On Wednesday, Billy Hamilton hit his first home run in more than a year, in Cincinnati’s win over the Pirates.

It occurred to me that Hamilton has never hit an inside-the-park home run in the major leagues. That seems almost unfathomable. With his speed, you’d think it was inevitable, right? After all, he’s been in the big leagues for three full seasons, and parts of two others. He has 14 homers, and all have been of the over-the-fence variety.

In the minor leagues, Hamilton had 13 homers…and five of them were inside-the-park.

Here’s this one, from Hamilton’s time in Single-A at Dayton. Hamilton got all the way around the diamond, and the ball never even reached the warning track:

Then there’s this one, from when Billy was in Double-A (sorry, can’t embed it). Check out the video, if only so you can see Eric Davis shaking his head, incredulous at Hamilton’s feat.

You’ll note that Billy circled the bases in less than 14 seconds. 13.8 seconds, in fact. Faster than the fastest inside-the-park home run ever clocked in the major leagues.

We’re long past due for a Hamilton inside-the-park homer in a Reds uniform. Make it happen, Billy.

5 Responses

  1. MrRed

    He’s going to have to hit a lot better than he has so far in his MLB career if he’s going to get enough chances for an in the park HR. It’s going to have to be a well placed blast in the gap instead of one of those Benny Hill type plays you posted from his Milb days.

    Interestingly enough, he may have had a shot last night on his triple but he wasn’t booking it out of the box.

    • greenmtred

      A common narrative here is that Billy is not long for MLB if he doesn’t start getting on base. As Patrick Jeter pointed out, he’s a better-than-3WAR player as is–marginal All-Star territory. Of course we all want him to get more selective and learn to hit better, but he’s a valuable player right now.

      • MrRed

        Certainly. And I don’t think I suggested that he wasn’t still a valuable player. Just that the reason he hasn’t yet had an in the park HR, as Chad queried, is because he hasn’t hit enough to get a chance.

      • greenmtred

        No argument. I get defensive about Billy and it clouds my judgment.

  2. vegastypo

    He’d have one a month if he played 81 games a season in San Francisco’s ballpark. They call it Triples Alley there, but they’d have to rename it BillyLand if he played there.