If Monday night’s game could be labeled as ‘fun’, Tuesday night’s game was the exact opposite. As Steve Mancuso wrote in his game recap, most of the damage done by the Pirates was the fault of players not involved in the future of the Reds. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but that’s all in the past now. The Reds will look to turn things around tonight in the pursuit of a series victory against the Pirates.

Starting Pitchers

Jameson Taillon 30.1 2.08 3.77 19.2% 9.6%
Rookie Davis 9.2 11.17 5.41 17.0% 113.2%

This is the second time in 2017 these two pitchers have squared off against each other, the other game having been played on 4/11. The result of that game was a 6-2 Reds victory.

To say Rookie Davis has struggled in his debut would be an understatement. His best start in the season was the aforementioned previous Taillon matchup, in which Rookie went 4 innings, gave up four walks, struck out three, and let only 1 earned run score. As you can probably gather by the ERA, the other two starts were a lot worse than that. Davis only allowed two hits in that game against Pittsburgh, however, so the young pitcher will look to regain that form for tonight’s game, with a little bit better pitch efficiency.

Jameson Taillon has been the anti-Tyler Glasnow. Both Pirate pitchers were highly touted as prospects, but Taillon is having the better start to his major league career. After putting up a 3.71 FIP in 104 innings last season, Taillon is pretty much doing the same thing this year with an xFIP of 3.77 for 2017. His K-BB% of 9.6% is way down from last year’s 16.3%, but it hasn’t been a huge issue for him in most of the games he’s pitched. He gave up 2 runs on 4 hits through 6.0 innings in his last matchup against Rookie Davis and the Reds.

The lineups

Pirates Reds
3B Josh Harrison (144 wRC+) CF Billy Hamilton (40 wRC+)
RF John Jaso (58 wRC+) SS Zack Cozart (158 wRC+)
CF Andrew McCutchen (101 wRC+) 1B Joey Votto (135 wRC+)
LF Gregory Polanco (75 wRC+) LF Adam Duvall (118 wRC+)
1B Josh Bell (103 wRC+) 3B Eugenio Suarez (158 wRC+)
C Elias Diaz (95 wRC+) RF Scott Schebler (120 wRC+)
SS Jordy Mercer (63 wRC+) 2B Jose Peraza (37 wRC+)
2B Gift Ngoepe (228 wRC+) C Devin Mesoraco (46 wRC+)
P Jameson Taillon (3.77 xFIP) P Rookie Davis (5.41 xFIP)

The Reds send out the same lineup for the second straight game, and they’ll hope the starting nine play a little better tonight. The middle of the lineup remains hot, with a surging Joey Votto heading up that group. The two speedsters in the lineup both continue to struggle, with only one hit and one walk in 8 plate appearances between Billy Hamilton and Jose Peraza last night. They weren’t the only problems for the Reds last night, but neither of them were much help.

We’ll get our first look at Gift Ngoepe tonight, as he’ll start the game at second base. He’s been pretty effective in the playing time he’s received since being the first African-born player to make his major league debut. He’s hitting .455/.600/.636 through his first 15 Plate Appearances. We’ll see if the Reds can stymie his hot start tonight.

News and Notes

Final Thoughts

You never like to watch games like last night’s game. Not much to say or learn from the game, other than this is what we can expect from a team this young. Some of them aren’t quite ready for the big time, and so we need to fill their spots with warm bodies every once in a while to put a halfway major league ready team on the field. Last night was a result of those warm bodies cooling off a bit. Things will get better, and hopefully that starts tonight. Go Reds!

41 Responses

  1. lwblogger2

    I’m in sec 112 for tonight’s titanic struggle. Reds are 1-1 in games I’ve attended so far. Hopefully they’ll add a win to the ledger tonight.

  2. lwblogger2

    Not exactly our first look at Gift Ngoepe Jordan. He came in as a defensive sub on Monday.

    • Patrick Jeter

      Maybe pinch hit last night? Hard to remember what happened, what with all the wild pitches and walks.

      • Shchi Cossack

        Yes he had a pinch hit appearance and looked bad in the effort.

      • dunk

        hit the rocket off of Cozart’s glove with bases loaded and scored two. Knocked RS out of game

      • Shchi Cossack

        The Old Cossack was family involved during the 7th inning. I saw his last PA when he struck out in the 9th inning and looked weak.

      • Tom Diesman

        He was the last batter Stephenson faced last night. He hit the liner just to Cozart’s left, that looked real catchable, that would have ended the inning with no runs scored. I thought it should have been an error and it would have resulted in none of the runs against Stephenson being earned.

  3. Old-school

    Suarez stinks…What a rally killer.

  4. Shchi Cossack

    Coming into tonight’s game…

    #2 [.994 OPS] Cozart
    #3 [.938 OPS] Votto
    #4 [.856 OPS] Duvall
    #5 [.990 OPS] Suarez
    #6 [.859 OPS] Schebler

    Reds fans, that’s something to hang your Wishbone C’s on!

    • Old-school

      Can we get Suarez behind Votto in the 4 hole?
      Or Votto/Suarez 2/3??

      That combo is quickly becoming 2 of the best hitters in the NL.

  5. TR

    That was a big inning for Rookie. Bases loaded holds the three run lead.

  6. Shchi Cossack

    Two innings in a row and Rookie works out of SERIOUS trouble. He may be maturing before our Rose colored glasses!!!

  7. RedAlert

    Reds better score 20 with Davis on the mound – he really has no business at this level right now

  8. Shchi Cossack

    Whoops…that one got away from the kid!

    • Old-school

      I went to homer Bailey’s debut…Very much like this Rookie Davis performance…Nothing easy… Laboring…Not terribly sharp…But competed and got a big K with bases loaded to leave to a standing ovation in the 5th….Baby steps.
      Rookie competing.

      • redsfan4life

        I was there as well. Against Cleveland if I remember right?

      • Old-school

        Yes…Electric when struck out the hitter to end the 5th…Standing O.

      • redsfan4life

        Yes it was . At that time we was just happy we had a big pitching prospect reach the majors.
        Those were some bleak pitching years. Elmer was the ACE a couple years in that time period. That says it all about the staffs.

      • redsfan4life

        Scratch that about Elmer. He was long gone. Starters were Arroyo,Harang,Lohse and Belisle the year Homer came up. Stormy was closing things out.

  9. CI3J

    Can’t believe he survived that with no runs…. Not that I’m complaining, but that had “disaster” written all over it.

  10. Shchi Cossack

    Geez, the kid’s livin on the edge. Three innings in a row and he comes out unscathed.

  11. Victor

    Peraza is looking way more comfortable after being moved down to the 7 spot

  12. Shchi Cossack

    It’s just 4 IP and 80 pitches, but those couldn’t be more intense 80 pitches. I would seriously consider pulling the kid after 4 innings with a 3-0 lead and his head held high.

    • Old-school

      Billy…..Hammering hank.. Hamilton!!!

      Get you a W now Rookie

  13. Shchi Cossack

    Mesoraco is not thumping…yet…but dang he’s getting some great PA’s.

    • msanmoore

      He’s looking progressively better. Figure another week or so and he’s starting to hit his stride as a batter.

  14. Shchi Cossack

    Now let Reed go 4 IP and don’t even consider pulling him!

  15. larry

    nice pitching by Rookie Davis. I’m ready to eat some crow, I was sure he was in over his head at this level. Go reds!

  16. Shchi Cossack

    The umpire rips Reed a good one on a terrible call of a great pitch, so Reed just throws a double play ball to end the inning. Yes!!!

  17. Shchi Cossack

    This is soooooooooooooo much more fun than last night!

    • Old-school

      Pittsburgh scuffling in their remake as well.
      Welcome back DEVIN!!!!!

    • msanmoore

      That was a thing of beauty to watch.

  18. reaganspad

    I do not get it. Stores threw 9 pitches in an easy 8th. Why not let him finish?

    • Shchi Cossack

      Roles…it’s all about roles. Price just can’t released that grip on his security blanket…er…book.

  19. james garrett

    Just checked in and looks like Rookie competed his back side off for 5 innings and the pen finishes it off.Lets run Reed,Stephensen and others out there and see if they will compete for 4 or 5 innings.

  20. Playtowin

    Hurdle pitched his closer, Watson, in the 8th inning losing 7-2. Lay off Price. The guy is doing a great job with a lousy roster. The constant criticism of Price indicates a complete lack of understanding of baseball and leadership.