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9 thoughts on ““A bunch of crap stuffed on a sandwich.”

  1. I saw that last night, it was funny. A hearty pastrami sandwich with fries is OK. Hold the cole slaw though. Yuk!
    The Primanti Bros. spots at PNC and Heinz are OK. But if you want the real Primanti Brothers experience, you have to go to the old, original place in downtown Pittsburgh. Just don’t ask for a special order like holding the cole slaw. Some good natured ridicule will be coming your way.
    Good sandwiches.

    • Kind of like when I asked for peppers and onions on my “cheese with” at Pat’s

      I was there with guys from work, all from the west coast. The cook said “that’s what cheese with is flash!”

      Guess who still gets called flash lovingly by his colleagues

  2. Within the last year or so a Primanti Bros. opened nearby to where I live. One afternoon my wife and I ended up there on an outing with my 85+y.o. mother who would not be deterred from ordering one of the big sandwiches. When the food came, she said “well, I thought they would put the slaw and fries on a plate not pile it inside the sandwich”. Then she promptly dove in, ate about half of it and asked for a take home box for the rest.

  3. I’ve had Primanti Bros. both at PNC and at the old shop in downtown Pittsburgh. I guess the one at the shop was more “authentic”, but all in all, it wasn’t a food I would go out of my way to experience again. It’s tasty, but didn’t rock my world. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a solid 7. Good, but not great.

    Then again, I’m sure a lot of outsiders say the same about Skyline, so I guess it just comes down to the fact locals get accustomed to a certain food/taste, and people who didn’t grow up with it will just never understand.

    Except goetta. Meiner’s goetta is friggin’ delicious no matter who you are or where you come from.

  4. I had one last year at the original. The fries were cold. It was like eating a Mashed Potato Sandwich. Overrated.

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