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Amir Garrett continued the hot start to his major league career, striking out 12 Orioles in seven innings, allowing only two runs. The offense couldn’t back him up, however, as Ubaldo Jimenez was arguably even better than his counterpart, allowing only two Reds hits the entire night.

Tonight’s rubber match will be an important game for the first place Cincinnati Reds. Can this young team muster the strength and willpower to get a hard earned series win against the high powered Orioles?

Starting Pitchers

Wade Miley 11.0 2.45 3.89 28.3% 15.2%
Scott Feldman 15.2 2.87 4.26 22.7% 12.1%

Scott Feldman has been sneaky decent in his tenure as a Red. He started off Opening Day with boos and jeers, but has settled in a little bit since those first few innings and will look to put up his first quality start tonight against the Orioles. The Reds signed Feldman to eat innings, something the 34 year old hasn’t done up to this point. He’ll need to start getting hitters to make weak contact earlier in their at bats, as he’s thrown way too many pitches in each outing so far.

Wade Miley will make his third start for the Orioles in 2017 tonight. His two appearances so far have been a bit of a mixed bag. He somehow walked 7 Yankees without giving up a run in his first appearance, going 5 innings and only allowing a single hit. His second start in Toronto was much better on the control front, walking no one and striking out 8 Blue Jays, but Miley allowed three runs on five hits in that game. Overall Miley’s peripherals on the season look pretty good. The Reds will try to ruin that tonight.


Orioles Reds
LF Hyun Soo Kim (66 wRC+) CF Billy Hamilton (57 wRC+)
CF Adam Jones (151 wRC+) 2B José Peraza (49 wRC+)
3B Manny Machado (71 wRC+) 1B Joey Votto (115 wRC+)
1B Chris Davis (152 wRC+) LF Adam Duvall (131 wRC+)
RF Mark Trumbo (77 wRC+) 3B Eugenio Suarez (194 wRC+)
2B Jonathan Schoop (115 wRC+) SS Zack Cozart (207 wRC+)
SS J.J. Hardy (63 wRC+) RF Scott Schebler (86 wRC+)
C Caleb Joseph (-100 wRC+) C Stuart Turner (-4 wRC+)
P Wade Miley (3.89 xFIP) P Scott Feldman (4.26 xFIP)

Stuart Turner will take over catching duties for the night, giving Tucker Barnhart the night off. Tuck called a fantastic game last night, and it was clear Amir Garrett was relying on him heavily. Even when Devin Mesoraco comes back, Tucker Barnhart will still be a great and valuable asset for this team.

Perhaps more importantly, there has been a change in the order of the top 7 batters, something I’ve noted Bryan Price doesn’t do a lot of. Zack Cozart and his hot bat will bump up one spot to sixth, sending the struggling Scott Schebler down to the seventh spot. Schebler has one hit, one walk, and four strikeouts in his last 14 plate appearances. The eye test says Schebler is being pitched down and away, and he hasn’t been able to make an adjustment just yet.

For the Orioles, the revolving door of left field leadoff hitters keeps on turning. It’s Hyun Soo Kim’s turn to face the Reds tonight. The 29 year old Korean Baseball Organization product is off to a rocky start in 2017. He was pretty good for Baltimore last season, so we’ll see if he’ll start turning it around tonight. Caleb Joseph takes over behind the plate tonight – he’s a catcher in the mold of Ryan Hanigan, with much less offensive prowess. He’s very good at managing a pitching staff, and that’s what he’ll try to do tonight.

News and Notes


Final Thoughts

We’ve seen both the Good Reds and the Bad Reds in each of the first two games against Baltimore so far. Which team will show up tonight? Again, I’ll be going live on Periscope tonight during the seventh inning – tune in, ask some questions, and cheer on your Cincinnati Reds as they go for a series win!

Jordan has been a lifelong Reds fan, attending games since before he can remember. When he’s not watching, listening to, or writing about the Reds, he’s designing websites, photographing weddings, and hanging out with his friends and family.

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  1. Pretty good article on on Billy playing so shallow in center:

  2. I’d say the chances of one or more weather delays are HIGH.

    But I believe they will be very motivated to get this game in. The only suitable makeup date for both teams would be Sept. 25.

  3. I don’t know if Alcantara could play a passable RF but he needs some atbats! I would move Duvall to RF and Peraza to LF. Maddon would have Peraza in the outfield quite a bit because they’re not going to get better out there unless they play! Price has had Gennett in the OF and 3B so that’s a good sign! Teams can’t roll with 11 man staffs any longer with the velocity involved so guys off a short bench better be flexible!

    • what about Kivlehan, I irrationally made up my mind Alcantara is just another replacement Latino mid- infielder, the Reds seem to have every year. I swear César Izturis played the past 5 seasons with the Reds

  4. LOL moving Schebler down one spot while keeping Hamilton and Peraza in the top two spots.

    • Maybe it is because Schebler is scuffling in Price’s mind, but Schebler hasn’t hit LHP particularly well, so I don’t mind him being dropped tonight, as long as Schebler is moved back up against RHP.

      Of course, it would be better if BH/JP didn’t have to go 1-2 every game, but hey, Price loves speed I guess, so we’ll just have to throw our hands up.

    • why not platoon Schebler with Kivlehan since Kivlehan is off to a hot start?

  5. Wade Miley is 3-0 in 3 lifetime starts at Great American Ball Park, but only one of the 3 was a quality start. And, he allowed 8, 7 and 8 hits, respectively.

    (Thanks, Baseball Reference. Awesome site for quick research).

    Miley could not keep from being hittable in Seattle, which most nights is as pitcher friendly as anywhere in MLB. Good 2017 start or not, I am keeping my Reds in across the dynasty lineups, even Schebler.

    Will be a mild surprise if someone doesn’t take Miley out of the park.

  6. If you want to join us on Periscope during the 7th inning tonight, please be sure to go download the Periscope app now.

    Hope you’ll consider logging on!

    • We think you may also be able to watch on your Twitter timeline, if you are using the official Twitter app. Trying to work out the kinks right now!

  7. It would behoove the Reds to get an early lead, even moreso than in other games. Look for some serious weather by the middle innings.

  8. I blinked. Can someone tell me if Peraza had an at-bat?

  9. Bats slumbering again….zzzzzzzz. Cozart swings at ball 4 like pre-2017 Zack. Worse yet…other then Joey and Suarez…they make quick outs.

  10. 2 hits in the last 11 innings just isn’t gonna get it done

    • Neither is 3 hits in the last 17 1/3 innings- I think Kivlehan is only who had a hit after the 3rd inning Tuesday night. Got 10 hits in the first 2 and 2/3, hopefully see some of this later in the game…gotta avoid losing streaks and losing series

  11. Take some pitches for goodness sakes.Work the count and then get a good pitch to hit and wack it.Jimenez and Miley are vets that are no where near the pitchers they used to be.Both throw batting practice stuff.

  12. I like that defense. I don’t know if I’ll be able to download the app from my phone, but do well without me if you can

    • If you’ve got Twitter, follow us at @redlegnation and check out the live video on our feed! If you can’t make it, we’ll post it later as well.

  13. I am in the “please take some pictures oh my goodness please take some pictures” club.

  14. The Canny Canadian crushes one!

    • Offspeed or cutter, outer third, choked up bat and he smokes it over center field fence? Yeah, I think Joey can still produce. Thing of beauty that AB was

  15. Votto goes yard but a nine pitch inning for Miley.Please take some pitches.When your first 4 hitters in the lineup see 9 pitches it is a problem.I realize Votto is Votto but the homer was on a 2-0 pitch

    • Are you seriously advocating for Votto to take a pitch on 2-0 when he hit a HR? You want to get ahead in the count so the pitcher throws mistakes, maybe I misunderstood your point

    • Thats the thing though….they don’t have to nibble on Billy or Peraza because they can’t hurt them. Thats why I think I would bat Billy 9th and Suarez 2nd in front of Joey….esp when Mesoraco gets back!

  16. I like that defense!

    TOOTBLAN? Or Coach fault

  17. Joey 3 hits vs lefties and 3 bombs! Thats making them count!

    Bad play/great hustle and recover by Billy! Feldman is growing on me a little….he’s nothing special but he’s got that veteran knack of just jamming them a few inches away from the sweet spot and going in/out! In a way he might be better then Straily because he pitches to contact more and might eat more innings!

  18. I put that doubleplay on Price….why not run Suarez since Zack as fouling pitch after pitch?

  19. Billy, Billy, Billy. Just nothing there at the plate right now.

  20. I am not saying Votto should take on 2-0.I am saying and did say earlier to take some pitches work the count and when you get a good one wack it.My point was Joey did just that and the other 3 hitters went out on 6 pitches.We are better then this and need to show day and day out that we are no longer a bunch of free swingers

  21. Holding the Orioles here is imperative. Heavy rain is imminent, and it could be long-lasting.

    Let’s get a run in the bottom of the seventh, let the heavens open up, and take a win with a little extra rest for the bullpen.

  22. Works for me and I need to quit harping on our guys about taking some pitches but it is so obvious.Maybe they see it and are working on it and hopefully it will get better.

  23. Feldman is earning his keep tonight … or so it sounds. Free game on except Raleigh is part of the DC/Baltimore market so I’m on audio only.

  24. Feldman is getting it done no doubt.

  25. Do the fans have to give last night’s pizza back if the Reds strike out 11 times?

  26. Just when I want to think Price is growing as a manager….he lets Schebler/Turner make outs when a single virtually wins the game w/Raisel on the hill! Completely stupid!! Plus its raining and you don’t know how many chances you’ll get? Turner needs to go back to where he came from….can’t hit and never will!

  27. Need to either rest Schebler a couple games, or something. He is not seeing the ball well right now, striking out a bunch. Needs time off to work on extra batting practice and watch film of himself. He is pretty much a dead out right now!

    • Sad to say the same, guy has incredible bat speed but off speed pitches and a good located fastball are his kryptonite

  28. Time for Price to give up the fast guy experience at the top of the order. Pereza and Hamilton at the top of the order is just not doing it. Schebler is on borrowed time although I think this is just a cold stretch, but 90 pitches through 8 innings is ridiculous.

    Tip your cap to Miley, but Hamilton and Peraza are hacking at balls

  29. Schebler maybe hits but Turner should have not hit.This was the game as you said and he never flinched.Buck in the other dugout must have done back flips when Turner came up.

  30. You have to be flexible with your line-up.Move guys around and drop them down if they aren’t hitting.We are not an offensive machine and nobody outside of Votto should ever be comfortable hitting in the same spot day and day out especially when you are not producing.These guys have little or no info on the back of their baseball card.

    • I agree….its not fantasy baseball where you can just mix-n-match because he’s dealing with real people and he’s trying to give Schebler a chance to get his confidence back but Schebler hit .180 or something vs lefties last year. He’s a platoon guy at best and prob more like a 4th OF that plays and pinch hits only fastball throwing righties.

  31. Even on Gameday those sliders look NASTY!!

  32. Pretty soon baseball players will be leaving their jerseys completely unbuttoned.

  33. To me its getting close to Winker time! He’s not that great vs lefties but bat him 2nd (LF) vs righties and put Billy 9th. Duvall can move to RF. Atleast Winker gets on base and sprays the ball around…..they can’t put the shift on him and know he’ll either K or ground into the shift like Schebler.

  34. Over/under that Hamilton and Peraza see 5 pitches this inning?

  35. Got to call it a night.Two strikeouts and a groundout to the pitcher does it for me.Long season and we get to do this again tomorrow.Go Reds.

  36. Reds can’t get a hit to save their lives and my Pacers blow a 25 point halftime lead. Jeez? I knew the Reds weren’t suddenly contenders but they can’t even hit mediocre pitchers now?

  37. At least Feldman has been pitching pretty well, overall this year….very well tonight. I give him Props for staying Healthy….which has been the “Exception” to the “Rule” for Reds Starting Pitchers.

  38. 10 inning game – 1 man left on base – They didn’t even give any hope.

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