Thanks to Zack Cozart’s late inning heroics Thursday night, the Reds won the first game of the series, 3-2. Tonight, the Reds try to continue their dominance against the Giants and keep pace in the NL Central with the St. Louis Cardinals, who have won six straight.

Starting Pitchers

Pitcher IP ERA xFIP K% BB%
Scott Feldman 40.2 3.76 4.26 19.4% 9.7%
Johnny Cueto 44.0 4.50 3.87 21.3% 6.4%

It’s disappointing we don’t get the match-up of Amir Garrett vs. Johnny Cueto, as originally scheduled before Garrett was sent down to Triple-A on Sunday.

Instead we get a rematch from last Sunday’s game in which everyone thought Cueto would be the one to shut out the Reds. It was Feldman, however, who threw the complete game shutout, only the third of his career.  It came as a pleasant surprise, since his previous two starts were not good. On Sunday, he lowered his ERA by more than a point after it had ballooned to almost 5.00 in giving up seven runs through four innings against the Pirates on May 2.

Cueto has faced the Reds twice since being traded, and has surrendered 13 hits and eight earned runs, for a 6.00 ERA. He has struck out 18 Reds batters in only 12 innings against his former team.


Both teams’ bullpens are in relatively good shape for tonight, which is exactly what they want for a four game series. Drew Storen, Wandy Peralta, and Raisel Iglesias combined for three innings of work, and none threw more than 20 pitches. For the Giants, two relievers pitched one inning each.


Reds                                                      Giants

1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Zack Cozart (SS)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Scooter Gennett (2B)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Scott Feldman (P)
1. Denard Span (CF)
2. Brandon Belt (1B)
3. Christian Arroyo (3B)
4. Buster Posey (C)
5. Brandon Crawford (SS)
6. Joe Panik (2B)
7. Eduardo Nunez (LF)
8. Justin Ruggiano (RF)
9. Johnny Cueto (P)

News and Notes

Final Thoughts

As I was watching FS Ohio/listening to WLW last night, I realized that even when I’m half watching a game because I’m doing something else or looking at my phone, I still make full effort to watch Joey Votto when he is up to bat. His at-bats are must-watch TV, especially right now.

And yet, he’s not talked about more among national media. It’s the downside of being on some bad teams the past couple of years and playing in a smaller market like Cincinnati. It’s a shame because he’s probably the best hitter I’ve ever watched play in a Reds uniform in my lifetime, and the country deserves to know about him. So, appreciate Votto at-bats because hitters like him don’t come along very often.

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  1. Every Votto at-bat is like a Dali painting. Just surreal.

  2. Amir Garrett in Louisville tonite….2 ip with 6 Ks! We need him back asap! Winker 2-2 with his first HR as well!

  3. Is this the last time the Reds will see Cueto? He can opt out of his contract following this season, and has hinted he would like to return to the American League to avoid that whole hit for himself thing.

    I guess I should write….his last appearance vs. the Reds potentially until Cincinnati’s 2020 World Series appearance vs. one of the Evil Empires (Yankees or Red Sox).

  4. Joey smacked that one. He’s not missing anything right now

    • Except the read on a lazy fly ball to the shortstop to get doubled off at first

  5. Votto is going so well right now, even the Fox Sports Ohio cameras fail to show his TOOTBLAN as it happened.

    • He’s running in that direction. How do you miss that? Love Joey, but that’s unacceptable

  6. Tootblan I guess, since neither the announcers nor the director let us see or hear anything

  7. Well There goes the complete game shut out.

  8. Span with a splash hit into the cove

  9. Span did a check of a job though hitting and fighting off some bad pitches. Vlad would be proud.

  10. I forgot I was five minutes behind I’m watching the game. My three-year-old and needed my attention, and I forgot that I had paused the game

  11. Yeah, but they lost when it counted

  12. Scooter strikes again….another triple!! Nice ab from Schebler too! Lets knock Johnny Baseball around again!!

  13. Scooter has given this team quite a lift off the bench.

    • He sure has. Id be perfectly fine with Cozart and Scooter at SS and 2B for the next 3 years. Nobody else is tearing it at those positions might as well let the “old guys” play until they can’t.

  14. Gennett…triples to tie it!!!

  15. Good job Tucker, and we turn over the line up

  16. I really want to see Alcantara get some playing time over Peraza but Scooter has some real pop in his bat! Alcantara was a real prospect at one time though….needs a chance to shine!

  17. Well done Barnhart…sac fly. 2-1 good guys.
    Not sure why they didn’t pitch around Tucker

  18. The Reds bullpen and position players are ready to compete. Zach Cozart is a very good shortstop. The Reds window is 2018-2021… Joey isn’t guaranteed 4 years from now.

    Spend money now. Give Zach 3 years and 45 mil for 2018-2020…signing bonus 3 mil now .
    This team is ready to go…just need SP.

  19. Good bunt by JC

  20. 40 bitches in three innings for Feldman. 48 pitches in three innings for Queto.

  21. That’s why I hate those in play bullpen mounds

  22. I think Feldman can be another Straily….maintain a 3.90 era or so but everybody is a question mark. Whats the status on Finnegan?

    On another note….Duvall & Suarez don’t look too good in this series? They might need a breather!

  23. Tom is already meandering and discursive.

  24. Feldman is making great pitches. Have to give credit to the Giants just to drop a couple in play. Besides Span’s drive on a good pitch out of the zone, I don’t think they’ve got a line drive all evening

  25. How not to bunt: a course in futility by Scott Feldman.

  26. Randazzo is a big dude.

  27. Billy lineout was at 97 MPH….which is hard for him….Tough break.

  28. 3 straight bunts…2 for hits and a sac. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before

  29. Span is on fire….killing the Reds

  30. Could have been worse, but they escaped the inning tied

  31. 4-6-3…..theres that #1 rated defense! They have Cueto up to 91 pitches….maybe they can get to him? Its a good game…Feldman has been around the plate all night and getting some quick outs!

  32. Why is Blake Wood the 1st guy up in the pen?

  33. We need to take this one!! The Giants bats really are anemic other then Posey & Span. Feldman has pitched really well but I doubt he’s holding anyone else to 2 runs in 16 innings.

  34. Peralta finally cools off Span

  35. Cozart and Suarez with the D!!

  36. Hamilton to Cozart to Suarez to cut down the runner at 3rd.
    NEVER make the 3rd out at 3rd…tsk tsk

    • That was an amazing play….they can’t let Cozart go! I guess if they fall out of contention they could deal him but Peraza definitely hasn’t shown that he’s capable of anywhere near that level of play!

  37. How about getting Wandy 2 Wins in 2 days????

  38. 10 pitch inning for Lorenzen. Only hit was way outside of the strike zone.
    Fantasy owners everywhere cheering at the likelihood of him coming back for a second inning of him pitching like that.

  39. A bunt?! Doesn’t Price know anything about RE24? The Reds have literally lowered their chances of scoring now. Why?

    • LOL. Maybe the Reds had a TV feed in the dugout and Price was taken in by Thom fawning over the Giants bunting fundamentals earlier.

      How many times has Thom said “fundamentals” tonight? 10?

  40. Not letting Lorenzen bat for himself could be an interesting turning point, depending on how the bottom half of this inning plays out.

    • I totally agree. I didn’t like the decision to pinch hit for him. It doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. What, is he saving him for tomorrow? I don’t think the game will be close tomorrow. I think Lorenzen could have gone 3 tonight if needed.

  41. One of the true wonders of nature! Really, Thom?!

  42. Golden sombrero for Suarez. Or sombrero dorado

    • Yeah, 5 hits in 11 innings. Cueto aside, tough to win with so few hits, unless they are dingers.

      Feels like Reds are stealing a win tonight if they can pull this off.

  43. Suarez is in a bigtime funk with the bat.

  44. The flying gulls are currently really pissed at both the baseball players and the fans in the stadium. The game is interfering with their eating schedule!!!

  45. 1 solid innings by Wood

  46. I really don’t think there’s that much to complain about when it comes to the Reds manager.

    Other than the blunt, that is…

  47. Storen, not sharp. It might end here.

  48. Come on, Storen.

  49. Houdini there!

  50. This game might go 20

  51. Escaped that one.

    But this is really not the kind of outing the team needed before Bonilla goes tomorrow, if he only lasts a few innings like we’re expecting. Bullpen is gonna be spent if this keeps up.

    • You worry to much my friend. Let’s worry about who pitches when tomorrow comes. This game is winnable for our Reds.

  52. This game is getting a little too late for me out here in Mountain Time.

  53. Clint Fagan needs to improve his conditioning if he intends to hang with the big boys.

  54. Not good bunting fundamentals by Scooter.

  55. Scooter…. you da man!

  56. Gee, I come home expecting to watch a replay of the game, and it’s still ‘the game.’ Get some runs here, fellas !!!

  57. Thom has no idea what he’s talking about!!!

    • Welch at least tries to explain commonly accepted, modern baseball strategy. Thom has no clue, and refuses to accept anything contrary to old, disproven ideas. The bunt was a waste of an out in all instances. A decreasing run expectancy is not a “wash”. It’s a decrease resulting from flawed strategy. Thom is not a particularly insightful commentator. If his last name was Brennan instead of Brennamen he’d be selling cars.

  58. Are the giants out of pitchers?

  59. Well, that inning was a masterclass in how to shoot yourself in the foot.

  60. that’s just awful.

  61. uggg what a way to go out of the inning. Pathetic.


  63. Boy Reds screwed that up.

  64. Set up by one of my faves, the contact play with the runner at third. The fielder bobbled the ball and still threw the guy out at the plate. Awful.

  65. Well good night all!

    Bring home a winner

  66. Raise your hand if you liked the idea of bunting runners over for a guy who rarely hits the ball 200 feet.

    • And also a guy who has zero selectivity. Perhaps needs to find the bench. His plate approach is flat out terrible.

  67. Morris is flat and velocity is down. This is our best chance.

  68. Stephenson coming in? This could be over in a hurry.

  69. Not a big fan of Bob Steve but he could turn me into one with a solid performance tonight.

  70. Curveball at head level… seriously.

  71. Regardless of the outcome, is it safe to say the best move Dick Williams made this offseason was to get rid Branon Phillips? There is just a different feel watching these guys.

  72. I’ve got good vibes for the 16th

  73. Gee, lots of fear of Peraza there

  74. take one for the team there ya go.

  75. Pathetic at bat by BHam that was 3 shades of suckage.

  76. Billy looked like he was limping.

  77. Gee, swings at ball 4. And then gets blown away on strike 3.

    • If I was manager no way Billy plays for a week. Instead 4 hours a day of batting practice

  78. Win or lose, staying up has convinced me that Welsh and Thom are not comfortable or well versed on advanced baseball statistics.

    Welsh actually defended Schebler not bunting by saying “you don’t know if 1 run is going to hold up.”

    In the 16th inning.
    When the Reds haven’t scored since the 2nd inning.
    And the Giants haven’t scored since the 5th.

    Not to mention the “he’s had 3 hits tonight.”

  79. Bob Steve sure likes to throw a fastball right down the meat of the plate. I guess that is what you do when you have no clue where your other offerings will go.

  80. Suarez gonna Scooter. Sheesh.

  81. Guess we will find out if Bob Steve can hit.

  82. Wow, that looked like a great pitch … Wow.

  83. Yeeeeee-ah, boy!

  84. IF the Reds ever get a run and win, this game will stand out for a while. TOOTBLANS, bullpen, umpire down, seagulls flying in front of the camera like a Hitchcock film.

    Billy Hamilton 0 for 7 (so far), but playing hurt because there’s no one else left.

    6 hours plus and counting. It really has had a little bit of everything.

  85. That pitch hit Suarez and Posey. Ouch.

  86. Votto with the scoop. Nicely done !

  87. That’s too bad.

  88. Well, someone had to win.

  89. What a waste

  90. If Joe Nuxhall (RIP) was broadcasting this, he would end it by saying,

    “This is the old left-hander, rounding third and heading back up to the broadcast booth to get ready for today’s game.”

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