A Cincinnati Reds game recap in six tweets:

A Cincinnati Reds game recap in 700 words:

The Reds, unlike my streaming capabilities, went today, beating the (now super hip that they’ve had some success) Chicago Cubs 7-3. If nothing else, the main takeaway from this game on my end is an answer to the age-old question: If the Reds play and you can only watch them on MLB Gameday, did they even play at all? Yes, yes they did.

Cincinnati Reds 7 | Chicago Cubs 5 

The Good

Bronson Arroyo put together his best start of his comeback tour with a 6.0 inning, 3-hit effort. The long-haired, guitar-playing dynamo also peppered the zone, striking out seven and walking none. Other than Anthony Rizzo dropping the hammer on a butterfly of a slider, Arroyo managed to navigate the fearsome Cubs lineup like the savvy veteran he is. Arroyo has taken some flack this year from pretty much everyone, but these are the kind of days where the nostalgia feels worth it.

Not Jay Bruce had himself day as well, with a home run and an RBI single to put the Reds up for good. Schebler hasn’t had a great year so far, but having a third of your hits leave the stadium is a nice fun fact to drop at the bar on off days.

Wandy Peralta continued his dominant bullpen performance, shutting down a brief Cubs rally started by Blake Wood. You can still get an authentic Peralta jersey for $130 so now is the time to invest and ride this coattail all the way to the All Star Game this July (hopefully).

Billy Hamilton did exactly what he’s paid to do in the first inning, singling and then stealing his way to third. Joey Votto did what he’s paid to do and got Billy in (by sacrifice fly, which is a shame but a run all the same). And Jose Peraza did what he’s paid to do by coming to the plate in between the two and having no impact at all.

The Bad

Raisel Iglesias pitched well in the sense that the Reds won and his arm didn’t fall off, but pitched very very poorly in terms of fundamentals. Making an error on a pickoff with a three-run lead and three outs to go is inexcusable. Granted, Iglesias did run into a bit of bad luck in sawing off Jason Heyward but still having it land for a hit, and Iglesias did work his way out of a bigger jam magnificently, but still, inexcusable.

Not So Random Thoughts

I would say that this start probably kept Bronson Arroyo in the rotation through May but that would mean the Reds actually have bodies with working arms that could take his place. Anyways, the good ole boy did good.

Real Madrid is tied with FC Barcelona at the moment in El Classico, and I have never been more glad that our superstar (Joey Votto) is closer in personality to Lionel Messi than Cristiano Ronaldo. Imagine if the Reds had A-Rod, and we had to be proud of him.

I should invest in MLB.tv.

To commemorate Phillip Ervin’s first ever at-bat, which did result in a Reds run I might add, the Reds social media team decided to tweet this abomination of a graphic. Phillip Ervin deserves better; we all deserve better.

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  1. Not Ervin’s first at-bat … He grounded into a force play on Saturday.

  2. Regarding Zach Buchanan’s wondering why Arroyo came out after 6 innings, in his post game interview, he said he still has some “irregularities” that crop up in his arm and that he needed to come out, although he hated to. When asked what the irregularities are he indicated some swelling but nothing more specific than that. He did say he is hopeful those will get less as time goes on and he can go deeper into the game.

  3. Happy for Arroyo. Happy to see the Reds get the win. Happy to see the stupid Cubs lose.

    In an ideal world I’d prefer a healthy Disco and Homer and for the young arms stepping up to the challenge, but if we had to have a veteran reclamation project, I’m glad it’s Arroyo. He’s a long time favorite Red and easy to root for.

    Wandy Peralta’s turnaround has been great to watch. He’s gone from not being able to find the strike zone to a real high leverage asset. SSS applies, but still, he’s a guy I thought was awfully close to the cut line all offseason.

    • Yeah….you have to keep your eye on lefties that throw that hard! They’re not that plentiful. That win gives a little hope! A kid at AAA threw a perfect game and the other kid at AA Castillo throws in the high 90s. Rookie is coming back and Romano has some potential. Still though tough weekend for Reed and Lorenzen. I thought we had that game in the bag on Friday.

      • I totally missed on Peralta. I didn’t see him making the team out of spring training.

  4. Great win today and only one out away from winning this series. I love beating the Cubs. They are the most pathetic franchise/fans around. They win one in over a hundred years and act like they are such an elite franchise. It’s really annoying.

    • As opposed to Red’s fans who think the Reds are an elite franchise based on things that happened over 40 years ago?

    • Agree with you on how insufferable the fans are. However, the Cubs are REALLY good and they do have the right to beat their chest a tiny bit.

      Let’s just remember, the Cubs are now exactly like the Red Sox. They’re a big market team where their fans were “long sufferers”. Now, there is now no excuse to not win the WS every year. Just wait for the team to start to stumble and you’ll see the fans’ true colors.

  5. I thought the Reds didn’t do to badly against the defending champs. A decisive victory on Sunday. They scored a bunch of runs on Saturday. And they blew a lead on Friday in the 9th inning. They’re young, and it felt markedly different from last year.

    • I think that’s a pretty succint observation John. The early break out of the gate was euphoric and the recent swoon was depressing, but this team feels very different from last season. When things go wrong, I have the expectation that they could have been avoided and when things go right, that’s the way they should have gone. Last season felt more like abject acceptance of the innevitable.

      This team certainly has thorns, but the buds are evident and the blooms are coming.

      • I share your thoughts. I doubt that the Orioles are telling the other AL East clubs that the Reds will be an easy series for them, and I doubt that the Cubs will be assuming too much the next time they play them.

    • One more out and we are talking about a series win today over the Chubs.

      • True, but the positive side of the coin is that after that heartbreaking loss Friday, they didn’t fold the tent and go home. They kept battling on offense. You’ll take scoring 20 runs against the defending world champs in a three-game series and take your chances. When the pitching gets healthy, maybe scenarios like that will result in a series win against the Cubs.

        • That’s an important point: 20 runs against the stupid Cubs. Not bad.

          • Yep, that is encouraging, twenty scored. But giving up twenty three. Had Price went with Peralta Friday we may have took the series.

        • So true. And least on Friday their best player beat you. The last two seasons the Cubs destroyed the Reds… so it’s nice to see that the Reds are closing the gap. I tell you what tho the Cubs never quit.

          • If Price had gone with Peralta on Friday, we might have taken the series, or maybe not, because he might have given up the winning run, or he might have been ineffective/unavailable on Sunday. If we had some ham, we could have ham and eggs if we had eggs.

    • I agree. One out away from winning two of three from the defending champs. That’s a mini description of who the 2017 Reds are: close, but not quite there.

      But I’m okay with that.

  6. It figures…the Reds went 2-4 this week, 2-5 including last Sunday. The only two wins came in Arroyo’s two starts. I guess that’s why they actually play the games.

  7. I have to say that the Brewers scare me more than the Pirates or perhaps even the Cardinals at this point. Their starting rotation may not be great, but they can hit.

  8. Some guy just called into the WLW postgame show and suggested that Dick Williams make two moves: cut Bailey and sign a big-name free agent. Then explained that logic by saying they signed Griffey Jr. to a big contract. Said he missed Dusty Baker and Brandon Phillips and Todd Frazier.

    Evidently, he is not a reader of Redleg Nation…

    • He may not read Redleg Nation, but it does sound like he went to the Isiah Thomas school of general management (or any of the Knicks’ GM since 2000).

    • This is why I can no longer stand to listen to Extra Innings on the car ride home from GABP. I’ve said for years that WLW should hire Dotson and Lack to do the show.

    • Funniest thing about that is he apparently thinks that cutting Bailey may mean not having to pay Bailey. Um, if you’re paying him that kind of money, you just have to hope and pray he can come back and give you something. Cutting him does zero to help the Reds.

  9. I would say that this start probably kept Bronson Arroyo in the rotation through May but that would mean the Reds actually have bodies with working arms that could take his place.

    Arroyo throws strikes (what a concept), and is getting better with each start. ZERO Walks and 7 K’s today against the Cubs! Is there a problem?

    • there is a problem if you enjoy watching Reed, Romano and Rookie Davis’s awful starts and assume that is part of the rebuild. I thought they made some good decisions easing Stephenson and Reed into bullpen roles and possibly allowing them to start in Sept without being overworked.
      I looked at Arroyo strictly as an innings eater but now I think he might be above replacement as he has shown progress in every start, was his velocity up at all today?

      • 87mph from time to time, but with a 20mph separation between that and his slowest stuff.

  10. Wood looks out-of-the-pack. With so many competition coming up I don’t see him sticking around for long.

    • He’s one of those guys that looks so good from time to time that you think you need to keep him around for when he figures it out. A lot of guys like that never do, unfortunately, and Reed and Stephenson are making their way onto that bus with Wood.

      • Wood is fine, and is pretty far back in the pen. I don’t have an issue with what he’s done as a Red.

  11. Whiffle Ball Master

  12. A big win for the Reds. With Bronson stabilizing the starting rotation for the time being, the Reds need series wins with 2-1 in Milw., who usually play the Reds tough, and in St.L. to maintain their .500 + standing.

  13. The Reds won their 10th game today. For the record, they didn’t win their 10th game last year until May 1st.

    Hopefully they can keep this up. I know this is still a rebuild year, but who says they can’t keep winning too? I’d love to see them get to 25 wins before the end of May.

    • I want .500 or better this year. And who knows no one in the National league is on fire. Maybe just maybe a wild card berth could be possible.

      • Schebler & Cozart can really be keys to this offense! Zack seems like a diff hitter and is making a ton of contact and actually drawing a few walks. Schebler has the bat speed and power but just seems like the extremely streaky type. Winker went 4-5 today to get back over .300 so hes always an option as well. Mesoraco…who knows? If he can play defensively then he could be a guy hitting 6th or 7th that gets some meatballs after the pitcher has to concentrate on Votto, Duvall, and Suarez. Its always the pitching though? Peralta really looks more & more like a high leverage guy and I’m not worried about Lorenzen. He just needs to pitch low in the zone like last year and get grounders & quit falling in love with the slider.

        Another encouraging thing is that the Cubs don’t look invincible! Henricks has a 6.19 era. Lackey is an old man. Arrieta isn’t throwing 96-97 anymore and Lester looked ordinary the other night. Of course they have the $ to buy more pitchers but we definitely have more of a young pitching pipeline in our organization!

        • Glad you mentioned Mr. Winker, Indy. With his infinite wisdom and unbounded baseball sense, DeShields had Winker hitting 7th…again. Winker is 3rd on the active roster in BA, OBP & OPS and 4th on the active roster in SLG. Winker is also one of the top prospects in the Reds minor league system. The only 2 players hitting behind Wionker in the line are slashing .185/.333/.333 & .178/.296/.178. Nowhere in any valid reality does that make any sense.

          • By my napkin calcs, DeShields has taken ~20 PA away from Winker in his career in Louisville assuming Winker should have been hitting 2 half the time and 3 half the time.

      • Still early. The old baseball adage is “Never check stats or standings until after Memorial Day.” By the end of May, we will start seeing some separation, and I’m willing to bet some team(s) will be “on fire” by then.

        But I agree, something like 84 wins on the season would be fantastic.

  14. My compliments to Wesley. Nice writing. Keep it up.

    • Agree…

      “And Jose Peraza did what he’s paid to do by coming to the plate in between the two and having no impact at all.” – HA!!

      • And it is still early, but the way Perazza is sorting himself worries me.

      • Dat Dude having a great year in Atlanta…

        • Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that BP is having a “very good (not great) first 18 games in Atlanta”?

        • A .373 BABIP helps quite a bit.

          • Your recently posted UZR and def numbers also help to paint a more accurate picture for those who are inclined to see it.

  15. Fine write up. Nothing to negative and positive outlook. The Reds put up a good front against the defending world champions and the team that is most likely to dominate everyone else. We are a young team, youngest in all of baseball and yet we made the cubbies sweat for it. We didn’t give in at any point so I call that something for our young roosters to build upon.

  16. I’ll continue to love the former Bronson, and hate the current. His sterling performance today got his season ERA just under 7, with Bham in CF. Wins are nice, WHIP is better.

    That said, I’ll backstep slightly, for if I could actually come up with a name of a pitcher deserving innings who wasn’t hurt or better off at AAA I’d insert it here, but I can’t.

    Despite the grief I’ve been blasting out on this topic, I sure hope Reed, Finnegan, Stephenson, Davis and even Garrett were all paying attention today, taking notes.

    • Bronson’s stats are cumulative for the season, and he is seemingly progressing. Didn’t you think that yesterday’s game looked a lot like vintage Arroyo?

      • Yes and no. If you mean not walking batters yet somehow staying out of the middle of the plate, yes, like the Bronson of old. …. But even Bronson himself used to say he had to be able to hit 88 or 89 with his fastball to make his other pitches work. He fairly obviously couldn’t hit 85 on Sunday so he lived mostly in the 70s, and even had a few pitches in the 60s. … And he still has a physical issue that prevented him from going deeper into the game. How long is he valuable with at most 5 innings pitched per game?

        • For as long as the other starters can only pitch 4, I guess. I was pretty sure I saw him hit 87 a few times, and he pitched 6 innings. But I take your point. Still, that looked like solid improvement–to Brantley, too–and it bears remembering that he hasn’t pitched in 2 years. It seems possible that age, for him, isn’t the issue it is for more conventional pitchers, and that he will continue to improve and be able to go deeper into games. That’s the gamble, anyway, and since the young guys (Garrett excepted in SSS) have been unable to to pitch past the first half of the game, for the most part, it seems like a reasonable gamble to take, if only for the bullpen’s sake.

  17. I’ve heard Brantley say countless times, most pitchers get in trouble and try to throw the ball harder. Arroyo seemed to be more focused on throwing strikes and got softer when he went into the strike zone.

  18. The OLD COSSACK said it best in that the Reds feel different and they look and are much different then last year.I expect them to compete every game and so far pretty much have done just that.We are a much better team and I expect us to get better.

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