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26 thoughts on “Report: Romano to make major league start Sunday

  1. This makes the Jesse Winker call up all the more strange. Winker is obviously only up for a few days, then Romano comes up.

    Don’t get it.

  2. I killed the last thread with this comment, so maybe I’ll kill this one too:

    In the old days, before the Internet, we would be speculating about a trade…

      • I agree. I’m just saying these are the types of movies that were made in the old days before a trade. It don’t work that way no more.

        I definitely can’t go to the game on Sunday. Would like to though

    • It is always fun to speculate.
      OF Scott Schebler, RHP R. Stephenson, 2B Dilson Herrera, RHP Kuery Mella, and CF Michael Beltre to the Chicago WhiteSox for SP Jose Quintana.
      Clears out a little 40-man roster room also for additions.

      • You’d give up all of that for Quintana? He’s good but not THAT good. Certainly not a difference maker for a team that still needs a whole lot of parts to come together. Heck, even for a team in contention, I wouldn’t give up that much for him.

      • WVRedlegs, I do agree that we need another competent starter. I am afraid Arroyo is washed up at age 40 and Feldman is not a #1 starter- not even #5 on a good staff. The Reds have a lot of good young pitchers in the making. What they need is a good veteran pitcher to stabilize the rotation. This rotation would be very good with healthy Desclafani and Bailey. I am not sure Bailey will ever come back and Disco hopefully is no worse than Lorenzen was last year.

  3. I hate this. They are completely mismanaging Reed. If you won’t start him in Cincinnati, start him in Louisville. (Stephenson, too, but it’s a different case.)

    • Maybe they think Reed can’t develop in AAA since the bad hitters (relatively speaking) down there let him get away with missing his locations in the middle of the plate.

      Sometimes, AAA isn’t the answer everyone seems to think it is. You can’t always get better in AAA.

      • That’s very true, Patrick. But it’s even more true that you can’t get better riding the pine and only pitching once in a while. I wish I knew what the plan was for Reed. If they want him to work with Power, that’s great. But BP work isn’t going to cut it with a prospect that they truly value.

        • Exactly. He should be starting in Cincinnati. Hopefully he learns what he needs to learn, so next year he’s further along than, say, Finnegan is this year.

        • I’d be surprised if the Reds weren’t considering the pitching staff to be largely in flux at this point, with veterans failing to do what was hoped and the prospect of heavy reliance upon young guys with innings limits. They may be waiting to decide what Reed will do and agree with Patrick that AAA won’t address the areas he needs to work on.

        • He’s pitched 7 innings in 11 games… that’s not exactly ‘riding the pine’ for a reliever.

  4. Easter Sunday and here comes Big Sal hopping down the bunny trail. Well deserved. He and Garrett are now in place. Need one more of either Reed, Stephenson or Davis to snatch away the last remaining rotation spot.

    • “Need one more of either Reed, Stephenson or Davis to snatch away the last remaining rotation spot.”

      That’s a little difficult when 2 of the 3 are not pitching and the 3rd has is throwing 7.71 BB/9, 1.17 SO/BB ratio, 2.57 HR/9, 1.86 WHIP & 23 P/IP.

    • I do hope Sal grabs this opportunity by the horns and doesn’t let go. It would be fantastic for the future of this club.

      Also, I was reading up on Disco. He hasn’t even begun throwing yet, and I didn’t realize some were saying his diagnosis could eventually result in Tommy John surgery. If that is the case, I wish he’d just gone ahead and gotten the surgery so he’ll be close to fully recovered by this time next year. Anyone remember Homer when he tried the “rest and recovery”, came back and got destroyed for two starts, then ended up getting Tommy John surgery anyway? Really hope this doesn’t repeat with Disco.

      • I tend to agree. We all know where it is headed, so might as well get it done now. It’s not like he’s trying to get back to anchor a post-season rotation… OR IS HE… dun dun dunnnnn!

      • Valid concern, but on the other hand, I’ve read Disco’s injury described as similar to Michael Lorenzen’s last year. Rest work on that, without surgery. Lorenzen would have been back sooner without the mono complication. Just won’t know until they see if the ligament has healed after a month of rest. But yes, could certainly go the bad way and end up with TJS.

  5. I would think Winkler is here more to sub for Schebler than Duvall. Why do people keep thinking Duvall is going anywhere? He’s in LF…period. As for Sal, grab the opportunity and make it happen.

    • Period? Cemented in place after 1/2 a good 2016 and 10 good games in 2017? We should all be so lucky!

    • who is the back up 1st baseman?, Votto probably needs a day off more than once a month in his mid-30’s, Duvall wore down last year as well. Maybe Duvall spells Votto at 1B and WInker can get a spot start Saturday for either one

      • Kivlehan is a competent 1B, but your suggestion sounds like a good way to get Votto a day off.

    • Duvall was a 3B before he became a good leftfielder. He also has the arm to play RF.

      • Duvall played RF in spring training when other people played LF. He’s done it before. Did a little bit last year, I think.

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