Final R H E
New York Yankees (21-10) 3 7 1
Cincinnati Reds (18-15) 5 8 0
W: Adleman (2-1) L: Sabathia (2-2) S: Iglesias (6)
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The Good
–Tim Adleman surrendered a couple of solo homers in the first two innings, but the Reds struck back in the bottom of the second.

Scott Schebler and Jose Peraza singled to begin the inning. Devin Mesoraco walked to load the bases. After Adleman struck out, Billy Hamilton figured out a way to single in two runs to tie the game. Zack Cozart singled to load the bases again, then Joey Votto drove in two more to put the Reds in the lead. An Adam Duvall RBI single made the score 5-2 and the Reds were on their way to a victory.

–Hamilton was the only Red with multiple hits; he was 2-5 with 2 RBI, a run scored, and zero stolen bases. Votto reached base three times: 1-2 with 2 walks.

–Michael Lorenzen was not particularly sharp, but he pitched two scoreless innings after taking over for Adleman in the sixth inning. Same for Raisel Iglesias, but he closed out the game.

–The Yankees got the tying runs on base in the top of the ninth against Iglesias. New York’s Gary Sanchez — who had homered earlier — hit a hard line drive, but Eugenio Suarez snagged it and threw it to second for a double play. Game over. Reds win.

The Bad
–Nothing bad about this one. Go Reds. #goreds

Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The Redlegs just won seven of nine games on that homestand. The Cincinnati Reds are kinda good, you guys. This is fun.

–Not a good start, not a bad one…but an adequate outing for today’s starter Tim Adleman. Adleman went five innings, allowing three runs on five hits and two walks, striking out six. It kept the Reds in the game.

Adleman has been completely adequate for the Reds, and there’s nothing wrong with adequasivity.

–I don’t want to alarm anyone, but Billy Hamilton’s OBP is up to .306. No, that’s not great, but it’s getting close to adequate territory. (This is me trying to be optimistic about Billy.)

–I know I have this in a tweet below, but I love the fact that the Reds can have an adequate starter go five innings, then the game can be turned over to Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias. It’s such a beautiful thing.

–The Yankees ended the Reds’ winning streak yesterday. Today, the good guys stopped the New York winning streak at six games. Turnabout is fair play, you know.

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77 Responses

  1. james garrett

    What a difference a year makes even though we have 3 starters injured.We battle and I am really excited about what we will become when everybody gets healthy.Bullpen has been good and defense has been great.Never thought Adleman could hold the Yanks down but he made it through 5 and we will take it.

    • Geoff

      Imagine how this team will play once they get their starters back?! I can’t wait!

  2. mdhabel

    Betances got nasty after starting his inning with 8 straight balls. Dont think I have ever seen someone go from so off to so on that quickly

    • Patrick Jeter

      Same. I was thoroughly impressed.

    • Jim Walker

      Iggy was going in the opposite direction just about as quickly! Fortunately Sanchez’s rocket was right at Suarez who made a tough catch look pretty routine.

    • J

      He was helped by Duvall chasing what would have been ball 1…..

      • Bill Lack

        J, I was going to say the same thing….Duvall’s swinging at ball 1, after 8 straight balls is the kind of thing that makes me absolutely crazy. That being said, the home plate umpire appeared to me to be terribly inconsistent all night.

      • Kevin

        It drives me crazy too but in the last couple of years I’ve heard a decent explanation of the reasoning behind it. The thought is that if the pitcher has walked 2 straight then he will just groove the 1st pitch over the center of the plate to try and make sure he gets a strike called. If that is your reasoning though I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be looking for 1 pitch in 1 zone, not swinging at a pitch that is outside and is a pitchers pitch in the strike zone at best.

      • lwblogger2

        That pretty much should always be a batter’s first pitch philosophy. My pitch and zone may changed though, depending on circumstances. That means I may not have always been looking fastball, middle-in, thigh-high. In that situation though, that’s what I would have been looking for. As for Duvall, the only one who knows is Duvall.

  3. kmartin

    “Not a good start, not a bad one…but an adequate outing for today’s starter Tim Adleman. ” — Chad, if you are ever a teacher, I want to be in your class. I bet you will give lots of high grades. I think three runs in five innings being “adequate” is grade inflation.

      • Michael Smith

        And I want thank you for finding that clip.

    • mdhabel

      I dont know, 5 hits, 2 walks and 6 Ks against the best offense in the league is at least adequate in my book. Maybe that’s just the millenial in me

      • kmartin

        Don’t overlook the three runs. However, the five innings bothers me the most. We had to use both Lorenzen and Iglesias for two innings each. I most definitely liked Price’s bullpen management this evening and agree with his use of both Lorenzen and Iglesias, but I think it is unfortunate Price had to do this.

        Obviously “adequate” is subjective. I started following baseball in the sixties and view adequate as seven innings and three runs or less (which I realize is more stringent than a quality start). What can I say, I am a tough grader (and I have numerous students who will attest to that).

      • Vicferrari

        I was thinking this was a really dumb move at first, Adleman was only at 83 pitches, 2 more shut out innings and it is a real solid night, but who cares unless you root for Adleman to rack up more innings. Lorenzen and Iglesias needed the work and there is an off day tomorrow, they probably come in the game regardless of the score.
        The really dumb move was double switching and putting a worse RF in the game to avoid an AB for Iglesias. Glad it did not come down to anything meaningful but that hit in the 8th hung up, wondered if Schebler could have caught it?

      • kmartin

        I completely forgot Wednesday is the travel day to San Francisco. Duh. Using Lorenzen and Iglesias doesn’t hurt as much as I originally thought.

  4. Patrick Jeter

    So, when is the Suarez jersey group buy? I’m sure we can get a discount, right?

    • mdhabel

      I have to wait until Joey retires for a new jersey. Might be waiting awhile based on how he is aging currently

      • Patrick Jeter

        Or…follow me here, Matt… you could buy a Votto away jersey, a Votto St. Patrick’s Day jersey, a Votto Mother’s Day jersey, and a Votto Memorial/Veteran’s Day jersey.

        That will cover all your color matching bases… you are welcome.

  5. Indy Red Man

    Great win! I would’ve pulled Adleman earlier and went to Peralta for a lefty or two with tomorrow off but we won! Lets kick the Giants while they’re down now and take 3 in SF!

  6. james garrett

    I am sure the Giants will be ready for us after what happened in Cincy.They have fell on hard times and don’t look very good at all.Already 10 games behind the Rockies.Could be a long year for them but their starters look pretty good at least on paper.Losing Bumgarner certainly hurts of course.

  7. Greg Pearson

    Perhaps my favorite win of the year. Scrapping for a win against a really good team — love it.

    And props for the Newsradio clip.

  8. mdhabel

    I am happy for our start but will say that I liked it better when we were ahead of St. Louis. Would love even more if we can duke it out with them all year

  9. mdhabel

    “Nationals have a bullpen problem” (3rd worst bullpen FIP, 15th xFIP). I’m thinking Storen needs to keep his value as high as possible and Washington will be willing to pay. Everyone else with good bullpens is a playoff compeittor. Not that we arent necessarily, but we are definitely more willing to sell than most

    • Vicferrari

      was thinking Storen was looking real solid, not sure what happened last night how times has a pitcher hit 3 batters in one inning?

      • mdhabel

        They said 31 times in baseball history. So maybe it is just one of those absolute flukes and he gets over it. But it is 2/3 outings that have been poor, so not a great trend

    • WVRedlegs

      The Washington Nationals interested in Storen? That is some hallucination.
      I’d be very, very surprised if Washington would give up a plug nickel for Storen. The Nats ran him out of town just 2 years ago. You think they would give up valued prospects for Storen? Very far-fetched to think this would happen.
      Washington is talking to Tampa Bay about relievers, not the Reds.

  10. pinson343

    Hello to old friends, I expect to be on more for the next couple of months.

    I “watched” every pitch of tonight’s game on GameDay, and – for a game in May – it was as non-stop nerve-wracking a game as I can remember.
    This is in large part due to my being in NY right now, surrounded by arrogant Yankee fans and coverage – I really wanted this win.
    My pulse was racing every pitch that Adelman threw, expecting the worst. I was hugely relieved when he left after 5 innings with the Reds still ahead. Then Lorenzen drives me crazy with the walks, HBP, and wild pitches – what happened to him after went to 0-2 on Carter ? Then Iglesias in the 9th … yikes, he really lucked out.

    After the game, Chad casually captures it with calming words like “not particularly sharp” and “adequasivity”. In retrospect it just comes down to that, but at the time …

  11. pinson343

    Chad: “I love the fact that the Reds can have an adequate starter go five innings, then the game can be turned over to Michael Lorenzen and Raisel Iglesias. It’s such a beautiful thing.”
    It’s beautiful and it wins games, making both Lorenzen and Iglesias high impact relievers, unlike the typical closer.

    Kudos to Price for thinking rather than sticking with brain dead bullpen convention this season (and 2nd half of last year).

  12. pinson343

    The adequacy of Adelman’s outing was questioned above. I don’t know if it was adequate, but I would say it was courageous – a guy with limited ability (by major league standards) under a whole lot of pressure from that lineup refusing to cave, getting thru those 5 innings, just effective enough to help the Reds to a sweet win. And he does get his Ks !

    • Vicferrari

      Considering he gave up 2 solo HR’s in the first 2 innings- I consider that a very solid outing. The k’s were impressive, feel he could have got another inning but why when you have the relievers fresh. Just compare him to the other replacement level AAA pitchers and it no contest who is more solid. I thought Rookie’s start was much worse last week despite him not giving up runs and makes it more impressive the starts seen from Amir.

      • pinson343

        I agree. Other than the solo HRs, he pitched well. He gives up so many HRs, though, I get nervous when he’s pitching with men on base.

      • pinson343

        PS And no comparison between him and the Reds AAA replacement pitchers, he gave the Reds a good chance to win.

  13. pinson343

    “Hamilton’s OBP is up to .306 … it’s getting close to adequate territory.”
    Another example of adequasivity ?

    I’m a fan of Hamilton’s too and remain optimistic – I feel his athleticism and determination will win out sooner (hopefully) or later. In the meantime, his defense and base running are something to behold.

    But don’t get too carried away with turning singles into doubles (or outs), Billy, sometimes it’s easier to steal second.

  14. Gobucks

    If anything, I realized tonight I missed the boat by not watching News Radio. Phil Hartman anytime. RIP.

    • vegastypo

      Which dreaded West Coast trip do you mean? There are gonna be three this season. This month it’s out to San Fran and then to Chicago on the way back home. Next month it’s out to L.A. and then to San Diego. And then in July, it’s out to Colorado and to Arizona just before the All-Star break.

  15. Simon Cowell

    Reds beat the Yankees. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

  16. vegastypo

    A few thoughts …

    — Did anybody else watch that ball go through Starlin Castro’s legs in the first inning and think, Yankee gonna Cub?

    — From that second inning, I was kinda praying for Adleman to whiff. Feared a double play, maybe the ol’ 1-2-3 and not even get a run there. … What was with Cozart not telling Peraza to slide when he scored on Hamilton’s hit? … I don’t know if that close pitch to Votto was a ball or strike before he got the hit, but that looked like a gutsy pitch to take there.

    — In the fifth inning, Peraza managed to take a pitch while Schebler stole second. Why couldn’t he take a few pitches when Billy needed him to?

    — Anybody else get a little nervous seeing Mes get hit in the head twice in one plate appearance behind the plate? The guy has a history of concussions.

    • Kyle Farmer

      Yes, I thought the same thing about Mes. And, then, he took an absolute beating from Lorenzen. He blocked a couple of balls that a man with two surgically repaired hips shouldn’t have gotten to. That was a good sign.

    • VaRedsFan

      I mention the 2 head shots in the game thread. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Mez behind the plate. He could have stole a few strikes but he constantly stabs at pitches instead of receiving them calmly. He missed a high pitch by Lorenzen that went for a WP, that most catchers would have. He had his glove turned the wrong way on a ball in the dirt that also went for a WP. The balls that he did block weren’t controlled and bounced several feet away. No catcher makes all the plays, but he’s making a very low percentage imo.

      • Jim Walker

        Our comments “crossed in the mail”. I agree with everything you said; and, it all seemed to start after Meso got hit by the backswings which happened on the last batter Adleman faced. I wondered as I watched events unfold whether it was because Meso was feeling the effects of being hit in the head or whether we were seeing a practical demonstration of just how much more lively the stuff of Lorenzen then Iggy was especially with them amped up to the hilt in a super high leverage game situation.

      • reaganspad

        not sure that anyone would have had that wild pitch. He was set up low and inside and the pitch came in so far above the strike zone, it was as if he set up for a pitch out and the ball came behind the batter.

        Some times wild pitches are wild pitches.

    • Jim Walker

      I third the thought about Meso getting hit in the head on the backswing (twice).. I kept thinking about that as he clearly struggled to handle Lorenzen and Iggy’s pitches. There was clearly a mix up over signs on the “wild pitch” with Carter batting which moved the tying runs into scoring position in the 6th. Actually, that entire AB seemed like something from bizarro world once they had Carter at 0/2 out of the chute.

    • pinson343

      Castro is still Castro. He’s hitting like crazy but he’s erratic at 2nd base. And he’s still young but doesn’t show much range. Votto’s 2 run ground ball single was not that far from him.


    What I like about Suarez’s “D” are his rocket throws to Votto. Last year was an adventure but this year, they’re lasers chest high.

    Off topic: anyone watch Yankee Betances pitch the 7th? Walks Cozart and Votto on eight pitches then strikes out the side with nasty stuff including a 100 mph fastball. Impressive.

    • Kyle Farmer

      Yeah, it was impressive. Can’t help but thinking “what if” Duvall hadn’t swung at the 9th consecutive ball on the first pitch of his AB. I know he’s thinking he’s getting a grooved fastball there, but make the guy throw a strike.

      • pinson343

        Yeh I was a bit ticked at Duvall for that. I understand he was thinking 3 run HR but your best chance against Betances there is to make him throw a strike, you can’t help him like that.

    • pinson343

      I’ve seen Betances dominate like that before. He even did it during an All Star game.

  18. TomN

    First game I’ve gotten to this year and it was a good one. I thought we’d knock sabathia out, but he recovered impressively. It was a tense game as the Yanks threatened almost every inning. Good win for the Reds.

    Have to say the Yanks are loaded. Not Cu -15k, but loaded. At least their everyday players.

  19. msanmoore

    I’ll take what we got from a #5 guy like Adleman tonight … and adequate is what you are after here so it will do.

    Thanks for the clip, Chad … +5000 for that. I remember exactly where I was when I read about losing Phil Hartman. He was a one-of-a-kind talent and News Radio was never the same (my crush on Maura Tierney not withstanding).

  20. NorMich Red

    Any win over the Yankees gets bonus points for me. Liked the bounce-back against CC after Adleman gave up the two early bombs. (Thankfully, solos!) I was disappointed that FS1 used Michael Kay and Paul O’Neill, regular Yanks’ announcers, for the national telecast. (Did the Reds’ local market get a local telecast?) Both very capable behind the mikes, but this was clearly a “home team” broadcast for the coastal people. All the Yanks routinely ID’d by their first names and nicknames, and they were apparently playing “some other team that broomed the beloved Yanks in 1976.” Might have made better sense to have Chris Welsh in the booth with those two and have a capable/knowledgeable color announcer aware of details on each of the teams. Let’s go back to the left coast and get another happy dose of the Bochy’s.

    • Chuck Schick

      YES is 80% owned by FOX so FS1 was using their own employees. A Tuesday night baseball game in May draws a very small, very old audience so FS1 is looking to minimize cost and Chris Welch isn’t particularly relevant beyond 275.

      • reaganspad

        I am beyond 275. I wish the broadcast team was Welsh and Brantley

    • Jim Walker

      O’Neill has creds with Reds fans of and past a certain age. Also, I thought they worked a lot about his Reds ties into the telecast, both from the viewpoint that he was raised in “Reds county” and was later a significant player with the Reds prior to being traded to the Yankees..

    • SoCalRedsFan

      Yeah, I liked how they had no clue that Lorenzen could have been drafted as an outfielder and were shocked how he handled the bat and got down the line.

    • Big56dog

      I liked how shocked they were at how far in Hamilton was playing, wish they could have seen him go back and snag one off the wall

  21. Kyle Farmer

    I love Chris Welch and the Cowboy, but I really did enjoy Paul O’Neil’s color commentary last night. I thought he did a great job. It may just be bias since he is my favorite Red not named Rose. Still not over that trade! He wrote a great book a few years ago about his life and especially his relationship with his father.

  22. Nick Carrington

    Lorenzen and Iglesias have such good stuff that even when their command is off, they can get people out. Tuesday’s game was a prime example of that. When they are locating, they are unhittable.

    • cfd3000

      Agree Nick. Neither one had pitched in several days, and with the off day tomorrow it was a perfectly reasonable route to the end of the game. I l do look at Adleman’s start as entirely adequate. He could have gone out for the sixth and maybe the seventh with his pitch count but Price decided to call on bigger guns. And it’s very reassuring to see that even though neither had their best stuff both Lorenzen and Iglesias got it done. When those two and Peralta come in I now actually expect scoreless relief instead of cringing in anticipation of blown leads. What a difference a year makes!

    • Jim Walker

      Yes. Just as with Betances when they had to, they had the raw stuff and ability to make a big pitch. They represent a whole other world from a guy like Adleman has to be at ceiling just to survive.

  23. Simon Cowell

    Props need to go to Adleman for being a non prospect. too old, not worthy of love, etc… he is getting the job done. I think just about any team would love this guy as their #4 or #5. But alas Reds fans have such a high standard with our illustrious and glorious winning ways.

    • Jim Walker

      I see Adleman as good long man and spot starter. He gives what he has got to give; I like that. However in my mind he comes up an inning short for a backend rotation guy. The backend guys need to regularly get through six innings with the game in hand and hopefully pick up at least an out or two in the 7th.

      • Big56dog

        I have been re-evaluating how important it is his to have consistent starters. It would be nice to get these 6-7 starts from the entire rotation. The one guy able to do it consistently got sent down. Adlleman got through 6 in 2 of his other starts, I think he could have easily gotten through 6 at 82 pitches, Price had Lorenzen and Iglesias available with off day, so why not use them?

  24. IndyRedMan

    Whats the status on Romano? I’d say there’s no hope for Rookie this year if he gets knocked around by the Giants this weekend? They are as feeble as its going to get! This team is actually pretty well rounded if the starters can pick it up? Of course….that’s like a talented football team with a bad QB.

    • Big56dog

      I would think Stephenson is ready to pick up the innings Rookie does not, he might take his place in the rotation
      might need to send Davis down to stop his service time clock before he gets on a roll.

      • Big56dog

        Just saw the update, should have made the move yesterday but I guess it did not matter, but could have had Ervin in RF instead of Kivelhan on the pointless double switch. Hope they bring up one of the AA pitchers