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On Ariel Hernandez

Steve gave you the complete run-down on Ariel Hernandez after he was promoted from Double-A earlier this week. Last night, Hernandez made his MLB debut, and we talked about how electrifying that debut was.

It was really a dazzling debut, with Hernandez throwing 100-mph fastballs mixed with insane breaking stuff. I can’t wait to watch this guy pitch more.

Last night, Baseball America’s JJ Cooper had some thoughts about Hernandez that I figured the Nation would be interested to read. Here’s Cooper’s mini-tweetstorm:

19 thoughts on “On Ariel Hernandez

  1. His FIP sits at a cool -0.83 and his xFIP sits at an even cooler -0.23. Yes, those are negatives.

  2. I have been worried about service time for our young pitchers like Garrett and Davis (making the team out of spring) but Hernandez may be here to stay and now we get him for 7 years!

  3. As well as Hernandez performed, I have no clue who will get sent down for Rookie’s return. Reed is going to bullpen, I’m pretty sure they won’t demote Hernandez now. I guess they’ll go back to 4 man bench and send Ervin down.

    It sure is nice to be debating which good, young talented player will have to be sent down to make room for yet another young player. Reds have great depth for first time in a while.

    • I think they will send Hernandez back. He was only in AA, and 2 2/3 innings last night makes him unavailable for at least a couple of days. One of the aspects of the Dick Williams rebuild plan is not to rush young players to the bigs. If Hernandez continues to perform this way at AA and then AAA, then we’ll surely see him later this year.

      • Now that I think about it, that’s probably what they will (and should) do. Ervin may likely go down to Louisville when Mesoraco returns but maybe something happens with Turner? Roster moves right now are definitely interesting to follow!

        • Yep – biggest question mark and a big domino to fall will be what the team does with Turner when Mesoraco comes back.

          • During the game last night, Jim Day made an interesting comment regarding Turner. He observed that ‘no one in the Reds organization wants to send him back to Minnesota’. He didn’t expand on ‘no one’ or attribute any specific statements, but I found the observation at least encouraging.

      • Tom, while I understand the sentiment, sometimes when a player is ready, they’re ready. Hernandez, in at leas the sample size we saw last night, looks ready.

        The other thing is, he’s not exactly young. This is his age 25 season, same as Garrett. I know Hernandez had a reputation for have control issues, but as long as he can keep pitching like he did last night, I don’t really see what more time in the minors would do for him or the Reds. He made MLB hitters look silly, every bit as dominant as Lorenzen or Iggy on their day.

        I say keep him. He could be a very useful piece in high leverage situations. If anything, maybe I’d send Stephenson down to work on being a starter again, since there seems to be much more potential return on that investment.

        • Hernandez had atrocious control issues previously that led to the Reds obtaining him. Last season he made significant progress with his control, going from atrocious to just bad. If he continues that progress, the Reds have a gem from the dung heep. Control is control, no matter what league he’s pitching in. I see nothing wrong with letting him play out the string at the major league level. If the control issues have not been satisfactorily resolved, then the shuttle to Louisville runs regularly.

    • The reds have great pitching depth, but their hitting bench is not impressive. When .they get Masorasco back, the bench will be stronger with Barnhart on it. Wow, Hernandez sounds unhittable ( by the reports). I hope he can repeat his performance in back to back games.

  4. Ariel Hernandez back to AA after all of this. Barrett Astin back to the Reds.
    Oh well. It was fun for a night.

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