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Thanks for your support!

Thanks to those of you who contributed to the Redleg Nation fundraiser last month. Your generous support was gratifying and encouraging. While our DONATE button is always over there and contributions are welcome any time, we’re happy we can condense the fund raising annoyance to one week.

We’ll post the list of 2017 supporters in the morning.

Go Reds! Go Redleg Nation!

Chad and Steve

5 thoughts on “Thanks for your support!

  1. Have you guys thought about using Amazon links for Reds “stuff” and get a small percentage of the sales revenue? I have seen this done on YouTube channels.

  2. I must have been on vacation when that fundraiser happened but just made my donation. You guys do a great job, thanks! And go Reds!!

  3. Well, I finally have something to complain about – you guys spelled my name wrong! Seriously, love the site and am happy to contribute.

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