way around in a dark room trying to find his rear end without a flashlight and a map, he gave away Bruce for magic beans, I mean damaged goods.
    Reds fans are paying very dearly for the tenure of Walt Jocketty as GM for the Reds.
    The Reds Rebuild==A Bridge To Nowhere.

    • Cornerstone is a great term WV and I guess that’s my question as to the Reds ability to make the playoffs in 2018. Should the Reds try to acquire more cornerstone pieces for 2019 since I’m not seeing a SP rotation ready to win 90-94 games in 2018.

      Iglesias and lorenzen are cornerstone pitchers in the pen. Joey Votto is a franchise player. Suarez looks like a cornerstone…Who else is? Senzel appears to be but is 2 years away.
      We need to see some SP cornerstones soon or it’s time to focus on 2019.

      • No cornerstone players in the rotation is the most disappointing aspect of this rebuild. Plenty of #3-#5 types of starters when they are healthy, when they are healthy, but no one or two true top of the rotation types. Not one.
        Plan A was a rotation of what-might-have-beens in Bailey, DeSclafani, Iglesias, Lorenzen, and Finnegan. That looks good on paper, but injuries have derailed each one.
        Plan B thorugh ?? has been a huge failure. No one has stepped up, although Garrett does show some promise. Plug in Garrett at #3 or #4 now and build a rotation around him. Put Adelman in at #5 is OK for now.
        The time is now for RStephenson to get another shot.
        Ditch the Feldman and Arroyo experiments and build something around those 3 of Garrett, RStephenson, and Adelman. They are the #3, #4 and #5 starters, so go out and obtain a SP or two for the top of the rotation. Ones that will be around through 2020 or so. Not band-aids or stop gaps or flips. Then if an over-abundance of starting pitching materializes by next winter, deal from a strength to obtain a player of need, or an upgrade to a starting pitching spot. Get a true ace.

        • You’re right all they need to do is go out and get an ace and a #2. It shouldn’t be too hard because everyone is offering up their aces.

          Seriously? You don’t think they’ve tried getting Aces? The only way to get an established “Ace” is to wait for them to hit the open market in FA and pay them 20-30 mil a year (which the reds can’t afford to do). You have to get prospects which are just that, prospects. Most don’t turn out and the ones that do are top 100 types that organizations don’t give up.

          • “You don’t think they’ve tried getting Aces? ”

            Answer: “Ummmm, NO!!!”

            What TOR pitcher, or who exactly have they tried to obtain in a trade? Mat Latos, but that as in December 2011. Please offer up a name if I am overlooking someone.

          • You are correct…the reds can’t buy a FA elite SP in the open market. I do think the pieces are in place to land one internally with Castillo or Romano.Mahle. or even gutierrez in high A. I’ve not given up on Stephenson or Reed yet..garrett will be good ….but the issue is can these guys”arrive” by next year to get to the playoffs…. or is it now 2019….That changes how you approach the trading deadline and the things.

          • @WV:
            Every trade they’ve made that has included a returning SP has been an attempt to get an “Ace”. There just hasn’t been any to emerge. Organizations don’t trade their established Ace’s unless it’s a 1/2-1 year rentals and even then it takes a king’s ransom to get them.

        • Tampa Bay is a team that’s always moving their guys somewhere else when its time to pay them a little real money. I’d call them! Everyone knows about Chris Archer but their other guys are pretty good Disco type level guys!

          Jake Odorizzi, 3.16 era, allowing .195 batting average, 27 yrs old
          Matt Andriese, 3.18, .237 average, 27
          Alex Cobb, 3.67, .257, 29
          Blake Snell, lefty, 4.71, .264, 24

          Snell is kind of their Bob Steve but further along. He walks too many guys and maxes out at 4-5 innings but the arm is there!

        • At the time, Bailey was the safer bet.

          At the time, extending Mesoraco made sense.

          Todd Frazier can’t be given away by the White Sox.

          Chapman was approaching free agency. He had a suspension over his head and a 100 loss team shouldn’t spend 20% of its payroll on a closer. The Reds had no leverage. None. Ownership was in major salary dump mode.

          Cueto and Leake were rentals and the returns were in line with their value.

          The Mets couldn’t give away Jay Bruce this offseason. He had limited trade value at the time.

          Everything is easy in hindsight. If only life actually worked that way. You seem to think that other teams are stupid and willing to just give up assets to help the Reds.

          You seemed to think last year that a trade headlined by Jay Bruce would garner one of the best prospects in baseball since Bruce’s family would add 10 people per game to the Astros attendance.

          • I agree with everything except the Chapman trade, Chuck. It would’ve been worth the risk to hold him until the trade deadline for what we got in return for him. Everything else is spot on though and I think we did get legit returns on most of the recent trades compared to what we were trading.

          • Thanks for injecting some common sense here, Chuck.

          • Where in the world did I say Jay Bruce would have brought back “one of the best prospects in baseball”?? All I said was the Reds got back damaged goods.
            I never, ever implied that Bruce was going to bring back any type of top prospect. But a healthy one would have been nice Chuck.
            Last year I don’t think I ever said Bruce alone would bring back Alex Bregman from Houston. The Astros had also just signed Yulieski Gurriel to play 3B. There might not be a spot for Bregman as he has shared 3B playing time with Gurriel and Marwin Gonzalez this year.
            Bregman, a SS by trade, has some guy in Houston blocking him at SS in Carlos Correa. They also have some dude named Altuve at 2B, so no playing time for Bregman at those 2 positions. Maybe Houston considers offers, as many analysts at MLB Network said last that they should.
            As a side note, Houston slumped badly down the stretch and missed the playoffs. Maybe they should have traded him. Houston this winter goes on a free agent spending spree and a McCann trade with the Yankees. This year they are running away with their division and Bregman isn’t playing all that big of a part in it for them. Maybe they should have traded him.

          • I generally don’t remember much of what is posted from more than an hour ago, but some things tend to stick.

            You believed that Bruce and one of the pitchers could bring back Bregman. I am sure the Reds would’ve gleefully made that deal in 10 seconds. You also seemed to think that one year of Chapman would be worth Seeger from the Dodgers. I have forgotten 99.9999% of every thing I’ve read here but those 2 assertions are unforgettable.

            No sober GM that isn’t being blackmailed while in the midst of being tortured in the middle of a Yoko Ono concert would even consider those deals.

        • It’s probably true that they haven’t tried to trade for an ace, but with good reason: the price would be so staggering–prospects and established players–that it would doom the rebuild. This would look quite different if not for the injuries to DeSclafani, Bailey and Finnegan.

    • You seem to not understand the concept of leverage.

      In the Chapman situation, the Yankees were in contention, the suspension was resolved and could afford to re-sign him. They didn’t have to trade him and were only willing to if the offer was astonishing. The Cubs gave up a SS prospect because they already have a SS and were in win this year mode.

      The Red’s situation was 180 degrees different from the Yankees. Everyone knew they had to unload Chapman.

      • They didn’t “have” to trade Chapman at the time they did. They (the front office) panicked, chose to sell extremely low on Chapman to unload a potential PR storm that never really materialized, not even in NY. What kind of protests erupted in NY once the Yankees activated Chapman from is suspension? Very, very few.
        Leverage? The Reds put themselves in the box they found themselves in. All they had to do was step out of that box and keep Chapman until the next trading deadline as the Yankees did. Jocketty and Castellini panicked and it cost the organization dearly.
        Turned out to be a very bad business decision on trading Chapman at the time they did. They could have traded him at the prior deadline and didn’t. They could have held on to him and traded him when the Yankees did, but they didn’t. The Reds front office chose to sell at 10 cents on the dollar with Chapman and it turns out to be a very bad miscalculation. Something the Reds front office, especially with Jocketty, was good at, miscalculating. Trading Chapman when they did and getting as little as they did was as reckless as Chapman was in his garage.

        • No one can reasonably opine that the outcome could’ve been better. They made a decision based on the totality of facts that were known at the time. They made the decision to minimize risk vs maximizing the potential return. It is what it is.

          The cavalcade of scrubs they received have a better record right now than the 2015 Reds had with Cueto, Leake, Frazier, Bruce and Chapman. How could such world beaters be collectively less successful than a dump truck full of Jocketty’s mistakes?

          • Apples and oranges Chuck.
            Very entertaining you want to compare these teams, yet you forget the supporting casts of these two very different teams. That 2015 powerhouse supporting cast was led by Jason Marquis, Kevin Gregg, Skip Schumaker, Marlon Byrd, Brennan Boesch, Chris Dominguez, Jason Burgeois, Ivan DeJesus, Kristopher Negron, Ryan Matheus, David Holmberg, Jumbo Diaz, and JJ Hoover.
            All were Walt Jocketty signings and acquisitions.
            The second half of 2015 was a historically bad Reds team. And you want to compare that to today?
            C’mon man, you are better than that.

          • Through 40 games the 2017 Reds are 19-21. The Cueto, Leake, Frazier, Bruce and Chapman Reds of 2015 were 18-22.

            That team signed Marquis, Gregg and Byrd in a desperate attempt to have one last bout of success after maximizing payroll. This team signed Arroyo and Feldman to save innings and bridge to the future.

            That team became progressively worse from 2012. This team is becoming progressively better from their nadir last May. That team had no future. This team should be much better next year than they are now.

            In 2015, the Reds were very transparent and said they were aiming to be competitive in 2018. They will likely win between 75-80 games this year despite the injuries and the baffling decisions that are consistent with a rebuilding team.

            The best team in baseball just swept them. Stuff happens. It’s a long season

  15. By time this pitching staff gets good the hitting will break down. Votto doesn’t hsve forever. I don’t see this staff being at a high level next year. So we are hopin g for 2018? Meanwhile Votto gets older.

    • I wonder if the Reds will make a trade this winter to acquire a number two type starting pitcher with 3-4 years of control (like they did in 2011 to get Latos from the Padres). The team certainly has plenty of prospects to potentially include in that type of deal. The question is whether they make that deal or want to wait longer to see whether their own pitching prospects can develop and deliver results in the Reds rotation.

      • I don’t see them making that type of trade this off season. When they made the trade for Latos they were a lot more established with a rotation that included Cueto, Bailey, Leake and a younger Aroyo. They saw Latos as a final Piece. This Reds team is a lot younger and have no where near the established stars.

  16. It’s so hard to accept that no pitching prospect, but Garrett, looks to be capable to take a rotation spot. So many names and so many deceptions. I see no future unless that situation changes. Arroyo, Feldman, Adleman and Bonilla are just fill-ins. Bailey, if ever returns, is under contract for only two more seasons after 2017. Disco can still be a serviceable asset until at least 2021, four more seasons after this. And then comes the long list of prospects.

    • The prospects aren’t capable until they are. Of course some of them will never succeed in the rotation–the nature of prospects–but it’s really too early to dismiss Reed, Stephenson, Romano, etc. A 6-game losing streak brings out the pessimist in all of us, but, if we take a step back, this season so far has been a pleasant surprise.

  17. Two years ago Disco got his first big taste of starting and started 31 games.Last year was Finny’s turn and he also started 31 games.That in my opinion is how you develop pitchers in the big leagues.Now what is the plan this year.Now lets see we have the warm bodies,Garrett and now Bonilla.What would be wrong with scrapping the inning eater plan and replacing those 3 guys with 3 young guys for the rest of the year.Now give the ball every 5th day to a young guy and see what happens.The number of starts you give these guys is critical and please lets not try to evaluate them after 10 or 15 startsLet them pitch.So what if they are as bad or worse then the warm bodies.Who cares.They are much much much younger then the guys they will be replacing.

    • The problem with having five rookie pitchers in the rotation rather than just three is that there is no stability to the rotation. What happens when the young rookie struggles and throws 100 pitches in four innings? The bullpen would have to eat the other five. The purpose of having inning-eaters like Arroyo and Feldman is to provide some stability to the rotation and give the bullpen a bit of a rest on their days. Of course, things haven’t really gone according to plan regarding Arroyo and Feldman, as they struggle with innings almost as much as the rookies. The Reds aren’t the only rebuilding team in baseball with veterans in the rotation; Atlanta has Colon, Dickey, and Garcia.

  18. I understood the concept of the inning eaters but things haven’t gone as planned anyway.I am not sure but I would guess that our starters have pitched the fewest innings and our pen the most as well.It;s just everytime I see a 4 or 5 inning start I say to myself what did we accomplish.The answer is we found out that Feldman and Bronson are what we thought they were.I just want to find out about some of the younger guys.

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