Things haven’t gone well for the Reds in the first two games of this series. Collectively, the pitchers haven’t pitched well; and the hitters have hit well.  Just about whatever could go wrong has gone wrong. But today is another day; and, the Reds get one more chance to set things right in a matinee contest against the Brewers ahead of a day off Thursday.

Starting Pitchers

Rookie Davis (RH) returns to the mound for the Reds following a stint on the DL which resulted from him being  hit on his throwing arm by a pitch while he was batting. The injury occurred in the fifth inning of Davis’ second MLB start.  Davis’ stats in his first two games weren’t very good. In 7 innings he allowed 5 runs (all earned) on 7 hits (2HR) with 6BB and 7K.    However in his second start he fared much better having allowed a single earned run on just 2 hits in 4 innings prior to being injured. That performance gave cause for optimism.  Optimism is what the Reds need rekindled today.

Righthander Wily Peralta gets the start for the Brewers.  Peralta, despite being just 27 years old, has been in the major leagues since 2012 except for a stint back at AAA in 2016. Of his 117 MLB appearances, 116 have been as a starter.  His numbers through 3 starts this season look a lot like his career numbers. After  showing  greater promise early in his career, Peralta has become a back of the rotation grinder.  If the Reds are patient, they should draw some walks and see some pitches to hit.


Here’s the numbers, 2017 actual performance:

Wily Peralta 4.95 0.86 3.86 5.57
Rookie Davis 5.33 2.57 7.71 9.00


The Reds pen had only 3 innings to cover Tuesday, thanks to the Reds being a soundly thrashed  visiting team (again).  Barrett Astin and Blake Wood worked 1.1 and 1.0 innings respectively. Given the quick turnaround, they may be unavailable today.  Robert Stephenson worked a disastrous 0.2 innings; when and where he will next pitch is probably an open question.  The rest of the bullpen crew should be good to go.

Craig Counsel covered 3 of the 4 innings he needed to cover with one pitcher, Tommy Milone. Other than Milone, it is likely all hands are available for the Brewers.



1. Billy Hamilton (CF)
2. Jose Peraza (2B)
3. Joey Votto (1B)
4. Adam Duvall (LF)
5. Eugenio Suarez (3B)
6. Scott Schebler (RF)
7. Zack Cozart (SS)
8. Tucker Barnhart (C)
9. Rookie Davis (P)


1. Jonathan Villar (2B)
2. Eric Thames (1B)
3. Ryan Braun (LF)
4. Travis Shaw (3B)
5. Hernan Perez (CF)
6. Jett Bandy (C)
7. Nick Franklin (RF)
8. Orlando Arcia (SS)
9. Wily Peralta (P)


Offensive Notes

So much for my hope that in the seventh game between these two teams, Eric Thames and Hernan Pérez would rest. Why are the Reds apparently the only team that doesn’t know how to pitch to these guys?

The Reds scoring chances often seem to come at the bottom of the batting order. Tuesday the #8 hitter left 8 men stranded. Perhaps it is time to shuffle the order and get the three guys with excellent OPS rates, Cozart, Suarez and Votto, batting in succession near the top of the order; but, today is not the day anything changes.

Roster Move

The Reds have optioned outfielder Phillip Ervin back to AAA to clear the roster spot for today’s starting pitcher Rookie Davis to be activated from the DL.

Final Thoughts

Last week was a tough week for the Reds because they lost some games they probably should have won against what was seen as top flight competition.  Many of us found solace, perhaps even some optimism,  in the fact that the Reds avoided being swept in either series and that all but one of the losses were very competitive games.

Then came this series with the Brewers which affirms the results of series with the Brewers at GABP two weeks ago.  The last two days have been even tougher for me than last week because the Reds have been unable to  stay close in either game against a team I’d like to believe is behind the Reds in their own rebuilding cycle.

In the first post I wrote for RLN about six weeks ago, I concluded that the Reds were still lacking enough quality major league players to make a serious move forward.   You can read it here. Perhaps I was even more on target than I believed at the time. If the Reds prove me wrong starting today, I’ll be happy to have been wrong. In the meantime like sports fans everywhere I’ll savor the good, have a constructively short memory of the bad and above all else keep looking for reasons to believe things are getting better.


Stats and data from Fangraphs, Baseball Reference and Major League Baseball

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  1. Jim Walker

    The Reds beat writers, @ctrent and @m_sheldon, are both tweeting that the Reds have decided to carry 3 catchers when Devin Mesoraco is activated on Friday. I am not going to update my official post at this time because the club has not formally announced the decision. But there is for us to chew on.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Well there is a positive for the Old Cossack to chew on. Now it’s up to Price to make it work by using Barnhart and Mesoraco as primary pinch hitters when they are not catching. The unfortunate side of carrying 3 catchers is that Turner can expect even less playing time, but he wasn’t going to get regular plate appearances at the major league level and his defense is already at an elite level. It’s the fate of a rule 5 draftee. He sacrifices regular playing time and development for a spot on the 25-man roster. Such a move certainly conveys a strong message from Reds management to Turner that they value him enough to make such a move.

      • Big56dog

        My impression is that Turner has not been elite defensively or at least sub-par at blocking pitches and throwing out runners- mainly based on comments- what is the take? If they option him does it automatically mean they lose him, meaning Twins would have to add to 40 man roster or could the Twins take him and Reds could claim him later? Not clear on rules when you can add player from other organizations not on 40 man roster

      • Jim Walker

        He cannot be optioned unless the Rule 5 status is cleared first The procedure for clearing the Rule 5 status as I interpret it from reading multiple sources is that he has to clear waivers before he can be offered back to the Twins. Then the Twins can accept him back or decide to let the Reds keep him. When the Twins make their decision, the Rule 5 status is cleared. Thus they could option him or if they declined to take him back the Reds could option him.

        I too am not certain whether the Twins could take him back and outright him off the 40 man without passing him through waivers a second time.

      • Thomas Jefferson

        From DW earlier this month:
        If keeping Turner is the goal, carrying him on the major-league roster may be the path of least resistance. Any other method comes with the risk of losing him. Not only would his original club, the Minnesota Twins, have to be willing to let the Reds keep the 24-year-old, but every other team in the majors would get a swipe at him first.

        “The first step is you put him on waivers,” said Reds general manager Dick Williams. “The other 28 teams, other than his original club, can claim him and then he’s their Rule 5. If he clears those waivers, then we offer him back to the Twins.”

        BAR: Reds’ first week fun, successful
        If the Twins took him back, they’d return half of the $100,000 the Reds spent to pick Turner. If the Reds wanted to work out a trade to be able to keep him, they’d still have to submit him to the waiver process.

        “It wouldn’t be fair to the other teams if we claimed him and then worked out a trade and don’t have to keep him in the big leagues,” Williams said. “The whole point of trading him is to get him off your roster. If we’re not going to keep him on the roster, then other teams get the chance to keep him on their roster.”

        Williams added that he has no idea how willing or unwilling the Twins would be to work out a trade, should Turner be offered back.

    • vegastypo

      They have been saying that for a while now. It would have been a surprise to hear otherwise. With the bullpen getting taxed night after night, I wonder how long the team can afford to have three catchers.

      • Big56dog

        As long as Astin can find his way back to the Reds when they option him in a few days, Bonilla will be available in a few days, Hernandez will be available next weekend. I see an option in Stephenson near future (if I understand they can option him multiple times this year and next year as well)

    • Jim Walker

      It is all relative…..
      Thames has 3HR and 7RBI against the rest of the league versus 8HR and 13RBI versus the Reds. He’s struck out 18 times total but only 2 versus the Reds It is sort of like backwards 2/3’s of his major production in the 1/3 of his teams games which have been versus the Reds

      • Big56dog

        Curious if they are pitching him differently? They went to a live-look in on MLB Monday and pointed out Thames learned to hit breaking balls in Korea as that is what they specialize in, implied he has not proven he can hit mid 90’s fastballs inside. Curious if there is any merit to this?

      • renbutler

        True, he has certainly been more powerful against the Reds, but he is still getting on base against other teams, or at least the two I mentioned.

      • Jim Walker

        I couldn’t get the baseball ref game log summing function to work when I deleted the Reds game (seriously, not a joke). I had hoped to come up with an OPS for him exclusive of the Reds games. I’m thinking I saw somewhere a couple of days back it was in the mid 700’s. Not bad if accurate but nowhere near the world beater he has been versus the Reds….

  2. RedAlert

    Why does Price absolutely refuse to try to shift the lineup !!!! It makes no sense and demonstrates just how completely lost he is as a manager.

    • Gonzo Reds

      I think what is becoming more and more clear is that keeping Price for the down years was fine but once we look like we’re on the verge of turning the corner, 2018 in my opinion, we need to hire a more experienced manager.

    • Patrick Jeter

      For whatever reason, somewhere in his baseball career someone convinced him that players hit better when they know where they are hitting before coming into the clubhouse.

      This is a ridiculous notion that isn’t backed up by any sort of data, but Price seems to think moving guys around makes them worse.

      • vegastypo

        I can only wonder whether Price is under some mandate to leave those guys at the top of the order and see if they can improve. Dick Williams acknowledged to Chad in the interview that Price is not going to be judged on wins and losses. If Price were trying to grind for every last win, he would have to be having second thoughts about the top of his batting order now. Although, it is still April.

      • mdhabel

        There has to be something that we dont know. Has to. Or at least that’s what I tell myself to not be a frustrated as Patrick hah

      • TR

        I’m not sure but could Price’s inability to shakeup the offensive batting order, in contrast to bullpen use, be because his managerial mentorship was under Dusty Baker?

  3. GreatRedLegsFan

    I guess a little bit of “spice” wouldn’t hurt the pre-game articles

  4. GreatRedLegsFan

    Another day, same line-up, that’s the definition of “insanity”

  5. GreatRedLegsFan

    Wonder what are Reds going to do with Suarez once Senzel is ready to come to the bigs

  6. redsfan4life

    Either way good problem to have.

  7. Big56dog

    Seems like they could have managed this roster better, Adleman could have pitched on 4 day rest, could have sent Rookie for a rehab start (I think that is possible but not sure) or just optioned him last week when he was eligible, everybody else could pitch on regular rest until Tuesday. Ervin could have remained on roster for one more day.
    I suspect they have Mes replace Rookie Friday and they are in the exact same situation on Tuesday

    • Matt WI

      Maybe the team or Price begged Dick Williams to move on from playing short handed so often! Maybe a small but nice change he brings. Walt was often napping rather than transacting in those cases.

      • Big56dog

        So they are playing a batter (Ervin) short today? with an off day tomorrow? not that big of a deal but still does not seem logical unless I am missing something,

  8. bmblue

    Why on this green earth are cody reed and robert stephenson in the bullpen. Give them each 3-4 starts and see if they can handle it and if the routine improves their performance. If they cant, put them in the bullpen and treat them as such. Stephenson could be a great high leverage reliever with his stuff he knew he was only pitching an inning. SEE WHAT YOU HAVE WITH THESE TWO GUYS.

    • IndyRedMan

      Bob Steve sucks….first guy hits it 450 feet usually or gets walked! Rookie is going to beat down too though….we have no one available who can start vs Milw.

    • Big56dog

      They got to have somebody fresh in Aug & Sept is my thinking

  9. james garrett

    Another day with the same batting order is ok with me.It really just proves Price feels his players will do better if they know what spot in the order they will be hitting.Of course we have applauded him for his unconventional use of his bull pen but remember he is a pitching coach first and foremost and the reason he is still here is because of his work with pitchers.Price learned about hitters from Dusty who was/is a player’s manager that has never or will ever deviate from the way he manages a game or makes out a line-up.I seem to remember a famous line of his about clogging up the bases or its a long season so we will get em tomorrow.Dusty is like most managers in that give him a veteran team with talent then he will win despite himself.Price is here to manage the pitchers and everything else is just rubber stamped day after day after day.Get use to it.

  10. renbutler

    Who is ready for a few innings in relief today?

    • renbutler

      Just checked, and it’s not pretty. There’s nobody in the bullpen who hasn’t pitched at least a couple innings in recent days.

    • Big56dog

      Reed, could go to Adleman if desperate, Peralta, Lorenzen and Iglesias should be fresh

  11. james garrett

    Their first two guys got on ahead of Braun and well ours haven’t or I mean didn’t in front of Joey.Just had to say it.

  12. RedAlert

    TIme to see what somebody else can do … next man up … Rookie Davis ain’t the answer

    • RedAlert

      Seen this movie before – it’s like watching GROUNDHOG DAY against the Brewers

  13. IndyRedMan

    Ugly beatdowns…depressing really! I don’t know when Finnegan comes back but atleast he some experience. Amir & Rookie barely pitched AAA so why not run up Mahle/Castillo to Lville pretty soon for a month & then on to the Reds. Reed….gets a few more starts but time to cut bait on Bob Steve. It ain’t happening for him. He needs to go to Japan with Ohlendorf. Romano should get some more starts too…why not?

  14. J

    People keep making the argument that Price (or the organization) might be hoping Peraza and Hamilton improve their OBP, so perhaps that’s why they stay at the top. But what incentive do they have if Price keeps running them out there without seeing any signs of adjustments? Peraza is clearly no more interested in walking than he’s ever been, and why would he be? There’s no consequences for swinging at everything, and walks don’t make highlight films or get talked about the next day.

    And welcome back, Rookie! You’re fitting in nicely.

  15. james garrett

    They have plenty to look at just give em a call and get em up here.Need to find out who can or cant this year.

  16. renbutler

    I’d say he should at least be able to get the hitter out…

    …but the dude is batting .600.

    • renbutler

      *get the pitcher out

      And just like that he strikes him out on three pitches.

  17. vegastypo

    Anything the Brewers put their bats on, amazing. I don’t know how the No. 8 hitter reached that pitch, and it’s an oppo double. amazing.

  18. Tom Mitsoff

    You may remember back to this time last year when the Reds had six starting pitchers on the DL. The results were very similar to what we’re seeing against Milwaukee in the past week.

    • J

      Might be time to start wondering why we seem to have most of our starting pitchers on the DL most of the time.

  19. IndyRedMan

    Sad thing is….everyone harps on walks and rightfully so but these kids are getting beat down regardless of whether they walk people or not!

  20. GreatRedLegsFan

    If starting pitchers continue to underperform, I can foresee a new season losses record

  21. james garrett

    Price may need to have a prayer meeting with these guys and talk a little bit about competing or at least let them know we have others that would kill to be giving the chance they are being given.

  22. james garrett

    I am sure our young pitchers are shell shocked but it appears so are the hitters.Peralta with an 11 pitch inning and he is well not very good.Of course that trip to the minors last year could have woke him up.

  23. vegastypo

    So what’s the over/under on how many plate appearances Rookie makes with the Reds’ bullpen given what it is? One? Two?

  24. Patrick Jeter

    Just checked in… when I see 5 runs with Davis having 0 BB and basically 2 doubles and a bunch of singles… is he getting destroyed? Or are the Brewers just getting BABIP lucky? Like, are ground balls just going through? If so, nothing you can really do about that. Sometimes balls find holes.

      • vegastypo

        Ironically, it started with a bunt single, and the last hit of the inning was an opposite-field double that the batter had to reach for. But what came in between those hits were hit hard.

  25. IndyRedMan

    What part of Rookie’s 2016 AAA stats of 38 hits in 24 ip (7 whatever era) led the Reds to believe that he was ready for the majors?

    • Patrick Jeter

      My guess is they thought he might be closest to ready between him and Romano. They needed a body with Disco and Homer hurt.

  26. Patrick Jeter

    Votto has 12 extra base hits (7 HR, 5 2B) and 10 strikeouts. That’s pretty unexpected.

  27. vegastypo

    When Mes comes back and they carry three catchers, expect to really see a shuttle to Louisville/Pensacola to fill the last two spots in the bullpen. The way the Reds aren’t getting innings from the starters, no other choice.

  28. TR

    The current Battle of the Rebuilds. Not much of a contest or series.

  29. IndyRedMan

    The Brewers play defense like they’ve been drinking Milwaukee’s finest….or else it would be worse:)

    • vegastypo

      And they hit like they’re in a slow-pitch softball beer league — at least against the Reds.

  30. IndyRedMan

    Peralta is a nasty lefty and Hernandez has the arm to be out of this world! Let them be the setup men w/Storen and move Lorenzen back to the rotation! Lorenzen hasn’t pitched that great either but he’s got major league talent unlike Davis, Adleman, etc

  31. citizen54

    Not sure why Davis was promoted to the rotation. I’d rather have Reed and Stephenson taking their lumps as starters than Davis.

      • citizen54

        I think, with Reed and Stephenson it seems to be a psychological problem. With Davis, it’s just that his stuff isn’t that good.

      • RedAlert

        Yea , looks like he’s tossing batting practice. He shouldn’t get another turn anytime soon. They have other options to choose from, use them !

  32. IndyRedMan

    10 runs on Amir and 11 hits/8 so far on Rookie and I emphasize SO FAR?

  33. GreatRedLegsFan

    Reds has been outscored 28-9 so far

  34. vegastypo

    A Reds fan in Milwaukee was holding up a sign that said Please Walk Thames. And the Reds have done that twice now.

  35. IndyRedMan

    “Thames…I want to live forever. People will see me and cry…Thames”

    Disco reference for the young guys

  36. IndyRedMan

    It you said Suarez will be hitting .340 and Votto/Duvall will be on pace for 50+ hrs each then you wouldn’t think we’d be under .500?

    • IndyRedMan

      and Cozart at .380 or whatever as well

  37. Matt WI

    Man, I went away for an hour… and they gave up a homer to Arcia? Arcia? That is some kind of mojo the Brewers have working for them against this team.

  38. L.A. Red

    Reds have only 3…I said the 3 everyday players in the lineup who have consistent OBPs above .300.

    That’s shameful for a MLB Club.

  39. Matt WI

    Billy needs to go yard now, it’s only fair if Arcia did.

  40. jaY jOHNSON

    Do any reds fan agree with me ?
    The front office is over thinking with all these roster moves.It seems to me they are getting the worst out of every guy with all these moves.Pick out 5 starters and your 7 or 8 relievers and let them pitch.By moving guys up and down I feel they are putting added pressure on every start,every bullpen outing and every pinch hit at bat.These kids are fearful of going down if they dont perform in an outing or an at bat.
    I think the pressure is killing them one after the other.
    Adleman,Rookie,stephenson,reed,even Amir seemed afraid in his last start.The pinch hitters that get brought up for 2 games are all doing nothing when given an at bat or two.
    Pick your roster and let them play.If after 3-4 weeks they dont perform move them down.
    The best example is Cody Reed.They give him a start.He obviously was nervous and couldnt throw it over the plate.Boom back to the bullpen with head between his tail and he will be down in Louisville if hes mentally destroyed in his next couple of bullpens.

    • Matt WI

      I disagree a lot… I see them as making the moves primarily so they don’t break peoples arms, not because of performance issues/”punishment.”

      Well… it is performance issues in that the starters can get to the 4th inning, much less the 6th or 7th. They have to get arms in because no team has the ability to replace the starter after 2-4 innings every game. It’s bordering on surreal.

      Basically, the Reds are just trying to get by. This is not how anyone planned anything.

      • jaY jOHNSON

        Dont you think that the starters with the exception of Arroyo have become mental cases?Theyre afraid to fail for fear of being sent down or to the pen.Put Reed and Stephenson in the rotation and see what they can do.Kind of what they did with Arroyo.If he was any of the kids he would have been demoted after his first 2 or 3 starts,but they let him pitch himself out of it.Why not the same for the kids ,both starters and bullpen.

    • Shchi Cossack

      Unless the starters, whoever they are, can consistently go 6 innings, the Reds have no option but to use the shuttle for additional bullpen arms.

    • citizen54

      Agree completely, Reed can obviously get MLB hitters out. Let him work out whatever psychological issues he has by letting him know he is still in the rotation even if he messes up a couple of times. Even Rookie Davis, with his mediocre stuff, has been given three chances.

      The same could be said of Stephenson. He needs to be starting so he can work out his issues. Throwing one or two innings here and there isn’t going to help him develop.

      • Big56dog

        To counter, who are they going to pitch in August and September? If they are not planning having them available then I agree, plans get messed up with all the injuries, thank goodness for Arroyo

      • citizen54

        Reed and Stephenson can pitch in August and September. You already have Aldeman and you can call up Romano among others. The Reds have plenty of arms.

      • Big56dog

        If Reed and Stephenson start now they will be shut down in September or do you see them pitching all year like Finnegan last year and not develop arm trouble?

      • citizen54

        Why would they be shut down? Reed had 145 innings in 2015 he was a little lower last year but he can go 170-180. Stephenson has 170 inning last year so he can probably for 200.

      • Simon Cowell

        He can obviously get MLB hitters out… are you sure about that?

      • citizen54

        He’s been pretty good outside of his last outing where he was obviously nervous and pitching against a good offense.

      • Simon Cowell

        Reed? He pitched last year to disastrous results also what if his stat line close of 2017 mirrors 2016 then what?

      • citizen54

        Reed obviously wasn’t ready last year and even if his stats this year end up being as bad as they were last year I would still give some with stuff as good as his another chance.

    • Big56dog

      I think you are off, kind of hard when you do not have ML ready pitchers and your top 2 start off on long term DL. They have already had 2 starters go on the DL plus Cingrani. Amir had a bad start not sure what you are saying about Adleman (I posted prior to game time it made no sense why he did not start today), but you may have a valid point with Reed but they really did not have a choice due to depth and he looking hot after 8 hit less innings. Stephenson I am not sure about, has had some decent outings this season, hopefully he can figure it out.

  41. IndyRedMan

    Reds…3 runs on 3 hrs. 3 additional hits and 3 Brewer errors = NOTHING

    • Big56dog

      is it my imagination or have the Brewers made a lot of errors this series?

  42. james garrett

    They will have to get by just like last year until Disco,Homer and Finny get back.Untill then other guys are getting to see what they can do.These young guy will have starts just like today and just like last night while learning to pitch at this level.Of all the guys that are pitching up here and in the minors some will indeed not make it but some will.We just don’t know who that is going to be right.Some guys may be better suited for the pen while others start and others don’t make it at all.

    • Big56dog

      Not like last year, anything but last year, wasn’t May one of the worst historical months ever?

  43. Simon Cowell

    I believe in giving these young guys plenty of room to grow. With that said I have seen enough of Reed, Stephenson, and Davis for this year. Please just for the sake of sparing my heart send them down to AA… forget Louisville let them learn to throw strikes at children before facing professional batters.

    • Big56dog

      I disagree, not sure who you want as nobody is stepping up and there have been some positives for each

  44. Big56dog

    as they cannot get a hit with a runner in scoring position- can Reds get 6 more HR’s and 4 more shutout innings from the bullpen ?

  45. james garrett

    We don’t take walks,our speed at the top hasn’t reached base,so we have to get 3 hits to score or hit solo home runs.Hard to do with this free swinging bunch.Look at any box score of any team we face and compare their regular 8 to our regular 8 and look at OBP and you can see the problem.Throw in the fact we have the two guys at the top and our catcher that have no home run power then we are really lucky to score the runs we have so far this year.

    • Joel Herzig

      Seriously. I still have no idea why Billy hasn’t been given every piece of body armor possible and then the instructions on every at bat to do one of three things: a) walk, b) swing ONLY at a pitch that is perfectly located for him to make solid contact, and I mean perfect, a big fat meatball that he picks up right out of pitcher’s hand and is headed right for his sweet spot or c) get plunked. We he’s on base, he’s lethal to the other team. When he’s swinging the bat, he’s often lethal to ours.

  46. james garrett

    Right on cue another solo shot by Schebler.I rest my case while I can.

  47. Joel Herzig

    This based solely on speculation and anecdotal information, I’ve got no sources whatsoever and I haven’t looked at any data on the issue, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this April, the Brewers can score a lot of runs against the Reds. As a corollary, the Reds pitching also gives up a lot of runs to Brewers hitting. Again, not looking at the data or anything, so I may be way off here.

  48. IndyRedMan

    How many times has a team hit 4 hrs and their opponents have made 3 errors and they’re still getting blown out?

  49. james garrett

    First and third and one out and Billy flys out on the first pitch to center and since Cozart didn’t tag I will assume it wasn’t deep enough.

  50. james garrett

    Their pitcher comes in with runners on the corners and no outs and makes 7 pitches and down goes Scooter,Billy and Peraza with all 3 hitting it in the air but not out of the infield.I am impressed.That’s why we only have 4 runs on 4 solo homers.Terrible situational hitting.

  51. james garrett

    Who would have thought that after 22 games Cozart would be taking walks,two more today,hitting 400 with an OBP of 500.He hits 7th I believe.

  52. Playtowin

    The sad truth is the Reds are painfully short of talent. The pitching staff is a mess. They have a bunch of throwers. Reed and Stephenson look like busts. Bailey is probably a shadow of his former self which was not outstanding to begin with. Reds have maybe 3-4 pitchers out of the 15-16 they are using who are legitimate major league players. Hamilton can not hit. He should be batting 9th or used as a pinch runner and late inning defensive replacement. His defense is fabulous but he is close to an automatic out. Duvall is Adam Dunn with better defense and fewer walks. There is zero offense at catcher. Peraza may not be the SS or 2B of the future. Votto is wasting his prime years with this outfit if he has any desire to compete for a championship. The overall offense is middle of the road but leans to heavily on the long ball which leads to inconsistency. The Reds may become competitive by 2020 but they will need 3 fabulous drafts. Without that it will be 2022. Patience is a must.

  53. WVRedlegs

    At least Davis can keep Stephenson company on that shuttle back to Louisville. It might be crowded with another addition in Alcantara. Reed and Astin should stay for now.
    Who will be on it on the return trip back? Romano, Hernandez and Rainey hopefully.

    • IndyRedMan

      How did you forget Tyler Mahle? Perfect game and 99 mph on the last pitch!

  54. jaY jOHNSON

    Just 10 -12 games ago people were talking wildcard.Oh what a few shellackings will do.

  55. WVRedlegs

    The Reds offensive talent at the ML level is equivalent to an iPhone 4. Milwaukee’s offensive talent at the ML level is test driving shiny, new iPhone 8’s. By the middle of May the Reds offense will rank near last in every major offensive category.
    The Re-build is going nowhere, but down in flames.

    • IndyRedMan

      Situational hitting is weak but its not like they’re not scoring runs! Its the pitching…as usual!

      Peralta was a starter in 2015….why not? Everyone else sucks!

    • IndyRedMan

      The Pirates had Jaso batting 5th the other day. Their lineup w/Marte was bad. A lot of lineups worse then the Reds…atleast with the way Cozart is currently hitting!

      • WVRedlegs

        BHam .213
        Peraza .226
        Votto .237
        Duvall .224
        Suarez .352
        Schebler .186
        Cozart .407
        Barnhart .250

        Exhibit-A in a poor offense. Is there another team worse than this? Six of the 8 at or below .250.

      • IndyRedMan

        Well Votto, Duvall, and Scheb are on pace for 140-150 hrs….there is that! Peraza can hit…just isn’t selective! Suarez and Cozart have been going well! Votto isn’t going to hit .240…cmon?

      • CP

        I could not care less about the Reds team batting average as compared to other teams. Choosing batting average is probably the absolute worst way to evaluate an offense.

        5 of the regulars have been above average at creating runs (yes, that includes Scott Schebler!). 3 of the regulars have a wRC+ of under 60, which is pretty bad.

        The offense is not a great offense, but they are clearly not the biggest issue with this ball club.

  56. Earl Nash

    Yikes, I’m glad the Brewers are gone for a while as they have totally clocked the Reds pitching. Back to the drawing board on these guys. Thames is hitting like roid rager Barry Bonds right now and paired with Braun and Shaw, they got a decent lineup.

    Let’s see how it goes against St. Louis. They got the Pirates and Giants after the Cards and neither of those clubs are going that good.

  57. james garrett

    Its the same thing with most teams that are struggling.When you hit you don’t pitch and vice versa.Remember the 2-0 and 2-1 losses and the 4-2 loss.I am always going to be on the offense because I feel the pitching will come around once Homer,Finny and Disco come back.These guys have some experience and the guys we are running out there either don’t or are named Scott and Bronson.Big difference.

  58. jveith1991

    What is more beneficial to starting pitching prospects on a rebuilding team like the Reds? Should players such as Stephenson, Reed, Davis, Romano, etc. be starting in Louisville every 5th day working on their development while not accruing major league service time? Or does pitching for the major league club (whether as a starter or a reliever) benefit the pitcher more, as the competition is tougher?

    Obviously, the situation is not what the Reds had planned before Spring Training, as injuries have decimated the starting rotation. DeSclafani, Bailey, and Finnegan are all out, and Feldman and Arroyo are not eating innings as was the plan.

  59. jveith1991

    What is going on with Dilson Herrera at AAA? In 13 games (55 AB), he is hitting .182/.250/.309. Obviously it’s a very small sample size, but should the Reds be concerned? Given the way Bruce is hitting for the Mets this season, I am afraid that if the Mets end up trading him in July, they will get a bigger haul than the Reds did (much like the Chapman deal).

    • CP

      He started the season with a sore shoulder, that could be it.

      It’s possible regarding Jay Bruce, but I think us Reds fans have learned not to judge Jay over any 20 game stretch.