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The Cincinnati Bullpen Revolution

Over at FanGraphs, Craig Edwards has declared that “The Real Home of the Bullpen Revolution is Cincinnati.”

All indications suggest that, if a bullpen revolution is really to occur in baseball, it isn’t simply going to be a matter of a single pitcher recording a ton of innings. Exhibit A in an argument against the reality of an Andrew Miller Revolution is that Andrew Miller himself is only on pace for around 88 innings this season. What Miller did in the postseason last year is likely to remain a product of the postseason.

There might be a different sort of bullpen revolution occurring in Ohio, though. Only, this one isn’t happening in Cleveland. Rather, it’s unfolding about four hours southwest on I-71. If there is a bullpen revolution brewing, it’s happening in Cincinnati.

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3 thoughts on “The Cincinnati Bullpen Revolution

  1. Already this year, FG has published articles about Lorenzen, Votto, and the bullpen! And Brandon Finnegan is a favorite of both Jeff Sullivan and Eno Sarris, I believe.

  2. The Cincinnati Reds on the cutting edge of baseball strategy? Did I wake up in bizarro world?

    But they are right, Price is using his bullpen more or less the way RLN (and other more statistically inclined sources) have been advocating for years. The best pitchers pitch in the highest leverage situations, no matter which inning it happens. Kill the save. Pitch multiple innings. Price is doing it all, and so far it seems to be working.

    Now, if he would just bat Votto 2nd…..

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